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Life Peerages - S


Saatchi, Baron, of Staplefield in the County of West Sussex

Maurice Saatchi

created: 4 Oct 1996

Arms: Azure a Pale couped in chief and there conjoined to a Pallet a Barrulet embowed and a Chevronel throughout reversed and embowed Argent issuing from each point of conjunction a Hazel Nut slipped Or; Crest: A Butterfly Or Wings addorsed Azure supporting a Quill Argent spined Or; Supporters: On either side an Angel proper vested Argent crined and winged Or about the waist a Sash Azure in the exterior hand a Sword point downwards Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons and enflamed Or: Motto: Thinking Makes It So; Badge: A Bar wavy couped composed of two troughs and a wave invected of one point on the upper edge and engrailed of one point on the lower edge the upper edge irradiated Or and the lower edge fimbriated Azure


Sacks, Baron, of Aldgate in the City of London

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Henry Sacks

created:  3 Sep 2009


Sainsbury, Baron, of Drury Lane in the Borough of Holborn in the County of London

Alan John Sainsbury

created: 3 May 1962

extinct: 21 Oct 1998


Sainsbury of Preston Candover, Baron, of Preston Candover in the County of Hampshire

Hon Sir John Davan Sainsbury KG

created: 31 Jul 1989

Arms: Azure on a Fess dancetty between three Cornucopiae bendwise Or as many Lyres Gules; Crest: A Mural Crown Azure thereon a Leopard sejant proper supporting a Corinthian Column Gold; Supporters: On either side rampant upon a Cornucopia Or a Leopard proper, the whole upon a Compartment comprising of a Grassy Mount proper; Motto: Ad Excellentiam Contendere


Sainsbury of Turville, Baron, of Turville in the County of Buckinghamshire

David John Sainsbury

created: 3 Oct 1997


Saint Brides, Baron, of Hasguard in the County of Dyfed

Rt Hon Sir (John) Morrice (Cairns) James GCMG CVO MBE

created: 8 Feb 1977

extinct: 26 Nov 1989

Arms: Azure the Cross section of a Nautilus Shell proper on a Chief Or a Karachi Lateen-Rigged Dhow between two Dolphins Azure; Crest: Issuant from the Crown of a King of Arms an Owl proper; Mantling: Azure lined Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Sea Horse (hippocampus) Azure gorged with a Naval Coronet Or supporting the Staff of the King of Arms of the Order of St Michael and St George proper; Sinister: a Lion crowned with an Ancient Crown Or gorged with a Wreath Azure Or Vert and Gules supporting a like Staff; Motto: What we gave we have


Samuel of Wych Cross, Baron, of Wych Cross in the County of Sussex

Sir Harold Samuel

created: 3 Jun 1972

extinct: 28 Aug 1987


Sandberg, Baron, of Passfield in the County of Hampshire

Sir Michael Graham Ruddock Sandberg CBE

created: 2 Oct 1997

extinct: 2 Jul 2017

No arms


Sanderson of Bowden, Baron, of Melrose in the District of Ettrick and Lauderdale

Sir (Charles) Russell Sanderson DL

created: 5 Jun 1985

Arms: Per pale dexter bendy Sable and Or sinister Azure a Chevron per pale Azure and Or in dexter chief a Ram's Head affrontée Argent horned Gules in sinister chief a Fleur-de-lys issuant from a Crescent Argent; Crest: A Cock Or armed crested and wattled Sable supporting in the dexter claw a Buckle of the first; Supporters: Dexter: a Connemara Pony proper; Sinister: a Cashmere Goat proper; Motto: Persevere


Sanderson of Welton, Baroness, of Welton in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Elizabeth Jenny Rosemary Sanderson

created:  8 Oct 2019


Sarfraz, Baron, of Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Aamer Ahmad Sarfraz

created:  8 Sep 2020


Sassoon, Baron, of Ashley Park in the County of Surrey

Sir James Meyer Sassoon FCA

created: 29 May 2010


Sater, Baroness, of Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Amanda Jacqueline Sater

