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Melfort, Earl of (S, 1686 - 1902)


Creation: let.pat. 12 Aug 1686


Extinct: 28 Feb 1902


Family name: Drummond




See Earl of Perth



John [Drummond], 1st Viscount of Melfort later 1st Earl of Melfort, KT PC

2nd son of James [Drummond], 3rd Earl of Perth, by his wife Lady Anne Gordon, 1st dau. of George [Gordon], 2nd Marquess of Huntly


c. 1650

mar. (1)

30 Sep 1670 Sophia Maitland, dau. and eventual hrss. of line of Hon Robert Maitland of Lundin (by his wife Margaret Lundin, dau. and hrss. of John Lundin of Lundin), 3rd son of John [Maitland], 1st Earl of Lauderdale

children by first wife

1. John Drummond (d. unm.)

2. James Drummond (d. unm.)

3. Hon Robert Drummond later Lundin of Lundin (d. 1716), mar. 20 Jan 1704 Anne Inglis, dau. of Sir James Inglis of Cramond, 1st Bt., by his wife Ann Houston, dau. of Sir Patrick Houston of Houston, 1st Bt., and had issue:

1a. John Lundin of Lundin (d. 9 Oct 1735)

2a. James Lundin of Lundin later Drummond, self styled 10th Earl of Perth (b. 6 Nov 1707; d. 18 Jul 1781; bur. at Innerpeffray), mar. Lady Rachel Bruce (d. 29 Jun 1769; bur. at Largo), 3rd dau. of Thomas [Bruce], 7th Earl of Kincardine, by his wife Janet Roberton, dau. of James Roberton, a Principal Clerk of Session and had issue:

1b. Thomas Lundin later Drummond, self styled Lord Drummond, an officer in the army serving in the American War, where he was taken prisoner 1776 (bapt. 21 Jul 1742; dvp. Nov 1780)

2b. James Lundin later Drummond, later 1st Baron Perth

1. Lady Mary Drummond (d. 4 Oct 1754), mar. (1) Hon Gideon Scott of Highchester (d. bef. 1707), 1st son of Walter [Scott], Earl of Tarras for life, by his second wife Helen Hepburn, dau. of Thomas Hepburn of Humble, and (2) betw. 1707 and 11 Nov 1718 Sir James Sharp of Scotscraig, 2nd Bt., and had issue by both husbands

2. Lady Elizabeth Drummond (d. 22 Jul 1672), mar. bef. 14 Jan 1687/8 her cousin William [Drummond], 2nd Viscount of Strathallan, and had issue

mar. (2)

1680 Euphemia Wallace (b. c. 1653; d. 1743), dau. of Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie, a Lord of Session 1671-80, by his wife Euphemia Gemmill, dau. and hrss. of William Gemmill, of Templelands, co. Ayr

children by second wife

4. Hon John Drummond, titular 2nd Duke of Melfort, Maj Gen of Jacobite forces in Scotland 1715 (b. 26 May 1682; d. 29 Jan 1754), mar. 25 Mar 1707 Marie Gabrielle FitzJames, suo jure Countess of Lussan (widow of Henry FitzJames, titular 1st Duke of Albemarle; d. 15 May 1741), only dau. of Jean d'Audebert, Count of Lussan, and had issue:

1a. James Drummond, titular 3rd Duke of Melfort and Count of Lussan (b. 16 Mar 1707/8 ; d. 25 Dec 1766), mar. 29 Jan 1755 Marie de Berenger, dau. of Francois de Berenger, and had issue:

1b. Gen James Louis Drummond, titular 4th Duke of Melfort, a General in the French Army, not entitled to the Countship of Lussan as born out of wedlock (b. 14 Aug 1750; dspm. Sep 1800), mar. 30 Apr 1788 Aglae Elizabeth Jacqueline d'Oms, dau. of the Marquis d'Oms, and had issue

