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Atholl, Duke of (S, 1703)


Creation: let. pat. 30 Jun 1703


Family name: Murray later Stewart-Murray later Murray




Graphic of the Arms as borne by the 10th Duke of Atholl by the late Don Smith



Quarterly:  1st, Paly of six Or and Sable (Atholl);  2nd, Or a Fess checky Azure and Argent (Stewart);  3rd, Argent on a Bend Azure three Stags' heads cabossed Or (Stanley);  4th, Gules three Legs in Armour proper garnished and spurred Or flexed and conjoined in triangle at the upper part of the thigh (the Isle of Man);  over all an Inescutcheon en surtout Azure three Mullets Argent within a Double Tressure flory ensigned of a Marquess's Coronet Or (the Chiefship of the Name of Murray and the Marquessate of Tullibardine)


1st:  A Mermaid holding in her dexter hand a Mirror and in her sinister a Comb all proper (Murray);  2nd:  A demi-Savage proper wreathed about the temples and waist with laurel his arms extended and holding in the dexter hand a Dagger and in the sinister a Key all proper (Atholl);  3rd: A Peacock's Head and Neck proper accompanied on either side by two Arms from the elbow proper and vested in Maunches Azure doubled Argent


Dexter:  a Savage proper wreathed about the temples and loins with Juniper his feet in Fetters the Chain held in his right hand proper;  Sinister:  a Lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure gorged with a plain Collar of the last charged with three Mullets Argent


(above the Crests) Dexter:  Tout Prest (Chiefship of Name and Arms of Murray);  Centre:  Furth Fortune and fill the Fetters (Dukedom of Atholl);  Sinister:  Praite



John [Murray], 1st Earl of Tullibardine later 2nd Marquess of Atholl later 1st Duke of Atholl, KT

1st son and heir of John [Murray], 1st Marquess of Atholl, by his wife Lady Amelia Sophia Stanley, 3rd dau. of James [Stanley], 7th Earl of Derby


24 Feb 1659

mar. (1)

24 May 1683 Lady Katharine Hamilton (bapt. 24 Oct 1662; d. 17 Jan 1707), 2nd dau. of William [Douglas-Hamilton], Duke of Hamilton for life, by his wife Lady Anne Hamilton, suo jure Duchess of Hamilton, 1st dau. and cohrss. of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Hamilton

children by first wife:

1. Col Lord John Murray, styled Marquess of Tullibardine, fought at the Battle of Oudenarde and was killed at the Battle of Malplaquet (b. 6 May 1684;  dvp. 11 Sep 1709)

2. Lord William Murray, styled Marquess of Tullibardine, a Jacobite 1715 and 1745, cr. 1 Feb 1716/7 Lord of Strathbran, Viscount of Glenshie, Earl of Glen Tilt, Marquess of Blair and Duke of Rannoch by King James III, att. 17 Feb 1715/6  and his titles settled on his younger brother (b. 14 Apr 1689;  d. 9 Jul 1746)

3. Lord James Murray, later 2nd Duke of Atholl

4. Lord Charles Murray, Cornet 5th Dragoons, a Jacobite, fought at the Battle of Preston 1715 on the rebel side where he was captured, tried as a deserter and sentence to death but was reprieved and set at liberty 1717 (b. 24 Sep 1691;  bur. v.p. 28 Aug 1720)

5. Lord George Murray (b. 23 Aug 1693; dvp. 25 Aug 1693)

6. Lord George Murray, Ensign Royal Scots, a Jacobite, fought for the rebels at the Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715, fled to the Continent, returned to Scotland 1719 and fought at the Battle of Glenshiels, eventually returning to Holland in 1719, returned to Scotland 1724 and obtained a pardon under the Great Seal 1725, joined the Jacobite army in 1745, fought at the Battle of Prestonpans and was in command at the siege of Carlisle, commanded the Jacobite right wing at the Battle of Culloden 1746 after which he returned to Holland, attainted by Act of Parliament 1746 (b. 4 Oct 1694;  d. 11 Oct 1760), mar. 3 Jun 1728 Amelia Murray (d. 29 Mar 1766), only surv. child and hrss. of Dr James Murray of Glencarse and Strowan, and had issue:

1a. John Murray, later 3rd Duke of Atholl

2a. Maj Gen James Murray of Strowan, Member of Parliament for Perthshire 1773-77, 1774-80 and 1784-94, Governor of Upper Castle 1775 and of Fort William 1780 (b. 19 Mar 1734; d. 19 Mar 1794)

