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(A)bergavenny, Baron (E, 1450 - abeyant 1762)


Creation: writ of sum. 5 Sep 1450


Abeyant: 26 Aug 1762


Family name: Nevill later Fane




Argent a Saltire Gules in centre point a Rose of the second for difference (Nevill of Bergavenny)



Edward [Nevill], 1st Baron Bergavenny

5th surv. son of Ralph [Nevill], 1st Earl of Westmorland, by his second wife Lady Joane Beaufort, legitimated dau. of John [Plantagenet], 1st Duke of Lancaster (by his mistress Catherine de Roet), 3rd son of King Edward III


mar. (1)

bef. 1426 Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp, suo jure Baroness Bergavenny (b. 16 Dec 1415; d. 18 Jun 1447), only child of Richard [de Beauchamp], 2nd Baron Bergavenny later 1st Earl of Worcester, by his wife Lady Isabel la Despencer, suo jure Baroness Burghersh, sister and eventual sole hrss. of Richard [le Despencer], 4th Baron Burghersh, and only surv. dau. of Thomas [le Despencer], 1st Earl of Gloucester, by his wife Lady Constance Plantagenet, only dau. of Edmund [Plantagenet], 1st Duke of York (by his first wife Isabella of Castile, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Peter I, King of Castile), 5th son of King Edward III

children by first wife

1. Richard Nevill (d. young)

2. George Nevill, later 2nd and 4th Baron Bergavenny

1. Alice Nevill, mar. Sir Thomas Grey

2. Catherine Nevill, mar. ..... Iwarby

mar. (2)

after 15 Oct 1448 Katherine Howard (d. after 29 Jun 1478), sister of John [Howard], 1st Duke of Norfolk, and 2nd dau. of Sir Robert Howard, of Stoke Neyland, co. Suffolk, by his wife Lady Margaret de Mowbray, 1st dau. by his second wife of Thomas [Mowbray], 1st Duke of Norfolk

children by second wife

3. Margaret Nevill (d. 30 Sep 1506), mar. as his second wife John [Brooke], 7th Baron Cobham of Kent, and had issue

4. Catherine Nevill, mar. Robert Tanfield

5. Anne Nevill (dsp. on or after 26 Feb 1480/1), possibly mar. as his second wife John [Le Strange], 8th Baron Strange of Knokyn


18 Oct 1476


by writ 5 Sep 1450 as Baron Bergavenny

suc. by

son by first wife


a year after the death of his first wife obtained licence from King Henry VI to enter on the Abergavenny lands although he only appears to have held the actual Castle of Abergavenny for a very short time


George [Nevill], 2nd and 4th Baron Bergavenny


c. 1440

mar. (1)

Margaret Fenne (d. 28 Sep 1485), dau. and hrss. of Sir Hugh Fenne, of Soulton Burdeleys, co. Norfolk, and Braintree, co. Essex, Under-Treasurer of England and Treasurer of the Household to King Henry VI

children by his first wife

1. George Nevill, later 3rd and 5th Baron Bergavenny

2. William Nevill

3. Sir Edward Nevill, of Addington Park, co. Kent, Sewer of the Royal Household, Esquire of the Body to King Henry VIII, knighted 1513, Gentleman of the Bedchamber and Master of the Buckhounds 1516, Standard Bearer to the King 1531, Constable of Leeds Castle 1534, found guilty of high treason and beheaded (d. 8 Dec 1538), mar. Hon Eleanor le Scrope (widow of Ralph [le Scrope], 9th Baron Scrope of Masham), dau. of Andrew [Windsor], 1st Baron Windsor, and had issue:

1a. Sir Edward Nevill, of Newton St Loo, co. Somerset, and of the Castle and Honour of Abergavenny (d. 10 Feb 1588/9), mar. (1) Catherine Brome, dau. of Sir John Brome, of Halton, co. Oxford, by his wife Margaret Rowse, dau. of John Rowse, of Ragley, co. Warwick, and (2) Grisold Hughes (mar. (2) c.1589 Francis [Clifford], 4th Earl of Cumberland; dsp. 15 Jun 1613), dau. of Thomas Hughes, of Uxbridge, co. Middlesex, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Edward Nevill, later 1st Baron Bergavenny

2b. Francis Nevill, of Chichester, co. Sussex, mar. Mary Lewkenor, dau. and hrss. of Thomas Lewkenor, of Selsey, co. Sussex

3b. George Nevill (dsp.)

