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Peterborough, Earl of (E, 1628 - 1814)


Creation: let.pat. 9 Mar 1627/8


Extinct: 16 Jun 1814


Family name: Mordaunt




Argent a Chevron between three Estoiles Sable


A Blackamoor's Head affrontée couped at the shoulders proper banded with a Wreath round the temples Or and Gules and Ribands of the same


On either side an Eagle wings expanded Argent


 Nec placido contenta quiete est



John [Mordaunt], 5th Baron Mordaunt later 1st Earl of Peterborough

son and heir of Henry [Mordaunt], 4th Baron Mordaunt, by his wife Hon Margaret Compton, sister of William [Compton], 1st Earl of Northampton, and only dau. by his first wife of Henry [Compton], 1st Baron Compton


18 Jan 1598/9


bef. 7 Apr 1621 Hon Elizabeth Howard, de jure suo jure Baroness Beauchamp of Bletso (b. 19 Jan 1602/3; bur. at Chelsea 18 Nov 1671), only child and hrss. of William [Howard], 3rd Baron Howard of Effingham (by his wife Hon Anne St John, de jure suo jure Baroness Beauchamp of Bletso, only dau. and hrss. of John [St John], 2nd Baron St John of Bletso), 1st son and heir ap. of Charles [Howard], 1st Earl of Nottingham, by his first wife Hon Katharine Carey, 1st dau. of Henry [Carey], 1st Baron Hunsdon


1. Hon Henry Mordaunt, later 2nd Earl of Peterborough

2. Hon John Mordaunt, cr. 10 Jul 1659 Baron Mordaunt, of Ryegate in the County of Surrey, and Viscount Mordaunt, of Avalon in the County of Somerset, a supporter of the King, unsuccessfully tried for treason 1658, knighted 1660, Capt of a Troop of Horse, Col of a Regiment of Foot, High Steward of Windsor, Governor and Captain of Windsor Castle 1660-68, Ranger of Windsor Forest and Keeper of the Great Park 1660-68, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey 1660-75 (b. 18 Jun 1626; d. 5 Jun 1675), mar. c. 1656 Elizabeth Carey (b. c. 1632 ; d. 5 Apr 1679), dau. and eventual sole hrss. of Hon Thomas Carey, Groom of the Bedchamber (by his wife Margaret Smith, dau. and hrss. of Sir Thomas Smith, of Parson's Green, co. Middlesex, Master of the Requests), 2nd son of Robert [Carey], 1st Earl of Monmouth, and had issue:

1a. Hon Charles Mordaunt, later 2nd Viscount Mordaunt later 1st Earl of Monmouth later 3rd Earl of Peterborough

2a. Lt Gen Hon Harry Mordaunt MP, Treasurer of the Ordnance 1699, mar. (1) Catherine Dormer (widow of John Dormer, of Ascot, co. Oxford), 4th dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Spencer, 3rd Bt., of Yarnton, co. Oxford, and had issue:

1b. Sir John Mordaunt, KB

1b. Elizabeth Lucy Mordaunt, mar. Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 3rd Bt. MP, of Isell, co. Cumberland, a Groom of the Bedchamber, and had issue

Lt Gen Mordaunt mar. (2) Penelope Tipping, dau. and hrss. of William Tipping, and had further issue:

2b. Penelope Mordaunt (d. 1737), mar. Sir Monnoux Cope, 7th Bt. MP, of Hanwell, co. Middlesex, and had issue

3a. Brig Gen Hon Lewis Mordaunt (d. 2 Feb 1712/3), mar., and had issue:

1b. Anne Maria Mordaunt, mar. Rt Hon Stephen Poyntz, of Midgham House, co. Berkshire, and had issue

2b. Sophia Mordaunt, mar. Sir Roger Martin, Bt.

