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Haddington, Earl of (S, 1619)


Creation: let. pat. 17 Aug 1627 with precedence from 20 Mar 1619


Family name: Hamilton later Baillie-Hamilton




Quarterly:  1st and 4th grandquarters, quarterly:  1st and 4th, Gules on a Chevron between three Cinquefoils Argent a Buckle Azure between two Ermine Spots all within a Bordure Or charged with eight Thistles Vert (Hamilton of Byres);  2nd and 3rd, Argent a Fess wavy between three Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper (Melrose);  2nd and 3rd grandquarters, Sable the Sun in his Glory between nine Stars three two three and one Argent (Baillie of Jerviswoode)


1st:  Two dexter Hands issuing out of Clouds conjoined fesswise and holding betwixt them a Branch of Laurel erect all proper (Hamilton);  2nd:  A Crescent Or (Baillie)


On either side a Talbot Argent plain collared Gules


Above the first crest:  Praesto Et Persto (I understand and persevere);  Above the second crest:  Major Virtus Quam Splendor (Virtue is greater than splendour)



Thomas [Hamilton], 1st Lord Binning later 1st Earl of Melrose later Haddington, PC

1st son of Sir Thomas Hamilton of Priestfield, a Lord of Session 1607-08 under the style Lord Priestfield, by his first wife Elizabeth Heriot, dau. of James Heriot, of Trabroun, co. Haddington



mar. (1)

c. 1588 Margaret Borthwick (dspm. Dec 1596), only child of James Borthwick of Newbyres, by his wife Elizabeth Murray, dau. of Andrew Murray of Blackbarony

children by first wife

1. Lady Christian Hamilton (b. betw. 1588 and 1594; d. 22 Jan 1645/6), mar. (1) after 26 Jan 1610 Robert [Lindsay], 9th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, and (2) after 9 Dec 1617 as his second wife Robert [Boyd], 7th Lord Boyd, and had issue by both husbands

2. Lady Isabel Hamilton (b. 18 Feb 1595/6; d. after 1664/5), mar. after 22 Nov 1610 James [Ogilvy], 1st Earl of Airlie, and had issue

mar. (2)

betw. May and Aug 1597 Margaret Foulis (d. 31 May 1609), dau. of James Foulis of Colinton, by his wife Ann Heriot, dau. of Robert Heriot of Lumphey

children by second wife

1. Hon Thomas Hamilton, later 2nd Earl of Haddington

2. Hon Sir James Hamilton of Priestfield (d. c. 1666), mar. after Sep 1623 Anna Hepburn, dau. of Sir Patrick Hepburn of Waughton, and had issue

3. Hon Sir John Hamilton of Trabroun (b. 3 Nov 1605; dvp. 16...), mar. Aug 1621 Katherine Peebles, only child of Alexander Peebles of Middleton and Skirling, and had issue

3. Lady Margaret Hamilton (b. 5 Apr 1598; d. 1652), mar. (1) 28 Sep 1613 Hon David Carnegie, styled Lord Carnegie (dvp. and spm. 25 Oct 1633), 1st son and heir ap. of David [Carnegie], 1st Earl of Southesk, and (2) 25 Feb 1646/7 as his third wife James [Johnstone], 1st Earl of Hartfell, and had issue by her first husband

4. Lady Helen Hamilton (b. 16 May 1599; dvp. young)

5. Lady Jean Hamilton (b. 5 Feb 1607; d. 15 Dec 1642), mar. after 7 Jan 1622 as his first wife John [Kennedy], 6th Earl of Cassillis, and had issue