4b. Henry Nevill, of Bathwick, co. Somerset, mar. Eleanor Poole, dau. of Edward Poole, and had issue

1b. Margaret Nevill, mar. Sir Nicholas Lewkenor

2b. Grisel Nevill, mar. Sir Henry Poole

3b. Mary Nevill, mar. Edward Blount, of Kidderminster, co. Worcester

2a. Sir Henry Nevill, of Billingbere, nr. Waltham St Lawrence, co. Berkshire (d. 1593), mar. Elizabeth Gresham, dau. and hrss. of Sir John Gresham, and had issue

1a. Catherine Nevill, mar. Clement Throckmorton, of Hasley, co. Warwick, 2nd son of Sir George Throckmorton, of Coughton, co. Warwick, by his wife Hon Katherine Vaux, 2nd dau. of Nicholas [Vaux], Baron Vaux of Harrowden, by his first wife Hon Elizabeth Parr, widow of Sir William Parr KG, of Kendal, co. Westmorland, and 3rd dau. of Henry [FitzHugh], 5th Baron FitzHugh, by his wife Lady Alice Nevill, 3rd dau. of Sir Richard Nevill, jure uxoris 5th Earl of Salisbury, by his wife Lady Alice Montacute, suo jure Countess of Salisbury, only child and sole hrss. by his first wife of Thomas [Montacute], 4th Earl of Salisbury, and had issue

2a. Frances Nevill, mar. (1) Sir Edward Waldegrave, of Borley, co. Essex, and (2) Lord Chidiock Paulet, of Wade, co. Hampshire, 2nd son of William [Paulet], 1st Marquess of Winchester, by his wife Elizabeth Capell, 1st dau. of Alderman Sir William Capell, Lord Mayor of London 1503 and 1509, and had issue by both husbands

3a. Elizabeth Nevill, mar. Thomas Eymes, of co. York

4a. Mary Nevill, mar. Henry Dineley, of Charlton, co. Worcester

4. Sir Thomas Nevill, of Mereworth, co. Kent, Sheriff of Staffordshire 1510 and 1515, Member of Parliament for Kent, Secretary of State to King Henry VIII, Privy Councillor, Speaker of the House of Commons 1514, Member of the Star Chamber 1519, Steward of Westminster Abbey 1532 (b. c. 1480; d. 29 May 1542), mar. (1) Catherine FitzHugh (widow of George [FitzHugh], 7th Baron FitzHugh; d. 20 Aug 1527), 2nd dau. of Humphrey [Dacre], 1st Baron Dacre of Gilsland, and (2) 28 Aug 1532 Elizabeth Amadas (widow of Robert Amadas, goldsmith), and had issue by his first wife

5. Sir Richard Nevill, a Knight of Rhodes (d. after 1515)

1. Jane Nevill (d. bef. 26 Oct 1538), mar. bef. May 1520 Hon Sir Henry Pole, styled Lord Montagu, 1st son and heir of Sir Richard Pole KG, Constable of Harlech Castle, by his wife Lady Margaret Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Salisbury and Warwick, and had issue

2. Elizabeth Nevill, mar. Sir Edward Berkeley

mar. (2)

as her fourth husband Elizabeth Stokker (widow of (1) Sir Robert Bassett, Lord Mayor of London, (2) Richard Naylor, of London, and (3) John Stokker, of London;  d. 1500)


20 Sep 1492

suc. by

son by first wife


on the death of his mother on 18 Jun 1447 he inherited the 1392 Barony of Bergavenny although he was never summoned to Parliament as such until he inherited the 1450 Barony of Bergavenny from his father in 1476; knighted 1471; the manor of Soulton Burdeleys, which passed into the Nevill family through Margaret Fenne, was held by Grand Sergeanty, i.e. in exchange for personal service, as Chief Larderer to the Sovereign, a duty that was undertaken by the Lord (A)bergavenny of the day or his deputy at every coronation from King James II's to King George IV's inclusive as well as various coronations before that


