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Hertford, Marquess of (GB, 1793)


Creation: let. pat. 5 Jul 1793


Family name: Seymour-Conway later Seymour




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Sable on a Bend cotised Argent a Rose Gules between two Annulets of the first (Conway);  2nd and 3rd, quarterly:  1st and 4th, Or on a Pile Gules between six Fleurs-de-lis Azure three Lions of England (being the Coat of Augmentation granted by King Henry VIII on his marriage with Lady Jane Seymour);  2nd and 3rd, Gules two Wings joined in lure the tips downwards Or (Seymour)


1st:  the Bust of a Moor in profile couped at the shoulders proper and wreathed about the temples Argent and Azure (Conway);  2nd: out of a Ducal Coronet Or a Phoenix of the last issuing from flames proper (Seymour)


On either side a Blackamoor wreathed about the temples Or and Sable habited in short golden garments and in buskins gold adorned about their waists with green and red feathers each holding in his exterior hand a Shield Azure garnished Or the dexter charged with a Sun in Splendour gold and the sinister with a Crescent Argent


Fide et Amore (By Faith and Love)



Francis [Seymour-Conway], 2nd Baron Conway later 1st Earl of Hertford later 1st Marquess of Hertford, KG PC

1st son of Francis [Seymour later Seymour-Conway], 1st Baron Conway, by his third wife Charlotte Shorter, dau. of John Shorter, of Bybrook, co. Kent


5 Jul 1718


29 May 1741 Lady Isabella FitzRoy (b. 19 Jul 1726; d. 10 Nov 1782), 2nd dau. of Charles [FitzRoy], 2nd Duke of Grafton, by his wife Lady Henrietta Somerset, only dau. of Lord Charles Somerset MP, styled Marquess of Worcester (by his wife Rebecca Child, half-sister of Richard [Child later Tylney], 1st Earl Tylney, and 1st dau. by his second wife of Sir Josiah Child, 1st Bt., of Wanstead, co. Essex), 1st son and heir of Henry [Somerset], 1st Duke of Beaufort


1. Lord Francis Seymour-Conway later Ingram-Seymour-Conway, later 2nd Marquess of Hertford

2. Lord Henry Seymour-Conway, of Norris Castle, Isle of Wight (b. 15 Dec 1746;  d. 5 Feb 1830)

3. Lord Robert Seymour-Conway MP (b. 20 Dec 1748;  d. 23 Nov 1831), mar. (1) 15 Jun 1773 Anne Delmé (d. 29 Nov 1804), 2nd dau. of Peter Delmé MP, of Grosvenor Square, co. Middlesex, by his second wife Christian Pain, and (2) 2 May 1806 Hon Anderlechtia Clarissa Chetwynd (dsp. 3 Jun 1855), 2nd dau. of William [Chetwynd], 4th Viscount Chetwynd, and had issue by his first wife

4. Rev Canon Lord Edward Seymour-Conway (d. 1785)

5. Adm Lord Hugh Seymour-Conway RN (b. 1759;  d. 11 Sep 1801), mar. 2 Apr 1786 Lady Anne Horatio Waldegrave (d. 12 Jun 1801), 3rd dau. and cohrss. by his second wife of James [Waldegrave], 2nd Earl Waldegrave, and had issue:

1a. Admiral of the Fleet Sir George Francis Seymour GCH GCB (b. 17 Sep 1787;  d. 20 Jan 1870), mar. Feb 1811 Georgiana Mary Berkeley (d. 1878), dau. of Adm Hon Sir George Cranfield Berkeley GCB RN (by his wife and cousin Emily Charlotte Lennox, 2nd dau. of Lord George Henry Lennox MP (by his wife Lady Louisa Kerr, 1st dau. of William Henry [Kerr], 4th Marquis of Lothian), 2nd son of Charles [Lennox], 2nd Duke of Richmond), 2nd son of Augustus [Berkeley], 4th Earl of Berkeley, and had issue;