created:  20 June 2018


Sawyer, Baron, of Darlington in the County of Durham

Lawrence ("Tom") Sawyer

created: 4 Aug 1998


Scanlon, Baron, of Davyhulme in the County of Greater Manchester

Hugh Parr Scanlon

created: 19 Feb 1979

extinct: 27 Jan 2004

No arms


Schon, Baron, of Whitehaven in the County of Cumbria

Sir Frank Schon

created: 27 Jan 1976

extinct: 7 Jan 1995

Arms: Per chevron checky Vert and Or and lozengy of the same overall a Comet in bend Argent on a Bordure also Or six Annulets Sable; Crest: In front of two Factory Chimneys smoking proper on three Mounts conjoined proper a Griffin segreant Argent; Supporters: Dexter: a Plant Chemist wearing a White Coat and Protective Eye Shield and Gloves holding in the dexter hand a Beaker and in the sinister a Flask all proper; Sinister: a Process Worker habited in Overalls and wearing a Protective Helmet and holding in the sinister hand a Work Sheet all proper; Motto: Ad Honorem Industria Ducit


Scotland of Asthal, Baroness, of Asthal in the County of Oxfordshire

Patricia Janet Scotland QC

created: 30 Oct 1997

Arms:  Azure on a Saltire Argent between four Fleur-de-lis heads outwards Or a Saltire Azure;  Supporters:  On either side a Red-billed Tropic Bird proper;  Motto:  Gratia In Te Est;  Badge:  Two Red-billed Tropic Birds volant in saltire proper


Scott of Bybrook, Baroness, of Upper Wraxall in the County of Wiltshire

Jane Antoinette Scott OBE

created: 8 Oct 2015


Scott of Needham Market, Baroness, of Needham Market in the County of Suffolk

Rosalind Carol Scott

created: 11 May 2000


Scriven, Baron, of Hunters Bar in the City of Sheffield

Paul James Scriven

created:  19 Sep 2014


Seccombe, Baroness, of Kineton in the County of Warwickshire

Dame Joan Anna Dalziel Seccombe DBE

created: 14 Feb 1991

Arms: Per pale Gules and Vert a Chevron Ermine between three Bugle Horns Argent stringed Or on a Chief per pale Vert and Gules three Roses Argent barbed Or on each another Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper; Motto: Perseverantia (Perseverance)


Sedwill, Baron, of Sherborne in the County of Dorset

Sir Mark Philip Sedwill KCMG

created:  11 Sep 2020


Seear, Baroness, of Paddington in the City of Westminster

Rt Hon Beatrice Nancy Seear

created: 18 May 1971

extinct: 23 Apr 1997

No arms


Seebohm, Baron, of Hertford in the County of Hertford

Sir Frederic Seebohm TD

created: 28 Apr 1972

extinct: 15 Dec 1990

Arms: Or a Balance Sable on a Chief Azure three Bezants; Crest: In front of a Sword erect point upwards proper sheathed Sable between two Roses Argent barbed seeded slipped and leaved proper a Skein of Wool fesswise Argent; Supporters: Dexter: a Hart guardant proper collared Or; Sinister: a Ram guardant proper also collared Or


Sefton of Garston, Baron, of Garston in the County of Merseyside

William Henry Sefton

created: 3 May 1978

extinct: 9 Sep 2001

No arms


Segal, Baron, of Wytham in the Royal County of Berkshire

Samuel Segal MRCS LRCP

created: 18 Dec 1964

extinct: 2 Jun 1985


Selkirk of Douglas, Baron, of Cramond in the City of Edinburgh

Rt Hon Lord James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton QC (formerly 11th Earl of Selkirk)

created: 29 Sep 1997

Arms: See Earl of Selkirk


Selwyn-Lloyd, Baron, of Wirral in the County of Merseyside

Rt Hon (John) Selwyn (Brooke) Lloyd CH

created: 8 Mar 1976

extinct: 17 May 1978


Serota, Baroness, of Hampstead in Greater London

Dame Beatrice Serota DBE

created: 20 Jan 1967

extinct: 21 Oct 2002

No arms


Sewel, Baron, of Gilcomstoun in the District of the City of Aberdeen

John Buttifant Sewel CBE

created: 10 Jan 1996

No arms


Shackleton, Baron, of Burley in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon Sir Edward Arthur Alexander Shackleton KG OBE

created: 11 Aug 1958

extinct: 22 Feb 1994

Arms: Or on a Fess Gules three Lozengy Buckles tongues palewise Gold on a Canton of the second a Cross Humettée of the third; Crest: A Poplar Tree proper charged with a Buckle as in the arms; Motto: Fortitudine Vincimis (By endurance we conquer)


