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Milltown, Earl of (I, 1763 - dormant 1891)


Creation: let.pat. 10 May 1763


Dormant: 24 Mar 1891


Family name: Leeson




Gules a Chief Argent on the lower part a Cloud with the Rays of the Sun issuing therefrom proper


A Demi Lion rampant Gules holding between the paws the Sun Or


Dexter: A Horse Argent;  Sinister:  A Talbot Argent


 Clarior e tenebris



Joseph [Leeson], 1st Baron Russborough later 1st Viscount Russborough later 1st Earl of Milltown

only son and heir of Joseph Leeson, of Dublin, brewer, by his wife Margaret Brice, dau. and cohrss. of Alderman Andrew Brice, Sheriff of Dublin


11 Mar 1711

mar. (1)

Jan 1729 Cecilia Leigh (d. 29 Nov 1737), 1st dau. of Francis Leigh, of Rathangan, co. Kildare, by his second wife ..... Carew

children by first wife

1. Hon Joseph Leeson, later 2nd Earl of Milltown

2. Hon Brice Leeson, later 3rd Earl of Milltown

1. Lady Mary Leeson (b. 12 Nov 1734; dsp. 3 Jun 1794), mar. Feb 1784 John [Bourke], 2nd Earl of Mayo

mar. (2)

20 Oct 1738 Anne Preston (bapt. 15 Jan 1721; d. 17 Jan 1766), dau. of Nathaniel Preston, of Swainstown, co. Meath, by his wife Anne Dawson, dau. of Joshua Dawson, of Castle Dawson, co. Londonderry

only child by second wife

2. Lady Anne Leeson, mar. 1770 Hugh Henry, of Lodge Park, and had issue

mar. (3)

10 Feb 1768 Elizabeth French (b. c. 1742; d. 23 Jan 1842), 4th dau. of Very Rev William French, Dean of Ardagh, by his wife Arabella Frances Marsh, dau. of Very Rev Jeremy Marsh, Dean of Kilmore

children by third wife

3. Hon William Leeson (b. 5 Mar 1770; dspm. 7 Oct 1819), mar. 24 Jun 1796 Mary Buchanan (d. Feb 1849), dau. of Robert Buchanan, and had issue:

1a. Elizabeth Leeson (d. Apr 1822), mar. 1 Feb 1815 William Hale, of King's Walden, co. Hertford (d. 1852), and had issue

4. Hon Robert Leeson (b. 18 May 1773 ; d. 1850), mar. (1) 17 Aug 1795 Grace Head (d. 5 Nov 1833), dau. of Michael Head, and (2) Aug 1834 Harriet Brooke (d. Jan 1858), sister of Sir Henry Brooke, 1st Bt., and 2nd dau. of Francis Brooke, of Whitbrooke, and had issue by his first wife:

1a. Robert Leeson (b. 5 Apr 1796; d. 10 Jul 1871), mar. 12 Jan 1820 Elizabeth Marshall (d. 7 Oct 1878), only surv. dau .and hrss. of Ralph Marshall, of Ballymacadam, co. Kerry, and had issue:

1b. Capt Robert Cecil Leeson (b. 1 Jul 1822; d. 2 Aug 1866), mar. 21 Jan 1853 Maria Kennedy (d. 1 May 1909), 3rd dau. of James Kennedy, and had issue

2b. Richard John Leeson later Leeson-Marshall, of Callinafercy, co. Kerry (b. 11 Apr 1828; d. 27 Aug 1877), mar. 23 Sep 1858 Rebecca (Zeena) Power (d. 1921), dau. of Ven Ambrose Power, Archdeacon of Lismore, and had issue:

1c. Maj Markham Richard Leeson-Marshall JP DL, of Callinafercy, co. Kerry, a claimant to the Earldom of Milltown, High Sheriff of co. Kerry 1890 (b. 24 Dec 1859; d. 13 Dec 1939), mar. (1) 9 Aug 1890 Mabel Edith Godfrey (d. 2 May 1892), dau. of Sir John F Godfrey, 4th Bt., and (2) 28 Nov 1907 Meriel Anne Hodson (d. 16 May 1944), only dau. of Sir George Frederick John Hodson, 3rd Bt., and had issue by his first wife:

1d. Mary (May) Leeson-Marshall (b. 19 May 1891; d. 19...), mar. 30 Jul 1924 George Annesley Ruth, of Killaha, Glasnevin (d. 20 Feb 1947), 2nd son of Richard T Ruth, of Ardristan, Glasnevin

1c. Mary Henrietta Leeson-Marshall (d. 11 Dec 1950), mar. 21 Nov 1901 Sir William Cecil Godfrey, 5th Bt.