1b. Francis George Hugh Seymour, later 5th Marquess of Hertford

2b. Vice Adm Henry George Seymour CB RN MP, a Lord of the Admiralty (b. 20 Mar 1818;  d. 26 Jul 1869), mar. 4 Sep 1861 Sophia Margaret Hoste (d. 16 May 1917), 1st dau. of Derick Hoste, of Barwick House, co. Norfolk, and had issue

3b. Gen Lord William Frederick Ernest Seymour KCVO, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Marquess by Royal Warrant 7 Feb 1871, Lieutenant of the Tower of London 1902-05 (b. 8 Dec 1838;  d. 9 Feb 1915), mar. 31 Aug 1871 his cousin Hon Eva Anna Caroline Douglas-Pennant (d. 3 Jan 1934), 3rd dau. by his second wife of Edward Gordon [Douglas later Douglas-Pennant], 1st Baron Penrhyn, and had issue

1b. Georgina Isabella Seymour (d. 4 Dec 1848), mar. 22 Jul 1844 Charles Corkran, of Long Ditton, co. Surrey (d. 1885), and had issue

2b. Horatia Louisa Seymour (d. 1829)

3b. Lady Emily Charlotte Seymour, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Marquess by Royal Warrant 7 Feb 1871 (d. 10 Jan 1892), mar. 10 Sep 1850 William Richard [Ormsby-Gore], 2nd Baron Harlech, and had issue

4b. Lady Matilda Horatia Seymour, granted the style and precedecne of the daughter of a Marquess by Royal Warrant 7 Feb 1871 (dsp. 11 Mar 1916), mar. 22 Sep 1886 Lt Col Cecil Rice, of Kingscote House, co. Sussex (d. May 1917)

5b. Lady Laura Williamina Seymour, cr. 14 Jan 1861 Countess von Gleichen, with remainder to the heirs male of her body, by Ernst II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Marquess by Royal Warrant 7 Feb 1871 (d. 13 Feb 1912), mar. 26 Jan 1861 Adm HSH Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (d. 31 Dec 1891), and had issue

2a. Lt Col Hugh Henry Seymour (b. 25 Sep 1790;  d. 2 Dec 1821), mar. 14 May 1818 Lady Charlotte Georgiana Cholmondeley (d. 24 Jun 1828), only dau. of George James [Cholmondeley], 1st Marquess of Cholmondeley, and had issue

3a. Col Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour KCH MP (b. 22 Nov 1791;  d. 23 Nov 1851), mar. (1) 15 May 1818 Elizabeth Malet Palk (d. 18 Jan 1827), dau. of Sir Lawrence Palk, 2nd Bt., and (2) 2 Jul 1835 Frances Isabella Trefussis (widow of Robert Cotton St John [Trefussis], 18th Baron Clinton;  d. 29 Aug 1875), 1st dau. and cohrss. of William Stephen Poyntz, of Cowdray Park, co. Sussex, and had issue by his first wife

4a. Frederick Charles William Seymour (b. 1 Feb 1797;  d. 7 Dec 1856), mar. (1) 15 Apr 1822 Lady Mary Gordon (d. 13 Jun 1825), 2nd dau. of George [Gordon], 9th Marquess of Huntly, and (2) 18 Sep 1832 Lady Augusta Hervey (d. 17 Mar 1880), 1st dau. of Frederick William [Hervey], 1st Marquess of Bristol, and had issue by both wives

1a. Horatia Maria Frances Seymour (d. 26 Aug 1853), mar. 1814 John Philip Morier, British Minister at Dresden, and had issue

2a. Mary Georgiana Seymour (d. 30 Oct 1848), mar. 1825 Rt Hon George Lionel Dawson later Dawson-Damer CB, 3rd son of John [Dawson], 1st Earl of Portarlington, and had issue