4a. Hon Ormond Mordaunt

5a. Rev Hon George Mordaunt, mar. (2) Elizabeth D'Oyly, 2nd dau. of Sir John D'Oyly, 1st Bt., of Chiselhampton, co. Oxford, and had issue:

1b. Anna Maria Mordaunt, mar. Rt Rev Jonathan Shipley DD, Bishop of St Asaph, and had issue

Rev Hon George Mordaunt mar. (3) Elizabeth Collyer, dau. of Col ..... Collyer, and had further issue:

2b. Mary Mordaunt, mar. Valentine Morris, of Piercefield, co. Monmouth

3b. Elizabeth Mordaunt (d. 1785), mar. 30 Apr 1747 Sir William Milner, 2nd Bt., of Nun Appleton Hall, co. York, and had issue

1a. Hon Charlotte Mordaunt, mar. Benjamin Albin

2a. Hon Sophia Mordaunt, mar. James Hamilton, of Bangor, co. Down (d. bef. 26 Feb 1706), and had issue

3a. Hon Anne Mordaunt, mar. James Hamilton, of Tollymore, co. Down (d. bef. 1700), and had issue

1. Lady Elizabeth Mordaunt (dsp. bef. Jun 1677), mar. 21 Jul 1646 as his first wife Thomas [Howard], 2nd Baron Howard of Escrick


19 Jun 1643 (bur. at Turvey, co. Bedford)


9 Mar 1627/8 Earl of Peterborough

suc. by



suc. his father as 5th Baron Mordaunt 13 Feb 1608/9; Knight of the Bath on the creation of the Prince of Wales 1616; with the King at York 1639; Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire for the King 1640-42 and for Parliament 1642-43; General of the Ordnance in the Parliamentary Army 1642


Henry [Mordaunt], 2nd Earl of Peterborough, KG PC


18 Oct 1623


c. Dec 1644 Lady Penelope O'Brien, Groom of the Stole to the Queen Consort 1685-88 (b. c. 1622; d. 18 Apr 1702; bur. at Turvey, co. Bedford), only dau. of Barnabas [O'Brien], 5th Earl of Thomond, by his wife Mary Fermor, dau. of Sir George Fermor, of Easton Neston, co. Northampton


1. Lady Elizabeth Mordaunt (d. unm.)

2. Lady Mary Mordaunt, suo jure Baroness Mordaunt and Beauchamp of Bletso (dsp. 17 Nov 1705), mar. (1) 8 Aug 1677 (div. 1700) Henry [Howard], 7th Duke of Norfolk, and (2) aft. 15 Sep 1701 as his first wife Sir John Germaine, 1st Bt., of Westminster, co. Middlesex


s.p.m. 19 Jun 1697 (bur. at Turvey, co. Bedford)

suc. by



commanded his father's troop of horses in the Parliamentary Army 1642-43 but joined the Royalists and fought at Bristol, Gloucester and Newbury 1643 and Cropredy Bridge and Lostwithiel 1644; Governor of Tangiers, Captain General of the Forces in Tangiers and Col of the Tangiers Regiment 1661-63; in the Dutch Wars as a Capt on the Unicorn at the Battle of Lowestoft 1665 and in the Prince at the Battle of Solebay 1672; Capt of a Troop of Horse 1666; Joint Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire 1666-73; Recorder of Northampton 1671-72 and 1682-88; Lord Lieutenant of the Western Division of Northamptonshire 1673-78 and sole Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire 1678-88 and Lord Lieutenant of Rutland 1688; Col of a Regiment of Foot 1673-74; Ambassador to Modena 1673; Deputy Earl Marshal 1673; Privy Councillor 1674-88/9; Capt in the Duke of York's Regiment of Horse 1678-79; Col of the 2nd Dragoon Guards Regiment 1685-88; Groom of the Stole and First Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1685-88; Knight of the Garter 1685; High Steward and Chief Bailiff to Queen Mary 1685/6; captured whilst trying to escape abroad and imprisoned in the Tower of London 1688-90; unsuccessfully impeached "of High Treason in departing from his allegiance, and being reconciled to the Church of Rome" 1689