6. Lady Anne Hamilton (b. 24 Apr 1608; d. unm.)

mar. (3)

betw. 18 and 26 Sep 1613 Julian Home (widow of Sir Patrick Home of Polwarth;  bur. 30 Mar 1637), sister of Robert [Carr], 1st Earl of Somerset, and 2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Ker of Ferniehurst, by his second wife Janet Scott, sister of Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch and dau. of William Scott, Yr. of Branxholm and Buccleuch

only child by third wife

4. Hon Robert Hamilton of Wester Binning (b. 14 May 1615; d. 30 Aug 1640)


29 May 1637


19 Nov 1613 Lord Binning, with remainder to heirs male bearing the name and arms of Hamilton

20 Mar 1619 Lord Byres and Binning, and Earl of Melrose, with a similar remainder

suc. by

son by second wife


a Lord of Session 1592-1626 under the style of Lord Drumcairn;  a Commissioner of the Treasury 1595/6; King's Advocate 1595/6; knighted 1603; Lord Clerk Register 1612; Secretary of State for Scotland 1612-26; Privy Councillor [S] 1615/6; Lord President of Session 1616-26; obtained a new patent dated 17 Aug 1627 to change the title of Earl of Melrose for that of Earl of Haddington with the precedency of the original patent;  Lord Privy Seal of Scotland 1627-37


Thomas [Hamilton], 2nd Earl of Haddington, PC


25 May 1600

mar. (1)

after 27 Feb 1621/2 Lady Catherine Erskine (d. 5 Feb 1634/5), 5th dau. of John [Erskine], 18th and de jure 2nd Earl of Mar, by his second wife Lady Mary Stuart, 2nd dau. of Esmé [Stuart], 1st Duke of Lennox

children by first wife

1. Hon Thomas Hamilton, later 3rd Earl of Haddington

2. Hon John Hamilton, later 4th Earl of Haddington

3. Hon Alexander Hamilton (dvp. 13 Dec 1629)

4. Hon ..... Hamilton (b. Nov 1630; dvp. young)

5. Hon Robert Hamilton (b. 6 Apr 1633; dvp. young)

6. Hon James Hamilton (b. 24 Sep 1634; dvp. young)

1. Hon Margaret Hamilton (b. 17 Jul 1632; dvp. young)

mar. (2)

14 Jan 1639/40 Lady Jean Gordon (dspm. 1655), 3rd dau. of George [Gordon], 2nd Marquess of Huntly, by his wife Lady Anne Campbell, 1st dau. of Archibald [Campbell], 7th Earl of Argyll

only child by second wife

1. Lady Margaret Hamilton (b. posthumously 15 Jan 1641; d. 17...), mar. 24 Apr 1662 John [Keith], 1st Earl of Kintore, and had issue


30 Aug 1640

suc. by

son by first wife


Privy Councillor [S] 1635


Thomas [Hamilton], 3rd Earl of Haddington


c. 1625


Aug 1643 Countess Henrietta de Coligny (b. 618; mar. (2) (div. 9 Aug 1661) Gaspard de Champagne, Comte de la Suze;  dsp. 10 Mar 1672/3), 1st dau. of Gaspard de Coligny, Count de Coligny, Marshal of France, by his wife Anne de Polignac, dau. of Gabriel de Polignac, Sieur de St Germain


s.p. 8 Feb 1644/5

suc. by



John [Hamilton], 4th Earl of Haddington, PC




13 Apr 1648 Lady Christian Lindsay (d. 26 Oct 1704), 2nd dau. of John [Lindsay], 17th Earl of Crawford, by his wife Lady Margaret Hamilton, 2nd dau. of James [Hamilton], 2nd Marquess of Hamilton


1. Hon Charles Hamilton, later 5th Earl of Haddington

2. Hon Thomas Hamilton (bapt. 7 Jul 1661; dvp. young))

3. Hon John Hamilton (bapt. 31 Oct 1663; dvp. young))

4. Hon William Hamilton (bapt. 17 Feb 1669; dvp. young)

1. Lady Margaret Hamilton (d. Dec 1711), mar. 31 Dec 1668 John Hope of Hopetoun MP (b. c. 1650; d. 5 May 1682), 1st son and heir of Sir James Hope of Hopetoun, a Lord of Session, by his first wife Anne Foulis, only dau. and hrss. of Robert Foulis of Leadhills, and had issue