6. Lord William Seymour-Conway (b. 29 Apr 1759;  d. 31 Jan 1837), mar. 10 Nov 1798 Martha Clitherow (d. 6 Jul 1848), dau. of James Clitherow, of Boston House, co. Middlesex, and had issue

7. Lord George Seymour-Conway (b. 21 Jul 1763;  d. 10 Mar 1848), mar. 20 Jul 1795 Isabella Hamilton, 8th dau. of Rev Hon George Hamilton, Canon of Windsor (by his wife Elizabeth Onslow, dau. of Lt Gen Richard Onslow), 3rd son of James [Hamilton], 7th Earl of Abercorn, and had issue

1. Lady Anne Seymour-Conway (b. 1 Aug 1744;  dvp. 4 Nov 1784), mar. 15 Feb 1766 Charles [Moore], 1st Marquess of Drogheda, and had issue

2. Lady Sarah Frances Seymour-Conway (b. 27 Nov 1747;  dvp. 18 Jul 1770), mar. 3 Jun 1766 as his first wife Robert [Stewart], 1st Marquess of Londonderry, and had issue

3. Lady Gertrude Seymour-Conway (b. 9 Oct 1750; dspm. Sep 1793), mar. 10 Feb 1772 George [Mason-Villiers], 2nd Earl Grandison, and had issue

4. Lady Frances Seymour-Conway (b, 4 Dec 1751;  d. 11 Nov 1820), mar. 21 May 1775 Lord Henry Francis Pelham-Clinton MP, styled Earl of Lincoln (dvp. 17 Oct 1778), 2nd son and heir ap. of Henry [Clinton later Pelham-Clinton], 2nd Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme, and had issue

5. Lady Elizabeth Seymour-Conway (d. unm. 1825)

6. Lady Isabella Rachel Seymour-Conway, mar. 19 Oct 1785 George Hatton


14 Jun 1794


3 Aug 1750 Viscount Beauchamp and Earl of Hertford, with special remainder in default of male issue, to the male descendants of his brother, Henry Seymour-Conway

5 Jul 1793 Earl of Yarmouth and Marquess of Hertford

suc. by



suc. his father 3 Feb 1731/2 as 2nd Baron Conway;  Privy Councillor [I] 1749/50 and [GB] 1763; a Lord of the Bedchamber 1761-64; Knight of the Garter 1756; Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire 1757-94 and of Montgomeryshire 1775-76; Ambassador to Paris 1763-65; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1765-66; Master of the Horse 1766; Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1766-82 and 1783; Recorder of Coventry 1768-69


Francis [Seymour-Conway later Ingram-Seymour-Conway], 2nd Marquess of Hertford, KG PC


12 Feb 1742/43

mar. (1)

4 Feb 1768 Hon Alice Elizabeth Windsor (b. 10 May 1749; dspm. 11 Feb 1772), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Herbert [Windsor], 1st Viscount Windsor, by his wife Alice Clavering, dau. of Sir John Clavering, 3rd Bt., of Axwell, co. Durham

mar. (2)

20 May 1776 Hon Isabella Anne Ingram-Shepheard (d. 12 Apr 1834), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Charles [Ingram], 9th Viscount Irvine, by his wife Mary Shepheard, illeg. dau. and hrss. of Samuel Shepherd MP, of Exning, co. Suffolk

only child by second wife:

1. Lord Francis Charles Seymour-Conway, later 3rd Marquess of Hertford


17 Jun 1822

suc. by

son by second wife


Member of Irish Parliament for Lisburn 1761-68 and for County Antrim 1768-76; Member of Parliament (Tory) for Lostwithiel 1766-68 and for Oxford 1768-94; Chief Secretary to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1765-66; Privy Councillor [I] 1765 and [GB] 1780; a Lord of the Treasury 1774-80; Cofferer of the Household 1780-82; Master of the Horse 1804-06; Custos Rotulorum for co. Antrim 1806-22; Knight of the Garter 1807; took the additional name of Ingram before that of Seymour-Conway by Royal Licence 1807; Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1812-21; Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire 1816-21