3a. Vice-Admiral George Murray of Pitcaithly RN, Member of Parliament for Perth Burghs 1790-96 (b. 22 Aug 1741; dsp. 17 Oct 1797), mar. 13 May 1784 Hon Wilhelmina King (b. 4 Mar 1738; dsp. 29 Dec 1795), yst. dau. of Thomas [King], 5th Baron King

1a. Amelia Murray (b. 17 May 1732;  d. 24 Apr 1777), mar. (1) 24 Apr 1750 as his second wife Hon John St Clair, Master of Sinclair (d. 2 Nov 1750), 1st son and heir ap. of Henry [St Clair], 10th Lord Sinclair, and (2) 18 Apr 1754 as his first wife James Farquharson of Invercauld, and had issue by her second husband

2a. Katherine Murray (b. 23 Jan 1746; dvp. 24 Sep 1747)

3a. Charlotte Murray (b. 26 Sep 1751 ; d. 9 Aug 1773)

7. Lord Basil Murray (b. 29 Dec 1704; dvp. Feb 1712)

1. Lady Anne Murray (b. 21 May 1685; dvp. 20 Jul 1686)

2. Lady Mary Murray (b. 28 Sep 1686 ; dvp. 6 Jan 1689)

3. Lady Katherine Murray (b. 28 Oct 1692; dvp. 5 Nov 1692)

4. Lady Susan Murray (b. 15 Apr 1699; d. 22 Jun 1725), mar. 25 Apr 1716 as his second wife William [Gordon], 2nd Earl of Aberdeen, and had issue

5. Lady Katherine Murray (b. 25 Apr 1702 ; dvp. 1710)

mar. (2)

26 Jun 1710 Hon Mary Ross (b. 18 Jul 1687; d. 17 Jan 1767), 2nd dau. of William [Ross], 12th Lord Ross, by his wife Agnes Wilkie, dau. and hrss. of Sir John Wilkie

child by second wife:

8. Gen Lord John Murray of Pitnacree, and of Banner Cross, co. York, Member of Parliament for Perthshire 1734-61, ADC 1743 (b. 14 Apr 1711 ; d. 26 May 1787), mar. 13 Sep 1758 Mary Dalton (b. c. 1732; d. 21 May 1765), dau. and hrss. of Richard Dalton, of Sheffield, co. York, merchant, by his wife Mary Bright, dau. of John Bright, of Chesterfield, co. Derby, and Banner Cross, co. York, and had issue

9. Lord Mungo Murray (b. Aug 1712 ; dvp. Jun 1714)

10. Lord Edward Murray (b. 9 Jun 1714; d. 2 Feb 1737), mar. 1732 Frances Harland (d. 16 Oct 1775), and had issue

11. Lieut Lord Frederick Murray RN (b. 8 Jan 1716; drowned at sea 23 Apr 1743)

6. Lady Wilhelmina Carolina (b. 28 May 1718; dvp. May 1720)

7. Lady Mary Murray (b. 3 Mar 1720; d. 29 Dec 1795), mar. 9 Jun 1749 James [Ogilvy], 6th Earl of Findlater, and had issue

8. Lady Amelia Anne Murray (b. 20 Apr 1721; dvp. 26 Apr 1721)


14 Nov 1724


v.p. 27 Jul 1696 Lord Murray, Viscount Glenalmond and Earl of Tullibardine for life

30 Jun 1703 Lord Murray, Balvenie, and Gask, Viscount Balquhidder, Glenalmond, and Glenlyon, Earl of Strathtay and Strathardle, Marquis of Tullibardine and Duke of Atholl, with remainder, in default of male issue, to the sons of his deceased father

suc. by

son by first wife


Principal Secretary of State for Scotland; High Commissioner to the Scottish Parliament 1696-98; Chancellor of St Andrew's University 1697-1724; Privy Councillor [S]; Lord Privy Seal for Scotland 1703-05 and 1713-14; suc. his father 7 May 1703 as 2nd Marquess of Atholl; Knight of the Thistle 1703/4; opposed the Union of Scotland with England; Representative Peer for Scotland 1710 and 1713; Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1712-14; an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1712-24; Privy Councillor [GB] 1712-14; Lord Lieutenant of Perthshire 1715-24; following the attainder of his eldest surviving son he obtained an Act of Parliament 1715 for vesting his peerages and estates on his next son, Lord James Murray, after his death


James [Murray], 2nd Duke of Atholl, KT PC


28 Sep 1690

mar. (1)

1726 Jean Lannoy (b. c. 1693; widow of James Lannoy, of Hammersmith, London;  d. 13 Jun 1748), sister of Sir John Frederick, 1st Bt., and yst. dau. of Thomas Frederick by his wife Leonora Maresco, dau. and hrss. of Charles Maresco, of London

children by first wife:

1. Lord John Murray, styled Marquess of Tullibardine (b. 12 Sep 1728; dvp. 23 Apr 1729)

2. Lord James Murray, styled Marquess of Tullibardine (b. 28 Mar 1735; dvp. 12 Feb 1735/6)

1. Lady Jane Murray (b. 7 Jun 1730; dsp. and vp. 10 Oct 1747), mar. 3 Mar 1747 John [Lindsay], 20th Earl of Crawford

2. Lady Charlotte Murray, suo jure Baroness Strange and Sovereign Lady of the Isle of Man (b. 2 Oct 1731;  d. 13 Oct 1805), mar. 23 Oct 1753 her cousin John [Murray], 3rd Duke of Atholl, and had issue

mar. (2)

7 May 1749 Jean Drummond (mar. (2) 2 Sep 1767 Gen Lord Adam Gordon (dsp. 13 Aug 1801), 4th son of Alexander [Gordon], 2nd Duke of Gordon;  dsp. 22 Feb 1795), only dau. of John Drummond, 10th of Lennoch and 3rd of Megginch, by his wife Bethia Murray, dau. of James Murray of Dencar


s.p.m.s. 8 Jan 1764

suc. by

dau. by first wife in the Barony of Strange and Sovereignty of the Isle of Man and by nephew in his other peerages


Capt 1st Regiment of Foot Guards 1712; Lt Col Royal Scots Regiment of Foot; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Perthshire 1715-24; obtained Act of Parliament 1733 limiting the attainder of his elder brother; Lord Privy Seal for Scotland 1733-63; Representative Peer for Scotland 1733 and 1734; Privy Councillor 1733/4; Knight of the Thistle 1733/4; in accordance with the Act of 1715 suc. his cousin James [Stanley], 10th Earl of Derby, 1 Feb 1735/36 as 7th Baron Strange and Sovereign Lord of the Isle of Man; Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland 1763-64


John [Murray], 3rd Duke of Atholl, KT


6 May 1729


23 Oct 1753 his cousin Lady Charlotte Murray, suo jure Baroness Strange (d. 13 Oct 1805), only surv. dau. and hrss. of James [Murray], 2nd Duke of Atholl, by his first wife Jean Frederick, yst. dau. of Thomas Frederick, of Hammersmith, London


1. Lord John Murray, later 4th Duke of Atholl

2. Lord James Murray (b. 5 Dec 1757; dvp. 15 Apr 1770)

3. Lord George Murray (b. 6 Jan 1759 ; dvp. Apr 1759)

4. Rt Rev Lord George Murray DD, Archdeacon of Manchester 1787, Rector of Hurston, co. Kent, and Dean of Bocking, Bishop of St David's 1800-03 (b. 30 Jan 1761;  d. 3 Jun 1803), mar. 18 Dec 1780 Anne Charlotte Grant, Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Charlotte, only dau. of Lt Gen Francis Grant MP (by his wife Catherine Sophia Cox, 1st dau. of John Cox, of Stanford-in-the-Vale, co. Berkshire, by his wife Katharine Sophia Herbert, 2nd illegit. dau. of John [Sheffield], 1st Duke of Buckingham & Normanby, by his mistress Frances Stewart), 4th son of Sir James Grant of Grant, 6th Bt., by his wife Anne Colquhoun, only child and hrss. of Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss, 5th Bt., and had issue:

1a. Capt John Murray RN (b. 10 Nov 1786; d. Dec 1803)

2a. Rt Rev George Murray DD, Bishop of Sodor and Man 1813-27 and Bishop of Rochester 1827-60, Dean of Worcester 1828-45 (b. 12 Jan 1784;  d. 16 Feb 1860), mar. 9 May 1811 Lady Sarah Maria Hay-Drummond (d. 11 Jul 1874), 2nd dau. of Robert Auriol [hay-Drummond], 10th Earl of Kinnoull, by his second wife Sarah Harley, 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Hon Thomas Harley MP, and had issue:

1b. Rev George Edward Murray, Rector of Southfleet (b. 1 Sep 1818; d. 14 Sep 1854), mar. 18 Jul 1848 Penelope Frances Elizabeth Pemberton Austin (d. 5 Oct 1910), yst. dau. of Brig-Gen Austin, and had issue:

1c. Rt Hon Sir George Herbert Murray GCB GCVO ISO, Chairman Board of Inland Revenue, Permanent Secretary Treasury (b. 27 Sep 1849;  d. 4 Apr 1936), mar. 23 Sep 1879 Hon Helen Mary Mulholland CBE (d. 19 Feb 1932), 1st dau. of John [Mulholland], 1st Baron Dunleath, by his wife Frances Louisa Lyle, dau. of Hugh Lyle, of Knocktana, co. Derry, and had issue:

1d. Sir George Evelyn Pemberton Murray KCB, Chairman Board of HM Customs & Excise (b. 25 Jul 1880;  d. 30 Mar 1947), mar. 10 Jan 1906 Muriel Mildred Elizabeth Beresford-Hope (d. 30 Aug 1961), 1st dau. of Philip Beresford-Hope JP, of Bedgebury Park, and had issue:

1e. George Anthony Murray OBE (b. 7 Jan 1907;  d. Apr 1945), mar. 25 Aug 1930 Hon Angela Pearson (mar. (2) 5 Jun 1950 Lt Col Robert Mordan Thorne Campbell Preston MC TD, of Ardchattan Priory, Connel, co. Argyll), 3rd dau. of Weetman Harold Miller [Pearson], 2nd Viscount Cowdray, by his wife Agnes Beryl Spencer-Churchill, 2nd dau. of Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill, and had issue:

1f. George Iain Murray, later 10th Duke of Atholl

2f. John Colin Murray (b. 30 Jun 1933;  d. 17 Jun 1934)

1d. Irene Helen Murray MBE (b. 9 Nov 1882;  d. ......), mar. 23 Jun 1903 (div. 1921) Capt Marshall Owen Roberts (d. 3 Jul 1931), son of Marshall Owen Roberts, of New York, USA, and had issue

2c. Lt Col Arthur Mordaunt Murray CB MVO (b. 20 Jan 1852;  d. 23 May 1920), mar. (1) 15 Jan 1895 Isabel Pemberton (d. 30 Jun 1896), dau. of Richard Lawrence Pemberton, of Hawthorn Tower, co. Durham, and (2) 18 Oct 1898 Mabel Meliora Nicholson (d. 24 Dec 1964), 1st dau. of Frederick Francis Nicholson, of Wynnstay, co. Lancaster, and had issue by both wives

3c. Rev Douglas Stuart Murray, Rector of Blithfield, co. Stafford (b. 28 May 1853;  d. 19 Mar 1920), mar. 22 Apr 1879 Harriet Georgiana Isabel Bridgeman (d. 11 Nov 1921), only dau. of Rev Canon Hon George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman (by his wife Emily Mary Bagot, dau. of Rt Rev and Hon Richard Bagot DD, Bishop of Bath and Wells), 2nd son of George Augustus Frederick Henry [Bridgeman], 2nd Earl of Bradford, and had issue:

1d. Lt Col Walter Murray OBE MC (b. 13 Aug 1882;  d. 8 Nov 1945), mar. 15 Aug 1911 Evelyn Adie, 1st dau. of William Edward Adie, of Buxton, and had issue:

1e. Maj Donald Stuart Murray (b. 13 Nov 1917; dspm. 1985), mar. 12 Jun 1948 Margaret Ann Simmons, dau. of Ernest Simmons, of The Glebe House, Boughton Aluph, Ashford, co. Kent, and had issue:

1f. Elizabeth Anne Murray (b. 25 Apr 1949), mar. John Kneafsey Kelsey, and has issue

2f. Jean Margaret Murray (b. 27 Apr 1951), mar. 1975 Nils Bertil Eidestedt, and has issue

1e. Jean Pamela Murray (b. 3 Jul 1920), mar. 4 Oct 1947 Col James Andrew Fraser MC (d. 27 Apr 1999), 1st son of Cdr John Fraser OBE RN, of Godalming, co. Surrey, and has issue

2d. Maj George Murray RFA (b. 20 Nov 1884;  d. 21 Jun 1940), mar. 17 Jan 1928 Joan Eastwood, 3rd dau. of William Edward Eastwood, of Buffelspoort, Mara, North Transvaal, South Africa, and had issue:

1e. John Murray, later 11th Duke of Atholl

3d. Lt Leonard Murray RFC (b. 31 Dec 1896;  d. 13 Mar 1917)

4d. Lt Edward Murray  (b. 8 Jan 1899;  dsp. 30 Jul 1964), mar. 23 Apr 1936 Irma Kubalek, only dau. of Anton Kubalek, of Roundhay. Leeds, co. York

1d. Emily Murray (b. 2 Oct 1886)

2d. Mabel Murray (b. 4 Nov 1888;  d. 13 Oct 1949)

3d. Margaret Murray (b. 29 Jan 1894)