2c. Grace Elizabeth Leeson-Marshall (d. 11 Apr 1922)

3c. Edith Susan Leeson-Marshall (dsp. 29 Oct 1945), mar. 2 Oct 1897 Sir Home Seton C M Gordon, 12th Bt.

3b. Maj Ralph Leeson, Adjutant Cambridge University Volunteers 1860-77, Secretary Superintendent Middlesex Hospital 1877-85 (b. 24 Sep 1833; d. 29 Oct 1920), mar. (1) 5 Sep 1860 Elizabeth Flora Harding (b. 1841; d. 4 Nov 1868), only dau. of Rev George Rogers Harding, Vicar of St Anne's Church Wimbledon, and (2) 8 Jul 1890 Wilhelmina Anne Matilda Swindell (widow of William Frederick Swindell, of Melyniog Hall, co. Shrewsbury; d. 3 Apr 1913), yst. dau. of Edward Stamer O'Grady, of Clenagh, co. Clare, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Herbert Leeson (b. 1862; dvp. 1879)

1c. Elizabeth Flora Leeson (b. 1863)

2c. ..... Leeson (b. 1867)

4b. Rev William Leeson, of Prospect Villa, Swanmore, Ryde, Isle of Wight (b. 21 Jun 1835; d. 3 Feb 1882), mar. 1 Jan 1877 Maria Susannah Osborne, dau. of Charles John Osborne, of Leytonstone, co. Essex, and had issue:

1c. Frank William Leeson (b. 18 Jan 1878; d. 27 Feb 1927), mar. 26 Aug 1905 Ada Dray, dau. of Joseph Valentine Dray, of Hatfield Peveril, co. Essex

1b. Jane Leeson (d. 1890), mar. 19 Jun 1854 Horatio De Courcy Martelli, and had issue

2b. Florence Georgina Leeson (d. 18 Apr 1922), mar. 28 Dec 1880 Count Jules Pierre Thomas Arthur Ostoja-Marylski (d. 22 Apr 1888), son of Count Pierre Ostoja-Marylski, of Mazovie, Poland

2a. Richard Leeson (dvp. in a drowning accident 1818)

3a. Sir William Edward Leeson, Genealogist of the Order of St Patrick (b. Feb 1801; d. 21 Apr 1885), mar. (1) 1 Aug 1825 Louisa Araminta Sewell (d. Aug 1851), 3rd dau. of Thomas Bermingham Daly Henry Sewell, of Athenry, and had issue:

1b. Capt Richard John Philip Leeson (b. 3 Feb 1829; d. unm.)

2b. Capt Augustus Johannes Leeson (b. 5 Jan 1832; dsp.), mar. 21 Apr 1857 Frances Katherine Cavenagh, dau. of George Cavenagh

3b. Maj Charles Edward Leeson (b. 20 Jun 1840; dsp.)

1b. Louisa Harriet Leeson, mar. 4 Oct 1853 Charles Roberts, and had issue

2b. Grace Elizabeth Leeson (d. 9 Nov 1865), mar. 5 Sep 1854 George Massy Dawson, of Ballinacourte, co. Tipperary, and had issue

3b. Mary Leeson (dsp.), mar. 19 Mar 1863 Capt Thomas Augustus Borrowes

Sir William Leeson mar. (2) 25 Aug 1853 Julia Richards (d. 22 Dec 1879), dau. of Cmdr Edwin Richards RN, and had further issue:

4b. William Leeson (b. 15 Sep 1855; d. 8 Oct 1933), mar., and had issue

5b. Sub Lieut Frederick Leeson RN (b. 21 Jun 1857; dvp. at Gallipoli 28 Apr 1878)

4b. Rosa Leeson (d. 24 Feb 1910), mar. 17 Sep 1874 Richard Stovin Warburton, of Cambo les Bains, France, son the Dean of Elphin, and had issue

