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Abingdon, Earl of (E, 1682)


Creation: let. pat. 30 Nov 1682


Family name: Bertie later Venables-Bertie later Bertie later Towneley-Bertie




See Earl of Lindsey



James [Bertie], 5th Baron Norris later 1st Earl of Abingdon

1st son of Montagu [Bertie], 2nd Earl of Lindsey, by his second wife Hon Bridget Sackville, suo jure Baroness Norris (widow of Hon Edward Sackville), only child of Edward Wray, Groom of the Bedchamber to King Charles I, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Norris, suo jure Baroness Norris, only child of Francis [Norris], 1st Earl of Berkshire


16 Jun 1653

mar. (1)

1 Feb 1671/2 Eleanora Lee (d. 31 May 1691), 1st dau. and event. sole hrss. of Sir Henry Lee, 3rd Bt., of Quarendon, co. Buckingham, by his wife Anne Danvers, sister and cohrss. of Henry Danvers, and dau. of Sir John Danvers, of Cornbury, co. Oxford

children by first wife

1. Hon Montagu Bertie later Venables-Bertie, later 2nd Earl of Abingdon

2. Hon James Bertie MP, of Stanwell, co. Middlesex (b. 13 Mar 1673; d. 18 Oct 1735), mar. 5 Jan 1691/2 Hon Elizabeth Willoughby, only surv. dau. and eventual sole hrss. of George [Willoughby], 7th Baron Willoughby of Parham, by his wife Elizabeth Clinton, dau. and hrss. of Henry Clinton, of Kirkstead, co. Lincoln, and had issue:

1a. Willoughby Bertie, later 3rd Earl of Abingdon

2a. Edward Bertie (d. 21 Sep 1733)

3a. Rev Hon William Bertie DD, Rector of Albury, co. Oxford, mar. his first cousin Hon Anne Bulkeley, 2nd dau. of Richard [Bulkeley], 4th Viscount Bulkeley, by his wife Lady Bridget Bertie, 1st dau. of James [Bertie], 1st Earl of Abingdon, and had issue

4a. Henry Bertie

5a. Rev John Bertie, Rector of Ken, co. Devon, Prebendary of Exeter (d. 1 Feb 1774), mar. Mary Nicholas, and had issue

1a. Bridget Bertie (bur. 9 Aug 1734), mar. Robert Coetmor, of Coetmor and Bodwrda (b. c. 1691; d. May 1725), and had issue

3. Hon Henry Bertie (d. 1735), mar. his cousin Mary Henley (widow of Anthony Henley, of The Grange, Alresford, co. Hampshire), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Hon Peregrine Bertie, of Waldershare, co. Kent (by his wife Susan Monins, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Edward Monins, 2nd Bt., of Waldershare, co. Kent), 2nd son by his first wife of Montagu [Bertie], 2nd Earl of Lindsey, and had issue

4. Hon Robert Bertie, of Beenham, co. Oxford (dsp. 1710), mar. Hon Catharine Wenman, 1st dau. of Richard [Wenman], 1st Viscount Wenman, by his wife Catherine Chamberlayne, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Chamberlayne, 2nd Bt., of Northbrook, by his wife Margaret Prideaux, dau. of Edmund Prideaux

5. Capt Hon Peregrine Bertie RN (d. 1709)

6. Rev Hon Charles Bertie, Rector of Ken, co. Devon, mar. ..... Kerry, dau. of Rev John Kerry, Rector of Treddington, co. Worcester, and had issue

1. Lady Bridget Bertie (d. 13 Jun 1753), mar. after 12 Feb 1702/3 Richard [Bulkeley], 4th Viscount Bulkeley, and had issue

2. Lady Anne Bertie (d. 31 Oct 1718), mar. 20 Jul 1704 William Courtenay, de jure 6th Earl of Devon, and had issue

3. Lady Mary Bertie (dvp. young)

mar. (2)

15 Apr 1698 Catherine Wenman (widow of Richard [Wenman], 1st Viscount Wenman;  mar. (3) Francis Wroughton, of Estcourt, co. Wiltshire;  d. 9 Feb 1741/2), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Chamberlayne, 2nd Bt., of Northbrook, by his wife Margaret Prideaux, dau. of Edmund Prideaux


