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Torrington, Viscount (GB, 1721)


Creation: let. pat. 21 Sep 1721


Family name: Byng




Quarterly Sable and Argent in the first quarter a Lion rampant of the second


An Heraldic Antelope Ermine


Dexter:  An Heraldic Antelope Ermine armed unguled maned and tufted Or standing on a Ship's Gun proper;  Sinister:  A Sea Horse also on a Ship's Gun all proper


Tuebor (I will defend)



George [Byng], 1st Viscount Torrington, KB PC

1st son of John Byng, of Wrotham, co. Kent, by his wife Philadelphia Johnson, dau. of George Johnson, of Loans, co. Surrey, Ranger of Richmond Park


27 Jan 1663/4


5 Mar 1690/1 Margaret Master (b. 22 Feb 1669/70; d. 1 Apr 1756; bur. at Southill, co. Bedford), dau. of James Master, of East Langdon, co. Kent, by his wife Joyce Turner, dau. of Sir Christopher Turner, of Milton Erneys, co. Bedford, a Baron of the Exchequer


1. Hon Pattee Byng, later 2nd Viscount Torrington

2. Matthew Byng (b. 13 Sep 1700 ; dvp. Dec 1714)

3. Hon George Byng, later 3rd Viscount Torrington

4. Hon Robert Byng, Paymaster of the Navy, Governor of Barbados (bapt. 27 Nov 1703; bur. 7 Oct 1740), mar. 19 Dec 1734 Elizabeth Forward (bur. 16 Sep 1786), dau. and cohrss. of Jonathan Forward, transport contractor for the Admiralty, and had issue:

1a. George Byng MP, of Wrotham Park, co. Middlesex (b. 1735; d. 27 Oct 1789), mar. 5 Mar 1761 Anne Connolly (d. 1806), 2nd dau. and eventual cohrss. of Rt Hon William Connolly, of Castletown, co. Kildare, by his wife Lady Anne Wentworth, sister and cohrss. of William [Wentworth], 2nd Earl of Strafford, and 1st dau. of Thomas [Wentworth], 1st Earl of Strafford, and had issue:

1b. George Byng MP, of Wrotham Park, co. Middlesex (b. 17 May 1764; dsp. 10 Jan 1847), mar. Harriet Montgomery, dau. of Sir William Montgomery, 1st Bt.

2b. Maj William Byng (b. 5 Oct 1770 ; d. 1795)

3b. Robert Byng (b. 21 Dec 1773; d. 1829)

4b. Lt Gen Sir John Byng GCB, later 1st Earl of Strafford

1b. Anne Elizabeth Byng (d. 1847)

2b. Caroline Byng

3b. Frances Byng (d. 1851)

2a. Robert Byng (d. 20 Jun 1756)

3a. John Byng (b. 1739; bur. 8 Jul 1764)

5. Adml Hon John Byng RN, Admiral of the Blue, of Wrotham Park, co. Middlesex (b. 28 Oct 1704; dsp. 14 Mar 1757, being executed by a firing squad aboard HMS Monarque)

6. Col Hon Edward Byng (b. 30 Nov 1706; bur. sp. 5 Aug 1756), mar. Mary Bramston, dau. and hrss. of John Bramston, of Screens, co. Kent

1. Hon Sarah Byng (b. 2 Oct 1695 ; d. Nov 1775), mar. 8 Aug 1710 John Osborn (bur. vp. 14 Jan 1718/9), 1st son and heir of Sir John Osborn, 2nd Bt., of Chicksands, co. Bedford, by his first wife Elizabeth Strode, dau. and cohrss. of William Strode, of Barrington, co. Somerset, and had issue


