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Cromartie, Earl of (S, 1703 - forfeited 1746)


Creation: let.pat. 1 Jan 1702/3


Forfeited: 1 Aug 1746


Family name: Mackenzie




Quarterly:  1st, Or a Mountain Azure in flames proper (Macleod of Lewis);  2nd, Azure a Buck's Head cabossed Or (Mackenzie);  3rd, Gules three Legs of a Man armed proper conjoined in the centre at the upper part of two of the thighs flexed in triangle garnished and spurred Or (Isle of Man);  4th, Argent on a Pale Sable an Imperial Crown proper all within a Double Tressure flory counterflory Gules (Erskine of Innerteall)


A Sun in his Splendour proper


On either side a Wild Man wreathed about the loins with Laurel holding a Club resting on the exterior shoulder all proper


Luceo Non Uro (I shine not burn)



George [Mackenzie], 1st Viscount of Tarbat later 1st Earl of Cromartie, PC

son and heir of Sir John Mackenzie of Tarbat, 1st Bt., by his wife Margaret Erskine, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir George Erskine of Innerteil



mar. (1)

1654 Anna Sinclair, 1st dau. of Sir James Sinclair of Cunnisbay and May, 1st Bt., by his wife Hon Elizabeth Leslie, 2nd dau. of Patrick [Leslie], 1st Lord Lindores

children by first wife

1. Roderick Mackenzie (dvp. young)

2. Hon John Mackenzie, later 2nd Earl of Cromartie

3. Hon Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Grandvale and Cromarty, 1st Bt., cr. a Baronet of Nova Scotia 29 Apr 1704 with remainder to heirs male whatsoever and with the 1628 precedence of his grandfather's baronetcy, Member of Parliament for Cromarty 1710-13 and 1727 (d. 13 Sep 1728), mar. (1) Mary Kinnear, sister of David Kinnear of that Ilk, (2) 1701 Anne Campbell, and (3) after 14 Jan 1726 Elizabeth Sutherland (widow of (1) Charles Graydon, and (2) Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie), dau. of ..... Edwards, and had issue by his second wife

4. Hon Sir James Mackenzie of Royston, 1st Bt., cr. a Baronet of Nova Scotia 8 Feb 1703/4, a Lord of Session under the style of Lord Royston 1710 (b. 1671; d. 9 Nov 1744), mar. Elizabeth Cockburn (widow of Sir Archibald Cockburn of Langton; d. Jul 1717), dau. of Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, and had issue

1. Lady Margaret Mackenzie (dsp.), mar. Sir David Bruce of Clackmannan

2. Lady Elizabeth Mackenzie (dsp. 5 May 1703), mar. 1692 Sir George Broun of Colstoun, 2nd Bt. (dsp. 1718)

3. Lady Jean Mackenzie (b. 11 Jul 1661), mar. Jul 1628 Sir Thomas Stewart of Blair and Balcaskie, 1st Bt. MP, a Lord of Session under the style of Lord Balcaskie, and had issue

4. Lady Anne Mackenzie (dsp. 21 Oct 1740), mar. Hon John Sinclair of Murkle, a Lord of Session under the style of Lord Murkle (dsp. 5 Jun 1755), 2nd son of John [Sinclair], 8th Earl of Caithness

mar. (2)

29 Apr 1700 Lady Margaret Wemyss, suo jure Countess of Wemyss (b. 1 Jan 1659; widow of James [Wemyss], 1st Lord Burntisland; d. 11 Mar 1705), dau. by his third wife of David [Wemyss], 2nd Earl of Wemyss


17 Aug 1714


15 Apr 1685 Lord Macleod and Castlehaven, and Viscount of Tarbat

1 Jun 1702/3 Earl of Cromartie, with remainder to his heirs male

suc. by

son by first wife


suc. his father as 2nd Baronet 10 Sep 1654; raised a force to attempt to restore King Charles II 1654, but after a year capitulated and joined King Charles II in exile ; a Lord of Session 1661-63/4 and 1681-88; Privy Councillor [S] 1662; Lord Justice General 1678-80 and 1705-10; Lord Clerk Register 1681-89 and 1692-95; a Secretary of State 1702-05; Capt General of the Royal Company of Archers 1703-14; a zealous supporter of the Union between England and Scotland