Shackleton of Belgravia, Baroness, of Belgravia in the City of Westminster

Fiona Sara Shackleton LVO

created: 21 Dec 2010


Shafik, Baroness, of Camden in the London Borough of Camden and of Alexandria in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Dame Nemat Talaat Shafik DBE

created:  30 Sep 2020


Sharkey, Baron, of Niton Undercliff in the County of the Isle of Wight

John Kevin Sharkey

created: 20 Dec 2010


Sharman, Baron, of Redlynch in the County of Wiltshire

Colin Morven Sharman OBE

created: 2 Aug 1999


Sharp, Baroness, of Hornsey in Greater London

Dame Evelyn Adelaide Sharp GBE

created: 19 Sep 1966

extinct: 1 Sep 1985


Sharp of Grimsdyke, Baron, of Stanmore in the London Borough of Harrow

Sir Eric Sharp CBE

created: 21 Jul 1989

extinct: 2 May 1994

No arms


Sharp of Guildford, Baroness, of Guildford in the County of Surrey

Ms Margaret Lucy Sharp

created: 1 Aug 1998


Sharpe of Epsom, Baron, of Epsom in the County of Surrey

Andrew Michael Gordon Sharpe OBE

created:  15 Sep 2020


Sharples, Baroness, of Chawton in the County of Hampshire

Mrs Pamela Swan (née Newall) (formerly Pamela, Lady Sharples)

created: 18 Jun 1973

Arms: Argent a Chevron Vert between in chief two Copper Beech Trees eradicated and in base a White Tailed Tropicbird (phaethon lepturus) volant proper (for Sharples) on an Escutcheon of Pretence the Arms of Newall per saltire Argent and Gules a Crozier in fess Or between three Bustards wings elevated and addorsed counterchanged; Supporters: On either side a Great Dane Dog resting the interior hind foot proper on a Portcullis Or


Shaw of Northstead, Baron, of Liversedge in the County of West Yorkshire

Sir Michael Norman Shaw DL

created: 30 Sep 1994

No arms


Shawcross, Baron, of Friston in the County of Sussex

Rt Hon Sir Hartley William Shawcross GBE PC

created: 14 Feb 1959

extinct: 10 Jul 2003

Arms: Per pale Azure and Gules on a Saltire between four Annulets Argent an Ermine Spot Sable; Crest: Upon the Battlements of a Tower proper a Martlet Gules holding in the beak a Cross Paty fitchy Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion Argent gorged with a Chain Sable pendant therefrom an Escutcheon also Sable charged with a Balance Or; Sinister: a Griffin Sable armed and langued Azure gorged with a Chain pendent therefrom a Portcullis Or


Sheehan, Baroness, of Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton and of Tooting in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Shaista Ahmad Sheehan

created: 2 Oct 2015


Sheikh, Baron, of Cornhill in the City of London

Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh

created: 6 Jun 2006

Arms: Argent four rows of Pallets couped the first and third alternately Gules and Azure the second and fourth Azure and Gules over all on a Pale Vert a Pale Or charged with three Crescents Vert: Crest: A Peacock in its pride Azure beaked legged and crested Gules the tail eyed Or the wings displayed and each supporting a Quill Argent spined Or; Supporters: On either side statant upon an Egg Or a Dove wings inverted and addorsed Argent beaked and legged Gules; Badge: Five Crescents abutting horns outwards Vert each surmounting a Quill Argent spined Or: Motto: Iqra


Sheldon, Baron, of Ashton-under-Lyne in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon Robert Edward Sheldon

created: 22 Jun 2001

extinct:  2 Feb 2020


Shephard of Northwold, Baroness, of Northwold in the County of Norfolk

Rt Hon Gillian Patricia Shephard

created: 21 Jun 2005

Arms: Quarterly Azure and Or three pairs of Ears of Barley in pale Or each pair fesswise leaved and with slips inwards and conjoined all counterchanged: Supporters: On either side a Hare Azure gorged with a Coronet attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back Or; Motto: Servo Ergo Sum; Badge: A Hare's Face Azure in the mouth a pair of Ears of Wheat fesswise leaved and with slips inwards and conjoined Or