2. Lady Catherine Hamilton (b. 8 Dec 1652; dvp. young)

3. Lady Anna Hamilton (bapt. 20 Dec 1653; dvp. young)

4. Lady Helen Hamilton (bapt. 28 Jun 1656), mar. after 5 Jul 1677 Sir William Anstruther of Anstruther MP, a Lord of Session as Lord Anstruther (d. 24 Jan 1711), 1st son and heir of Sir Philip Anstruther of Anstruther by his wife Christian Lumsden, dau. of Gen Sir James Lumsden of Innergely, and had issue

5. Lady Susanna Hamilton (bapt. 28 Jul 1657), mar. after 13 Mar 1679 Adam Cockburn of Ormiston, Lord Justice Clerk, and had issue

6. Lady Christian Hamilton (bapt. 21 Jul 1659; dvp. young)

7. Lady Elizabeth Hamilton (bapt. 24 Dec 1667 ; dvp. young)

8. Lady Mary Hamilton (living 1686)


31 Aug 1669

suc. by



Privy Councillor [S] 1660/1


Charles [Hamilton], 5th Earl of Haddington


1 Jul 1650


8 Oct 1674 his cousin Lady Margaret Leslie, suo jure Countess of Rothes (d. 20 Aug 1700), 1st dau. of John [Leslie], 1st Duke of Rothes, by his wife Lady Ann Lindsay, 1st dau. of John [Lindsay], 17th Earl of Crawford


1. Hon John Hamilton later Leslie, later 9th Earl of Rothes

2. Hon Thomas Hamilton, later 6th Earl of Haddington

3. Hon Charles Hamilton

1. Lady Anna Hamilton (bapt. 25 Aug 1676)


May 1685

suc. by

second son


Thomas [Hamilton], 6th Earl of Haddington, KT PC


29 Aug 1680


1696 his cousin Lady Helen Hope (b. c. 1677; d. 19 Apr 1768), sister of Charles [Hope], 1st Earl of Hopetoun, and dau. of John Hope of Hopetoun MP, by his wife Lady Margaret Hamilton, 1st dau. of John [Hamilton], 4th Earl of Haddington


1. Hon Charles Hamilton, styled Lord Binning, Member of Parliament (Whig) for St Germans 1722-27, Knight Marshal of Scotland 1718 (b. 1697; dvp. 27 Dec 1732), mar. 17 Sep 1717 Rachel Baillie (b. 23 Feb 1696; d. 24 Mar 1773), 2nd dau. and sole hrss. in her issue of George Baillie, of Jerviswoode, co. Lanark, and Mellerstain, co. Roxburghe, by his wife Lady Grizel Hume, 1st dau. of Patrick [Hume], 1st Earl of Marchmont, and had issue:

1a. Hon Thomas Hamilton, later 7th Earl of Haddington

2a. Hon George Hamilton later Baillie of Jerviswoode and Mellerstain (b. 1723; d. 16 Apr 1797), mar. 1759 Eliza Andrews (d. 24 Apr 1799), dau. of John Andrews, and had issue:

1b. George Baillie of Jerviswoode and Mellerstain, Member of Parliament for Berwick 1796-1816 (b. 8 Oct 1763; d. 11 Dec 1841), mar. 13 Jul 1801 Mary Pringle (b. c. 1780; d. 28 Oct 1865), 2nd dau. of Col Sir James Pringle of Stichill, 4th Bt. MP, by his wife Elizabeth Macleod, 2nd dau. of Norman Macleod of Macleod, 22nd Chief of Macleod, and had issue:

1c. George Baillie later Baillie-Hamilton, later 10th Earl of Haddington

2c. Hon Charles Baillie, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 25 Jul 1859, Member of Parliament for Linlithgowshire 1858, Solicitor-General and Lord Advocate of Scotland 1858, a Lord of Session 1859-74 as Lord Jerviswoode (b. 3 Nov 1804; d. 23 Jul 1879), mar. 27 Dec 1831 his third cousin Hon Anne Hepburne-Scott (d. 15 Aug 1880), 4th dau. of Hugh [Scott later Hepburne-Scott], 6th Lord Polwarth, by his wife Countess Harriet von Bruhl, dau. of Hans Moritz, Count von Bruhl, Envoy from Saxony and Poland, and had issue:

1d. George Patrick Baillie (b. 11 Jul 1834; dsp.)

