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Warwick, Earl of (E, 1450 - forfeited 1539)


Creation: let.pat. 2 Mar 1449/50


Forfeited: 12 May 1539


Family name: Beauchamp later Plantagenet




Quarterly:  1st, Or a Lion rampant Gules a Label of three points Azure (Pole); 2nd, per pale Or and Sable a Saltire engrailed counterchanged;  3rd, quarterly i and iv, Azure three Fleur-de-lis Or, ii and iii, Gules three Lions passant guardant in pale Or, over all a Label of three points Argent, each point charged with a Canton Gules (Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence);  4th, Gules a Saltire Argent, a Label of three point compony of the last and Azure (Neville, Earl of Salisbury)


An Eagle Or preying on a Fish proper


On either side a Griffin Or standing on a Mount proper


 These arms are as borne by Henry Pole, styled Lord Montagu, 1st son and heir ap. of Lady Margaret Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Warwick and Salisbury



Lady Anne de Beauchamp, suo jure Countess of Warwick

sister of the whole blood of Henry [de Beauchamp], 1st Duke of Warwick, and only dau. of Richard [de Beauchamp], 13th Earl of Warwick, by his second wife Lady Isabel de Beauchamp, de jure suo jure Baroness Burghersh, widow of his cousin Richard [de Beauchamp], 1st Earl of Worcester, sister and hrss. of Richard [le Despencer], 4th Baron Burghersh, and only surv. dau. of Thomas [le Despencer], 1st Earl of Gloucester, by his wife Lady Constance Plantagenet, only dau. of Edmund "of Langley", 1st Duke of York (by his first wife Isabella of Castile, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Peter I, King of Castile), 5th son of King Edward III


c. 1426


1434 Richard [Nevill], 1st Earl of Warwick later 6th Earl of Salisbury (the "Kingmaker"), 1st son and heir of Richard [Nevill], jure uxoris 5th Earl of Salisbury, by his wife Lady Alice Montagu, suo jure Countess of Salisbury, dau. and hrss. of Thomas [Montagu], 4th Earl of Salisbury


1. Lady Isabel Nevill (b. 5 Sep 1451; dvm. 22 Dec 1476), mar. 11 Jul 1469 George [Plantagenet], 1st Duke of Clarence, and had issue:

1a. Edward Plantagenet, later 2nd Earl of Warwick

1a. Lady Margaret Plantagenet, later suo jure Countess of Warwick and Salisbury

2. Lady Anne Nevill (b. 11 Jun 1456; dvm. and sps. 16 Mar 1484/5), mar. (1) Aug 1470 Edward [Plantagenet], Prince of Wales, only son of King Henry VI, and (2) 12 Jul 1472 King Richard III, and had issue by her second husband:

1a. Edward "of Middleham", cr. 15 Feb 1478 Earl of Salisbury and 24 Aug 1483 Earl of Chester and Prince of Wales (b. c. Dec 1473; dvp. 9 Apr 1484)


bef. 20 Sep 1492


2 Mar 1449/50 Countess of Warwick for life, and her husband Earl of Warwick, also for life, with all the privileges, etc., granted by the patent of confirmation dated 23 Jul 1449, "though they have no issue at present," with remainder after the death of both to the heirs of the body of the said Anne, and in case she should die without issue, then to Margaret, Countess of Shrewsbury, and the heirs male of her body, failing which to the heirs general of her body, and failing which to the right heirs of (her father) Richard, late Earl of Warwick

suc. by




Edward [Plantagenet], 2nd Earl of Warwick


21 or 25 Feb 1474/5


28 Nov 1499

suc. by



on the death of his aunt the Queen Consort 16 Mar 1484/5 the abeyances of the two Baronies of Montagu (cr. 1299 and 1357) and the Barony of Monthermer (cr. 1309) terminated in his favour; attainted post mortem Jan 1503/4 by Act of Parliament, but the attainder was reversed by another Act of Parliament on 14 Oct 1513


Lady Margaret Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Warwick and Salisbury