Francis Charles [Seymour-Conway], 3rd Marquess of Hertford, KG GCH PC


11 Mar 1777


18 May 1798 Maria Emily Fagnani (b. c.1771; d. 2 Mar 1856), dau. of the Marchese Fagnani


1. Lord Richard Seymour-Conway, later 4th Marquess of Hertford

2. Lord Henry Seymour-Conway (b. 10 Jan 1805;  d. Aug 1859)

1. Lady Frances Maria Seymour-Conway (d. Nov 1822), mar. Feb 1822 Marquis de Chevigne


1 Mar 1842

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Orford 1797-1802, for Lisburn 1802-12, for co. Antrim 1812-18 and for Camelford 1820-22; Privy Councillor 1812; Vice-Chamberlain of the Household 1812; Lord Warden of the Stannaries 1812-42; GCH 1819; Vice Admiral of Suffolk 1822-42; Custos Rotulorum of co. Antrim 1822-42; Knight of the Garter 1822; Recorder of Coventry 1825


Richard [Seymour-Conway], 4th Marquess of Hertford, KG


22 Feb 1800


s.p.l. 25 Aug 1870

suc. by

second cousin


Member of Parliament (Tory) for co. Antrim 1822-26; Knight of the Garter 1846; he left an illegitimate son, Sir Richard Wallace, 1st Bt. KCB (b. 26 Jul 1818;  mar. 1871 Julie Amelie Charlotte Castelnau, dau. of Bernard Castelnau;  dsp. 20 Jul 1890), who inherited his father's art collection - these paintings and other objects were bequeathed by his widow to the nation and form the nucleus of the Wallace Collection


Francis George Hugh [Seymour], 5th Marquess of Hertford. GCB PC


11 Feb 1812


9 May 1839 Lady Emily Murray (b. 22 Nov 1816; d. 24 Jun 1902), 6th dau. of David William [Murray], 3rd Earl of Mansfield, by his wife Frederica Markham, 5th dau. of the Most Rev William Markham DD, Archbishop of York


1. Lord Hugh de Grey Seymour, later 6th Marquess of Hertford

2. Col Lord Albert Charles Seymour (b. 24 Apr 1847;  d. 24 Mar 1891), mar. 22 Jun 1872 Sarah Napier (d. 30 Apr 1901), only child of Capt John Moore Napier, and had issue

3. Maj Lord Ernest James Seymour (b. 10 May 1850;  d. 23 Jan 1930), mar. 26 Sep 1877 his second cousin Lady Georgiana Seymour Fortescue (d. 24 Dec 1915), 3rd dau. of Hugh [Fortescue], 3rd Earl Fortescue, and had issue

4. Rev Lord Victor Alexander Seymour, Rector of Carshalton 1884-1901, Vicar of St Stephen's, South Kensington 1901-29 (b. 6 Mar 1859;  d. 7 Aug 1935), mar. 23 Sep 1885 Elizabeth Margaret Cator (d. 8 Jun 1858), 1st dau. of Albemarle Cator, of Woodbastwick Hall, co. Norfolk, and had issue

1. Frederica Georgina Seymour (dvp. 12 Jan 1848)

2. Lady Horatio Elizabeth Seymour (d. 16 Apr 1922), mar. 26 Jun 1861 Capt Sir Henry David Erskine of Cardross KCVO, Groom of the Robes to Queen Victoria 1870-1901, Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms 1875-85, Sergeant-at-Arms 1885-1915, Gentleman Usher of the Robes to King Edward VII 1901-10 and King George V 1910-19 (b. 5 Jan 1838;  d. 7 Sep 1921), and had issue

3. Lady Florence Catherine Seymour, Maid of Honour to HM Queen Victoria (dsp. 7 May 1921), mar. 23 Jul 1872 as his second wife Rev James St John Blunt, Vicar of Windsor, co. Berkshire (d. 13 May 1889)