1d. Caroline Rac hel Baillie (dvp. 1859)

2d. Alice Baillie (b. 1839; d. 4 Oct 1912)

3d. Maria Theresa Baillie (b. 1846)

3c. James Pringle Baillie (b. 30 Jan 1806; d. 14 May 1842)

4c. Maj Hon Robert Baillie,granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 25 Jul 1859 (b. 25 Jul 1807; d.28 Aug 1888)

5c. Rev Canon Hon JohnBaillie, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 25 Jul 1859 (b. 3 Jan1810; d. 7 Aug 1888), mar. 4 Apr 1837 Cecilia Mary Hawkins (d. 23 Sep 1903), 1st dau. of Rev Canon Charles Hawkins, Prebendary of York, by his wife Augusta Cockburn, dau. of Sir James Cockburn MP, and had issue:

1d. Hugh John Baillie (b. 28 Apr 1838; d. 1923), mar. (1) 15 Sep 1873 Sarah Heather (d. 3 Aug 1890), dau. of J F Heather, and had issue:

1e. John Cecil George Baillie (b. 10 May 1888)

Hugh Baillie mar. (2) 6 Feb 1902 Maria Ross, widow of Donald Ross FRSE and dau. of William Nevin Wallace JP DL, of Downpatrick, Co. Down

2d. Rev Thomas George Baillie, Rector of Kingsland, co. Hereford (b. 30 Jan 1842; d. 11 Jun 1917), mar. (1) 18 Sep 1867 Ellen Isabella Gregson (d. 1909), 3rd dau. of Richard Gregson, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and had issue:

1e. Richard George Baillie later Baillie-Hamilton (b. 31 Dec 1869; d. 11 May 1945), mar. 1915 Maud Gertrude Hadley (d. 2 Dec 19552), only dau. of Edward Hadley, barrister-at-law, and had issue:

1f. Brig John (Jock) Robert Edward Baillie-Hamilton MC ADC (b. 1 Mar 1919; d. 16 Apr 2003), mar. 27 Sep 1947 Lettice Mary Pumphrey (b. 8 Dec 1920; d. 20 Aug 2001), 2nd dau. of Charles Ernest Pumphrey, of Belsay, co. Northumberland, by his wife Iris Mary Bell, dau. of Charles Frederick Moberley Bell, of Park Crescent, London, and had issue:

1g. Lt Col Thomas Richard Baillie-Hamilton, heir presumptive to the Earldom of Haddington, of Rectory House, Stanford-in-the-Vale, co. Oxford (b. 29 Dec 1948), mar. 31 May 1975 Marina Josepha Anna Sidonie von Senger und Etterlin, dau. of General Dr Ferdinand von Senger und Etterlin, of Rieden am Wald, Uhlingen-Birkendorf, Germany, and has issue:

1h. Isobel Ebba Baillie-Hamilton (b. 27 Feb 1979)

2h. Daisy Ernestine Maria Baillie-Hamilton (b. 12 Mar 1982)

3h. Cecily Marina Baillie-Hamilton (b. 23 Mar 1985)

2g. John Lawrence Baillie-Hamilton (b. 31 May 1954; dvp. 28 Aug 1954)

3g. Benjamin Robert Baillie-Hamilton (b. 4 Jul 1955), mar. 1988 Jennifer A Hill, dau. of Leslie Hill, of Pinner, co. Middlesex, and has issue