3. Lady Cecilia Leeson, mar. 1789 David La Touche

4. Lady Florence Arabella Leeson (d. 9 May 1840), mar. 25 Jul 1790 Marcus Beresford (b. 14 Feb 1764; d. 16 Nov 1797), 1st son and heir of Rt Hon John Beresford (by his first wife Anne Constantia, dau. of Gen the Count de Ligondes), brother of George de la Poer [Beresford], 1st Marquess of Waterford, and 2nd son of Marcus [Beresford], 1st Earl of Tyrone, and had issue


2 Oct 1783


5 May 1756 Baron Russborough, of Russborough in the County of Wicklow

8 Sep 1760 Viscount Russborough, of Russellstown in the County of Wicklow

10 May 1763 Earl of Milltown

suc. by

son by first wife


Member of Parliament for Rathcormick 1745-56; Sheriff of co. Westmeath 1756


Joseph [Leeson], 2nd Earl of Milltown




27 Nov 1801 (bur. in St James's Church, Westminster)

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Thomastown 1757-60


Brice [Leeson], 3rd Earl of Milltown


20 Dec 1735


25 Oct 1765 Maria Graydon (d. 25 Jul 1772), dau. of John Graydon, of Dublin, by his wife Cassandra Tahourdin, dau. of Gabriel Tahourdin, of Wanstead, co. Essex


1. Joseph Leeson (b. 17 Jul 1766; dvp. 1800), mar. 21 Apr 1798 Emily Douglas (mar. (2) 30 Jun 1811 as his second wife Valentine Browne [Lawless], 2nd Baron Cloncurry; d. 15 Jun 1841), 3rd dau. of Archibald Douglas, of Darnock, by his wife Mary Crosbie, dau. of Sir Paul Crosbie, 4th Bt., of Crosbie Park, co. Wicklow, and had issue:

1a. Joseph Leeson, later 4th Earl of Milltown

2a. Cornet Hon Henry Talbot Leeson, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1818 (b. 20 Feb 1800; d. 29 May 1829)

1a. Lady Cecilia Charlotte Leeson, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1818 (d. 23 Aug 1819)

2. Hon John Leeson (b. Aug 1767; d. 11 Dec 1835), mar. 12 Jan 1793 Martha Ryley, dau. of Rev John Ryley, and had issue:

1a. Maj Joseph Leeson (b. 25 Mar 1796; d. 15 Feb 1847), mar. 26 Nov 1817 Anne O'Reilly, 1st dau. of Anthony Alexander O'Reilly, 3rd son of Thomas O'Reilly, of Baltrasna, and had issue:

1b. John Leeson, a claimant to the Earldom of Milltown in 1891 (b. 19 Aug 1827; dspm. 25 Jan 1905), mar. (1) 1850 Winifred Rose Collins (d. 14 Feb 1898), dau. of T W Collins, of Delhi, India, and (2) 1900 Mary Jane Howgell Lowther, 2nd dau. of William Lowther, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Olivia Caroline Collins Leeson, mar. 1887 James Arthur Magry, of Umballa, Punjab, India (d. 1922), and had issue

2c. Eleanor Lavinia Leeson, mar. 1883 Charles Edward Richard Earle, Punjab Police, and had issue

2b. Henry Corbett Leeson (d. 29 Sep 1887), mar. ..... Robinson, and had issue:

1c. <male> Leeson

1b. Maria Anne Leeson (b. 8 Apr 1819; dsp. 1840), mar. Capt William Barling Gould (dsp. 6 Oct 1839)

2b. Frances Elizabeth Leeson, mar. 4 Oct 1841 Maj R W Fanshawe (d. 1885), and had issue

3. Capt Hon Robert Leeson (b. Mar 1772; d. 14 Jan 1842), mar. 28 Oct 1810 Philippa Juliana Neave (d. 23 Apr 1846), dau. of Rev Timothy Neave DD, and had issue:

1a. Rev Joseph Leeson, Vicar of Fishlake, co. York (b. 7 Mar 1813; d. 25 Apr 1850), mar. 10 Feb 1838 Jane Lloyd (d. 25 Oct 1851), dau. of William Lloyd, and had issue:

1b. Robert William Frederick Leeson, a claimant to the Earldom of Milltown in 1905 (b. 29 Sep 1842; d. 19 Jun 1906)

1b. Cecilia Frances Lucy Leeson, mar. 25 Nov 1861 Edward William Howley, and had issue