Shepherd of Spalding, Baron, of Spalding in the County of Lincolnshire

Rt Hon Malcolm Newton [Shepherd], 2nd Baron Shepherd, PC

created: 16 Nov 1999

extinct: 5 Apr 2001

No arms


Sheppard of Didgemere, Baron, of Roydon in the County of Essex

Sir Allen John George Sheppard KCVO

created: 6 Sep 1994

extinct: 25 Mar 2015

No arms


Sheppard of Liverpool, Baron, of West Kirby in the County of Merseyside

Rt Rev David Stuart Sheppard

created: 14 Feb 1998

extinct: 5 Mar 2005

No arms


Sherbourne of Didsbury, Baron, of Didsbury in the City of Manchester

Sir Stephen Ashley Sherbourne CBE

created:  12 Sep 2013


Sherlock, Baroness, of Durham in the County of Durham

Maeve Christina Mary Sherlock OBE

created:  17 Jun 2010


Shields, Baroness, of Maida Vale in the City of Westminster

Joanna Shields OBE

created:  16 Sep 2014


Shinkwin, Baron, of Balham in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Kevin Joseph Maximilian Shinkwin

created: 14 Oct 2015


Shinwell, Baron, of Eastington in the County of Durham

Rt Hon Emmanuel Shinwell CH

created: 19 Jun 1970

extinct: 8 May 1986


Shipley, Baron, of Gosforth in the County of Tyne and Wear

John Warren Shipley OBE

created: 14 Jul 2010


Shore of Stepney, Baron, of Stepney in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Rt Hon Peter David Shore

created: 5 Jun 1997

extinct: 24 Sep 2001


Shutt of Greetland, Baron, of Greetland and Stainland in the County of West Yorkshire

David Trevor Shutt OBE

created: 12 May 2000


Sieff, Baron, of Brimpton in the Royal County of Berkshire

Israel Moses Sieff

created: 18 Jan 1966

extinct: 14 Feb 1972


Sieff of Brimpton, Baron, of Brimpton in the Royal County of Berkshire

Hon Sir Marcus Joseph Sieff OBE

created: 14 Feb 1980

extinct: 23 Feb 2001

Arms: Sable a Lion rampant Argent crowned with an Eastern Crown and holding between the forepaws two Triangles interlaced and eradiated Or on a Chief Argent a Lyre Azure between two Pairs of Paintbrushes in saltire proper; Crest: A Demi-Lion as in the Arms holding a Caduceus Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion holding aloft two interlaced Triangles Or depressing a Cornucopia replenished proper and gorged with a Plain Collar Sable tied about with a Fishing Line knotted in front pendant therefrom a Grey Wulf Trout Fly proper; Sinister: an Owl proper gorged with a like Collar tied about with a fishing line knotted in front pendant therefrom a Red Wulf Trout Fly proper; Motto: Senza Sapienza Niente Capire (Without knowledge there is no understanding)


Sikka, Baron, of Kingswood in Basildon in the County of Essex

Prem Nath Sikka

created:  10 Sep 2020


Silkin of Dulwich, Baron, of Northleigh in the County of Oxfordshire

Rt Hon Samuel Charles Silkin

created: 13 May 1985

extinct: 17 Aug 1988


Simey, Baron, of Toxteth in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Thomas Spensley Simey

created: 12 May 1965

extinct: 27 Dec 1989


Simon of Glaisdale, Baron, of Glaisdale in the North Riding of the County of Yorkshire

Rt Hon Sir Jocelyn Edward Salis Simon QC DL

created: 5 Feb 1971

extinct: 7 May 2006

Arms: Per saltire Sable and Ermine a Pair of Scales Or between in fess two Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper and in pale two Crescents Ermine; Crest: A Cock's Head erased Azure combed and wattled Gules between two Palm Branches Vert holding in the beak two Roses Argent clipped leaved barbed and seeded proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Man habited in the Robes of a Doctor of Civil Law in the University of Cambridge proper and holding in his dexter hand a Book Or; Sinister: a Man habited in the Robes of President of the Probate Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court proper; Motto: Si Monent Tubae Paratus (If the trumpets sound, be ready)