George [Nevill], 3rd and 5th Baron Bergavenny, KG PC


c. 1469

mar. (1)

Lady Joane FitzAlan (dspm. 14 Nov .....), 2nd dau. of Thomas [FitzAlan], 17th or 10th Earl of Arundel, by his wife Lady Margaret Wydville, 2nd dau. of Richard [Wydville], 1st Earl Rivers

only child by first wife

1. Hon Elizabeth Nevill (dsp.), mar. as his first wife Henry [Daubeney], 1st Earl of Bridgewater

mar. (2)

Margaret Brent (dsps. after 1515), dau. of William Brent, of Charing, co. Kent

mar. (3)

c. Jun 1519 Lady Mary Stafford, 3rd dau. of Edward [Stafford], 3rd Duke of Buckingham, by his wife Lady Eleanor Percy, 1st dau. of Henry [Percy[, 3rd Earl of Northumberland

children by third wife

1. Hon Henry Nevill, later 4th and 6th Baron Bergavenny

2. Hon John Nevill (d. young)

3. Hon Thomas Nevill (dsp.)

2. Hon Catherine Nevill, mar. John St Leger, of Annersley, co. Devon, and had issue

3. Hon Margaret Nevill, mar. John Cheney, son of Sir Thomas Cheney

4. Hon Dorothy Nevill (dspm. 22 Sep 1559), mar. as his first wife her second half-cousin once removed William [Brooke], 10th Baron Cobham of Kent, and had issue

5. Hon Ursula Nevill (d. 1575), mar. Sir Warham St Leger, of Ulcombe, co. Kent, and had issue

6. Hon Mary Nevill (d. 1576), mar. (1) 1536 Thomas [Fiennes], 9th Baron Dacre, (2) ..... Wootton, of North Tuddenham, co. Norfolk, and (3) Francis Thursby, of Congham, co. Norfolk, and had issue by her first husband

mar. (4)

his former mistress Mary Brooke, 2nd dau. of Thomas [Brooke], 8th Baron Cobham of Kent, by his first wife Dorothy Heydon, dau. of Sir Henry Heydon, of Baconsthorpe, by his wife Anne Boleyn, dau. of Sir Geoffrey Boleyn, of Hever, co. Kent, Lord Mayor of London 1457-58


Jun 1535

suc. by

son by third wife


Chief Larderer at the Coronation of King Henry VIII 1509 and that of Lady Anne Boleyn 1533; he was granted the Castle and Honour of Abergavenny by King Henry VIII in 1512, following which he made an entail, confirmed by Acts of Parliament in 1538/39 and 1555/56, of these vast estates on himself and the heirs male of his body, with remainder to his brothers Thomas and Edward respectively in like manner; Constable of Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports 1513;  Knight of the Garter 1513;  Keeper of Ashdown Forest 1515; Privy Councillor 1516


Henry [Nevill], 4th and 6th Baron Bergavenny


mar. (1)

bef. 31 Jan 1555/6 Lady Frances Manners (bur. Sep 1576), 3rd dau. of Thomas [Manners], 1st Earl of Rutland, by his second wife Eleanor Paston, dau. of Sir William Paston, of Paston, co. Norfolk

only child by first wife

1. Hon Mary Nevill, de jure suo jure Baroness Bergavenny later suo jure Baroness la Despencer

mar. (2)

Elizabeth Darrell (mar. (2) Sir William Sedley, 1st Bt., of Southfleet, co. Kent;  d. aft. Feb 1601/2), dau. and cohrss. of Stephen Darrell, of Spelmonden, in Horsmonden, co. Kent, Chief Clerk of the Royal Kitchen, by his wife Philippa Weldon, dau. of Edward Weldon, Clerk of the Green Cloth


s.p.m. 10 Feb 1586/7

suc. by



one of the 26 peers who in 1553 signed the letters patent settling the Crown on Lady Jane Grey; Knight of the Bath 1553; Chief Larderer at the Coronation of Queen Mary I 1553; one of the Peers who tried Mary, Queen of Scots, at Fotheringhay in 1586