4. Lady Georgina Emily Lucy Seymour (dsp. 22 Jul 1944), mar. 23 Jan 1877 Lt Col Henry Edward Stirling Home Drummond of Blair Drummond (dsp. 16 May 1911)

5. Lady Constance Adelaide Seymour (d. 30 Nov 1915), mar. 2 Nov 1871 Lt Col Frederick St John Barne, of Sotterley Park (d. 25 Jan 1898), and had issue

6. Lady Mary Margaret Seymour (b. 27 Jun 1855; d. 29 Dec 1948), mar. 12 Aug 1875 Sir George John Egerton Dashwood, 6th Bt., of Kirtlington Park, co. Oxford, and had issue


25 Jan 1884

suc. by



entered the Army 1827, Maj Gen 1860, Lieut Gen 1868 and Gen 1876; Groom of the Robes 1833-68; State Steward of Ireland 1843-46; Equerry to the Prince Consort 1846-58 and to Queen Victoria 1858-70; Deputy Ranger of Windsor Park 1850-70; Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1874-79; Privy Councillor 1874; GCB 1879


Hugh de Grey [Seymour], 6th Marquess of Hertford, CB PC


22 Oct 1843


15 Apr 1868 Hon Mary Hood (b. 4 Jun 1846; d. 6 Apr 1909), 2nd dau. of Alexander Nelson [Hood], 1st Viscount Bridport, by his wife Lady Mary Penelope Hill, 2nd dau. of Arthur Blundell Sandys Trumbull [Hill], 3rd Marquess of Downshire


1. Lord George Francis Alexander Seymour, later 7th Marquess of Hertford

2. Brig Gen Lord Henry Charles Seymour DSO (b. 18 May 1878;  d. 18 Jun 1939), mar. 10 Nov 1915 Lady Helen Frances Grosvenor (d. 21 Oct 1970), 2nd dau. by his second wife of Hugh Lupus [Grosvenor], 1st Duke of Westminster, and had issue:

1a. Hugh Edward Conway Seymour, later 8th Marquess of Hertford

1a. Lady Margaret Katharine Seymour DCVO, Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Princess Elizabeth 1947-52 and Woman of the Bedchamber to HM the Queen 1953-75 (b. 9 May 1918;  d. 24 May 1975), mar. 22 Apr 1948 Sir (Alan) Philip Hay KCVO, yst. son of Alan Hay, of Chetcombe House, Mere, co. Wiltshire, and had issue

3. Lord Edward Beauchamp Seymour, of Erindale, Toronto, Canada (b. 22 Nov 1879;  dsp. 5 Dec 1917), mar. 23 May 1914 Elfrida Adelaide de Trafford (d. 10 Nov 1965), 2nd dau. of Sigismund Cathcart de Trafford, of Croston Hall, co. Lancaster (by his wife Clementina Frances Mostyn, 4th dau. of Sir Piers Mostyn, 8th Bt.), 1st son of John Randolphus de Trafford, of Croston Hall, co. Lancaster (by his wife Lady Adelaide Cathcart, 2nd dau. of Charles Murray [Cathcart], 2nd Earl Cathcart), 3rd son of Sir Thomas Joseph Trafford later de Trafford, 1st Bt., of Trafford Park, co. Lancaster

4. Cdr Lord George Frederick Seymour RN (b. 2 Sep 1881;  d. 30 Oct 1940), mar. 12 Jul 1906 Norah Skipwith (d. 23 Sep 1959), only dau. of Archibald Payton Skipwith, and had issue

1. Lady Margaret Alice Seymour (b. 22 Mar 1869;  d. 18 Aug 1901), mar. 10 Nov 1892 James Hainsworth Ismay (d. 24 Jan 1930), and had issue

2. Lady Emily Mary Seymour (b. 4 Aug 1873;  d. 7 Nov 1948), mar. 10 Sep 1895 Rev Reginald Edmund Walker, Rector of Frant, co. Sussex (d. 23 Aug 1945), 2nd son of Sir James Robert Walker, 2nd Bt., and had issue