17 Jan 1732/3 (bur. at Southill, co. Bedford)


15 Nov 1715 Baronet of Great Britain, styled "of Wrotham, Kent"

21 Sep 1721 Baron Byng, of Southill in the County of Bedford, and Viscount Torrington

suc. by



a distinguished officer in the Royal Navy from 1678, when he joined as a volunteer aboard the Swallow, to 1717/8 when he was appointed Admiral of the Fleet; Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1698-1732/3 and Master 1711-13; Freeman of Portsmouth 1703; knighted 1704 after the Battle of Malaga; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Plymouth 1705-21; Burgess of Edinburgh 1707/8; a Lord of the Admiralty 1709-1713/4 and 1714-21 ; Treasurer of the Navy 1720-24; Rear-Admiral of Great Britain 1720-32/3; Privy Councillor 1720/1; Knight of the Bath 1725; First Lord of the Admiralty 1727-32/3; a Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital


Pattee [Byng], 2nd Viscount Torrington, PC


25 May 1699


11 Jun 1724 Lady Charlotte Montagu, a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess of Wales 1736-37 (d. 14 Sep 1759; bur. at Southill, co. Bedford), 4th dau. of Charles Montagu, 1st Duke of Manchester, by his wife Hon Dodington Greville, 2nd dau. and cohrss of Robert [Greville], 2nd Baron Brooke


1. George Byng (b. c. 1728; dvp. 15 May 1730)

2. Hon Frederick Byng (b. 9 Dec 1735; bur. vp. 10 Jan 1735/6 at Southill, co. Bedford)


s.p.m.s. 23 Jan 1746/7 (bur. at Southill, co. Bedford)

suc. by



Cornet, Royal Horse Guards 1715, Capt 1716-18; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Plymouth 1721-27 and for Bedfordshire 1727-33; Treasurer of the Navy 1724-34; Privy Councillor [GB] 1732 and [I] 1734; Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland 1734-46; Collector for life of Tonnage and Poundage in the Port of London 1743; Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard 1746-46/7; a Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital


George [Byng], 3rd Viscount Torrington


21 Sep 1701


21 Aug 1736 Elizabeth Daniel (d. 17 Mar 1759; bur. at Southill, co. Bedford), dau. of Lyonel Daniel, son of Sir Peter Daniel, of Clapham, co. Surrey


1. Hon George Byng, later 4th Viscount Torrington

2. Hon John Byng, later 5th Viscount Torrington


7 Apr 1750 (bur. at Southill, co. Bedford)

suc. by



Cornet, 4th Regiment of Dragoon Guards 1715; served in the Imperial Army in Sicily 1719-20; Capt and Lt Col, Scots Guards 1720/1, 2nd Major 1740/1, 1st Major 1743 and Lt Col 1743; Col, 4th Regiment of Marines 1744-48 ; Col, 48th Regiment of Foot 1749-50; Brig Gen 1745 and Maj Gen 1747


George [Byng], 4th Viscount Torrington


11 Oct 1740


10 Jul 1765 Lady Lucy Boyle (b. 27 May 1744; d. 18 Mar 1792), only dau. of John [Boyle], 5th Earl of Cork, by his second wife Margaret Hamilton, dau. and sole hrss. of John Hamilton, of Caledon, co. Tyrone


1. Hon William Henry Byng (dvp. 23 Nov 1770; bur. at Southill, co. Bedford)

2. Hon William Henry Byng (b. 7 May 1775; dvp. an infant)

3. Hon George Byng, Midshipman on HMS Aquilon (b. 24 Feb 1777; dvp. 13 Oct 1792)

1. Hon Lucy Elizabeth Byng (b. 17 Oct 1766; d. 20 Sep 1844), mar. 29 May 1788 Orlando [Bridgeman], 1st Earl of Bradford, and had issue

2. Hon Georgiana Elizabeth Byng (d. 10 Oct 1801), mar. 21 Mar 1786 as his first wife John [Russell], 6th Duke of Bedford, and had issue

3. Hon Isabella Elizabeth Byng (b. 21 Sep 1773; d. 1 May 1830), mar. 24 Apr 1794 Thomas [Thynne], 2nd Marquess of Bath, and had issue

