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The House of Tudor (1485 - 1603)




 The Tudor dynasty used the same Royal Arms as their

predecessors, the Plantagenets.


Henry VII (1485-1509)


28 Jan 1457


18 Jan 1486 Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet (b. 11 Feb 1466; d. 11 Feb 1503), 1st dau. of Edward IV, King of England, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Grey, widow of Sir John Grey, of Groby, and 1st dau. of Richard [Wydville], 1st Earl of Rivers


1. Prince Arthur, cr. 29 Nov 1489 Earl of Chester and Prince of Wales, Knight of the Bath 1489, Knight of the Garter 1491 (b. 19 Sep 1486; dvp. 2 Apr 1502), mar. 14 Nov 1501 Katherine of Aragon (b. 16 Dec 1485; mar. (2) 11 Jun 1509 (div. 23 May 1533) her brother-in-law King Henry VIII; d. 7 Jan 1536), dau. of Ferdinand V, King of Aragon, by his wife Isabella I, Queen of Castile

2. Prince Henry, later Prince of Wales later King Henry VIII

3. Prince Edmund, styled Duke of Somerset (b. 21 Feb 1499; dvp. 19 Jun 1500)

4. Prince Edward (d. young)

1. Princess Margaret (b. 28 Nov 1489; d. 8 Oct 1541; bur. in the Carthusian Monastery of St John in Perth), mar. (1) 8 Aug 1503 James IV, King of Scotland, (2) 4 Aug 1514 (div. 11 Mar 1527/8) as his second wife Archibald [Douglas], 6th Earl of Angus, and (3) bef. 2 Apr 1528 as his first wife Henry [Stewart], 1st Lord Methven, and had issue by her first and second husbands

2. Princess Elizabeth (b. 2 Jul 1492; dvp. 7 Oct 1495)

3. Princess Mary (b. 18 Mar 1495/6; d. 25 Jun 1533), mar. (1) 9 Oct 1514 Louis XII, King of France, and (2) 13 May 1515 as his third wife Charles [Brandon], 1st Duke of Suffolk, and had issue by her second husband:

1a. Lord Henry Brandon, cr. v.p. 18 Jun 1525 Earl of Lincoln (b. 11 Mar 1515/6; dvp. 1 Mar 1533/4)

1a. Lady Frances Brandon (b. 16 Jul 1517; d. 20 Nov 1559), mar. (1) Mar 1533 as his second wife Henry [Grey], 1st Duke of Suffolk, and had issue:

1b. Lady Jane Grey, later Queen Jane

2b. Lady Katherine Grey (b. Aug 1540; d. 26 Jan 1567/8), mar. (1) 21 May 1553 (ann. 1554) as his first wife Henry [Herbert], 2nd Earl of Pembroke, and (2) bef. 25 Dec 1560 (decl. void 12 May 1561 but valid in 1608) Edward [Seymour], 1st Earl of Hertford, and had issue by her second husband

3b. Lady Mary Grey (b. 1545; d. 20 Apr 1578), mar. 10 Aug 1565 Thomas Keyes (d. 1571)

Lady Frances Grey mar. (2) 9 Mar 1554 Adrian Stokes, Master of Horse (b. 1533; d. 1585), and had further but not surviving issue

2a. Lady Eleanor Brandon (dspms. 27 Sep 1547), mar. 1537 as his first wife Henry [Clifford], 2nd Earl of Cumberland, and had issue

4. Princess Katherine (b. 2 Feb 1503; dvp. 18 Feb 1503)


21 Apr 1509

suc. by



suc. his father at birth as 2nd Earl of Richmond; deposed King Richard III 22 Aug 1485 after the Battle of Bosworth


Henry VIII (1509-1548)


28 Jun 1491

mar. (1)

11 Jun 1509 (div. 23 May 1533) his sister-in-law Katherine of Aragon, Dowager Princess of Wales (b. 16 Dec 1485; d. 7 Jan 1536), dau. of Ferdinand V, King of Aragon, by his wife Isabella I, Queen of Castile

children by first wife

1. Prince Henry, Duke of Cornwall from birth styled Prince of Wales (b. 1 Jan 1511; dvp. 22 Feb 1511)

2. A son, Duke of Cornwall from birth (b. and d. Nov 1513)

3. A son, Duke of Cornwall from birth (b. and d. Nov 1514)

1. A daughter (stillborn 31 Jan 1510)

2. Princess Mary, later Queen Mary I

3. A daughter (b. and d. 10 Nov 1518)

mar. (2)

