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The House of Normandy (1066 - 1154)


The invasion and conquest by William, Duke of Normandy, in 1066 was a watershed in the history of England.  As Alison Weir says in her Britain's Royal Families, "A new royal dynasty had been founded;  the joining of England with Normandy brought England very much into the forefront of European affairs.  William's followers received lands and honours, and thus founded aristocratic dynasties of their own in their new realm.  A new order prevailed, England was feudalised, and its Church and legal system overhauled;  and all things Saxon were disdained by the conquering Normans."


William's own claim to the English throne was very weak.  Through his great-aunt Emma he was related by marriage to both Ethelred II and Canute.  However his wife, Matilda of Flanders, was a descendant of King Alfred, and their son, Henry I, married the great-great-granddaughter of the Saxon Ethelred II, thus merging the Norman and Saxon royal lines.


William I (1066-1087)

illegitimate son of Robert "the Devil", Duke of Normandy, by his mistress Herleva, dau. of Fulbert, a tanner of Falaise in Normandy


c. 1027/8


c. 1050/52 Matilda of Flanders (b. c.1032; d. 2 Nov 1083), dau. of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, by his wife Adela of France, dau. of Robert II, King of France


1. Robert "Curthose", Duke of Normandy 1087-1106 (b. c.1052/4; d. 3 Feb 1034/5), mar. 1100 Sybilla of Conversano (d. c. Mar 1103), dau. of Geoffrey, Count of Conversano, and had issue:

1a. William "Clito", Count of Flanders 1127-28 (b. 1101; dsp. 27 Jul 1128), mar. (1) 1123 (annulled 1124) Sybilla of Anjou (b. c. 1114; mar. (2) 1134 Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders; d. 1165), dau. of Fulk V, Count of Anjou, by his wife Aremburga of Maine, dau. of Hélias I, Count of Maine, and (2) Jan 1128 Joan of Montferrat, dau. of Ranieri, Marquess of Montferrat, by his wife Gisla of Burgundy, dau. of William I, Count of Burgundy

2a. Henry (b. 1102; d. hunting in the New Forest)

2. Richard (b. bef. 1054; d. hunting in the New Forest 1075 or 1081)

3. William, later King William II

4. Henry, later King Henry I

1. Cecilia, Abbess of Caen 1112-26 (b. c. 1054/5; d. 3 Jul 1126)

2. Adeliza (b. c. 1055; d. bef. 5 Jan 1066)

3. Constance (b. c.1059; d. 13 Aug 1090), mar. c. 1086 Alan IV Fergant, Duke of Brittany (d. 1119)

4. Adela (b. c. 1062; d. 1137/8), mar. 1080 Stephen Henry, Count Palatine of Blois, Brie, Chartres and Meux 1090-1102, and had issue:

1a. Humbert, Count of Virtus (d. young)

2a. William, Count of Chartres and jure uxoris Lord of Sulli (d. aft. 1104), mar. Agnes of Sulli (d. aft. 1104), dau. of Giles, Lord of Sulli, and had issue

3a. Theobald IV, Count of Blois and later Count of Champagne (b. c. 1089; d. 1152), mar. Matilda of Carinthia, dau. of Ingelbert II, Duke of Carinthia, and had issue

4a. Stephen, later King Stephen

5a. Henry, Abbot of Bermondsey, Abbot of Glastonbury 1126, Bishop of Winchester 1129-71 (b. c. 1099; d. 6 Aug 1171)

6a. Philip, Bishop of Châlons (d. 1100)

7a. Odo

1a. Matilda/Lucy (dsp. 25 Nov 1120), mar. Richard [d'Avranches], 2nd Earl of Chester

2a. Agnes, mar. Hugh III de Puiset, and had issue

3a. Adela/Lithuise, mar. Miles de Brai, Viscount of Troyes

4a. Eleanor (d. 1147), mar. Raoul, Count of Vermandois

5a. Alice, mar. Reginald III, Count of Joigni

5. Agatha/Matilda (b. 1064; dsp. bef. 1074), mar. Alfonso VI, King of Galicia and Léon

6. Matilda (d. bef. 1112)


9 Sep 1087

suc. by



suc. his father as Duke of Normandy 22 Jul 1035; Count of Maine by right of conquest 1063