4. Hon Emily Byng (dsp. 3 Sep 1824), mar. 1 Jul 1800 Henry Seymour, Serjeant-at-Arms in the House of Commons (dsp. 13 Feb 1843), 1st son of Lord Robert Seymour MP (by his fist wife Anne Delmé, dau. of Peter Delmé), 3rd son of Francis [Seymour-Conway], 1st Marquess of Hertford


s.p.m.s. 14 Dec 1812

suc. by



Minister Plenipotentiary at Brussels 1783-92


John [Byng], 5th Viscount Torrington


18 Feb 1742/3


3 Mar 1767 Bridget Forrest (d. 25 Apr 1823), dau. of Commodore Arthur Forrest RN, Commander-in-Chief of the Jamaican Station, by his wife Juliana Frederica Marina Lynch, dau. of Col ..... Lynch, of Jamaica


1. Hon George Byng, later 6th Viscount Torrington

2. Hon Edmund Byng, a Commissioner of the Colonial Audit Office (b. 1774; d. 1854)

3. Hon John Byng (d. 23 Nov 1811), mar. 5 Nov 1806 Amelia Mayne, dau. of J Mayne, and had issue:

1a. Cdr George Percy Byng RN (d. 14 Sep 1840)

2a. Rev John Byng, Rector of Boxford, co. Suffolk, and Vicar of Langford, co. Bedford (b. 16 Aug 1811; d. 25 Mar 1884), mar. 1 Sep 1840 Williamina Hebe Morice (d. 26 May 1889), dau. of Rev Henry Morice, Vicar of Ashwell, co. Hertford, and had issue:

1b. Rev John Morice Byng, Rector of Wymondham (b. 30 Oct 1846; d. 24 Nov 1885), mar. 15 Dec 1875 Emily Eden Acheson (d. 25 Aug 1885), 3rd dau. of Rev Anthony Singleton Acheson, Rector of Teigh, co. Rutland, and had issue:

1c. Vincent Gerard Eden Morice Byng (b. 1876; d. 12 Oct 1895)

1b. Frederica Amelia Byng (d. 15 Jan 1934), mar. 7 Oct 1875 Bertram Fulke Hartshorne, of The Manor House, Water Eaton, co. Oxford (d. 1921), and had issue

2b. Matilda Clara Beatrice Byng (d. 19 Jun 1918), mar. 14 Jan 1880 Col Arthur Henry Wavell (d. 16 Jan 1891), and had issue

1a. Amelia Byng, mar. 20 Apr 1836 Maj Gen Lawrence Fyler CB (d. 21 Sep 1873), and had issue

4. Vice Adml Hon Henry Dilkes Byng (d. 24 Sep 1860), mar. Maria Jane Clarke (d. 17 May 1874), dau. of J B Clarke, and had issue:

1a. Capt Henry Byng RN (b. 11 Sep 1811; d. 2 Jun 1881), mar. (1) 10 Jun 1839 Mary Anne Webb (d. 25 Nov 1852), only child of William Webb, of The Views, co. Essex, and had issue:

1b. Lt Col Alfred Molyneux Byng later Cranmer-Byng, of Quendon Hall, co. Essex (b. 19 Mar 1840; d. 20 May 1906), mar. (1) 20 Jun 1870 Caroline Mary Tufnell (d. 31 Jan 1887), dau. of Rt Hon Henry Tufnell MP, and (2) 14 Feb 1888 Emma Evangeline Baillie-Hamilton (d. 7 Apr 1924), yst. dau. of Ker Baillie-Hamilton CB, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Capt Launcelot Alfred Cranmer Byng later Cranmer-Byng, of Folly Mill. Thaxted, co. Essex (b. 23 Nov 1872; d. 15 Jan 1945), mar. (1) 4 Mar 1894 Harriet Hammersley (d. 13 Apr 1913), dau. of Isaac Hammersley, and (2) 30 Mar 1916 Daisy Elaine Beach (d. 1981), dau. of N B Beach, of Chelmsford, co. Essex, and had issue by his second wife:

1d. Maj John Launcelot Cranmer-Byng MC, heir presumptive to the Viscountcy of Torrington, Professor of History, Toronto University (b. 18 Mar 1919), mar. 19 Jan 1955 Margaret Ellen Hardy, only dau. of R H Hardy, of Sevenoaks, co. Kent, and has issue:

1e. Colin Hugh Cranmer-Byng (b. 10 Sep 1960), mar. 19 Oct 1984 Lisa Anne Dallimore, dau. of I A Dallimore, of Toronto, Canada, and has issue:

1f. John Nicholas Cranmer-Byng (b. 10 Nov 1990)

2f. Peter Joseph Cranmer-Byng (b. 11 Apr 1994)

1f. Leslea Anne Cranmer-Byng (b. 27 Oct 1986)

2f. Mary Margaret Cranmer-Byng (b. 21 Oct 1988)

3f. Sarah Jane Cranmer-Byng (b. 21 May 1992)

1e. Alison Caroline Cranmer-Byng (b. 12 Oct 1956), mar. 2 Jul 1985 Howard Lan, son of Tse Wing Lan, of Toronto, Canada

2e. Sheila Margaret Cranmer-Byng (b. 23 Dec 1962)

2c. Hugh Edward Cranmer Byng later Cranmer-Byng (b. 12 Dec 1873; d. 20 Sep 1949), mar. 24 Oct 1916 Kathleen West, dau. of George Edward west, of Little Easton, Dunmow, co. Essex, and had issue

1c. Harriet Beatrice Cranmer Byng later Cranmer-Byng (b. 1 Dec 1874; d. 16 Apr 1967), mar. (1) 21 Jun 1900 John Charles Potter, of Earnsdale, Darwen (d. 1920), and (2) 18 Jul 1925 Sir Robert Rodney Wilmot, 6th Bt. (d. 16 Aug 1931), and had issue by her first husband

2b. Lt Henry Webb Byng (b. 8 Mar 1841; d. Jul 1896)

3b. Lt Cdr Arthur Hervey Byng (b. 13 Oct 1845 ; d. 19 May 1923), mar. 8 Jun 1869 Florence Fuller-Maitland (d. 1914), 1st dau. of William Fuller-Maitland, of Stansted, co. Essex, and had issue

4b. Edward Francis Byng (b. 4 Apr 1847 ; dsp. 5 Jan 1907), mar. 24 Apr 1896 Edith Jessie Croker, 3rd dau. of Capt Edward Croker

5b. Harold Edmund Byng, of Wickham, co. Essex (b. Apr 1851; d. 27 Nov 1902)

1b. Cecilia Mary Byng (d. 11 May 1915), mar. 13 Jan 1869 Capt Frederick Stephens, of Bentworth Lodge, Alton, co. Hampshire (d. 1 Apr 1909), son of John Stephens, of Caversham Place, co. Oxford, and had issue

2b. Edith Mary Byng (d, 2 Jan 1900), mar. 16 Sep 1873 Cecil James Stephens, and had issue

3b. Anne Mary Byng (d. 11 May 1922), mar. 26 Jun 1873 Col Edward Frewen CB, of Brickwall, co. Sussex (d. 13 Jan 1919), and had issue

Capt Henry Byng mar. (2) 9 Jun 1857 Mary Gubbins (d. 1895), 1st dau. of Lt Col ..... Gubbins CB, of Belmont, co. Hampshire, and had further issue:

6b. Frederick John Byng (b. 11 Jul 1861; d. 1895)

4b. Frances Mary Byng (d. 9 Apr 1899), mar. (1) 13 Oct 1887 Lt Col Charles Borton (d. 1890), (2) 30 Jun 1892 John Augustin Davis (d. 1892), of Swindon, co. Wiltshire, and (3) 7 Jan 1895 James Cornwallis Gubbins

2a. Capt Edmund Disney Byng (d. 18 Apr 1853), mar. 16 Apr 1852 Elizabeth Egbertha Horsley, dau. of John Horsley, Madras CS, and had issue

3a. Vice Adml John Clarke Byng (b. 21 Mar 1824; d. 2 Jul 1896), mar. (1) 25 Aug 1863 Penelope Margaret Garth (dsp. 31 Dec 1889), 3rd dau. of Capt Thomas Garth RN, of Haines Hill, co. Berkshire, and (2) 16 Jul 1891 Ethel Frances Tytler (mar. (2) 27 Jun 1899 Col George Ralph Collier Westropp CB, son of Maj Gen George Ralph Collier Westropp), dau. of Maj Gen J A Tytler VC CB, and had issue by his second wife

