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FitzHugh, Baron (created 1321 - abeyant 1513)


Creation: writ sum. 15 May 1321


Abeyant: 26 Jan 1512/3


Family name: FitzHugh




Azure three Chevronels interlaced Or a Chief of the last


Out of a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine a Demi Griffin segreant Argent



Henry [FitzHugh], 1st Baron FitzHugh

son and heir of Sir Hugh FitzHenry, of Ravensworth, Fremington, Mickleton, Lartington, Little Leeming, etc., in Richmondshire, Airton in Craven, Barwick-on-Tees, Dent and Sedbergh in the wapentake of Ewcross, and Staveley in the Liberty of Knaresborough, by his wife Aubrey de Steyngrave, widow of Sir William de Steyngrave, of Stonegrave, co. York


mar. (1)

Eve de Bulmer, dau. of Sir John de Bulmer, of Wilton in Cleveland and Bulmer, co. York, by his wife Tiphane de Morwick, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Hugh de Morwick, of Morwick, co. Northumberland

children by first wife

1. Hugh FitzHenry (dvp. and sp. bef. 13 Feb 1332/3), mar. Joan .....

2. Sir Henry FitzHenry, of Ravensworth, co. York (dvp. 24 Sep 1352), mar. Joan de Fourneux (d. 15 or 21 Sep 1349), sister and cohrss. of William de Fourneux, of Carlton in Lindrick, Kingston, and Bothamsall, co. Nottingham, and Beighton, co. Derby, and 2nd dau. of Sir Richard de Fourneux, of Carlton in Lindrick, etc., and had issue:

1a. Hugh FitzHenry (dvp. and sp. bef. 21 Sep 1349), mar. Isabel de Nevill, 5th dau. of Ralph [de Nevill], 2nd Baron Nevill, by his wife Alice de Greystock, widow of Ralph [de Greystock], 1st Baron Greystock, sister of Hugh [de Audley], 1st Earl of Gloucester, and only dau. of Hugh [de Audley], 1st Baron Audley of Stratton Audley

2a. Hugh FitzHenry called FitzHugh, later 2nd Baron FitzHugh

1a. Joan FitzHenry (d. 1 Sep 1403), mar. (1) c. Oct 1351 as his second wife William [de Greystock], 2nd Baron Greystock, (2) bef. 29 Apr 1366 Anthony [de Lucy], 3rd Baron Lucy, and (3) bef. 6 May 1378 Sir Matthew Redman, of Levens, co. Westmorland, and had issue by her first and second husbands

mar. (2)

bef. 25 Nov 1337 Emma Hastang (widow of Robert [Hastang], 1st Baron Hastang; dsp. bef. 13 Oct 1348), dau. and hrss. of Sir Robert de Cleseby, of Cleseby, Clowbeck and East Tanfield in Richmondshire, by his wife Amabel de Bereford, dau. and hrss. of John de Bereford




by writ of summons 15 May 1321 Baron FitzHugh

suc. by



Hugh [FitzHugh], 2nd Baron FitzHugh



c. Sep 1350 Joan le Scrope, 1st dau. of Henry [le Scrope], 1st Baron Scrope of Masham, by his wife Joan .....


1. Sir Henry FitzHugh, later 3rd Baron FitzHugh

2. Sir John FitzHugh (dvp. 5 Aug 1388)


29 Aug 1386

suc. by



Henry [FitzHugh], 3rd Baron FitzHugh, KG


c. 1358


Elizabeth de Grey (d. 12, 13 or 14 Dec 1427), only child and sole hrss. of Sir Robert de Grey (by his wife Lora de St Quintin, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Herbert de St Quintin, of Brandesburton in Holderness, co. York, Stenton St Quintin, co. Wiltshire, Frome St Quintin, co. Dorset, etc.), 2nd son of John [de Grey], 1st Baron Grey of Rotherfield, by his second wife Avice de Marmion, sister and cohrss. of Robert [de Marmion], 3rd Baron Marmion of Tanfield, and 1st dau. of John [de Marmion], 2nd Baron Marmion of Tanfield


1. Henry FitzHugh

2. John FitzHugh

3. Sir William FitzHugh, later 4th Baron FitzHugh

4. Sir Geoffrey FitzHugh (dspm. bef. 3 Jun 1436), mar. Idoine ..... (d. bef. 26 Jan 1452/3)

5. Robert FitzHugh, Bishop of London 1431-35/6 (d. 15 Jan 1435/6)

6. Ralph FitzHugh

7. Herbert FitzHugh (d. young)

8. Richard FitzHugh (d. young)

1. Elizabeth FitzHugh (d. young)

2. Joan FitzHugh, mar. (sic?) as his first wife Robert [Willoughby], 6th Baron Willoughby de Eresby

3. Eleanor FitzHugh (d. 30 Sep 1457), mar. (1) as his first wife Philip [Darcy], 6th Baron Darcy de Knayth, (2) Sir Thomas Tunstall, of Thurland, co. Lancaster, and (3) as his second wife Henry [Bromflete], 1st Baron Vesci, and had issue by her first husband

4. Maud FitzHugh (d. bef. 17 Mar 1466/7), mar. after 25 Jan 1410/1 Sir William Eure, of Stokesley, Malton, and Witton, co. York (d. bef. 20 Jul 1465), and had issue