Simon of Highbury, Baron, of Canonbury in the London Borough of Islington

Sir David Alec Gwyn Simon CBE

created: 16 May 1997

No arms


Simpson of Dunkeld, Baron, of Dunkeld in Perth and Ross

George Simpson

created: 5 Nov 1997

No arms


Singh of Wimbledon, Baron, of Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton

Indarjit Singh CBE

created:  12 Oct 2011


Skidelsky, Baron, of Tilton in the County of East Sussex

Prof Robert Jacob Alexander Skidelsky FBA

created: 15

 Jul 1991

No arms


Skrimshire of Quarter, Baroness, of Dunipace in the District of Falkirk

Rt Hon (Margaret) Betty Harvey Anderson OBE DL

created: 2 Oct 1979

extinct: 7 Nov 1979


Slater, Baron, of Ferryhill in the County of Durham

Joseph Slater

created: 8 Jul 1970

extinct: 22 Apr 1977


Smith, Baron, of Marlow in the County of Buckinghamshire

Sir (Edwin) Rodney Smith KBE MS FRCS

created: 13 Jul 1978

extinct: 1 Jul 1998

Arms: Gules in chief two Fleams the blades outwards and in base a Lyre Or a Bordure Ermine; Crest: An Eagle close regardant Sable beaked and legged Or holding in the dexter claw a Bugle Horn Or by its Strings Sable; Supporters: Dexter: a Burmese Cat; Sinister: a Greyhound Sable, both collared Or each collar charged with a Thistle proper; Motto: Satis Optima Adpetisse


Smith of Basildon, Baroness, of Basildon in the County of Essex

Rt Hon Angela Evans Smith

created: 7 Jul 2010


Smith of Clifton, Baron, of Mountsandel in the County of Londonderry

Prof Sir Trevor Arthur Smith

created: 4 Nov 1997

No arms


Smith of Finsbury, Baron, of Finsbury in the London Borough of Islington

Rt Hon Christopher Robert Smith

created: 22 Jun 2005


Smith of Gilmorehill, Baroness, of Gilmorehill in the District of the City of Glasgow

Mrs Elizabeth Margaret Smith DL

created: 17 Feb 1995

No arms


Smith of Hindhead, Baron, of Hindhead in the County of Surrey

Professor Philip Roland Smith CBE

created: 29 Sep 2015


Smith of Kelvin, Baron, of Kelvin in the City of Glasgow

Sir Robert Haldane Smith

created: 29 May 2008


Smith of Leigh, Baron, of Wigan in the County of Greater Manchester

Peter Richard Charles Smith

created: 5 Aug 1999


Smith of Newham, Baroness, of Crosby in the County of Merseyside

Julie Elizabeth Smith

created:  12 Sep 2014


Snape, Baron, of Wednesbury in the county of West Midlands

Peter Charles Snape

created: 9 Jun 2004

Arms: Azure within each of two pairs of Endorses Argent a Lozenge throughout all between three Lozenges in fess Or; Crest: A Demi Unicorn Azure armed winged and unguled Or supporting with both feet a Grenade Azure fired Or; Supporters: On either side a Snipe reguardant Azure beaked and legged Azure; Motto: Labor non nequiquam; Badge: Two Snipes' Heads addorsed their necks in saltire and conjoined in base Azure beaked Or

Baron Snape has a long association with Stockport whose arms feature three gold lozenges on a blue field . The endorses suggest railway lines with the smaller lozenges being a train thereon. The snipe are clearly a pun on the grantee's name.


Snow, Baron, of the City of Leicester

Sir Charles Percy Snow CBE

created: 29 Oct 1964

extinct: 1 Jul 1980


Soames, Baron, of Fletching in the County of East Sussex

Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames GCMG GCVO CH TD FRS

created: 19 Apr 1978

extinct: 17 Sep 1987


Soley, Baron, of Hammersmith in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Clive Stafford Soley

created: 29 Jun 2005


Soper, Baron, of Kingsway in the London Borough of Camden

Rev Donald Oliver Soper

created: 12 May 1965

extinct: 22 Dec 1998

No arms


Sorensen, Baron, of Leyton in the County of Essex

Reginald Williams

created: 15 Dec 1964

extinct: 8 Oct 1971

No arms


Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, Baron, of Swaffham Prior in the County of Cambridgeshire