1a. Cecilia Byng, mar. 22 Nov 1837 Maj Gen M R S Whitmore (d. 1884), and had issue

2a. Beatrice Byng, a Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria (dsp. 3 Oct 1884), mar. 14 Aug 1863 Col Henry Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell CB MP, of Deysbrook (dsp. 28 Sep 1906)

5. Hon Frederick Gerald Byng, Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber (d. 5 Jun 1871), mar. Catherine Neville (d. 8 Dec 1871)

1. Hon Elizabeth Lucy Byng (d. 18 Jan 1846), mar. (1) 26 Sep 1797 Rear Adml Percy Frazer (d. 9 Dec 1827), and (2) 1836 Rev George Goodenough Lynn

2. Hon Cecilia Byng, mar. 31 Oct 1805 Robert Gregge Hopwood, of Hopwood Hall, co. Lancaster (d. 1854), and had issue

3. Hon Anna Maria Bridget Byng (d. 30 Oct 1852), mar. 29 Aug 1794 Very Rev Charles Henry Hall, Dean of Durham (d. 1827)

4. Hon Bridget Augusta Forrest Byng (d. 4 Mar 1876), mar. 9 Jul 1806 Capt Hon Charles Herbert RN (b. 5 Jul 1774; d. 12 Sep 1808), 2nd son of Henry [Herbert], 1st Earl of Carnarvon, and had issue

5. Hon Georgiana Byng (d. 23 Jul 1856), mar. Rev Geoffrey Hornby (d. 4 Mar 1850), and had issue

6. Hon Beatrice Charlotte Byng (d. 12 Mar 1848), mar. 30 Nov 1820 Rev Colin Alexander Campbell, Rector of Widdington, co. Essex

7. Hon Lucy Juliana Byng (d. 27 Nov 1881), mar. 5 Oct 1809 Sir John Morris, 2nd Bt., and had issue


1 Jan 1813

suc. by



a Page of Honour to King George II ; Cornet, Royal Horse Guards 1760; Capt, 58th Regiment of Foot 1762; Lieut and Capt, Grenadier Guards 1762; Capt and Col, Grenadier Guards 1776-80 ; a Commissioner of Stamps 1782-99


George [Byng], 6th Viscount Torrington


5 Nov 1768

mar. (1)

8 Feb 1793 Elizabeth Langmead (dspms. 20 Aug 1810), dau. of Philip Langmead MP, of Hoegate House, Plymouth, co. Devon

children by first wife

1. ..... Byng (b. 23 May 1796 ; dvp. 1 Dec 1796)

1. Hon Lucy Byng (d. 2 Apr 1875), mar. 28 Jul 1836 Rev John Lukin

mar. (2)

5 Oct 1811 Francis Harriet Barlow (b. c.1786; d. 7 Feb 1868), 2nd dau. of Rear Adm Sir Robert Barlow GCB, by his wife Elizabeth Garrett, dau. of William Garrett, of Worthing, co. Hampshire

children by second wife

2. Hon George Byng, later 7th Viscount Torrington

3. Maj Hon Robert Barlow Palmer Byng (b. 30 Nov 1816; d. 18 Dec 1857), mar. 11 Feb 1839 Elizabeth Maria Lowther Gwatkin (mar. (2) 1 Feb 1861 Rev William Winchester; d. 6 Feb 1868), 1st dau. of Maj Gen Edward Gwatkin, and had issue:

1a. George Stanley Byng, later 8th Viscount Torrington

2a. Capt Hon Robert Lowther Byng RN, granted the rank and precedence of the younger son of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1884 (b. 29 Jul 1842; d. 15 Oct 1886)

3a. Lt Hon Sydney Byng, granted the rank and precedence of the younger son of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1884 (b. 9 Apr 1844; d. 27 Feb 1920), mar. 21 Jun 1871 Annie Sebright Chellingworth (d. 4 Feb 1926), 3rd dau. of Henry Chellingworth, of Park Attwood, co. Worcester, and had issue:

1b. Arthur Stanley Byng, later 10th Viscount Torrington

2b. Robert Nelson Byng (b. 26 May 1878; d. 31 Mar 1944)

3b. Capt Francis Dacres Byng (b. 7 Jul 1880; d. 3 Sep 1916), mar. 1913 Kate Russell (d. 1965), dau. of Charles Arthur Russell, of Teddington, co. Middlesex, and had issue:

1c. Lt Francis Russell Dacres Byng (b. 1916; d. 5 Jul 1944)

4b. Cecil Eustace Byng (b. 11 Oct 1884 ; d. 11 Jun 1925)

1b. Sydney Lilian Sebright Byng, mar. 1894 Leonard Cecil Freeman (d. 1952), son of James Henry Freeman, of Enfield, co. Middlesex, and had issue

2b. Ada Geraldine Maude Byng (d. 4 Feb 1922), mar. 21 Mar 1903 John Portsmouth, of East Sheen, co. Surrey, 1st son of John Portsmouth, of Basingstoke, co. Hampshire

3b. Hon Evelyn Beatrice Byng, granted the rank and precedence of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1946 (d. 8 Jan 1968)

4b. Gladys Irene Byng, mar. 23 Jul 1910 Henry Portsmouth (d. 27 May 1933), 2nd son of John Portsmouth, of Basingstoke, co. Hampshire, and had issue

4a. Cdr Hon Nelson Byng RN, granted the rank and precedence of the younger son of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1884 (b. 3 Apr 1845; dsp. 2 Feb 1931), mar. (1) 28 Jun 1870 Louisa Ann Brownrigg (widow of Rev T R Brownrigg ; d. 1 Apr 1897), dau. of T E Owen, and (2) 28 Sep 1897 Sarah Florinda Ball (d. 28 Nov 1946), dau. of Rev John Gage Ball, Rector of Killybegs, co. Donegal

5a. Hon Francis Russell Byng, granted the rank and precedence of the younger son of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1884 (b. 2 Jul 1853; d. 24 Aug 1903), mar. 10 Jun 1880 Emily Mary Lambe (d. 16 Jun 1938), dau. of James Lambe, and had issue:

1b. George Cyril Byng (b. 1881; d. 14 Dec 1904)

1b. Mabel Frances Byng (b. 1884; d. 19...), mar. (1) 9 Feb 1904 Capt Alfred Brankston Pembroke (d. 1916), yst. son of Edward Pembroke, of Blackheath, co. Kent, and (2) 1919 Francis Joseph Binning, 1st son of Col Joseph Binning CIE, and had issue by her first husband

1a. Hon Sophie Byng, granted the rank and precedence of the daughter of a Viscount by Royal Warrant 1884 (d. 7 Jan 1910), mar. 19 Apr 1971 George Marshall, of Hardress Court, Canterbury, co. Kent, 1st son of George Marshall, of St Leonards-on-Sea, co. Kent, and had issue

4. Hon James Master Owen Byng (b. 20 Jul 1818; dsp. 21 May 1897), mar. 5 Aug 1856 Caroline Louisa Cook (d. 2 Apr 1906), dau. of William Cook, of Wymondham, co. Norfolk, and Roydon Hall, co. Kent

5. Lt Hon Russell John Morris Byng RN (b. 4 Aug 1823; d. 27 Apr 1850)

2. Hon Hilare Caroline Byng (d. 16 Jan 1889), mar. 30 Apr 1845 Adml Sir William Hutcheon Hall KCB (d. 25 Jun 1878), and had issue


