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Lilford, Baron (GB, 1797)


Creation: let. pat. 26 Oct 1797


Family name: Powys




Or a Bear's Jamb erased in bend dexter between two Cross Crosslets fitchy in bend sinister Gules


A Lion's Jamb couped and erect Gules holding a Staff headed with a Fleur-de-lis also erect Or


Dexter:  a Reaper habited in a loose shirt, leather breaches loose at the knee, white stockings, and black hat and shoes;  in his hat Ears of Corn, in his right hand a Reaping Hook, and at his feet a Garb, all proper;  Sinister:  a man in the uniform of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry, viz. a green long coat, ornamented on the cuffs and button-holes with gold lace, yellow waistcoat and breeches, and black top boots;  a black stock;  a round hat, adorned with a white feather in front and a green one behind, the sword-belt inscribed with the letter NY and the exterior hand resting on his sword sheathed and point downwards


Parta Tueri (To maintain acquired possessions)



Thomas [Powys], 1st Baron Lilford

son and hr. of Thomas Powys, of Lilford, co. Northampton, by his wife Henrietta Spence, dau. of Thomas Spence, of Palgrave, co. Norfolk, Serjeant of the House of Commons


4 May 1743


31 Mar 1772 Mary Mann (d. Jan 1823), sister of Sir Horace Mann, 2nd Bt., and dau. of Geoffrey Mann, of Boughton Malherbe, co. Kent, by his wife Sarah Gregory, dau. of John Gregory, of London


1. Hon Thomas Powys, later 2nd Baron Lilford

2. Rev Hon Littleton Powys, Rector of Titchmarsh, co. Northampton (b. 23 Jan 1781; d. 20 Jan 1842), mar. 24 Jul 1809 Penelope Hatsell (d. 22 Nov 1864), dau. of James Hatsell, of Morden Park, co. Surrey, and had issue

3. Rev Hon Frederick Powys, Rector of Aldwinkle St Peter, co. Northampton (b. 13 Mar 1782; d. 31 Dec 1850), mar. 15 Oct 1807 Mary Gould (d. 19 Jan 1837), sister of Henry Edward [Gould later Yelverton], 19th Baron Grey of Ruthin, and 2nd dau. of Col Thoroton Gould, of Mansfield Woodhouse, co. Nottingham, by his wife Lady Barbara Yelverton, only child and hrss. of Henry [Yelverton], 3rd Earl of Sussex, and had issue

4. Capt Hon Henry Powys (d. Apr 1812)

1. Hon Eleanor Powys (d. 10 Dec 1854), mar. 1800 Rev Hon Richard Bruce Stopford, Chaplain to Queen Victoria and Canon of Windsor (b. 2 Mar 1774 ; d. 12 Dec 1844), 4th son of James [Stopford], 2nd Earl of Courtown, by his wife Mary Powys, dau. and cohrss. of Richard Powys, of Hintlesham Hall, co. Suffolk


26 Jan 1800


26 Oct 1797 Baron Lilford, of Lilford in the County of Northampton

suc. by



High Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1774-97; Member of Parliament (Whig later Pittite) for Northamptonshire 1774-97


Thomas [Powys], 2nd Baron Lilford


8 Apr 1775


5 Dec 1797 Anna Maria Atherton (d. 11 Aug 1820), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Robert Vernon Guillym later Atherton, of Atherton Hall, co. Lancaster, by his wife Henrietta Maria Legh, dau. and cohrss. of Peter Legh, of Lyme, co. Chester


1. Hon Thomas Atherton Powys, later 3rd Baron Lilford

2. Hon Robert Vernon Powys, served with the HEICS (b. Apr 1802 ; d. 26 May 1854), mar. 14 Apr 1825 Jane Beckett (d. 10 Nov 1842), 3rd dau. of William Beckett, of Enfield, co. Middlesex, and had issue:

1a. Robert Horace Powys (b. 21 Jun 1826; d. 17 Sep 1913), mar. 4 Dec 1856 Ellen Elizabeth Budd (d. 10 Jul 1916), 1st dau. of Lt Col William Henry Budd, of Madras, India, and had issue:

1b. John Edward Powys (b. 21 Sep 1857; d. 13 Sep 1923)

2b. Robert Vernon Powys (b. 14 Sep 1860; d. 6 Oct 1933), mar. 1889 Wilhelmina Hart (d. 16 Apr 1940), and had issue:

1c. Robert Horace Powys (b. 4 Dec 1889; d. 28 Jan 1940), mar. 6 Apr 1926 Vera Grace Bryant (d. 1989), and had issue:

1d. George Vernon Powys, later 7th Baron Lilford

1d. Hilary Betty Powys (b. 19 Jan 1929), mar. 1950 Philip Donald Millar, of Cape Province, South Africa (d. 31 May 1967), and has issue