22 May 1699


30 Nov 1682 Earl of Abingdon

suc. by

son by first wife


suc. his mother as 24 Mar 1656/7 as 5th Baron Norris;  Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire 1674-87 and 1689-97;  Chief Justice in Eyre of all Royal Forests south of the Trent;  High Steward of Oxford


Montagu [Bertie later Venables-Bertie], 2nd Earl of Abingdon



mar. (1)

22 May 1687 Anne Venables (dsp. 28 Apr 1715), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Anne, dau. and sole hrss. of Peter Venables, of Kinderton, co. Chester, by his wife Catharine Shirley, 1st dau. of Sir Robert Shirley, 4th Bt., of Staunton Harold, co. Leicester

mar. (2)

13 Feb 1716/7 Mary Churchill (widow of Gen Charles Churchill;  d. 10 Jan 1757), dau. and hrss. of James Gould, of Minterne, co. Dorset, by his wife Mary Bonde, 1st dau. of William Bonde, of Bestrall, co. Dorset

only child by second wife

1. Hon James Bertie, styled Lord Norreys (b. 14 Nov 1747; dvp. 25 Feb 1717/8)


s.p.s. 16 Jun 1743

suc. by



by Royal Licence 10 Nov 1687 took the additional name of Venables for himself and his issue by his wife Anne;  Member of Parliament for Berkshire 1689, and for Oxfordshire 1690, 1695 and 1698;  Privy Councillor to Queen Anne and George I;  Constable and Lord Lieutenant of the Tower of London;  Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire 1702-05 and 1712-15;  Chief Justice in Eyre;  Recorder and High Steward of Oxford


Willoughby [Bertie], 3rd Earl of Abingdon


28 Nov 1692


Aug 1727 Anna Maria Collins (d. 21 Dec 1763), dau. of Sir John Collins, of Chute Lodge, co. Hampshire


1. Hon James Bertie, styled Lord Norris (dvp. 12 Oct 1745)

2. Hon Willoughby Bertie, later 4th Earl of Abingdon

3. Capt Hon Peregrine Bertie MP RN, of Weston-on-the-Green and Chesterton, co. Oxford, Nuttley Abbey, co. Buckingham, and Yattenden and Hamstead Norris, co. Berkshire (b. 13 Mar 1741; dsp. Aug 1790), mar. May 1769 ..... Hutchins (dsp. 1833)

1. Lady Elizabeth Bertie, mar. Sir John Gallini (d. 5 May 1805), and had issue

2. Lady Jane Bertie (d. 23 Feb 1791), mar. 29 Sep 1760 as his third wife Thomas Clifton, of Clifton, Westby and Lytham, co. Lancaster, and had issue

3. Lady Bridget Bertie (d. unm. 9 Dec 1760)

4. Lady Anne Eleanora Bertie (dsp. 19 Apr 1804; bur. at Thame Park, co. Oxford), mar. 7 Jul 1766 Philip [Wenman], 4th Viscount Wenman

5. Lady Mary Bertie (d. 22 Jul 1826), mar. as his second wife Miles Stapleton, of Drax. co. York (d. 1808), 2nd son of Nicholas Stapleton, of Carlton, co. York, by his third wife Winifred White, dau. of John White, and had issue

6. Lady Sophia Bertie (d. unm. 1760)


10 Jun 1760

suc. by

second son


Willoughby [Bertie], 4th Earl of Abingdon


16 Jan 1739/40


7 Jul 1768 Charlotte Warren (d. 28 Jan 1794), 3rd surv. dau. and cohrss. of Adm Sir Peter Warren KB MP, of Warrenstown, by his wife Susanna De Lancy, dau. of Stephen De Lancy


1. Hon Willoughby Bertie, styled Lord Norreys (b. 8 Feb 1779; dvp. 20 Feb 1779)

2. Hon Montagu Bertie, later 5th Earl of Abingdon

3. Capt Hon Willoughby Bertie RN, of Weston-on-the-Green, co. Oxford (b. 24 Jun 1787; dsp. 1810, being killed in the wreck of HMS Satellite on the Goodwin Sands), mar. 26 Nov 1808 Catherine Jane Saunders