18 Jun 1831

suc. by

son by second wife


Midshipman, HMS Thunderer 1778, HMS Alarm and HMS Active 1781-82, HMS Superb 1782-83, HMS Defence 1783-85, HMS Jupiter and HMS Trusty 1786-90; Lieut, HMS Illustrious 1790-91, HMS Druid and HMS Impregnable 1791-94; Commander, HMS Ferret 1794; acting Capt, HMS Artois 1795 ; Post Capt. HMS Redoubt 1795, HMS Mercury 1796 and HMS Galatea 1797-1802; Burgess of Portsmouth 1801; Capt, HMS Texel 1803, HMS Malabar 1804 and HMS Belliqueux 1805-11; took part in the capture of the Cape of Good Hope 1806; Capt, HMS Warrior 1811-14; Rear Adm of the Blue 1814, of the White 1819 and of the Red 1821; Vice Adml of the Blue 1825 and of the White 1830


George [Byng], 7th Viscount Torrington


9 Sep 1812


19 Mar 1833 Mary Anne Astley (b. c.1805; dspm. 26 Jan 1885), 1st dau. of Sir John Dugdale Astley, 1st Bt., of Everley, co. Wiltshire, by his wife Sarah Page, dau. of William Page

only child

1. Hon Frances Elizabeth Byng (dvp. 2 Sep 1853)


s.p.m. 27 Apr 1884 (bur. at Mereworth, co. Kent)

suc. by



2nd Lieut, 60th Regiment of Foot 1829-31; Lieut, 7th Regiment of Foot 1831-32; a Lord of the Bedchamber to King William IV 1833-35 and 1835-37; a Lord in Waiting (Liberal) to Queen Victoria 1837-41 and 1859-84; Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief of Ceylon 1847-50; a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the Prince Consort 1853-58; Lt Col, West Kent Militia 1854, and Hon Col 1869-84


George Stanley [Byng], 8th Viscount Torrington


29 Apr 1841

mar. (1)

19 Jan 1882 Alice Arabella Jameson (b. c.1862; dspm. 18 Dec 1883), dau. of James Jameson, of Airfield, co. Dublin, by his wife Alicia Trimlestone Robertson, Sheriff Substitute of co. Stirling

only child by first wife

1. Hon Bridget Vera Byng (b. 11 Nov 1882 ; d. 23 Nov 1962), mar. (1) 9 Nov 1909 Maj Frank Peyton Skipwith, and (2) 22 Feb 1919 William Gordon Cardew, son of Lt Col George Masters Cardew, of Exeter, co. Devon, and had issue by both husbands

mar. (2)

3 Feb 1885 Emmeline St Maur Seymour (b. 23 Sep 1860; d. 7 Jun 1912; bur. at Mereworth, co. Kent), 3rd dau. of Rev Henry Seymour, Rector of Holme Pierrepont, co. Nottingham, by his first wife Susannah Biscoe Tritton, dau. of Rev Robert Tritton, Rector of Morden, co. Surrey

only child by second wife

1. Hon George Master Byng, later 9th Viscount Torrington


20 Oct 1889

suc. by

son by second wife


Ensign, Rifle Brigade 1858, Lieut 1861, Capt 1872, Brevet Maj 1879, Hon Lt Col 1881 ; served in the Indian Mutiny and in the Zulu War; ADC to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1876-82; a Lord in Waiting (Conservative) to Queen Victoria 1889


George Master [Byng], 9th Viscount Torrington


10 Sep 1886

mar. (1)

29 Sep 1910 (div. 1921) Eleanor Souray (b. c. 1880; dsp. 8 Dec 1931; cremated at Golders Green Cemetery, London), 1st dau. of Edwin Souray, of Long Ditton, co. Surrey

mar. (2)

1 Sep 1923 Norah Elizabeth Ursula Ferens (former wife of Harold Ferens;  d. 29 Jun 1968), dau. of Capt Robert Wood-Pottle


s.p. 24 May 1944 (bur. at Buckfast Abbey, co. Devon)

suc. by



a Page of Honour to Queen Victoria 1899-1901 and to King Edward VII 1901-03; Lieut, Rifle Brigade 1906-09; Lieut, RNVR and RNAS 1914-18; Capt, 1939-44


Arthur Stanley [Byng], 10th Viscount Torrington


23 Jul 1876

mar. (1)