2b. Jane Lucy Leeson, mar. 5 Aug 1868 Edward Hobson Kenyon, and had issue

2a. Col William Frederick Leeson (b. 6 Oct 1822; dsp. Jun 1856), mar. (1) 1 Jul 1844 Laura Bristow (d. Jul 1845), dau. of John Charles Bristow, and (2) 1847 Eliza Mary Westlake (d. Jul 1856), dau. of Lt Col John Westlake, of Westbrooke House, co. Wicklow

1a. Alicia Anne Leeson (d. 27 Mar 1895), mar. 13 Dec 1849 Peter Vickers, of Castle Grange, co. Wicklow, and had issue

2a. Cecilia Frances Lucy Leeson, mar. 27 Jul 1847 Richard Burton Porter (d. 19 Apr 1873), and had issue


10 Jan 1807

suc. by




Joseph [Leeson], 4th Earl of Milltown, KP


11 Feb 1799


Jul 1828 Barbara Coote (widow of Eyre Tilson [Coote], 3rd Baron Castle Coote; d. 14 Feb 1874), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Joshua Colles Meredyth, of Greenhills, co. Kildare, by his first wife Maria Nugent, dau. and hrss. of Lawrence Coyne Nugent, of co. Westmeath


1. Hon Joseph Henry Leeson, later 5th Earl of Milltown

2. Hon Edward Nugent Leeson, later 6th Earl of Milltown

3. Hon Henry Leeson, later 7th Earl of Milltown

1. Lady Barbara Emily Maria Leeson (d. 8 Feb 1919), mar. 8 Dec 1864 Lt Gen Granville George Chetwynd-Stapylton (b. 22 Mar 1823; d. 27 Apr 1915), 2nd son of Maj Henry Richard Chetwynd-Stapylton (by his wife Margaret Hammond, dau. of George Hammond, of Portland Place, London), 1st son and heir of Maj Gen Hon Granville Anson Chetwynd later Chetwynd-Stapylton (by his wife Martha Stapylton, only dau. of Henry Stapylton, of Wighill, co. York), 2nd son of William [Chetwynd], 4th Viscount Chetwynd, and had issue

2. Lady Cecilia Mary Leeson (d. 13 Apr 1903), mar. 8 Jul 1856 Maj Edmund Henry Turton, of Upsall, Roxby and Larpool, co. York (b. 7 Apr 1825; d. 30 Jul 1896), 1st surv. son of Edmund Peters later Turton MP, of Brasted Park, co. Kent, and Upsall, Roxby and Larpool, co. York, by his wife Marianne Livesey, only child and hrss. of Robert Bell Livesey, of Kildale Hall, co. York, and had issue


31 Jan 1866

suc. by



Knight of St Patrick 1841


Joseph Henry [Leeson], 5th Earl of Milltown


10 May 1829


8 Apr 1871

suc. by



Ensign, 68th Regiment of Foot 1848-51; ADC to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland


Edward Nugent [Leeson], 6th Earl of Milltown, KP PC


9 Oct 1835


19 Oct 1871 Lady Geraldine Evelyn Stanhope (b. 26 Jan 1841; d. 5 Jan 1914), 2nd dau. of Leicester FitzGerald Charles [Stanhope], 5th Earl of Harrington, by his wife Elizabeth Green, dau. and hrss. of William Green, of Trelawney, Jamaica


s.p. 30 May 1890 (bur. at Russborough, co. Wicklow)

suc. by



barrister, Inner Temple 1862; a Representative Peer (Conservative) for Ireland 1881-90; Lord Lieutenant of co. Wicklow 1888-90; Privy Councillor [I] 1888; Hon Commissioner on Lunacy 1889-90; Knight of St Patrick 1890


Henry [Leeson], 7th Earl of Milltown


22 Jan 1837


24 Mar 1891


barrister, Kings Inn, Dublin 1860; Vice-Chamberlain 1859-62 and Chamberlain 1862-74 to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland


Following the death of the 7th Earl of Milltown John Leeson, a grandson of Hon John Leeson, 2nd son of the 3rd Earl of Milltown, claimed the succession to the Earldom. He died without male issue in 1905. The Earldom of Milltown was then claimed by his second cousin, Robert William Frederick Leeson, a grandson of Capt Hon Robert Leeson, 3rd son of the 3rd Earl of Milltown. He died unmarried in 1908 and since that date no further claimants have come forward. It is possible that there are living male line descendants of Hon Robert Leeson, 4th son of the 1st Earl of Milltown, in which case the Earldom of Milltown should be regarded as being dormant rather than extinct.


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