1g. Griselda Mary Baillie-Hamilton (b. 7 Nov 1950), mar. 3 Aug 1983 William Raleigh Kerr, of The Dower House, Melbourne, co. Derby (b. 17 Aug 1950), 1st son of Lord John Andrew Christopher Kerr, of Holly Bank, Wootton, co. Oxford (by his wife Isabel Marion Gurney, 2nd dau. of Sir Hugh Gurney KCMG MVO), younger brother of Peter Francis Walter [Kerr], 12th Marquess of Lothian, and has issue

2g. Katherine Maud Baillie-Hamilton (b. 29 Mar 1957)

2e. John Gordon Baillie (b. 16 Jun 1872; dsp. 21 Feb 1947), mar. 7 Oct 1911 Margaret Fellows (dsp. 22 Jun 1956), only dau. of Henry Fellows, of Wimbledon, co. Surrey, barrister-at-law

3e. Robert Baillie (b. 9 Sep 1878; killed v.p. on active service Sep 1915)

4e. Charles Jerviswoode Baillie (b. 11 Jan 1882; d. 1973), mar. 1915 Dora Lizzie Dunn-Smith (d. 1973), dau. of James Dunn-Smith, of North Chapel, co. Sussex, and had issue

5e. Thomas Claude Noel Baillie (b. 25 Dec 1885; presumed to have died in Argentina)

1e. Cecilia Mary Baillie (b. 12 Mar 1871)

2e. Katherine Grisell Baillie (b. 5 Aug 1874), mar. 19 Sep 1899 Harold W Hayes (d. 1932)

3e. Edith Georgina Baillie (d. 16 Jul 1955), mar. (1) 18 Nov 1903 Henry L Satow  (d. 1911), and (2) 1920 Theo R Buckworth (d. 1965), and had issue by her first husband

4e. Ellen Ruth Gertrude Baillie (b. 19 May 1877), mar. 1902 H Weston

5e. Rachel Baillie (b. 4 Jul 188), mar. 14 Feb 1911 (div. 1925) George Eustace Ridley Shield, and had issue

6e. Beatrice Louisa Baillie (b. 23 Jul 1884), mar. 18 Nov 1907 (div.) Alberto Boccardo, son of José Boccardo, of Caracas, Venezuela, and had issue

The Rev Thomas Baillie mar. (2) 1911 Violet Amy Kate Dunn, dau. of F W Dunn, and had issue:

7e. Violet Georgina Eila Baillie (b. 1912), mar. 18 Jun 1931 Albert Ranney Chewett (dsp. Sep 1965), son of Dr William Cameron Chewett, of Toronto, Canada

1d. Augusta Margaret Baillie (d. 13 Apr 1879), mar. 17 Feb 1863 Thomas Edward Yorke JP DL, of Halton Place, co. York (b. 4 Aug 1832; d. 24 Mar 1923), 2nd son of John Yorke JP DL, of Bewerley Hall, co. York, by his wife Mary Wright, 1st dau. of Ichabod Wright, of Mapperley, co. Nottingham, and had issue

2d. Mary Georgina Baillie (d. 17 Apr 1927), mar. 14 Apr 1874 Rev Walter Folliott Scott, of Elidon Grove, Melrose, Rector of Jedburgh, co. Roxborough (d. 1 Jan 1924)

3d. Cecilia Clementina Bailie (d. 14 Dec 1914), mar. 26 Dec 1871 Henry Clements Barstow, Bengal Civil Service (d. 14 Dec 1914), yst. son of Thomas Barstow, of Garrow Hill, co. York

4d. Louisa Rachel Bailie (dvp. 15 Sep 1867)

5d. Beatrice Mary Anne Baillie (d. Oct 1889), mar. 6 Apr 1875 Thomas Mackay LLD (d. 23 Feb 1912), 1st son of Lt Col Aeneas K Mackay, HEICS

6d. Katherine Grissell Baillie (dsp. 14 Aug 1938), mar. 14 Jan 1915 as his second wife her first cousin Walter Hugh [Hepburne-Scott], 8th Lord Polwarth