2d. Beryl Irene Powys (b. 11 Jun 1932)

1c. Magdalen Powys (b. 24 Dec 1890)

2c. Agnes Powys (b. 17 May 1892)

3c. Ellen Mona Powys (d. young)

4c. Nesta Powys (b. 1896)

3b. Charles Horace Powys (b. 12 Oct 1862; d. 28 Sep 1928)

4b. Henry Littleton Powys (b. 10 Sep 1866 ; d. 16 Mar 1929), mar. 5 Jul 1900 Alice Maud Hammond, of Port Elizabeth, South Africa (d. 7 Mar 1927), and had issue:

1c. Frank Lilford Powys, of Hillcrest, Natal, South Africa (b. 23 Apr 1902; d. 15 Sep 1972), mar. 6 Jul 1929 Gertrude Frances Elizabeth Meyer, dau. of G G F Meyer, and had issue:

1d. Robert Charles Lilford Powys, heir presumptive to the Barony of Lilford, of Port Alfred, Cape Province, South Africa (b. 15 Aug 1930), mar. 14 Dec 1957 (div.1972) Charlotte Webb, and (2) 1973 Janet Wightwick, and has issue by his second wife:

1e. Mathew Robert Lilford Powys (b. 25 Jun 1974)

2c. Harold Littleton Powys (b. 1908; dvp. 29 Nov 1919)

5b. Wilfred Owen Powys (b. 25 Feb 1873; d. 10 Dec 1944), mar. 8 Jun 1905 Constance Mary Bradford (d. 20 Jan 1948), dau. of Robert Michael Bradford, of Germiston, South Africa, and had issue:

1c. Horace Victor Powys (b. 18 May 1907; d. 1956), mar. 1928 Olive Maude Peetz, of Durban, South Africa, and had issue:

1d. Michael John Powys, of PO Box 661, Link Hills 3652, Natal, South Africa (b. 1934), mar. 1957 Lynette Bernice Hodges, of Durban, South Africa, and has issue:

1e. Victor Michael Powys, of PO Box 710, Link Hills 3652, Natal, South Africa (b. 1961), mar. 1986 Yvonne Joan McCort, and has issue:

1f. Victoria Amy Powys (b. 1993)

2e. Andrew John Powys (b. 1970; killed vp. in a car crash 1985)

3e. Paul Michael Powys (b. 1974; killed vp. in a car crash 1985)

1e. Susan Lynn Powys (b. 1958), mar. 1978 Peter Gary Bahrs, and has issue

1d. Pamela Anne Powys (b. 1929), mar. (1) 1949 (div. 1959) Ian Falconer, and (2) 1959 Harry Rowntree, of 24 Meyer Gardens, Umbilo, Durban, Natal, South Africa, and has issue by both husbands

1c. Marjory Gladys Powys (b. 29 Apr 1911), mar. 15 Jul 1933 Cecil Wilme Collier (d. 1986), and has issue

1b. Mary Augusta Powys OBE (d. 20 Jun 1934), mar. 16 Aug 1885 Edward Percy Mathers (d. 13 Oct 1924), and had issue

2b. Ellen Jane Beatrice Powys (b. 1864; d. 1921), mar. 22 Dec 1896 Lionel Herbert Hart, and had issue

2a. Lt John Powys, murdered with his wife and infant daughter in the Indian Rebellion (b. 30 Mar 1828; d. 8 Jun 1857), mar. 1855 Caroline Louisa Holmes (d. 8 Jun 1857), dau. of Rev Dr W A Holmes DD, and had issue

3. Rt Rev Hon Horatio Powys DD, Bishop of Sodor and Man (b. 28 Nov 1805 ; d. 31 May 1877), mar. 21 Feb 1833 Percy Gore Currie (d. 7 Apr 1888), 1st dau. of William Currie, of East Horsley Park, co. Surrey, and had issue

4. Rev Hon Atherton Legh Powys, Rector of Titchmarsh, co. Northampton (b. 23 Sep 1809; d. 28 Aug 1886), mar. 23 Sep 1841 Charlotte Elizabeth Norman (d. 2 Nov 1869), dau. of Richard Norman, and had issue

5. Maj Hon Henry Littleton Powys later Powys-Keck, of Stoughton Grange, co. Leicester (b. 28 Mar 1812; d. 10 Jul 1863), mar. (1) 20 Nov 1840 Margaretta Matilda Bancho (d. 21 Jun 1845), 3rd dau. of J J Bancho, of Parsonstown, Ireland, and (2) 16 Jul 1862 Maria Gore (d. 8 Mar 1902), yst. dau. of Admiral Sir John Gore KCB GCH RN, and had issue by his first wife