John [Mackenzie], 2nd Earl of Cromartie


c. 1656

mar. (1)

after 10 Jan 1685 (div. 28 Jul 1698) Lady Elizabeth Gordon (dsp. after 1698), 1st dau. of Charles [Gordon], 1st Earl of Aboyne, by his second wife Lady Elizabeth Lyon, only dau. by his second wife of John [Lyon], 2nd Earl of Kinghorne

mar. (2)

25 Apr 1701 Hon Mary Murray (b. 28 Aug 1681; d. before 1717), 2nd dau. of Patrick [Murray], 3rd Lord Elibank, by his wife Anne Burnett, dau. of Most Rev Alexander Burnett DD, Archbishop of St Andrew's

children by second wife

1. Hon George Mackenzie, later 3rd Earl of Cromartie

2. Capt Hon Roderick Mackenzie RN (d. after 1745), mar., and had issue:

1a. Kenneth Mackenzie of Cromartie, inherited the Cromartie estates in 1789 on the death of his cousin Lord Macleod; these estates passed back to Lord Macleod's sister Lady Isabella on his own death (dspm. 4 Nov 1798), mar. 30 Apr 1792 Jane Petley (mar. (2) 22 Dec 1801 Donald Macleod of Geanies), yst. dau. of Charles Petley, of Riverhead, co. Kent, and had issue:

1b. Mary Ann Mackenzie

3. Capt Hon William Mackenzie, in the Dutch service and later an officer in the HEICS (d. unm.)

4. Hon Patrick Mackenzie, a merchant (d. unm.)

5. Hon Gideon Mackenzie (d. 1714)

1. Lady Mary Mackenzie (d. May 1726)

2. Lady Anne Mackenzie (d. 25 Dec 1777)

3. Lady Helen Mackenzie (d. after 1714)

mar. (3)

after 23 Oct 1717 his cousin Hon Anne Fotheringham (b. 1689; widow of (1) Norman Macleod, 20th of Macleod, and (2) Peter Fotheringham of Powrie; d. 10 Aug 1734), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Hugh [Fraser], 9th Lord Lovat, by his wife Lady Amelia Murray, only dau. of John [Murray], 1st Marquess of Atholl

children by second wife

6. Hon James Mackenzie (d. young)

7. Hon Norman Mackenzie, an officer in the Dutch service (d. unm.)

8. Hon Hugh Mackenzie, an officer in the Dutch service (d. unm. after 1757)

4. Lady Amelia Mackenzie (d. 19 Jan 1801), mar. 22 Sep 1740 Archibald Lamont of that Ilk, and had issue


20 Feb 1730/1

suc. by

son by second wife


Member of Parliament for Ross-shire 1685


George [Mackenzie], 3rd Earl of Cromartie


c. 1703


23 Sep 1724 Isabella Gordon (b. c. 1705; d. 23 Apr 1769), 1st dau. of Sir William Gordon of Dalpholly, 1st Bt., by his wife Christian Hamilton, dau. and hrss. of Sir John Hamilton of Halcraig


1. Maj Gen Hon John Mackenzie, styled Lord Macleod, taken prisoner with his father in the 1745 Rising and sentenced to death 20 Dec 1746 but received a full pardon 1748, entered the service of the King of Sweden 1749 and created Count Cromartie, returned to England and became Col, 73rd Regiment of Foot 1777, served in the East Indies 1779, Member of Parliament (Tory) for Ross-shire1780-84, Maj General 1782, family estates restored to him by Act of Parliament 1784 (b. 1727; dsp. 2 Apr 1789), mar. 4 Jun 1786 Hon Margery Forbes (b. c. 1762; mar. (2) 11 Mar 1794 John [Murray], 4th Duke of Atholl; dsps. 3 Oct 1842), 1st dau. of James [Forbes], 17th Lord Forbes, by his wife Catherine Innes, only surv. dau. and hrss. by his second wife of Sir Robert Innes of Balveny, 6th Bt.