1c. Alice Lillian Murray (d. 22 Feb 1922), mar. 25 Jan 1871 Rev Canon John Duncan, Vicar of Calne, co. Wiltshire (d. 28 Jan 1907), and had issue

2c. Marian Georgiana Murray (d. 14 Feb 1932)

2b. Rev Francis Henry Murray, mar. and had issue

3b. Robert Hay Murray (b. 26 Sep 1826;  d. 1 Jun 1908), mar. 8 May 1849 Elizabeth Gregson (d. 20 Apr 1914), dau. of Samuel Gregson MP, and had issue

4b. Sir Herbert Harley Murray KCB, Governor of Newfoundland 1894-98, Chairman of HM Customs & Excise (b. 4 Nov 1829;  d. 11 Mar 1904), mar. 12 Jul 1859 Charlotte Letitia Caroline Arbuthnot (d. 1884), 1st dau. of Lt Gen Charles G J Arbuthnot, and had issue

5b. Rev Frederick William Murray, Rector of Stone, co. Kent (b. 8 May 1831;  d. 2 Nov 1913), mar. 18 Aug 1864 Kathleen Cortlandt Harrison (d. 26 Oct 1914), 3rd dau. of Rev William Gorst Harrison, and had issue

3a. Charles Murray (d. Jan 1808), mar. 1806 Anne Amelia Dashwood (b. 1789; mar. (2) George Warde; d. 1851), 2nd dau. of Thomas Dashwood (by his wife Charlotte Louisa Auriol, dau. of J Auriol), 2nd son of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Bt. MP, of Kirtlington Park, co. Oxford

4a. Rev Edward Murray, Vicar of Northolt, co. Middlesex (b. 5 Nov 1798;  d. 1 Jul 1852), mar. 14 Feb 1822 Ruperta Catherine Wright (d. 5 Sep 1871), only child of Sir George Wright, 2nd Bt., of Woodford, co. Essex, by his wife ..... Maclane, dau. of Charles Maclane, of Okingham. co. Berkshire, and had issue

5a. Henry Murray (b. Feb 1800; dsp. 25 Nov 1831), mar. 19 Oct 1829 Hon Catherine Otway-Cave (mar. (2) 11 Feb 1850 as his second wife John Reginald [Lygon later Pyndar], 3rd Earl Beauchamp; dsp. 4 Nov 1875), 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Henry Otway, of Castle Otway, co. Tipperary, by his wife Sarah Cave later Otway-Cave, suo jure Baroness Braye, only surv. child of Sir Thomas Cave, 6th Bt.

1a. Charlotte Sophia Murray, mar. Jun 1812 Rev Canon Townshend Selwyn, Vicar of Milton Clevedon and Rector of Kilmington, co. Somerset (d. 1853), and had issue

2a. Caroline Leonora Murray (b. 17 Jun 1788; d. 8 Jan 1819), mar. 6 Feb 1812 Henry Stephen [Fox-Strangways], 3rd Earl of Ilchester, and had issue

3a. Louisa Anne Murray (b. 29 May 1790; dspm. 21 Feb 1871), mar. 30 Nov 1815 Sir Robert Frankland later Frankland-Russell, 7th Bt., of Great Thirkelby Hall, co. York, and had issue

4a. Amelia Matilda Murray, Maid-of-Honour to Queen Victoria 1837-56 (b. 1795 ; d. 7 Jun 1884)

5. Capt Lord William Murray (b. 20 Mar 1762;  d. 29 Dec 1796), mar. 14 Jun 1789 Mary Anne Hodges (d. 29 May 1827), dau. of James Hodges, of Masulipatam, India, and had issue

6. Lt Col Lord Henry Murray (b. 13 Jun 1767;  d. 3 Dec 1805), mar. 8 Dec 1786 Eliza Kent (d. 20 Dec 1847), dau. of Richard Kent, of Liverpool, co. Lancaster, and had issue

7. Very Rev Lord Charles Murray later Murray-Aynesley, Archdeacon of Sodor and Man 1803 and Dean of Bocking 1803-08 (b. 21 Oct 1771;  d. 5 May 1808), mar. 18 Jun 1793 Alicia Mitford (d. 18 Jun 1813), dau. of George Mitford, of Morpeth, co. Westmorland, and hrss. of her uncle Gawin Aynesley, of Little Harle Tower, co. Westmorland, and had issue

1. Lady Charlotte Murray (b. 2 Aug 1754; d. 8 Apr 1808)

2. Lady Amelia Murray (b. 3 Jul 1763; d. 19 Oct 1806), mar. (1) 24 Feb 1789 Maj Thomas Ivie Cooke (d. 22 Oct 1793), and (2) 2 Jul 1796 as his second wife Sir Richard Gamon, 1st Bt. MP, and had issue by her second husband