3. Lady Victoria Frederica Wilhelmina Georgina Seymour (b. 20 Oct 1874;  d. 23 Apr 1960), mar. 29 May 1900 Lt Col Charles Alan Cathcart de Trafford (d. 9 May 1950), 4th son of John Randolphus de Trafford, of Croston Hall, co. Lancaster (by his wife Lady Adelaide Cathcart, 2nd dau. of Charles Murray [Cathcart], 2nd Earl Cathcart), 3rd son of Sir Thomas Joseph Trafford later de Trafford, 1st Bt., of Trafford Park, co. Lancaster, and had issue

4. Lady Jane Edith Seymour (b. 1 Apr 1877; d. 19...), mar. 11 Aug 1904 Maj Hugh Dudley Carleton DSO (d. 9 Aug 1906), and had issue


23 Mar 1912

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Conservative) for co. Antrim 1869-74 and for South Warwickshire 1874-80; Privy Councillor 1879; Comptroller of the Household 1879-80; Yeomanry ADC to King Edward VII 1902-12; Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Warwickshire 1905-12; CB 1906


George Francis Alexander [Seymour], 7th Marquess of Hertford


20 Oct 1871


27 Apr 1903 (annulled 1908) Alice Cornelia Thaw, dau. of William Thaw, of Pittsburgh, USA


s.p. 16 Feb 1940

suc. by



Hugh Edward Conway [Seymour], 8th Marquess of Hertford


29 Mar 1930


10 Jul 1956 Countess Pamela Thérèse Louise de Caraman-Chimay, only child of Lt Col Prince Alphonse de Chimay (only son of Prince Alphonse de Chimay, Count de Caraman) by his wife Mary Brenda Hamilton, 1st dau. of Capt Lord Ernest William Hamilton MP (by his wife Pamela Campbell, dau. of Capt Frederic Augustus Campbell), 7th son of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn


1. Lord Henry Jocelyn Seymour, later 9th Marquess of Hertford

1. Lady Carolyn Mary Seymour (b. 30 Sep 1960)

2. Lady Diana Helen Seymour (b. 10 Dec 1963), mar. (1) 1992 Timothy Verdon, son of George Verdon, of Manor Farm Cottage, Minstead, co. Hampshire, and (2) 2000 Henry Beaumont, and has issue by her second husband

3. Lady Anne Katherine Seymour (d. 26 May 1966)


22 Dec 1997

suc. by



Henry Jocelyn [Seymour], 9th Marquess of Hertford


6 Jul 1958


15 Dec 1990 Beatriz Karam, dau. of Jorge Karam, of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


1. Lord William Francis Seymour, styled Earl of Yarmouth (b. 2 Nov 1993), mar. Kelsey Wells, dau. of Dr Andrew Wells, of Bideford-on-Avon, co. Warwick, and has issue:

1a. Hon Clement Andrew Seymour, styled Viscount Beauchamp (b. 29 Nov 2019)

2. Lord Edward Seymour (b. 24 Jan 1995)

1. Lady Gabriella Helen Seymour (b. 23 Apr 1992)

2. Lady Antonia Louisa Seymour (b. 24 Jul 1998)


Last updated 13 Apr 2020




9th Marquess of Hertford

(Great Britain, let. pat. 5 Jul 1793)

9th Earl of Hertford

(Great Britain, let. pat. 3 Aug 1750)

9th Earl of Yarmouth

(Great Britain, let. pat. 5 Jul 1793)

9th Viscount Beauchamp

(Great Britain, let. pat. 3 Aug 1750)

10th Baron Conway, of Ragley in the County of Warwick

(England, let. pat. 17 Mar 1702/3)

10th Baron Conway of Killultagh, of Killultagh in the County of Antrim

(Ireland, let. pat. 16 Oct 1712)



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