2. Hon William Mackenzie (b. c. 1729; dvp. Dec 1736)

3. Lt Col Hon George Mackenzie (b. c. 1741; d. 4 Jun 1787)

1. Lady Isabella Mackenzie, inherited the Cromartie estates in 1796 from her cousin Kenneth Mackenzie of Cromartie (b. 30 Mar 1725; dspm. 28 Dec 1801), mar. 8 Jan 1760 George [Murray], 6th Lord Elibank, and had issue:

1a. Hon Maria Murray later Murray-Mackenzie of Cromartie (d. 8 Oct 1858), mar. 3 May 1790 Edward Hay later Hay-Mackenzie of Newhall (d. 5 Dec 1814), yr. brother of George [Hay], 7th Marquess of Tweeddale, and 3rd son of John Hay of Newhall by his wife Dorothy Hayhurst, and had issue:

1b. John Hay-Mackenzie of Newhall and Cromartie (d. 9 Jul 1849), mar. 23 Apr 1828 Anne Gibson-Craig (d. 8 Sep 1869), 3rd dau. of Sir James Gibson later Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, 1st Bt., by his wife Anne Thomson, dau. of J Thomson, of Edinburgh, and had issue:

1c. Anne Hay-Mackenzie of Newhall and Cromartie, later suo jure Countess of Cromartie

1b. Dorothea Hay-Mackenzie (d. 22 May 1820), mar. 2 Jul 1813 Sir David Hunter-Blair, 3rd Bt., and had issue

2b. Isabella Hay-Mackenzie, mar. 1 Nov 1817 John Buckle, of Wharton House, Edinburgh (d. 1863), and had issue

3b. Georgina Ann Hay-Mackenzie (b. c. 1796; dsp. 14 Mar 1895), mar. 4 Aug 1821 James [Boyle later Carr-Boyle], 5th Earl of Glasgow

2a. Hon Isabella Murray later Murray-Mackenzie

2. Lady Mary Mackenzie, mar. (1) 23 Jun 1750 Capt ..... Clarke, (2) Aug 1757 Thomas Drayton, of South Carolina, USA, (3) 17 Jun 1762 John Ainslie (d. 10 Jan 1774), and (4) Henry Middleton, of South Carolina, USA, and had issue by her first and second husbands

3. Lady Anne Mackenzie (d. 18 Jan 1768), mar. (1) Hon Edmond Atkin, President of the Council of South Carolina (d. 8 Oct 1761), and (2) 16 Feb 1784 Dr John Murray

4. Lady Caroline Mackenzie (b. 6 May 1736; d. 3 Oct 1791), mar. (1) 5 Sep 1760 Capt William Drake, of Covent Garden, co. Middlesex, and (2) Walter Hunter, of Polmood and Crailing (d. 15 Jan 1796), and had issue by her second husband

5. Lady Jean Mackenzie

6. Lady Amelia Mackenzie

7. Lady Margaret Mackenzie (d. 29 Mar 1773), mar.21 Mar 1769 John Glassford of Dougalstoun, and had issue

8. Lady Augusta Mackenzie (d. 20 Jan 1809), mar. 6 Mar 1770 (div. 1791) Sir William Murray of Ochtertyre, 5th Bt., and had issue


28 Sep 1766


Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1737-38; took part in the 1745 Rising, fighting at the Battle of Falkirk 1745/6 and taken prisoner at Dunrobin 1746; found guilty of high treason 28 Jul 1746 and sentenced to death 1 Aug 1746, upon which his estates and peerages became forfeit; granted a conditional pardon 1749


The Earldom of Cromartie became forfeit upon the 3rd Earl of Cromartie being found guilty of high treason and sentenced to death. His great-great-granddaughter, Anne, Duchess of Sutherland, was created Countess of Cromartie in her own right 21 Oct 1861.


 First written 14 Jan 2004



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