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Castleton, Viscount (I, 1627 - 1723)


Creation: let.pat. 11 Jul 1627


Extinct: 23 May 1723


Family name: Saunderson




See Earl Castleton



Nicholas [Saunderson], 1st Viscount Castleton

son and heir of Robert Saunderson, of Fillingham and Saxby, co. Lincoln, by his second wife Catherine Grantham, dau. of Vincent Grantham, of St Katherine's, Lincoln


c. 1561


bef. 1599 Mildred Hiltoft, dau. and hrss. of John Hiltoft, of Boston, co. Lincoln, by his wife Mildred Claymond, dau. of ..... Claymond, of Frampton, co. Lincoln


1. Hon Nicholas Saunderson, later 2nd Viscount Castleton

2. Hon Sir William Saunderson, of Willoughton, co. Lincoln (dsp. bef. Mar 1642/3), mar. Jane Cooper, dau. of John Cooper

3. Hon George Saunderson, of Washingborough and Aby Grange, co. Lincoln (b. c. 1605; bur. bef. 9 May 1636), mar. (1) Elizabeth Bostock, dau. and hrss. of Thomas Bostock, of London, and had issue:

1a. George Saunderson, of South Thoresby, co. Lincoln (b. c. 1628; bur. 6 Dec 1680), mar. Frances Massingberd (mar. (2) John Bond, of Revesby, co. Lincoln, and (3) Timothy Hildyard' d. 24 May 1719), 1st dau. of Sir Henry Massingberd, 1st Bt., of Gunby, co. Lincoln, by his first wife Elizabeth Lister, dau. of William Lister, of Rippengale and Colby, and had issue:

1b. George Saunderson, of South Thoresby, co. Lincoln (bapt. 9 Mar 1660/1; bur. 5 Oct 1688), mar. Frances Saunderson (bur. 9 Jun 1687), dau. of George Saunderson, of Louth, co. Lincoln, and had issue:

1c. George Saunderson (b. 21 May 1687; bur. vp. 13 Sep 1687)

1c. Frances Saunderson (bapt. 11 Jan 1685/6; bur. vp. 16 Feb 1685/6)

2b. Henry Saunderson (bur. vp. 10 Feb 1665/6)

3b. William Saunderson (bapt. 17 Sep 1676; bur. 7 Mar 1681/2)

1b. Elizabeth Saunderson, mar. Sir Edward Prideaux

2b. Frances Saunderson (bur. 30 Jun 1687), mar. 8 Jul 1680 Samuel Luddington, of Bracebridge, co. Lincoln

3b. Anne Saunderson, mar. after 7 Jun 1686 Cyriac Weslyd, of Grimsby, co. Lincoln

4b. Margaret Saunderson (bapt. 6 Dec 1669)

Hon George Saunderson mar. (2) 22 Aug 1633 Susan Fitzwilliam (b. c. 1615), dau. of Sir George Fitzwilliam, of Mablethorpe, co. Lincoln, and had further issue:

2a. Robert Saunderson (bapt. and bur. vp. 10 Dec 1634)

4. Hon Robert Saunderson, of Withern and Friskney, co. Lincoln (b. c. 1598; bur. 20 Feb 1660/1), mar. (1) aft. 13 May 1628 Frances Welborne (bur. 7 May 1640), dau. of ..... Welborne, of Ingham, co. Lincoln, and (2) 8 Oct 1640 Bridget Christopher (bur. 16 Feb 1657/8), sister of Sir Robert Christopher, of Alford, co. Lincoln, and dau. of Peter Christopher, and had issue by his second wife:

1a. Robert Saunderson (bapt. 19 Dec 1651)

1a. Elizabeth Saunderson (bapt. 23 Jul 1642)

2a. Rebecca Saunderson (bapt. 11 Apr 1644)

3a. Anne Saunderson (bapt. 14 Jan 1646/7)