4. Hon Peregrine Bertie (b. 30 Jul 1790; d. 17 Oct 1849)

5. Rev Hon Frederic Bertie, Rector of Albury, co. Oxford, and Wytham, co. Berkshire (b. 12 Feb 1793; d. 4 Feb 1868), mar. 17 Oct 1825 his brother's sister-in-law Lady Georgina Anne Emily Kerr (d. 20 May 1881), 2nd dau. of Vice-Admiral Lord Mark Robert Kerr (3rd son of William John [Kerr], 5th Marquess of Lothian), by his wife Lady Charlotte McDonnell, suo jure Countess of Antrim, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Randal William [McDonnell], 1st Marquess of Antrim, and had issue

1. Lady Caroline Bertie (d. 12 Mar 1870), mar. 23 Jan 1821 Charles John Baillie-Hamilton MP (b. 4 Jan 1800; d. 25 Aug 1865), 2nd son of Ven Charles Baillie later Baillie-Hamilton, Archdeacon of Cleveland (by his wife Lady Charlotte, 2nd dau. by his third wife of Alexander [Home], 9th Earl of Home), 2nd son of Hon George Hamilton later Baillie of Jerviswood and Mellerstain (by his wife Eliza Andrews, dau. of John Andrews), yr. brother of Thomas [Hamilton], 7th Earl of Haddington, and had issue


26 Sep 1799

suc. by

second son


Montagu [Bertie], 5th Earl of Abingdon


30 Apr 1784

mar. (1)

27 Aug 1807 Emily Gage (d. 28 Aug 1838), sister of Henry [Gage], 3rd Viscount Gage, and 5th dau. of Gen Hon Thomas Gage (by his wife Margaret Kemble, dau. of Peter Kemble, President of the Council of New Jersey), 2nd son of Thomas [Gage], 1st Viscount Gage

children by first wife

1. Hon Montagu Bertie, later 6th Earl of Abingdon

2. Hon Albemarle Bertie (b. 1811; dvp. 4 Feb 1825)

3. Rev Hon Henry William Bertie, Vicar of Great Ilford, co. Essex, Fellow of All Souls', Oxford (b. 16 Sep 1812; d. 31 Dec 1894)

4. Hon Brownlow Charles Bertie (b. 19 Aug 1819; dvp. 30 Dec 1852)

1. Lady Charlotte Margaret Bertie (b. c. 1809; d. 7 Nov 1893)

2. Lady Emily Caroline Bertie (dsp. 18 Mar 1881), mar. 31 Jul 1830 Rev Hon Charles Bathurst, Rector of Siddington St Mary, co. Gloucester, and Latham, co. Warwick (b. 21 Jan 1802; dsp. 28 Feb 1842), 4th son of Henry [Bathurst], 3rd Earl Bathurst, by his wife Lady Georgina Lennox, sister of Charles [Lennox], 4th Duke of Richmond, and 3rd dau. of Gen Lord George Henry Lennox (by his wife Lady Louisa Kerr, 1st dau. of William Henry [Kerr], 4th Marquess of Lothian), 2nd son of Charles [Lennox], 2nd Duke of Richmond

mar. (2)

11 Mar 1841 Lady Frederica Augusta Kerr (d. 26 Nov 1864), 5th dau. of Vice-Admiral Lord Mark Robert Kerr (3rd son of William John [Kerr], 5th Marquess of Lothian), by his wife Lady Charlotte McDonnell, suo jure Countess of Antrim, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Randal William [McDonnell], 1st Marquess of Antrim


16 Oct 1854

suc. by

son by first wife


High Steward of Abingdon and Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire


Montagu [Bertie], 6th Earl of Abingdon


19 Jun 1808


7 Jan 1835 Elizabeth Lavinia Harcourt (d. 16 Oct 1858), only dau. and hrss. of George Granville Vernon-Harcourt later Harcourt MP, of Nuneham Courtenay, co. Oxford (by his first wife Lady Elizabeth Bingham, 1st dau. of Richard [Bingham], 2nd Earl of Lucan), 1st son of Most Rev and Rt Hon Edward Venables-Vernon later Vernon-Harcourt DD, Archbishop of York (by his wife Lady Anne Leveson-Gower, 3rd dau. by his second wife of Granville [Leveson-Gower], 1st Marquess of Stafford), 2nd son by his third wife of George [Vernon later Venables-Vernon], 1st Baron Vernon