3. Lady Jane Murray (b. 2 Dec 1764; d. 14 Jul 1846), mar. 8 Aug 1784 John Grosset Muirhead, of Breadisholme, co. Lanark (d. 1836)

4. Lady Mary Murray (b. 12 Jan 1769; d. 7 Sep 1814), mar. 8 Aug 1787 Rev George Martin, Vicar of Great Ness, co. Salop (d. 31 Dec 1822), and had issue


5 Nov 1774

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Perthshire 1761-64; Representative Peer for Scotland 1761 and 1768; with his wife sold the Sovereignty of the Island of Man to the Government for 70,000 1765; Knight of the Thistle 1767; Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1773-74


John [Murray], 4th Duke of Atholl, KT PC


30 Jun 1755

mar. (1)

26 Dec 1774 his second cousin once removed Hon Jane Cathcart (b. 20 May 1754; d. 5 Dec 1790), 1st dau. of Charles Schaw [Cathcart], 9th Lord Cathcart, by his wife Jean Hamilton, 2nd dau. of Capt Lord Archibald Hamilton MP RN, of Riccartoun and Pardovan, co. Linlithgow, and Fey Castle, co. Kildare (by his third wife Lady Jane Hamilton, dau. of James [Hamilton], 6th Earl of Abercorn), 7th son of William [Douglas later Douglas-Hamilton], Duke of Hamilton for life, by his wife Lady Anne Hamilton, suo jure Duchess of Hamilton

children by first wife:

1. Lord John Murray, later 5th Duke of Atholl

2. Lieut Gen Lord James Murray KCH, cr. 9 Jul 1821 Baron Glenlyon, of Glenlyon in the County of Perth (b. 29 May 1782;  d. 12 Oct 1837), mar. 19 May 1810 Lady Emily Francis Percy (b. c. 1789; d. 21 Jun 1844), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Henry [Percy], 2nd Duke of Northumberland, by his second wife Frances Julia Burrell, 2nd dau. of Peter Burrell MP, of Langley Park, Beckenham, co. Kent, and had issue:

1a. John James Murray (b. 27 Feb 1811 ; dvp. 16 May 1811)

2a. Hon George Augustus Frederick John Murray, later 2nd Baron Glenlyon later 6th Duke of Atholl

3a. Col Lord James Charles Plantagenet Murray, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Duke by Royal Warrant 1846, Groom-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria (b. 8 Dec 1819;  d. 3 Jun 1874), mar. 6 Nov 1851 Elizabeth Margery Fairholme (d. 11 Oct 1888), only dau. of George Fairholme, of Greenknowe, co, Berwick, and had issue

1a. Lady Charlotte Augusta Leopoldina Murray, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Duke by Royal Warrant 1846 (b. 9 Apr 1817; d. 2 May 1889), mar. 10 Jun 1847 Rev Canon Court d'Ewes Granville, Incumbent of Alnwick (d. 13 Mar 1871)

2a. Lady Frances Juliet Murray, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Duke by Royal Warrant 1846 (b. 4 Nov 1821; dsp. 4 Nov 1858), mar. 16 Jan 1840 as his first wife Col Hon Charles Henry Maynard (b. Jan 1814; dvp. and spm. 2 Jan 1865), only son and heir ap. of Henry [Maynard], 3rd Viscount Maynard, by his wife Mary Rabett, dau. of Reginald Rabett, of Bramfield Hall, co. Suffolk

3. Lord Edward Murray (b. 11 Sep 1783 ; dvp. 19 Mar 1795)

4. Lord Robert Murray (b. 13 Mar 1785; dvp. 5 Feb 1793)

5. Lord Frederick Murray (b. 13 Oct 1788; d. 11 Apr 1789)

1. Lady Charlotte Murray (b. 23 Oct 1775; d. 31 May 1832), mar. (1) 4 Mar 1797 Sir John Menzies of Menzies, 4th Bt. (dsp. 26 Mar 1800), and (2) 25 May 1801 Admiral Sir Adam Drummond KCH, 7th of Megginch (b. c. 1771; d. 3 May 1849), and had issue by her second husband

2. Lady Mary Louisa Murray (b. 11 Dec 1776; dvp. 9 Jun 1777)

3. Lady Amelia Sophia Murray (b. 5 Jul 1780; d. 19 Jun 1849), mar. 18 Jun 1809 James Andrew John Laurence Charles [Drummond], 6th Viscount of Strathallan, and had issue