Charles [Mordaunt], 2nd Viscount Mordaunt later 1st Earl of Monmouth later 3rd Earl of Peterborough, KG PC


c. 1658

mar. (1)

c. 1678 Carey Fraser (d. 13 May 1709), a Maid of Honour to Queen Catherine, dau. of Sir Alexander Fraser, 1st Bt., of Durris, co. Kincardine, Physician to the King, by his wife Mary Carey, dau. of Sir Ferdinando Carey

children by first wife

1. Col Hon John Mordaunt, styled Lord Mordaunt, Member of Parliament for Chippenham 1701-05 and 1705-08, led the "forlorn hope" at Schellenburg 1704 and was wounded at Blenheim 1704 (b. c. 1681; dvp. 6 Apr 1710), mar. c. 1707 Lady Frances Paulet (d. 30 Jul 1715), 2nd dau. of Charles [Paulet], 2nd Duke of Bolton, by his second wife Frances Ramsden, dau. of William Ramsden, of Byrom, co. York, and had issue:

1a. Hon Charles Mordaunt, later 4th Earl of Peterborough

2a. Lt Col Hon John Mordaunt MP, of Parson's Green, co. Middlesex (dsp. 1 Jul 1767), mar. (1) 9 Oct 1735 Hon Mary Herbert (widow of Thomas [Herbert], 8th Earl of Pembroke; d. 12 Sep 1749), 1st dau. of Scrope [Howe], 1st Viscount Howe, by his second wife Hon Juliana Alington, only child by his second wife of William [Alington], 3rd and 1st Baron Alington, and (2) Elizabeth Hamilton (mar. (2) 23 Jan 1768 as his second wife Charles [Dormer], 8th Baron Dormer), dau. of Samuel Hamilton

2. Hon Henry Mordaunt MP (d. 27 Feb 1709/10)

1. Lady Henrietta Mordaunt (b. c. 1682; d. 11 Oct 1760), mar. bef. 13 Feb 1706/7 Alexander [Gordon], 2nd Duke of Gordon, and had issue

mar. (2)

1722 or 1735 Anastasia Robinson (bur. 1 May 1755), a celebrated singer, dau. of Thomas Robinson, a portrait painter


25 Oct 1735


9 Apr 1689 Earl of Monmouth

suc. by



suc. his father as 2nd Viscount Mordaunt 5 Jun 1675; Capt of his own ship against the Algerines 1681; a supporter of Prince William of Orange; Col of a Regiment of Foot 1688-94; a Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1689-97; Privy Councillor 1688/9-96/7 and 1705-07; Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire 1689-97 and 1702-15; First Commissioner of the Treasury 1689-90; a member of the Council of Nine 1690; dismissed from all offices and imprisoned in the Tower of London 1697; suc. his cousin Lady Mary Howard, Duchess of Norfolk, as 8th Baron Mordaunt 17 Nov 1705 and also de jure Baron Beauchamp of Bletso; Governor of Jamaica 1702; General of the Allied Forces in Spain 1705; Joint Admiral and Commander of the Fleet 1706; Col of a Regiment of Dragoons 1706-07; General of the Marines 1710 and General of all the Marine Forces 1722; Ambassador to Vienna and Turin 1710-11 and to Sicily 1713-14; Col of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards 1712-15; Knight of the Garter 1713; Governor of Minorca 1714


Charles [Mordaunt], 4th Earl of Peterborough


12 Oct 1708

mar. (1)

bef. 1735 Mary Cox (dspms. 18 Nov 1755), dau. of Thomas Cox, of London, grocer

children by first wife

1. Lady Frances Mordaunt (dsp. 1798), mar. Rev Samuel Bulkeley, of Hatfield, co. Hertford

2. Lady Mary Anastasia Grace Mordaunt, suo jure Baroness Mordaunt (b. 5 Jun 1738; d. 22 Jun 1819)

mar. (2)

5 Dec 1755 Robiniana Browne (d. 6 Dec 1794), dau. of Col ..... Browne

only surv. child by second wife

1. Hon Charles Henry Mordaunt, later 5th Earl of Peterborough


1 Aug 1779

suc. by

son by second wife



Charles Henry [Mordaunt], 5th Earl of Peterborough


16 May 1758


16 Jun 1814



On the death of the 5th Earl of Peterborough all his titles except for the Barony of Mordaunt became extinct. The Barony of Mordaunt (cr. by writ 1532) and any claim to the Barony of Beauchamp of Bletso (cr. by writ 1363) passed to his elder half-sister, Lady Mary Anastasia Grace Mordaunt, and after her death in 1819 to her cousin, Alexander [Gordon], 3rd Duke of Gordon


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