William II (1087-1100)


c. 1058


2 Aug 1100

suc. by



killed while hunting in the New Forest


Henry I (1100-1135)


Sep 1068

mar. (1)

11 Nov 1100 Edith/Matilda of Scotland (b. c. 1080; d, 1 May 1118), 1st dau. of Malcolm III "Canmore", King of Scotland, by his wife St Margaret of England, 1st dau. of Edward the Atheling (by his wife Agatha of Bavaria, dau. of Bruno, Bishop of Augsburg, brother of Henry III, Emperor of Germany), 1st son and heir of Edmund II, King of England

children by first wife

1. William "Atheling", styled Duke of Normandy (b. bef. 5 Aug 1103; dsp. 25 Nov 1120), mar. Jun 1119 Alice/Matilda of Anjou, Abbess of Fontevrault 1148-54 (b. c.1109; d. 1154), dau. of Fulk V, Count of Anjou, by his wife Aremburga of Maine, dau. of Hélias I, Count of Maine

2. Richard (dsp. 25 Nov 1120)

1. Euphemia (b. Aug 1101; d. young)

2. Adelaide/Matilda (b. c. Feb 1102; d. 10 Sep 1167), mar. (1) 7 Jan 1114 Henry V, Emperor of Germany, and (2) 22 May 1128 Geoffrey, Count of Anjou (b. 24 Aug 1113; d. 7 Sep 1151), son of Fulk V, Count of Anjou, by his wife Aremburga of Maine, dau. of Hélias I, Count of Maine, and had issue by her second husband:

1a. Henry, later King Henry II

2a. Geoffrey, Count of Nantes (b. 1 Jun 1134; d. 26 Jul 1157/8)

3a. William, Count of Poitou (b. 21 Jul 1136; d. 30 Jan 1163/4)

mar. (2)

29 Jan 1121 Adeliza of Louvain (mar. (2) betw. 1136 and 1139 William [d'Albini], Earl of Arundel; d. 23 Mar 1151), dau. of Geoffrey VII, Count of Louvain and Duke of Lower Brabant and Lower Lorraine, by his wife Ida of Namur, suo jure Countess of Namur, dau. of Albert III, Count of Namur


1 Dec 1135

suc. by



known as "Beauclerk" or "the Lion of Justice"; Lord of Domfront 1092; Count of Coutances and Bayeux 1096; usurped the Duchy of Normandy 1106 after defeating his brother, Duke Robert, at the Battle of Tinchebrai


King Henry I had the following illegitimate children:

By unknown mistresses

Robert of Caen, cr. Jun-Sep 1123 Earl of Gloucester (d. 31 Oct 1147; bur. at the Priory of St James, Bristol), mar. Maud FitzHamon, dau. and hrss. of Robert FitzHamon, Lord of Glamorgan, by his wife Lady Sibyl de Montgomery, dau. of Roger [de Montgomery], 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, and had issue


Gilbert, young and unmarried in 1142


William de Tracey (d. soon after 1 Dec 1135), mar., and had issue


Maud, mar. Conan III, Duke of Brittany, son of Alan Fergant, Duke of Brittany, by his second wife Ermengard of Anjou, dau. of Fulk IV, Count of Anjou


....., mar. William Gouet III, Lord of Montmirail


By Ansfride, a lady of unknown parentage, widow of Anskill, a knight who was  a tenant of Abingdon Abbey

Richard (b. before 1101; drowned in the wreck of the White Ship 25 Nov 1120)


Fulk the King's Son (d. young)


Juliane, later a nun at Fontevrault, mar. 1103 Eustace de Bréteuil, Lord of Bréteuil and Pacy (d. at the beginning of Lent 1136), illegit. son of William de Bréteuil, 1st son of William [FitzOsbern], 1st Earl of Hereford, and had issue