4. Lady Elizabeth Murray (b. 19 Apr 1787; d. 12 Apr 1846), mar. 28 May 1808 Maj Gen Sir Evan John Murray later Murray-MacGregor, 2nd Bt. GCH KCB, Governor of the Windward Islands (b. c. 1785; d. 14 Jun 1841), and had issue

mar. (2)

11 Mar 1794 Hon Marjory Mackenzie (b. c. 1762; widow of Maj Gen Hon John Mackenzie, styled Lord McLeod, 1st son and heir of George [Mackenzie], 3rd Earl of Cromarty;  dsps. 3 Oct 1842), 1st dau. of John [Forbes], 17th Lord Forbes, by his wife Catharine Innes, only surv. dau. and hrss. by his second wife of Sir Robert Innes of Balvenie, 6th Bt.

children by second wife:

6. Lord ....... Murray (b. and dvp. 11 Mar 1797)

7. Lord Charles Murray (b. 11 Mar 1799;  dvp. 11 Aug 1824)

5. Lady Catherine Murray (b. 1 Aug 1795; dvp. 23 Jan 1796)


29 Sep 1830


18 Aug 1786 Baron Murray, of Stanley in the County of Gloucester, and Earl Strange

suc. by

son by first wife


Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1778-80; Representative Peer for Scotland 1780 and 1780-86; Captain General and Governor of the Isle of Man 1793; Lord Lieutenant of Perthshire 1794-1830; Privy Councillor 1797; Knight of the Thistle 1800; suc. his mother 13 Oct 1805 as 9th Baron Strange


John [Murray], 5th Duke of Atholl


26 Jun 1778


14 Sep 1846

suc. by



George Augustus Frederick John [Murray], 2nd Baron Glenlyon later 6th Duke of Atholl, KT


20 Sep 1814


29 Oct 1839 Anne Home-Drummond VA, Mistress of the Robes 1852 and a Lady of the Bedchamber 1854-97 (b. 17 Jun 1814; d. 18 May 1897), only dau. of Henry Home-Drummond, of Blair Drummond, co. Perth, by his wife Christian Moray, 1st dau. of Charles Moray, of Abercairny, co. Perth

only child:

1. Lord John James Hugh Henry Murray later Stewart-Murray, later 7th Duke of Atholl


16 Jan 1864

suc. by



suc. his father 12 Oct 1837 as 2nd Baron Glenlyon; Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1843-64; a Lord in Waiting 1846; Knight of the Thistle 1853


John James Hugh Henry [Murray later Stewart-Murray], 7th Duke of Atholl, KT


6 Aug 1840


29 Oct 1863 Louisa Moncrieffe (d. 8 Jul 1902), 1st dau of Sir Thomas Moncrieffe of Moncrieffe, 7th Bt., by his wife Lady Louisa Hay-Drummond, 1st dau. of Thomas Robert [Hay-Drummond], 11th Earl of Kinnoull


1. Lord John Stewart-Murray, styled Marquess of Tullibardine (b. 30 Aug 1869;  dvp. 31 Aug 1869)

2. Lord John George Stewart-Murray, later 8th Duke of Atholl

3. Maj Lord George Stewart-Murray (b. 17 Feb 1873;  d. 14 Sep 1914)

4. Lord James Thomas Stewart-Murray, later 9th Duke of Atholl

1. Lady Dorothea Louisa Stewart-Murray (b. 25 Mar 1866;  d. 28 Dec 1937), mar. 5 Dec 1895 Maj Gen Sir Harold Goodeve Ruggles-Brise KCMG CB MVO (d. 24 Jun 1927), yst. son of Sir Samuel Ruggles-Brise KBE, of Spains Hall, co. Essex

2. Lady Helen Stewart-Murray (b. 20 Apr 1867;  d. 1 Dec 1934), mar. 28 Dec 1916 David Alexander Tod, of Tirinie, Blair Atholl (d. 6 Sep 1933)

3. Lady Evelyn Stewart-Murray (b. 17 Mar 1868;  d. 30 Jul 1940)


20 Jan 1917

suc. by



suc. 12 Feb 1865 his great uncle Algernon [Percy], 4th Duke of Northumberland, as 6th Baron Percy, as senior co-heir of the Barony of Latimer, and as one of the co-heirs of the Baronies of Scales, Plaitz, Badlesmere and L'Isle; Knight of the Thistle 1868; Lord Lieutenant of Perthshire 1878-1917