Ernest Jackson Lawson Soulsby

created: 22 May 1990

extinct: 8 May 2017

No arms


Spencer-Churchill, Baroness, of Chartwell in the County of Kent

Dame Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill GBE

created: 17 May 1965

extinct: 12 Dec 1977


Spencer of Alresford, Baron, of Alresford in the County of Hampshire

Michael Alan Spencer

created:  17 Sep 2020


Spicer, Baron, of Cropthorne in the County of Worcestershire

Sir William Michael Hardy Spicer

created: 8 Jul 2010

extinct:  29 May 2019


St John of Fawsley, Baron, of Preston Capes in the County of Northamptonshire

Rt Hon Norman Antony Francis St John-Stevas

created: 19 Oct 1987

extinct: 2 Mar 2012

Arms:  Tierced in fess Azure Gules and Azure per pale counterchanged in the azure an Open Crown Or in the gules a Lion passant guardant Gold armed and langued Azure:  Crest:  A Fallow Deer's Head erased proper in the mouth a Chaplet of Laurel Vert the Attires per fess the dexter Azure and Gules the sinister Gules and Azure;  Supporters:  Dexter:  a Monkey proper;  Sinister:  a Lion Argent winged Or, both crowned with a Crown Rayonny also Or and each rampant on a Grassy Mount the dexter having a Primrose growing therefrom the sinister a Lily all proper;  Motto:  Deus Nobiscum (God be with us)


Stallard, Baron, of St Pancras in the London Borough of Camden

Albert William Stallard

created: 7 Sep 1983

extinct: 29 Mar 2008

No arms


Stedman, Baroness, of Longthorpe in the City of Peterborough

Mrs Phyllis Stedman OBE (née Adams)

created: 25 Jun 1974

extinct: 8 Jun 1996

No arms


Stedman-Scott, Baroness, of Rolvenden in the County of Kent

Deborah Stedman-Scott OBE

created: 12 Jul 2010


Steel of Aikwood, Baron, of Ettrick Forest in The Scottish Borders

Rt Hon Sir David Martin Scott Steel KT KBE DL

created: 6 Jun 1997

No arms


Steinberg, Baron, of Belfast in the County of Antrim

Leonard Steinberg

created: 23 Jun 2004

Arms: Per pale Argent and Gules issuing in base three Pallets couped in fess each ensigned with a sinister Hand appaumée couped at the wrist each charged on the palm with a Roundel all counterchanged; Crest: Statant on two Horseshoes reversed Or a Cricket Gules; Supporters: On either side a Horse Gules maned and tailed and supporting between the forelegs a Torah Or; Motto: Quaerere verum; Badge: Within a Sun-in-splendour voided a Menorah Or enflamed Gules

Arms, crest, badge and supporters allude to the Jewish faith, Northern Ireland, cricket and horse racing


Stephen, Baron, of Lower Deeside in the City of Aberdeen

Nicol Ross Stephen

created: 2 Feb 2011


Sterling of Plaistow, Baron, of Pall Mall in the City of Westminster

Sir Jeffrey Maurice Sterling GCVO CBE

created: 17 Jan 1991

Arms: Chequy Argent and Sable three Lyres bendwise in bend Gules: Crest: A Salamander statant upon its hind legs Sable enflamed proper and holding between the forefeet the Hebrew Letter Chaim Argent; Motto: Usque Per Ignem (All the way through fire)


Stern, Baroness, of Vauxhall in the London Borough of Lambeth

Miss Vivien Helen Stern CBE

created: 13 Jul 1999


Stern of Brentford, Baron, of Elsted in the County of West Sussex and of Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton

Sir Nicholas Hubert Stern

created: 10 Dec 2007


Stevens of Ludgate, Baron, of Ludgate in the City of London

David Robert Stevens

created: 3 Mar 1987

Arms: Argent a Bear rampant proper and a Chief embattled Azure; Crest: A Triple Mount Vert thereon a Crest Coronet Or the lesser finials (two manifest) pearled proper statant within the same a Swan wings displayed proper about the neck two Ribands nowed and the ends flotant to the rear Gules and Argent; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion sejant erect and guardant Or; Sinister: a Cairn Terrier also sejant erect and guardant proper, the whole upon a Compartment comprising a Grassy Mount also proper; Motto: Perseverance


Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, Baron, of Kirkwhelpington in the County of Northumberland