By Sibyl Corbet, dau. and in her issue cohrss. of Robert Corbet, of Alcester, co. Warwick, and Longden, co. Shropshire, after her affair with the King she mar. Herbert FitzHerbert

Rainald de Dunstanville, cr. c. Apr 1141 Earl of Cornwall (dspms. leg. 1 Jul 1175; bur. at Reading Abbey), mar. Beatrice FitzRichard, dau. and hrss. of William FitzRichard


William (d. after 1187)


By Edith Fornsdotter, dau. of Forn Sigulson, Lord of Greystoke, after her affair with th King she mar. Robert de Oilli, Constable of Oxford Castle, and had issue

Robert the King's Son, a great tenant-in-chief (d. 31 May 1172), mar. Maud de Courcy, Dame du Sap (widow of William de Courcy), dau. and hrss. of Robert de Avranches, and had issue


By Nest de Windsor, wife of Gerald de Windsor and dau. of Rhys ap Tewdwr, Prince of South Wales

Henry the King's Son (k. during King Henry II's invasion of Anglesey 1157), mar., and had issue


By Edith .....

Maud (drowned in the wreck of the White Ship 25 Nov 1120), mar. 1103 Rotrou "the Great", Count of Perche (mar. (2) bef. 1127 Hawise de Salisbury (mar. (2) as his second wife Robert, 1st Count of Dreux, 3rd son of Louis Vi "the Fat", King of France), sister of Patrick [de Salisbury], 1st Earl of Salisbury, and dau. of Walter de Salisbury); d. 1144, son and heir of Geoffrey, Count of Perche, by his wife Beatrice of Montdidier, dau. of Hilduin, Count of Montdidier and jure uxoris Count of Roucy, and had issue



Stephen (1135-1154)


c. 1096/7


bef. 1125 Matilda of Boulogne (b. c.1103/5; d. 2 May 1152), suo jure Countess of Boulogne, only dau. and hrss. of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, by his wife Mary of Scotland, 2nd dau. of Malcolm III "Canmore", King of Scotland


1. Baldwin (b. c. 1126; dvp. bef. 2 Dec 1135)

2. Eustace, cr. Count of Boulogne 1146/7, crowned v.p. King of England 1152 (b. betw, 1127 and 1131; dvp. and sp. 10 Aug 1153), mar. Feb 1140 Constance of France (b. c. 1128; mar. (2) 1154 Raymond V, Count of Toulouse; d. 16 Aug 1176), dau. of Louis VI, King of France, by his wife Adelaide of Savoy, dau. of Umberto II, Count of Savoy and Maurienne

3. William, Count of Boulogne 1153-59, Count of Mortain 1154-59, and jure uxoris Earl of Surrey c.1148-59 (b. betw. c. 1132 and 1137; dsp. 11 Oct 1159), mar. bef. 1148/9 Lady Isabella de Warenne (b. c.1136; mar. (2) Apr 1164 Hamelin of Anjou, jure uxoris Earl of Surrey; d. 13 Jul 1199), dau. of William [de Warenne], 3rd Earl of Surrey, by his wife Adela of Ponthieu, dau. of William Talvas, Count of Ponthieu

1. Matilda (b. c. 1133; d. c. 1140), mar. c. 1136 Waleran de Beaumont, Count of Meulan (b. 1104; d. 1166)

2. Mary, suo jure Countess of Boulogne 1159-82, Abbess of Romsey 1155-60 (b. c. 1136; d. 1182), mar. c. 1160 (annulled c. 1169), Matthew of Flanders, jure uxoris Count of Boulogne 1160-1173, and had issue


25 Oct 1154

suc. by

cousin once removed


Count of Mortain before 1115; Count of Boulogne jure uxoris before 1125; usurped the throne of England on the death of Henry I, who had left it to his daughter Matilda; deposed and imprisoned by Matilda Apr 1141; restored Nov 1141


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