Hon Mary Nevill later Fane, de jure suo jure Baroness Bergavenny later suo jure Baroness la Despencer


25 Mar 1554


12 Dec 1574 as his second wife Sir Thomas Fane, of Badsell, co. Kent (d. 13 Mar 1588/9)


28 Jun 1626

suc. by



with the agreement of her father's cousin, Edward Nevill, of Newton St Loo, co. Somerset, who was the heir of entail of the whole of her father's estates, she inherited the estate of Mereworth, co. Kent, which had come to the Nevills through the Beauchamps and the FitzAlans, and also the manor and park of Althorne, co. Essex


On the death of Henry Nevill, 6th Lord (A)bergavenny of the 1392 creation and 4th Lord (A)bergavenny of the 1450 creation, in 1587 both baronies should have passed to his only child, Mary, wife of Sir Thomas Fane, as heir general of William [de Beauchamp], 1st Baron Bergavenny, and of Edward [Nevill], 1st Baron Bergavenny. She does not appear to have been very forceful in pursuing her claims to the two Baronies of (A)bergavenny. Her father's cousin, Edward Nevill, of Newton St Loo, co. Somerset, had inherited the bulk of the Nevill estates, including the Castle of Abergavenny, following a settlement by George, 3rd Lord (A)bergavenny of the 1450 creation (confirmed by Act of Parliament 31 Jan 1555/6). This Edward was never summoned to Parliament.


In 1598 his son, Sir Edward Nevill, claimed the dignity of Baron of Bergavenny, not on the grounds that the dignity was in any way attached to the Castle of Abergavenny, but that he, as being seised of that castle and as heir male of the last Lord, was the more eligible person. The Lord Chief Justice of England, Sir John Popham, and the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas were both of the opinion that the heir general had a prior claim to the heir male. Based upon these opinions Lady Fane petitioned to be allowed the Barony. Nothing further took place until 1604, when the claims by both parties were renewed. The House of Lords avoided a formal decision and it was decided that the King, James I, should be asked to ennoble both parties by way of restitution, the one to the Barony of le Despencer and the other to the Barony of Bergavenny. By a further resolution it was determined that Bergavenny should go to Nevill and le Despencer to Fane. This arrangement was approved of by the King, and a writ of summons was directed to Edwardo Neville de Bergavenny Chr on 25 May 1604, and letters patent dated the same day confirmed the dignity of le Despencer on Lady Fane.


The writ of summons to Sir Edward Nevill in 1604 did not actually resolve the descent of the 1392 and 1450 Baronies of Bergavenny. Sir Edward was neither heir nor even co-heir of any barony created by writ in either 1392 or 1450. Unless it can be proven that the 1604 writ was subsequent to an as yet undiscovered patent, or was dependent upon the tenure of the Castle of Abergavenny, modern Peerage law would state (a) that the writ of 1604 must have created a new barony in fee, and (b) the Baronies of 1392 and 1450 would have descended to Lady Fane, as heir general of the first holders of those baronies, and through her to her own heirs general, i.e. following the same line of descent as the Barony of le Despencer.


The son and heir of Lady Fane, Francis Fane, was created Earl of Westmorland in 1624. He inherited the Baronies of Bergavenny from his mother in 1626 and they remained merged with the Earldom of Westmorland until 26 Aug 1762, when on the death of John [Fane], 7th Earl of Westmorland, de jure 12th and 14th Baron Bergavenny, etc., the Baronies of Bergavenny, together with the Barony of le Despencer, fell into abeyance between the descendants of his two sisters, Lady Mary Dashwood and Lady Catherine Paul.  The Barony of le Despencer was called out of abeyance on 19 Apr 1763 in favour of Sir Frances Dashwood, 2nd Bt., of West Wycombe, co. Buckingham, but the 1392 and 1450 Baronies of Bergavenny remain in abeyance.


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