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Mountnorris, Earl of (I, 1793 - 1844)


Creation: let.pat. 3 Dec 1793


Extinct: 23 Jul 1844


Family name: Annesley




See Viscount Valentia



Arthur [Annesley], 8th Viscount Valentia later 1st Earl of Mountnorris

only son and heir of Richard [Annesley], 6th Earl of Anglesey, by his second wife Juliana Donovan, dau. of Richard Donovan, merchant, of co. Wexford


7 Aug 1744

mar. (1)

10 May 1767 Hon Lucy Fortescue Lyttelton (b. 13 Mar 1742/3;  d. 20 May 1783;  bur. at Over Arley, co. Stafford), sister and hrss. of Thomas [Lyttelton], 2nd Baron Lyttelton, and only dau. of George [Lyttelton], 1st Baron Lyttelton, by his first wife Lucy Fortescue, sister of Matthew [Fortescue], 2nd Baron Fortescue, and dau. of Hugh Fortescue, of Filleigh, co. Devon, by his second wife Hon Lucy Aylmer, 2nd dau. of Matthew [Aylmer], 1st Baron Aylmer

children by first wife

1. Hon Arthur Annesley (b. 2 Nov 1769;  bur. vp. 26 Mar 1771 at Over Arley, co. Stafford)

2. Hon George Annesley, later 2nd Earl of Mountnorris

1. Lady Juliana Lucy Annesley (b. c. 1772;  dsp. 10 Oct 1833), mar. 4 Jul 1789 John [Maxwell-Barry], 5th Baron Farnham

2. Lady Hester Annabella Annesley (d. 14 Aug 1844), mar. 14 Dec 1801 Maj Gen Norman Macleod (d. 16 Mar 1830), and had issue

mar. (2)

20 Dec 1783 Hon Sarah Cavendish (b. 24 May 1763;  d. 2 Jan 1849), 3rd dau. of Rt Hon Sir Henry Cavendish, 2nd Bt., of Doveridge. co. Derby, by his wife Sarah Bradshaw later Cavendish, suo jure Baroness Waterpark

children by second wife

3. Hon Henry Arthur Annesley (b. 24 Mar 1792; dsp. 20 Aug 1818), mar. 14 Aug 1818 Sarah Ainsworth (d. 23 Mar 1861), dau. of B Ainsworth, of Hallowell, co. Lancaster

3. Lady Catherine Annesley (b. 18 Jul 1790;  d. 25 Jun 1865), mar. 4 Dec 1814 Col Lord John Thomas Henry Somerset (b. 30 Aug 1787;  d. 3 Oct 1846), 7th son of Henry [Somerset], 5th Duke of Beaufort, by his wife Elizabeth Boscawen, 2nd dau. of Adm Hon Edward Boscawen (by his wife Frances Glanville, dau. of William Evelyn Glanville, of St Clair, co. Kent), 2nd son of Hugh [Boscawen], 1st Viscount Falmouth, and had issue

4. Lady Frances Caroline Annesley (d. 22 Jan 1837), mar. 18 Oct 1810 Sir James Webster-Wedderburn (b. 1789; d. 13 Aug 1840), 1st son and heir of David Wedderburn later Webster-Wedderburn, by his wife Elizabeth Read, dau. of Alexander Read, of Logie, co. Angus, and had issue

5. Lady Juliana Annesley, mar. 26 Oct 1837 Robert Bayly, of Ballyduff


4 Jul 1816


3 Dec 1793 Earl of Mountnorris

suc. by



suc. his father as 8th Viscount Valentia 14 Feb 1761;  Governor of co. Wexford 1776-78;  Privy Councillor [I] 1776;  FSA 1799;  FRS 1800


George [Annesley], 2nd Earl of Mountnorris


4 Dec 1770


3 Sep 1790 Hon Anne Courtenay (b. 2 Jul 1774; d. 6 Jan 1835), 8th dau. of William [Courtenay], 2nd Viscount Courtenay, by his wife Frances Clack, dau. of Thomas Clack, of Wallingford, co. Berkshire


1. Hon George Arthur Annesley, styled Viscount Valentia, Member of Parliament (Tory) for co. Wexford 1830-31 (b. 2 Oct 1793; dvp. and sp. 16 Mar 1841; bur. at Over Arley, co. Stafford), mar. 21 Oct 1837 Frances Cockburn Sims (b. c. 1804; d. 27 Jan 1856; bur. at Over Arley, co. Stafford)

2. Rev Hon William Annesley (b. 19 Feb 1796; dvp. 1 Nov 1830)


s.p.m.s. 23 Jul 1844 (bur. at Over Arley, co. Stafford)


FRS 1796; Member of Parliament for Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) 1808-10; Governor of co. Wexford


On the death of the 2nd Earl of Mountnorris the Earldom of Mountnorris became extinct and the Viscountcy of Valentia and other Irish titles passed to his third cousin twice removed, Arthur Annesley.


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