1. Hon Frances Saunderson, mar. (1) Sir Edward Copledike, of Harrington, co. Lincoln, and (2) Sir Edward Waldegrave

2. Hon Anne Saunderson, mar. Sir Philip Tyrwhit, 3rd Bt., of Stainfield, co. Lincoln, and had issue

3. Hon Margaret Saunderson, mar. Sir Peregrine Bertie, of Belleau, co. Lincoln


17 May 1631


25 Nov 1611 a Baronet of England, styled "of Saxby"

11 Jul 1627 Baron Saunderson, of Bantry in the County of Cork, and Viscount Castleton

suc. by



Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1592-93 and 1613-14; Member of Parliament for Grimsby 1593 and for Lincolnshire 1625; knighted 1603


Nicholas [Saunderson], 2nd Viscount Castleton



Frances Manners (d. 1652), sister of John [Manners], 8th Earl of Rutland, and 3rd dau. of Sir George Manners, of Haddon Hall, co. Derby, by his wife Grace Pierrepont, sister of Robert [Pierrepont], 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull, and 2nd dau. of Sir Henry Pierrepont, of Holme Pierrepont, co. Nottingham


1. Hon Nicholas Saunderson, later 3rd Viscount Castleton

2. Hon Peregrine Saunderson, later 4th Viscount Castleton

3. Hon George Saunderson, later 5th Viscount Castleton

4. Hon Rutland Saunderson (d. aft. 2 Mar 1639/40)

5. Hon Francis Saunderson (d. aft. 2 Mar 1639/40)

1. Hon Mildred Saunderson (dsp. 8 May 1656), mar. 3 Jul 1651 as his first wife Thomas [Belasyse], 1st Earl Fauconberg


13 Nov 1640

suc. by




Nicholas [Saunderson], 3rd Viscount Castleton


c. 1626



suc. by




Peregrine [Saunderson], 4th Viscount Castleton


c. 1628



suc. by




George [Saunderson], 5th Viscount Castleton


12 Oct 1631

mar. (1)

bef. Mar 1656 Hon Grace Belasyse (bapt. 14 May 1635; d. 16 Nov 1667), 3rd dau. of Hon Henry Belasyse (by his wife Grace Barton, dau. of Sir Thomas Barton, of Smithells, co. Lancaster), 1st son and heir ap. of Thomas [Belasyse], 1st Viscount Fauconberg

children by first wife

1. Hon Nicholas Saunderson, of Glentworth, co. Lincoln (dvp. betw. 7 Nov 1691 and 6 Mar 1692/3), mar. Elizabeth Wray (bapt. 27 Feb 1663; dsps. 7 Apr 1714), only dau. and hrss. of Sir John Wray, 3rd Bt., of Glentworth, co. Lincoln, by his second wife Sarah Evelyn (later Viscountess Castleton), dau. of Sir John Evelyn, of West Dean, co. Wiltshire, and had issue:

1a. Wray Saunderson (dsp. bef. 27 May 1714), mar. Lady Mary Watson (dsp. 15 May 1737), 1st dau. of Lewis [Watson], 1st Earl of Rockingham

2. Hon Henry Saunderson (dvp. 1655)

3. Hon George Saunderson (d. bef. 27 May 1714), mar. and had daughters

4. Hon Charles Saunderson (bur. vp. 20 May 1694)

5. Hon Samuel Saunderson (d. bef. 27 May 1714)

6. Hon James Saunderson, later 6th Viscount Castleton later 1st Earl Castleton

mar. (2)

14 Feb 1674/5 Sarah Fanshawe (widow of (1) Sir John Wray, 3rd Bt., of Glentworth, co. Lincoln, and (2) Thomas [Fanshawe], 2nd Viscount Fanshawe; bur. 16 Oct 1717), dau. of Sir John Evelyn, of West Dean, co. Wiltshire, by his wife Elizabeth Cockes, dau. and cohrss. of Robert Cockes, of London


27 May 1714

suc. by

son by first wife


Vice Admiral of Lincolnshire 1660; Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire 1660-81, 1685-87 and 1689-98; Col of a Regiment of Foot Guards 1689-94


James [Saunderson], 6th Viscount Castleton later 1st Earl Castleton


19 Oct 1714 Baron Saunderson, of Saxby in the County of Lincoln

2 Jul 1716 Viscount Castleton, of Sandbeck in the County of York

18 Jun 1720 Earl Castleton, of Sandbeck in the County of York


The Viscountcy of Castleton was held by the 1st Earl Castleton from 18 Jun 1720 until his death on 23 May 1723, when all his titles became extinct.


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