1. Hon Montagu Arthur Bertie, later 7th Earl of Abingdon

2. Hon Francis Leveson Bertie, later 1st Viscount Bertie of Thame

3. Rev Hon Alberic Edward Bertie, Rector of Gedling, co. Nottingham 1887-1923 (b. 14 Nov 1846; d. 20 Mar 1928), mar. 26 Apr 1881 Lady Caroline Elizabeth McDonnell (d. 29 Feb 1930), 1st dau. of Mark [Kerr later McDonnell], 5th Earl of Antrim, and had issue

4. Lt Col Hon George Aubrey Vere Bertie (b. 2 May 1850; d. 8 Nov 1926), mar. 13 Oct 1855 Harriet Blanche Elizabeth Farquhar (d. 30 Jan 1923), 4th dau. of Sir Walter Rockcliffe Farquhar, 3rd Bt. DL, of Cadogan House, co. Middlesex, by his wife Lady Mary Octavia Somerset, 8th dau. of Henry Charles [Somerset], 6th Duke of Beaufort, and had issue

5. Hon Charles Claude Bertie (b. 31 Aug 1851; dsp. 4 Sep 1920), mar. 29 Apr 1890 Adelaide Burroughes (dsp. 28 Aug 1903), yst. dau. of Rev Jeremiah Burroughes, of Lingwood Lodge, co. Norfolk

6. Col Hon Reginald Henry Bertie CB (b. 26 May 1856; dsp. 15 Jun 1950), mar. 18 Oct 1892 Lady Amy Evelyn Courtenay (b. 22 Feb 1865; d. 21 Dec 1948), sister of Charles [Courtenay], 14th Earl of Devon, and 1st dau. of Henry Reginald, styled Lord Courtenay (by his wife Lady Evelyn Pepys, 3rd dau. of Charles Christopher [Pepys], 1st Earl of Cottenham), 1st son and heir ap. of Henry Hugh [Courtenay], 13th Earl of Devon

1. Lady Elizabeth Emily Bertie (d. 4 May 1923)

2. Lady Lavinia Louisa Bertie (dsp. 5 Jul 1928), mar. 16 Jan 1883 Robert Bickersteth, of Downgate House, Wadhurst, co. Sussex (dsp. 10 Jul 1916), 1st son of Rt Rev Robert Bickersteth DD, Bishop of Ripon

3. Lady Frances Evelyn Bertie, a nun (d. 29 Aug 1929)


8 Feb 1884

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire 1830 and 1832-52, and for Abingdon 1852-54;  Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire 1854-81;  High Steward of Oxford and Abingdon


Montagu Arthur [Bertie], 7th Earl of Abingdon


13 May 1836

mar. (1)

10 Jul 1858 Caroline Theresa Towneley (d. 4 Sep 1873), 1st dau. and in her issue cohrss. of Charles Towneley, of Towneley, co. Lancaster, by his wife Lady Caroline Molyneux, 5th dau. of William Philip [Molyneux], 2nd Earl of Sefton

children by first wife

1. Capt Hon Montagu Charles Francis Bertie later Towneley-Bertie, styled Lord Norreys (b. 3 Oct 1860; dvp. 24 Sep 1919), mar. 25 Jul 1885 Hon Rose Riversdale Glyn (raised to the rank and precedence of a Baron's daughter by Royal Licence 1889;  d. 21 Dec 1933), sister of Frederick [Glyn], 4th Baron Wolverton, and only dau. of Vice-Admiral Hon Henry Carr Glyn RN CB CSI (3rd son of George Carr [Glyn], 1st Baron Wolverton), by his wife Rose Pennefather, widow of John Pennefather, and dau. of Rev Denis Mahoney, of Dromore Castle, co. Kerry, and had issue:

1a. Hon Montagu Henry Edmund Cecil Bertie, later 8th Earl of Abingdon later 13th Earl of Lindsey

1a. Lady Alexandra Rose Alice Bertie, granted the precedence of the daughter of an earl by Royal Warrant 1928 (b. 17 Oct 1886; d. 21 Apr 1952)

1. Lady Mary Caroline Bertie (b. 11 Aug 1859; d. 21 Apr 1938), mar. 5 Aug 1879 1st Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent, and had issue