25 Jan 1533 (div. 17 May 1536) Lady Anne Boleyn cr. 1 Sep 1532 Marquess of Pembroke (b. c.1501; d. by execution 19 May 1536), 2nd dau. and cohrss. in her issue of Thomas [Boleyn], 1st Earl of Wiltshire and 1st Earl of Ormonde, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Howard, 1st dau. by his first wife of Thomas [Howard], 2nd Duke of Norfolk

children by second wife

4. A son (stillborn 29 Jan 1536)

4. Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth I

5. A daughter (stillborn Aug 1534)

mar. (3)

30 May 1536 Jane Seymour (b. c.1508; d. 24 Oct 1537), sister of Edward [Seymour], 1st Duke of Somerset, and 1st dau. of Sir John Seymour, of Wolf Hall, co. Wiltshire, by his wife Margaret Wentworth, dau. of Sir Henry Wentworth, of Nettlestead, co. Suffolk

only child by third wife

5. Prince Edward, later Prince of Wales later King Edward VI

mar. (4)

6 Jan 1540 (div. 9 Jul 1540) Anne of Cleves (b. 22 Sep 1515; dsp. 16 Jul 1557), dau. of John III, Duke of Cleves, by his wife Mary of Jülich and Berg, dau. of William III, Duke of Jülich and Berg

mar. (5)

28 Jul 1540 Katherine Howard (b. c.1525; dsp. by execution 13 Feb 1542), dau. of Lord Edmund Howard, Marshal of the Horse (by his first wife Joyce Culpepper, dau. and hrss. of Sir Richard Culpepper), 3rd son by his first wife of Thomas [Howard], 2nd Duke of Norfolk

mar. (6)

12 Jul 1543 Katherine Neville (b. c.1512; widow of (1) Hon Sir Edward Burgh, 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of Thomas [Burgh], 3rd (or 1st) Baron Burgh, and (2) John [Neville], 3rd Baron Latymer; mar. (4) c. May 1547 Thomas [Seymour], 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, brother of Queen Jane Seymour; d. 7 Sep 1548), dau. of Sir Thomas Parr, of Kendal Castle, co. Westmorland, by his wife Maud Green, dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Green, of Green's Norton, co. Northampton


28 Jan 1547/8


31 Oct 1494 Duke of York

18 Feb 1504 Earl of Chester and Prince of Wales

suc. by

son by third wife


Knight of the Bath 1491; Knight of the Garter 1495; suc. his brother 2 Apr 1502 as Duke of Cornwall


Edward VI (1548-1553)


12 Oct 1537


6 Jul 1553

suc. by

second cousin


Jane (1553)


Oct 1537


21 May 1553 Lord Guildford Dudley (b. 1536; dsp. 12 Feb 1554), 4th son of John [Dudley], 1st Duke of Northumberland, by his wife Jane Guildford, dau. and hrss. by his first wife of Sir Edward Guildford, Marshal of Calais


s.p. 12 Feb 1554

suc. by

second cousin


proclaimed Queen of England 10 Jul 1553 but deposed nine days later on 19 Jul 1553 and never crowned



After her marriage in 1554, Queen Mary I impaled the arms

of her husband, King Philip II of Spain, with the Royal Arms.


Mary I (1553-1558)


18 Feb 1516


25 Jul 1554 as his second wife Philip II, King of Spain (b. 21 May 1527; mar. (1) 12 Nov 1543 Mary of Portugal, dau. of John III, King of Portugal, (3) Elizabeth of France, dau. of Henry II, King of France, and (4) Anne of Austria, dau. of Emperor Maximilian II; d. 13 Sep 1598), son of Emperor Charles V by his wife Isabella of Portugal, dau. of Manuel I, King of Portugal


17 Nov 1558

suc. by



Elizabeth I (1558-1603)


7 Sep 1533


24 Mar 1603

suc. by

third cousin


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