Sir John Arthur Stevens QPM

created: 6 Apr 2005

Arms: Per fess Or and Gules two Pallets counterchanged in the Or issuing in chief a Broad Arrow Sable; Crest: A Heron wings elevated and addorsed Sable beaked legged and holding in the dexter foot a Truncheon Or; Supporters: On either side a Labrador that on the dexter Sable gorged with a Collar and holding in the interior forepaw a Saxon Cross Or that on the sinister Or gorged with a plain Collar and holding in the interior forepaw a Saxon Cross Sable; Motto: Never give up; Badge: In front of a Swallow volant bendwise head downwards Gules a Swallow volant bendwise sinister head downwards Or

The arms are a variation on the red and gold pallets in the arms of Northumberland with black arrow formations to suggest the lower portion of a portcullis and hence the Police Force, in which Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington was Metropolitan Police Commissioner. The heron with its truncheon is a watchful bird and the labradors with Saxon crosses are a pun on Kirkwhelpington. The cross represents the kirk or church and the dog is a whelp.


Stevenson of Balmacara, Baron, of Little Missenden in the County of Buckinghamshire

Robert Wilfrid Stevenson

created: 13 Jul 2010


Stevenson of Coddenham, Baron, of Coddenham in the County of Suffolk

Sir Henry Dennistoun Stevenson CBE

created: 13 Jul 1999


Stewart of Alvechurch, Baroness, of Fulham in Greater London

Mary Elizabeth Bludne Stewart (née Birkinshaw)

created: 15 Jan 1975

extinct: 28 Dec 1984


Stewart of Fulham, Baron, of Fulham in Greater London

Rt Hon (Robert) Michael (Maitland) Stewart CH

created: 3 Jul 1979

extinct: 10 Mar 1990

No arms


Stewartby, Baron, of Portmoak in the District of Perth and Kinross

Rt Hon Sir (Bernard Harold) Ian (Halley) Stewart RD FBA

created:  20 Jul 1992

Arms: Or a Fess chequy Azure and Argent between a Portcullis with chains in chief and a Lymphad Sails furled Oars in action Sable flagged Gules in base all within a Bordure Azure, a Label of three points Gules; Crest: a Lymphad as in the Arms between two Fleurs-de-lys Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Stag proper attired Or gorged with a Collar engrailed Gules; Sinister: a Lion proper gorged with a Collar engrailed chequy Argent and Gules; Motto: There remaineth a rest


Stirrup, Baron, of Marylebone in the City of Westminster

Air Chief Marshal Sir Graham Eric Stirrup KG GCB AFC

created: 28 Jan 2011


Stocks, Baroness, of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Mrs Mary Danvers Stocks

created: 17 Jan 1966

extinct: 6 Jul 1975


Stodart of Leaston, Baron, of Humble in the District of East Lothian

Rt Hon James Anthony Stodart

created: 1 Jun 1981

extinct: 31 May 2003

No arms


Stoddart of Swindon, Baron, of Reading in the Royal County of Berkshire

David Leonard Stoddart

created: 14 Sep 1983

No arms


Stokes, Baron, of Leyland in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Sir Donald Gresham Stokes TD DL FEng

created: 9 Jan 1969

extinct: 21 Jul 2008

Arms: Gyronny of eight Or and Sable a Lion rampant double queued Ermine in a Chief Or an Estoc erect between two Speedwell Flowers stalked and leaved proper; Crest: A Demi Lion double queued Ermine holding between the paws a Piston with Connecting Rod Argent the Crown inflamed proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion reguardant double queued Ermine; Sinister: a Horse Argent crined and unguled Sable; Motto: Speed Well


Stone, Baron, of Hendon in Greater London

Sir Joseph Ellis Stone (né Silverstone)