5. Elizabeth FitzHugh, mar. Sir Ralph Grey, of Heton, Warke and Chillingham, co. Northumberland (d. 24 Feb or 17 Mar1442/3), and had issue

6. Lora FitzHugh, mar. Sir Maurice Berkeley, of Beverstone, co. Gloucester (b. 1424; d. 1474), 1st son and heir of Sir John de Berkeley, of Beverstone, co. Gloucester, by his wife Elizabeth Bettershorne, and had issue


11 Jan 1424/5

suc. by



William [FitzHugh], 4th Baron FitzHugh


c. 1399


bef. 18 Nov 1406 Margery de Willoughby (d. bef. 1452), dau. of William [de Willoughby], 5th Baron Willoughby de Eresby, by his first wife Lucy le Strange, dau. of Roger [le Strange], 5th Baron Strange of Knockyn


1. Sir Henry FitzHugh, later 5th Baron FitzHugh

1. Elizabeth FitzHugh (d. 20 Mar 1468/9), mar. after 1 Jul 1436 as his first wife Ralph [de Greystock], 5th Baron Greystock, and had issue

2. Eleanor FitzHugh (dsp. after 19 May 1468), mar (sic?) Ranulph [Dacre], 1st Baron Dacre of Gilsland

3. Maud FitzHugh (d. after 17 Oct 1466), mar. Sir William Bowes, of Streatlam, co. Durham (d. 28 Jul 1466)

4. Lora FitzHugh, mar. as his first wife Sir John Constable, of Halsham, co. York (d. after 20 Dec 1472), and had issue

5. Lucy FitzHugh, a nun at Dartford Priory

6. Margery FitzHugh, mar. John Melton, of Cawston and Felton (d. 23 Apr 1458)

7. Joan FitzHugh (d. bef. 1470), mar. after 22 Nov 1447 as his first wife John [le Scrope], 5th Baron Scrope of Bolton, and had issue


22 Oct 1452

suc. by



Henry [FitzHugh], 5th Baron FitzHugh


c. 1429


Lady Alice Nevill (d. after 22 Nov 1503), 3rd dau. of Sir Richard Nevill, jure uxoris 5th Earl of Salisbury, by his wife Lady Alice Montacute, suo jure Countess of Salisbury, only child and sole hrss. by his first wife of Thomas [Montacute], 4th Earl of Salisbury


1. Sir Richard FitzHugh, later 6th Baron FitzHugh

2. George FitzHugh, Dean of Lincoln 1483-1505 (b. c. 1462; d. 20 Nov 1505)

3. Edward FitzHugh (dsp.)

4. Thomas FitzHugh (dsp.)

5. John FitzHugh (dsp.)

1. Alice FitzHugh (d. bef. 10 Jul 1516), mar. after 19 Nov 1486 Sir John Fiennes (dvp.), 1st son and heir ap. of Sir Richard Fiennes, of Hurstmonceaux. co. Sussex, jure uxoris 7th Baron Dacre, by his wife Joan de Dacre, suo jure Baroness Dacre, and had issue

2. Anne FitzHugh (dsp. after 15 Dec 1489), mar. bef. 14 Feb 1465/6 Francis [Lovel], 1st Viscount Lovel

3. Elizabeth FitzHugh (d. bef. 28 Jun 1512/3), mar. (1) Sir William Parr KG, of Kendal, co. Westmorland (d. bef. 26 Feb 1483/4), and (2) as his first wife Nicholas [Vaux], 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden, and had issue by both husbands

4. Margery FitzHugh (dsp.), mar. as his first wife Sir Marmaduke Constable, of Flamborough, co. York (d. 29 Nov 1518)

5. Joan FitzHugh, a nun at Dartford Priory

6. Eleanor FitzHugh


8 Jun 1472

suc. by



Richard [FitzHugh], 6th Baron FitzHugh


c. 1458


bef. 21 May 1481 Elizabeth Burgh (mar. (2) as his second wife Sir Henry Willoughby, of Wollaton, co. Nottingham, and Middleton, co. Warwick), 1st dau. of Thomas [Burgh], 1st Baron Burgh, by his wife Margaret Botreaux, widow of William [Botreaux], 3rd Baron Botreaux, and dau. of Thomas [de Ros], 8th Baron Ros

only child

1. Hon George FitzHugh, later 7th Baron FitzHugh


20 Nov 1487

suc. by



George [FitzHugh], 7th Baron FitzHugh


c. 1487


bef. 15 Nov 1509 Hon Katherine Dacre (mar. (2) as his first wife Sir Thomas Nevile, of Mereworth, co. Kent, Speaker of the House of Commons, 4th son by his first wife of George [Nevill], 2nd and 4th Baron Bergavenny), 2nd dau. of Humphrey [Dacre], 1st Baron Dacre of Gilsland, by his wife Mabel Parr, dau. of Sir Thomas Parr, of Kendal, co. Westmorland


s.p. 28 Jan 1512/3


On the death of the 7th Baron FitzHugh in 1513 the Barony of FitzHugh fell into abeyance between his aunt, Alice, Lady Fiennes, and his first cousin Sir Thomas Parr, of Kendal, co. Westmorland, and continues to be in abeyance between their descendants.


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