Aug 1473


22 Sep 1494 Sir Richard Pole KG, Constable of Harlech Castle (d. bef. 18 Dec 1505), son of Sir Geoffrey Pole, of Medmenham and Mellesborough, co. Buckingham, by his first wife Edith St John, dau. of Sir Oliver St John, of Bletsoe, co. Buckingham, by his wife Margaret Beauchamp (mar. (2) John [Beaufort], 1st Duke of Somerset, and was grandmother of King Henry VII), sister and sole hrss. of John [Beauchamp], 4th Baron Beauchamp of Bletsoe, and only dau. of John [Beauchamp], 3rd Baron Beauchamp of Bletsoe


1. Hon Sir Henry Pole, styled Lord Montagu (? sum. to Parliament 1514 in his mother's Barony of Montagu), attainted 2 Dec 1538 and executed on Tower Hill with his second cousin Henry [Courtenay], 1st Marquess of Exeter (b. c. 1492; dvm. 9 Jan 1538/9), mar. bef. May 1520 his maternal grandmother's second cousin Hon Jane Nevill (d. bef. 26 Oct 1538), 1st dau. of George [Nevill], 4th Baron Bergavenny, by his first wife Margaret Fenne, dau. and hrss. of Sir Hugh Fenne, of Sculton Burdeleys, co. Norfolk, and Braintree, co. Essex, Treasurer of the Household, and had issue:

1a. Hon Henry Pole, a prisoner in the Tower of London from 1539 (d. c. Sep 1542)

1a. Hon Katherine Pole, restored in blood by Act of Parliament 1554-55 (d. 23 Sep 1576), mar. 25 Jun 1532 Francis [Hastings], 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, and had issue

2a. Hon Winifred Pole, restored in blood by Act of Parliament 1554-55, mar. (1) Hon Sir Thomas Hastings (dsp.), yr. brother of Francis [Hastings], 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, and 2nd son of George [Hastings], 1st Earl of Huntingdon, by his wife Lady Anne Herbert, widow of Sir Walter Herbert, and 2nd dau. of Henry [Stafford], 2nd Duke of Buckingham, and (2) Sir Thomas Barrington, of Barrington Hall, co. Essex, and had issue by her second husband

2. Hon Sir Geoffrey Pole, found guilty of treason 1538 but pardoned (b. 1502; d. Nov 1558), mar. bef. 9 Jul 1528 Constance Pakenham (d. 12 Aug 1570), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Edmund Pakenham, of Lordington, co. Sussex, and had issue

3. Hon Sir Arthur Pole, of Broadhurst, co. Sussex, Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1518 and Esquire of the Body 1520 (d. after 10 May 1527), mar. bef. 24 Oct 1522 Jane Pickering (widow of Sir Christopher Pickering; mar. (3) Sir William Barentyne, of Great Hazely, co. Oxford; d. bef. 12 Mar 1562/3), dau. of Sir Roger Lewkenor, of Trotton, co. Sussex, and had issue

4. Hon Reginald Pole, Dean of Exeter 1527, Cardinal Deacon 1536, Papal Legate to England 1536/7 and 1553-57, attainted in absentia 1539 (reversed 1554), Archbishop of Canterbury 1555, Chancellor of Cambridge University 1555/6 and Oxford University 1556 (b. Mar 1500; d. 17 Nov 1558)

1. Lady Ursula Pole (d. 12 Aug 1570), mar. 16 Feb 1518/9 Henry [Stafford], 1st Baron Stafford, and had issue


28 May 1541


although known after the reversal of her brother's attainder in 1513 as Countess of Salisbury, she was also from this time de jure Countess of Warwick under the terms of the joint creation in 1449/50 and also Baroness Montagu (cr. 1299), Baroness Monthermer (cr. 1309) and Baroness Montagu (cr. 1357); attainted by Act of Parliament 12 May 1539 without trial and beheaded in the Tower of London ; she was the last surviving member of the House of Plantagenet


First written 21 Feb 2004



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