created: 24 Jun 1976

extinct: 17 Jun 1986


Stone of Blackheath, Baron, of Blackheath in the London Borough of Greenwich

Andrew Zelig Stone

created: 29 Oct 1997

No arms


Stoneham of Droxford, Baron, of the Meon Valley in the County of Hampshire

Benjamin Russell Mackintosh Stoneham

created: 17 Jan 2011


Stonham, Baron, of Earl Stonham in the County of Suffolk

Rt Hon Victor John Colins OBE

created: 2 Aug 1958

extinct: 23 Dec 1971

No arms


Stopford of Fallowfield, Baron, of Hindley Green in the County of Lancashire

Sir John Sebastian Bach Stopford KBE

created: 5 Aug 1958

extinct: 6 Mar 1961

No arms


Storey, Baron, of Childwall in the City of Liverpool

Michael John Storey CBE

created: 2 Feb 2011


Stowell of Beeston, Baroness, of Beeston in the County of Nottinghamshire

Tina Wendy Stowell MBE

created: 10 Jan 2011


Stow Hill, Baron, of Newport in the County of Monmouthshire

Rt Hon Sir Frank Soskice

created: 7 Jun 1966

extinct: 1 Jan 1979


Strasburger, Baron, of Langridge in the County of Somerset

Paul Cline Strasburger

created: 10 Jan 25011


Stratford, Baron, of Stratford in the London Borough of Newham

Anthony Louis Banks

created: 23 Jun 2005

extinct: 8 Jan 2006

Arms: Or three Chevronels each terminating in three Finials bottonée Gules and each limb ensigned by a Pigeon volant outwards Sable; Crest: A Fox sejant Gules supporting with the dexter forepaw a Crozier Or; Supporters: On either side a Badger sejant erect proper armed and grasping in the interior forefoot a Hammer Or; Motto: All is dust; Badge: Within an Annulet set with Finials bottonée Gules a Badger's Face proper

The red chevronels on a gold field are taken from the arms of the London Borough of Newham . To these have been added three finials bottony suggesting a Saxon crown which featured in the arms of the former Greater London Council. The chevronels can also be taken as an allusion to the London roofline and are accompanied by diving London pigeons. The armorial bearings of Newham also feature a crozier which has been combined with a fox in the crest (Lord Stratford had a particular interest in Charles James Fox, the eighteenth century politician). The hammers in the forefeet of the supporters allude to West Ham Football Club (the "Hammers"), whose ground is located in Lord Stratford's former constituency.


Strauss, Baron, of Vauxhall in the London Borough of Lambeth

Rt Hon George Russell Strauss

created: 9 Jul 1979

extinct: 5 Jun 1993


Stroud, Baroness, of Fulham in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Philippa Claire Stroud

created: 1 Oct 2015


Stuart of Edgbaston, Baroness, of Edgbaston in the City of Birmingham

Rt Hon Gisela Stuart

created:  7 Sep 2020


Stunell, Baron, of Hazel Grove in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon Sir Robert Andrew Stunell OBE

created: 26 Oct 2015


Sugar, Baron, of Clapton in the London Borough of Hackney

Sir Alan Michael Sugar

created: 20 Jul 2009


Sugg, Baroness, of Coldharbour in the London Borough of Lambeth

Elizabeth Grace Sugg CBE

created:  30 Aug 2016


Summerskill, Baroness, of Kew Wood in the County of London

Rt Hon Edith Clara Summerskill CH

created: 4 Feb 1961

extinct: 4 Feb 1980


Suri, Baron, of Ealing in the London Borough of Ealing

Ranbir Singh Suri

created:  11 Sep 2014


Sutherland of Houndwood, Baron, of Houndwood in the Scottish Borders

Sir Stewart Ross Sutherland KT

created: 29 Jun 2001

extinct:  29 Jan 2018


Suttie, Baroness, of Hawick in the Scottish Borders

Alison Mary Suttie

created: 17 Sep 2013


Swanborough, Baroness, of Swanborough in the County of Sussex

Dame Sheila Isaacs GBE (Dowager Marchioness of Reading)

created: 22 Sep 1958

extinct: 22 May 1971

Arms: Argent a Chevron Vert between in chief two Bees volant and in base three Slips of Rosemary two in saltire and one in pale leaved and flowered proper; Supporters: On either side a member of the Womens' Voluntary Service the dexter in the uniform of an ordinary member the sinister in the uniform worn by a member of the Welfare Section of the Civil Defence Corps all proper; Motto: Not why we can't but how we can


Swann, Baron, of Coln-St-Denys in the County of Gloucester

Sir Michael Meredith Swann

created: 16 Feb 1981

extinct: 22 Sep 1990

No arms


Symons of Vernham Dean, Baroness, of Vernham Dean in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon Elizabeth Conway Symons

created: 7 Oct 1996

No arms


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