2b. Charles Edward Drummond, titular 5th Duke of Melfort, not entitled to the Countship of Lussan as born out of wedlock, a Catholic prelate in the Vatican (b. 1 Jan 1752; d. 9 Apr 1840)

3b. Capt Henry Benedict Drummond, Captain in the French Navy (d. 6 Apr 1779 of wounds received in action)

4b. Léon Maurice Drummond (b. 12 Apr 1761; d. 26 Apr 1826), mar. 26 Oct 1794 Marie Elizabeth Lucie de Longuemare (d. 12 Aug 1824), and had issue:

1c. George Drummond, later 2nd Earl of Melfort and 5th Earl of Perth

1c. Lady Lucy Clementine Drummond, granted the style and precedence of an Earl's daughter by Royal Warrant 1853 (d. 27 Apr 1879), mar. 8 Sep 1823 Francis Henry Davies, Registrar of the Court of Chancery (d. 23 Oct 1863), and had issue

2a. Lt Gen Louis Drummond, fought at the Battle of Culloden, Lt Gen in the French Army, Governor of Normandy (b. 16 Feb 1709; d. 8 Jul 1792)

3a. Maj Gen John Drummond, Maj Gen in the Polish Army (b. 21 Oct 1711; d. 17...)

5. Hon Thomas Drummond, served in the Austrian Army (d. 1715)

6. Hon William Drummond, Abbé Prieur of Liège (d. 1742)

7. Capt Hon Philip Drummond, Count de Melfort, served in the French Army (d. 10 Apr 1713 of wounds received at the Siege of Fribourg)

7. Lieut-General Hon Andrew Drummond, Count de Melfort, served in the French Army, Col of Horse, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Louis, mar. Madeleine Silvie de Sainte-Hermine, dau. of Henri Louis de Sainte-Hermine, by his wife Marie Marguerite Genevieve de Morel, dau. of Achille de Morel, Marquis de Putanges, and had issue:

1a. Lt-Gen Louis Hector Drummond, Count de Melfort, served in the War of the Polish Succession, took part in the Siege of Phillipsburg 1734, served in the War of the Austrian Succession 1740-48 and the Seven Years War 1756-63, Lt-Gen in the French Service, Inspector-General of Cavalry (b. 4 Nov 1721; d. 6 Oct 1788). mar. Jan 1748 Jeanne Elisabeth de la Porte, dau. of Jean Francois de la Porte, Marquis de Presles, by his wife Anne Elizabeth Le Fevre de Caumartin, dau. of Antoine Louis Francois Le Fevre de Caumartin, and had issue:

1b. Col Louis Pierre Francois Malcolm Drummond, Count de Melfort, member of the French Royal Bodyguard, escaped from the Tuileries 1792, joined Napoleon's armies 1809, Col in the service of Joachim Murat, King of Naples, Marechal de Camp 1814 (d. 1832/3), mar. (1) Jun 1789 Lady Catherine Barry (dsp.), only dau. of Richard [Barry], 6th Earl of Barrymore, by his wife Lady Emily Stanhope, 3rd dau. of William [Stanhope], 2nd Earl of Harrington, by his wife Lady Caroline FitzRoy, 1st dau. of Charles [Fitzroy], 2nd Duke of Grafton, and (2) May 1795 his late wife's aunt, Lady Catherine Mackenzie (b. 7 Jul 1766; d. 1847), only child of Kenneth [Mackenzie] 1st and last Earl of Seaforth, by his first wife Lady Caroline Stanhope, 1st dau. of William [Stanhope], 2nd Earl of Harrington, by his before mentioned wife, Lady Carolone FitzRoy, and had issue by his second wife:

1c. Louis Charles Drummond, Count de Melfort (bapt. 3 Jul 1790)

2c. Col Edward Louis Helenus Drummond, Count de Melfort, Knight of St Louis (France) and of St Ferdinand (Spain) (bapt. 28 Nov 1792; d. 1888), mar. 1823 Eudoxia Saulnier de Cherrieres, and had issue:

1d. Marie Drummond (b. 14 Jul 1825; dsp. 4 Apr 1907), mar. 20 Jun 1869 as his second wife Baron Francois Jacques Gaston Durand de Fontmagne (b. 12 Oct 1822; d. 15 Dec 1877), 1st son and heir of Baron Frederick Durand de Fontmagne, by his wife Clémence de Dax d'Axat

2d. Alice Drummond, mar. 2 Apr 1852 Charles Meyart de Voulyans

3d. Edith Drummond, mar. 1853 René de Fleischman

3c. Capt Edward Drummond, Count de Melfort, Page to Prince Murat (b. 1801; d. 1844), mar. 11 Jan 1826 Mary Sabina Nasmith, dau. of Thomas Nasmith, of Jamaica, by his wife Mary Sarah ...., and had issue:

1d. Albine Drummond, mar. 1849 Baron Ernest Francis Hubert van Havre

2d. Cécile Drummond (d. 1 Nov 1914), mar. (1) 22 Feb 1851 (div. 1859) Admiral of the Blue Hon Sir Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds Pellew CB KCH (b. 12 Dec 1789; d. 28 Jul 1861), 2nd son of Edward [Pellew], 1st Viscount Exmouth, by his wife Susannah Frowde, dau. of James Frowde, of East Knoyle, co. Wiltshire, and (2) 22 Feb 1860 George Lennox Fitzhardinge Berkeley, de jure 7th Earl of Berkeley, and had issue by her second husband

1c. Harriet Elizabeth Frances Drummond (b. 26 May 1796; d. 1826), mar. 10 Aug 1822 as his first wife Cobbett Derby, of Horton, co. Buckingham (d. 1883), and had issue

2b. Louis Edouard Genevieve Drummond, Chevalier de Melfort, Knight of Malta, served with the Marquis de Lafayette in the American Revolution

1b. Annabella Henriette Drummond, mar. Edouard Marie de Marguerye, Count de Marguerye (guillotined 1793), and had issue


25 Jan 1714/5


14 Apr 1685 Lord Drummond of Gillestoun and Viscount of Melfort, with a special remainder to the heirs male of his body by his second marriage, failing whom to heirs male of his body whatsoever

12 Aug 1686 Lord Drummond of Riccartoun, Castlemains and Gilstoun, Viscount of Forth, and Earl of Melfort, with a like special remainder


Captain of the Scots Foot Guards 1673; Privy Councillor [S] 1678; Master of the Ordnance 1680 ; Secretary of State for Scotland 1684; Privy Councillor [E] 1684/5-88/9; Founding Knight of the Thistle 1687; on the landing of the Prince of Orange 1688 he escaped to France and accompanied King James to Ireland 1689; on an embassy to Rome 1689-91; on 7 Aug 1689 he was created by the titular King James II Baron of Cleworth and on 17 Apr 1692 further created Lord Castlemains and Galston, Viscount of Rickerton, Earl of Isla and Burntisland, Marquess of Forth and Duke of Melfort, with the same remainder as the 1685 and 1686 creations; outlawed 23 Jul 1694 and attainted by Act of Parliament 2 Jul 1695 whereby the peerages created in 1685 and 1686 became forfeited; following the death of the titular King James II in 1701 he was recognised in the Dukedom of Melfort as a French peer by King Louis XIV


The Earldom of Melfort remained under attainder for 158 years until it was restored by Act of Parliament on 28 Jun 1853 together with the Earldom of Perth to George Drummond, great-great-grandson of the 1st Earl of Melfort, who thereupon succeeded as 5th Earl of Perth and 2nd Earl of Melfort. On the death of the 5th Earl of Perth on 28 Feb 1902 the Earldom of Perth passed to a distant cousin and the Earldom of Melfort became extinct.


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