6. Lt Col Hon Charles Powys, served in the Sikh War and the Indian Rebellion (b. 4 Mar 1813; d. 16 Oct 1897), mar. (1) 29 Mar 1836 Mary Kennedy (dsp. 12 Feb 1854), only surv. child of William Scott Kennedy, and (2) 15 Aug 1854 Agnes Anne Richards (d. 26 Apr 1906), only dau. of John Richards, of Penzance, co. Cornwall, and had issue by his second wife

1. Hon Henrietta Maria Powys (d. 21 Jan 1870), mar. 10 Sep 1827 John Campbell Colquhoun of Killermont and Garscadden, and of Chartwell, co. Kent (d. 17 Apr 1870)

2. Hon Eleanor Powys (d. 13 Mar 1880), mar. 8 Jul 1839 as his second wife Sir John Murray Naesmyth of Proto, 4th Bt. (d. 19 Jul 1876), and had issue

3. Hon Mary Powys (d. 5 Nov 1883), mar. 11 May 1830 Rev James Drummond, Rector of Galby, co. Leicester (d. 18 Nov 1882)

4. Hon Elizabeth Atherton Powys (d. 8 Jan 1891), mar. 15 Feb 1828 Rev R Leonard Adams, Rector of Shere, co. Surrey (d. 22 Aug 1875)

5. Hon Frances Hester Powys (d. 17 Jun 1840), mar. 5 Apr 1831 Rev Thomas Henry Causton (d. 15 May 1854)

6. Hon Jane Lucy Powys (d. 4 Dec 1905), mar. 18 May 1836 Rev John Pierce Maurice, Rector of Michael Marsh, co. Hampshire (d. 17 Jul 1874), and had issue


4 Jul 1825

suc. by



Thomas Atherton [Powys], 3rd Baron Lilford


2 Dec 1801


24 May 1830 Hon Mary Elizabeth Fox (b. 19 Feb 1806 ; d. 7 Dec 1891), sister and hrss. of Henry Edward [Fox], 4th Baron Holland, and only dau. of Henry Richard [Fox], 3rd Baron Holland, by his wife Elizabeth Vassall, dau. and hrss. of Richard Vassall, of Jamaica


1. Hon Thomas Littleton Powys, later 4th Baron Lilford

2. Hon Leopold William Henry Powys later Fox-Powys DL, of Bewsey Hall, Warrington, co. Lancaster (b. 17 Sep 1837; dspm. 18 Jul 1893), mar. 27 Feb 1862 Lady Mary Acheson (d. 30 Jan 1892), 2nd dau. of Archibald [Acheson], 3rd Earl of Gosford, by his wife Lady Theodosia Brabazon, only dau. of John [Brabazon], 10th Earl of Meath, and had issue:

1a. Edith Galfrida Powys (b. 17 Jul 1864; d. 189 Sep 1932), mar. (1) 9 Aug 1888 Capt Charles Blood Mulville (dsp. 28 Mar 1901), and (2) 12 Jul 1904 Edward Chenevix Austen Leigh (d. 18 Sep 1949), 1st son of Cholmeley Austen Leigh

2a. Emily Marian Emma Powys (b. 20 Sep 1865; d. 1 Nov 1923), mar. 1 Dec 1892 Maj Ellis Houlton Ward (d. 5 Dec 1919)

3a. Maud Blanche Powys (b. 18 Mar 1867; d. 29 Oct 1920)

4a. Mary Theresa Gwendolen Powys (b. 8 Nov 1871), mar. 15 Apr 1896 her cousin Mervyn Owen Wayne Powys (b. 5 Mar 1866; dsp. Jul 1942), 1st son of Rev Hon Edward Victor Robert Powys

5a. Hilda Geraldine Powys (b. 31 Mar 1877; d. 25 Feb 1936)

6a. Louise Christina Powys (b. 9 Sep 1879; d. 19 Mar 1937), mar. 9 Jun 1906 Hubert Graves Archer (d. 23 Sep 1940), 1st son of Graves T Archer, of Mount John, co. Wicklow, and had issue

3. Rev Hon Edward Victor Robert Powys, Vicar of Kensing, co. Kent (b. 11 Feb 1839; d. 16 Feb 1930), mar. 8 Jun 1865 Elizabeth Gwenllian Watkyn-Wayne (d. 21 Nov 1870), only child of William Watkyn-Wayne, of Plās Newydd, Aberdare, South Wales, and had issue:

1a. Mervyn Owen Wayne Powys (b. 5 Mar 1866; dsp. Jul 1942), mar. 15 Apr 1896 his cousin Mary Theresa Gwendolen Powys (b. 8 Nov 1871), 4th dau. of Hon Leopold William Henry Powys later Fox-Powys

2a. George Percy Wayne Powys (b. 10 Nov 1868; dvp. 31 Dec 1868)

3a. Edward William Wayne Powys (b. 6 Nov 1870; dsp. 19...), mar. 1919 Sarah Rebecca Franks (dsp. 9 Nov 1942), dau. of Samuel Phenix Franks, of Wisbech, co. Cambridge