2. Lady Alice Josephine Bertie (b. 2 Mar 1865; d. 7 May 1950), mar. (1) 1 Feb 1890 Sir Gerald Herbert Portal KCNG CB (dsp. 25 Jan 1894), and (2) 5 Oct 1897 Maj Robert Reyntiens (d. 13 Oct 1913), son of Maj Robert Reyntiens, of Brussels, Belgium, ADC to King Leopold I of the Belgians, and had issue

3. Lady Cecil Josephine Bertie (b. 22 Jul 1873; dsp. 3 Oct 1895), mar. 18 Jul 1895 Brig Gen Paul Aloysius Kenna VC DSO (d. 30 Aug 1915), son of James Kenna

mar. (2)

16 Oct 1883 Hon Gwendoline Mary Dormer, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Baron by Royal Warrant 1901 (b. 11 Jul 1865; d. 16 Sep 1942), 1st dau. of Lt Gen Hon Sir James Charlemagne Dormer KCB (by his wife Ella Frances Catherine Fergusson, widow of Robert Cutlar Fergusson of Craigdarroch and Orroland and only dau. of Sir Archibald Alison, Bt.), 2nd son of Joseph Thaddeus [Dormer], 11th Baron Dormer

children by second wife

2. Maj Hon Arthur Michael Cosmo Bertie DSO MC (b. 29 Sep 1886; d. 2 Feb 1957), mar (1) 15 May 1929 Aline Rose Ramsay (widow of Hon Charles Fox Maule Ramsay MC, 5th son of John William [Ramsay], 13th Earl of Dalhousie; d. 5 Jul 1948), 1st dau. of George Arbuthnot-Leslie, of Warthill, co. Aberdeen,and had issue:

1a. Richard Henry Rupert Bertie, later 14th Earl of Lindsey and 9th Earl of Abingdon

Maj Hon Arthur Bertie mar. (2) 7 May 1949 Lilian Isabel Crackanthorpe (b. 23 Jun 1902; widow of Lt Cdr Frank Dayrell Montague Crackanthorpe RN; d. 25 Sep 2000), 1st dau. of Charles Edward Cary-Elwes, of Staithe House, Beccles, co. Sussex

3. Lt Cmdr Hon James Willoughby Bertie RN (b. 22 Sep 1901; d. 11 May 1966), mar. 12 Jun 1928 Lady Jean Crichton-Stuart (b. 28 Oct 1908; d. 23 Oct 1995), 2nd dau. of John [Crichton-Stuart], 4th Marquess of Bute, by his wife Augusta Mary Monica Bedlingham DBE, 2nd dau. of Sir Henry Bedlingham, 4th Bt., and had issue:

1a. Fra' Andrew William Ninian Bertie, elected 1988 His Most Eminent Highness the 78th Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (b. 15 May 1929; d. 7 Feb 2008)

2a. Capt (Charles) Peregrine Albemarle Bertie, High Sheriff of Berkshire 1986-87 (b. 2 Jan 1932), mar. 20 Apr 1960 Susan Griselda Anne Lyon Wills, 1st dau. of Maj John Lycett Wills, and has issue

4. Lady Gwendoline Theresa Mary Bertie (b. 20 Nov 1885; d.7 Jul 1941), mar. 8 Aug 1808 Maj John Strange Spencer-Churchill DSO, younger brother of Rt Hon Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill KG OM and 2nd son of Rt Hon Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill (by his wife Jennie Jerome, dau. of Leonard Jerome, of New York, USA), 3rd son of John Winston [Spencer-Churchill], 7th Duke of Marlborough, and had issue

5. Lady Elizabeth Constance Mary Bertie OBE (b. 12 Mar 1895; d. 19...), mar. (1) 21 Apr 1914 Maj Sigismund William Joseph Trafford, of Wroxham Hall, co. Norfolk (d. 8 Sep 1953), 1st son of Edward Southwell Trafford, and (2) 5 Sep 1956 Col Henry Antrobus Cartwright CMG MC (d. 30 Jul 1957), son of Rev Arthur Rogers Cartwright, of Clevedon, co. Somerset, and had issue by her first husband


10 Mar 1928

suc. by



High Steward of Abingdon


Montagu Henry Edmund Cecil [Towneley-Bertie], 8th Earl of Abingdon later 13th Earl of Lindsey


suc. his kinsman 2 Jan 1938 as 13th Earl of Lindsey


The Earldom of Abingdon has been held by the Earls of Lindsey since 2 Jan 1938.


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