14 Jan 1909 (div. 1936) Louise Annette Rawlins (d. 11 Oct 1961), only dau. of Joseph Rawlins, of Dollarward, Cirencester, by his wife Annette St George, only dau. of Rev Francis de Montmorency St George

children by first wife

1. Paymaster-Lt Hon George Byng RN (b. 18 Feb 1918 ; dvp. 15 Jul 1944), mar. 3 Sep 1942 Anne Yvonne Wood (mar. (2) 27 Jan 1951 Howard Henry Masterton Carpenter (d. 1976), son of William Henry Howard Carpenter, of Orchard Court, London, and (3) 1991 Michael Ingram Bostock), only dau. of Capt Ronald Guy Pearson Wood MC, of Durban, South Africa, and had issue:

1a. Timothy Howard St George Byng, later 11th Viscount Torrington

1. Hon Joan Byng (b. 6 Jan 1910), mar. (1) 5 Jun 1941 (div. 1950) Maj William Mackreth Peter Osborne, son of Alan Fell Osborne, or Reigate, co. Surrey, and (2) Sep 1951 Thomas James Reynolds

2. Hon Betty Byng (b. 21 Mar 1911; d. 25 Feb 1964)

3. Hon Honor Byng (b. 29 Aug 1912), mar. 27 Feb 1937 (div. 1951) Lisle Marles Humphreys

mar. (2)

17 Mar 1936 (div. 1952) Rosamund Ella Davidson, dau. of Vice Adm Alexander Percy Davidson DSO RN

only child by second wife

4. Hon (Rosamond Stella) Frances Byng (b. 23 Jan 1937), mar. (1) 10 Sep 1960 (div. 1985) Anthony Brockington Cobb, 1st son of Basil Brockington Cobb, of East Wellow, co. Hampshire, and (2) 1991 Frank Stephen Cross, of St Boniface Road, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, and has issue by her first husband


28 Nov 1961

suc. by



Timothy Howard St George [Byng], 11th Viscount Torrington


13 Jul 1943


7 Nov 1973 Susan Honour Webster, dau. of Michael George Thomas Webster, of Little Manor Farm, Dummer, co. Hampshire, Chairman Watney Mann 1970-74, by his wife Isabel Margaret (Peggy) Bucknill (widow of Capt John Anthony Bucknill), dau. of ..... Dent


1. Hon Henrietta Rose ("Hatta") Byng (b. 19 Aug 1977), mar. 2011 Charles Browne Martin Wood (b. 1973), son of Simon Richard Browne Wood (by his wife Clare Launa Fitzalan Howard, 1st dau. of Lord Martin Fitzalan Howard JP DL, of Brockfield Hall, co. York (by his wife Bridget Anne Keppel, 2nd dau. of Lt Col Arnold Ramsay Keppel), 3rd son of Bernard Edward [Fitzalan Howard], 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop), only son of Lt Col Browne William Wood, of Lyme Regis, co. Dorset, by his wife Joan Radegunde Woollcombe, 1st dau. of Rt Rev Henry St John Stirling Woollcombe DD, Bishop Suffragan of Whitby 1923-39 and of Selby 1939-41, by his wife Florence Hilda Argles, 3rd dau. of Rev Canon George Marsham Argles, of Hawbarrow, Milnthorpe, co. Westmorland, and has issue

2. Hon Georgina Isabel Byng (b. 23 Sep 1980), mar. John F Vaughan, son of Patrick Vaughan, of Courtfield, co. Hereford, and has issue

3. Hon Malaika Anne Byng (b. 13 Apr 1982)


The heir presumptive to the Viscountcy of Torrington is Maj John Launcelot Cranmer-Byng MC, a great-great-great-grandson of the 5th Viscount Torrington and fourth cousin once removed of the present Viscount.


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11th Viscount Torrington

(Great Britain, let. pat. 21 Sep 1721)

11th Baron Byng, of Southill in the County of Bedford

(Great Britain, let. pat. 21 Sep 1721)

11th Baronet, styled "of Wrotham, Kent"

(Great Britain, let. pat. 15 Nov 1715)



Great Hunts Place, Owslebury, Winchester, Hampshire

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