1a. Helen Constance Powys (dvp. in infancy 26 Sep 1867)

4. Col Hon Charles James Fox Powys (b. 25 Apr 1840; dsp. 14 Apr 1893), mar. 9 Nov 1871 Amy Charlotte Rose (d. 30 Sep 1911), dau. of William George Rose, of Wolston Heath

1. Hon Adelaide Mary Powys (d. 14 Feb 1873)

2. Hon Edith Galfrida Powys (b. 2 Jul 1834; d. 10 Feb 1864), mar. 20 Apr 1858 as his first wife Thomas Henry Burroughs (d. 17 Jan 1924), and had issue

3. Hon Georgiana Caroline Powys (b. 9 Jan 1836; d. 7 Apr 1897), mar. 28 Apr 1859 John Nicholas Fazakerley (d. 21 Apr 1909), son of J N Fazakerley MP

4. Hon Mary Elizabeth Frances Powys (d. 10 Oct 1908)

5. Hon Constance Emma Augusta Powys (d. 3 Sep 1931), mar. 7 May 1867 Arthur William Crichton, of Broadwas Hall, co. Salop (d. 4 Feb 1882), and had issue

6. Hon Caroline Mary Powys (d. 6 Apr 1940), mar. 19 Oct 1897 Dr Frederic George Dawtrey Drewitt, of Kensington, London (d. 29 Jul 1942)


15 Mar 1861

suc. by



a Lord of the Bedchamber 1831-35 and 1835-37; a Lord-in-Waiting 1837-41


Thomas Littleton [Powys], 4th Baron Lilford


18 Mar 1833

mar. (1)

14 Jun 1859 Emma Elizabeth Brandling (d. 9 Jul 1884), yst. dau. of Robert William Brandling, of Low Gosforth, co. Northumberland, by his wife Mary Jaques, dau. of Thomas Jaques, of Leeds, co. York

children by first wife

1. Lieut Hon Thomas Atherton Powys (b. 5 Apr 1861; dvp. 25 Nov 1882)

2. Hon John Powys, later 5th Baron Lilford

3. Hon Stephen Powys, later 6th Baron Lilford

mar. (2)

21 Jul 1885 Clementina Georgina Baillie-Hamilton (b. 1839; d. 7 Apr 1929), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Ker Baillie-Hamilton CB, Governor of Newfoundland, by his wife Emma Blair, dau. of Charles Blair


17 Jun 1896

suc. by

son by first wife


John [Powys], 5th Baron Lilford


12 Jan 1863


9 Aug 1894 Milly Louisa Isabella Soltau-Symons (d. 8 Apr 1940), 1st surv. dau. of George William Culme Soltau-Symons, of Chaddlewood, Plympton, co. Devon

only child

1. Hon Thomas Atherton Powys (b. 8 May 1896; dvp. 3 Aug 1909)


s.p.m.s. 17 Dec 1945

suc. by



Stephen [Powys], 6th Baron Lilford


8 Mar 1889


19 Sep 1949

suc. by

second twice removed


Vernon George [Powys], 7th Baron Lilford


8 Jan 1931

mar. (1)

Jul 1954 (div. 19..) Mrs Eveline Bird

mar. (2)

29 Jun 1957 (div. 1958) Anuta Merritt, only dau. of L F Merritt, of Johannesburg, South Africa

mar. (3)

12 Sep 1958 (div. 1961) Norma Yvonne Shell, only dau. of V Shell, of Johannesburg, South Africa

mar. (4)

23 Dec 1961 (div. 1969) Muriel Norma Spottiswoode (former wife of Nigel Spottiswoode), dau. of ..... Cooke

children by fourth wife

1. Hon Clare Lynette Powys (b. 2 Apr 1962)

2. Hon Emma-Jane Powys (b. 20 Apr 1964)

mar. (5)

7 Aug 1969 (div. 1991) Margaret Penman, dau. of A Penman, of Roslin, co. Midlothian

children by fifth wife

1. Hon Mark Vernon Powys, later 8th Baron Lilford

3. Hon Sarah Margaret Powys (b. 1971)

4. Hon Hannah Victoria Powys (b. 1974)

mar. (6)

1995 Pamela St Helier Adams


3 Jan 2005

suc. by

son by fifth wife


Mark Vernon [Powys], 8th Baron Lilford


16 Nov 1975


The heir presumptive to the Barony of Lilford is Robert Charles Lilford Powys, a great-great-great-grandson of the 2nd Baron Lilford and a second cousin once removed of the present Baron.


 Last updated 21 Jul 2005




8th Baron Lilford, of Lilford in the County of Northampton

(Great Britain, let. pat. 26 Oct 1797)



Le Grand Cātelet, St John, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 4EA



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