John George [Stewart-Murray], 8th Duke of Atholl, KT GCVO CB DSO PC


15 Dec 1871


20 Jul 1899 Dame Katharine Marjory Ramsay DBE, Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Kinross 1923-38 (d. 21 Oct 1960), 1st dau. of Sir James Henry Ramsay of Bamff, 10th Bt., by his second wife Charlotte Fanning Stewart, only surv. child of Maj William Stewart of Ardvorlich


s.p. 16 Mar 1942

suc. by



2nd Lieut Royal Horse Guards 1892, Lieut 1893, Capt 1899, Maj 1900, Lt Col 1903; DSO 1898; MVO 1902; Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1908-13; Member of Parliament (Conservative) for West Perthshire 1910-17; Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1918, 1919 and 1920; Knight of the Thistle 1918; Lord Chamberlain 1921-22; Privy Councillor 1921; GCVO


James Thomas [Stewart-Murray], 9th Duke of Atholl


18 Aug 1879


8 May 1957

suc. by

fourth cousin twice removed


on his death the Barony of Strange fell into abeyance between the descendants of the three daughters of John [Murray], 4th Duke of Atholl and 9th Baron Strange, the Barony of Percy passed to the 10th Duke of Northumberland, and the Earldom of Strange and the Baronies of Murray of Stanley and Glenlyon became extinct


George Iain [Murray], 10th Duke of Atholl

1st son of Lt Col George Anthony Murray OBE (by his wife Hon Angela Pearson, 3rd dau. of Weetman Harold Miller [Pearson], 2nd Viscount Cowdray), son of Sir George Evelyn Pemberton Murray KCB (by his wife Muriel Mildred Elizabeth Beresford-Hope, 1st dau. of Philip Beresford Hope), son of Rt Hon Sir George Herbert Murray GCB GCVO ISO (by his wife Hon Helen Mary Mulholland CBE, 1st dau. of John [Mulholland], 1st Baron Dunleath), 1st son of Rev George Edward Murray (by his wife Penelope Francis Elizabeth Pemberton Austin, dau. of Brig Gen ..... Austin), son of Rt Rev George Murray, Bishop of Rochester (by his wife Lady Sarah Maria Hay-Drummond, 2nd dau. of Robert Auriol [Hay-Drummond], 10th Earl of Kinnoull), 2nd son of Rt Rev Lord George Murray, Bishop of St Davids (by his wife Anne Charlotte Grant, dau. of Lt Gen Francis Grant MP), 2nd son of John [Murray], 3rd Duke of Atholl


19 Jun 1931


27 Feb 1996

suc. by

second cousin once removed


John [Murray], 11th Duke of Atholl


19 Jan 1929


15 Dec 1956 Margaret Yvonne Leach, only dau. of Ronald Leonard Leach, of Louis Trichardt, Transvaal, South Africa


1. Lord Bruce George Ronald Murray, later 12th Duke of Atholl

2. Lord Craig John Murray (b. 5 Jun 1963), mar. 1988 Inge Bakker, 2nd dau. of Auke Bakker, of Bedfordview, South Africa, and has issue

1. Lady Jennifer Murray (b. 8 Feb 1958), mar. (1) 1979 (div. 1985) ..... Purdon, and (2) 19... ..... Glodek, and has issue by her first husband


15 May 2012

suc. by



Bruce George Ronald [Murray], 12th Duke of Atholl


6 Apr 1960


1984 Lynne Elizabeth Andrew, 1st dau of Nicholas Andrew, of Bedfordview, South Africa


1. Lord Michael Bruce John Murray, styled Marquess of Tullibardine (b. 5 Mar 1985)

2. Lord David Nicholas George Murray (b. 31 Jan 1986)

1. Lady Nicole Murray (b. 11 Jul 1987)


 Last updated 25 May 2012




12th Duke of Atholl

(Scotland, let. pat. 30 Jan 1703)

13th Marquess of Atholl

(Scotland, let. pat. 7 Feb 1676)

12th Marquess of Tullibardine

(Scotland, let. pat. 30 Jan 1703)

17th Earl of Tullibardine

(Scotland, let. pat. 10 Jul 1606)

15th Earl of Atholl

(Scotland, let. pat. 17 Feb 1628/29)

12th Earl of Strathtay and Strathardle

(Scotland, let. pat. 30 Jan 1703)

13th Viscount Balquhidder

(Scotland, let. pat. 7 Feb 1676)

12th Viscount Glenalmond and Glenlyon

(Scotland, let. pat. 30 Jan 1703)

17th Lord Murray of Tullibardine

(Scotland, let. pat. 25 April 1604)

12th Lord Murray, Balveny, and Gask

(Scotland, let. pat. 7 Feb 1676)

Chief of the Name and Arms of Murray



PO Box 137, Haenertsburg 0730, South Africa



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