6c. Admiral Hon ThomasBaillie RN, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 25 Jul 1859 (b. 30 May1811; d. 31 Jul 1888)

1c. Elizabeth Baillie (b. 29 Jun 1803; dsp. 28 Aug 1861), mar. 23 Nov 1821 John [Campbell], 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane

2c. Mary Baillie (d. 3 Apr 1900), mar. 5 Nov 1840 George John James [Hamilton-Gordon], 5th Earl of Aberdeen, and had issue

3c. Georgina Baillie (b. 10 Jul 1816; d. 2 Apr 1859), mar. 11 Nov 1835 Henry Francis [Hepburne-Scott], 7th Lord Polwarth, and had issue

4c. Catherine Charlotte Baillie (b. 10 May 1819; d. 6 Feb 1894), mar. 8 Jan 1840 Bertram [Ashburnham], 4th Earl of Ashburnham, and had issue

5c. Lady Grisell Baillie, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 25 Jul 1859, appointed the first Deaconess in the Church of Scotland 1888 (b. 1822; d. 20 Dec1891)

2b. Ven Charles Baillie, Archdeacon of Cleveland 1806-20 (b. 27 Nov 1764; d. 19 Jun 1820), mar. 16 Apr 1797 Lady Charlotte Home (d. 4 Dec 1866), 2nd dau. of Alexander [Home], 9th Earl of Home, by his third wife Abigail Brown Ramey, dau. and hrss. of John Ramey, of Yarmouth, co. Suffolk, and had issue

3b. Thomas Baillie (dvp. an infant)

1b. Grisell Baillie (d. 18 Oct 1800)

2b. Rachel Catherine Baillie (dvp. 9 Jan 1797)

3b. Elizabeth Baillie (d. 3 Dec 1815)

3a. Lt Col Hon Charles Hamilton, Governor of Blackness Castle 1792-1806 (b. 3 Oct 1727; d. 28 Sep 1806)

1a. Lady Grizel Hamilton (b. c. 1718; d. 28 Dec 1811), mar. 25 Jul 1745 Philip [Stanhope], 2nd Earl Stanhope, and had issue

2a. Lady Rachel Hamilton (d. 20 Oct 1797)

2. Hon John Hamilton (d. 11 Feb 1722), mar. 8 Dec 1728 Margaret Home (d. 27 Dec 1779), only dau. of Sir John Home of Blackadder, 3rd Bt., by his wife Anne Nisbet, dau. of William Nisbet of Dirleton, and had issue

1. Lady Margaret Hamilton (d. 22 Feb 1768)

2. Lady Christian Hamilton (d. 30 Jun 1770), mar. after 17 Dec 1725 Sir James Dalrymple of Hailes, 2nd Bt., Member of Parliament for Haddington 1722-34, and had issue


28 Nov 1735

suc. by



obtained a new patent of the Earldom of Haddington 25 Feb 1686/7, ratified by another patent dated 22 Oct 1702; in a patent 18 Dec 1689 the Earldom of Haddington, etc. was confirmed to him in tail male, with remainder to his younger brother, Charles Hamilton, in like manner, with remainder to his eldest brother John, "Lord Leslie", in like manner, with remainder as in the original patent of creation; Hereditary Keeper of Holyrood Park 1690/1; a supporter of the Union; Lord Lieutenant of Haddingtonshire 1716-35; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1716-34; Knight of the Thistle 1716/7


Thomas [Hamilton], 7th Earl of Haddington



mar. (1)

5 Sep 1750 Mary Lloyd (widow of Gresham Lloyd;  d. 7 Sep 1785), dau. of Rowland Holt, of Redgrave, co. Suffolk, by his wife Elizabeth Washington

children by first wife

1. Hon Charles Hamilton, later 8th Earl of Haddington

2. Hon Thomas Hamilton (b. 23 Sep 1758; dvp. 1 Aug 1774)

mar. (2)

8 Mar 1786 Anne Gascoigne (b. c. 1760; mar. (2) Feb 1796 James Dalrymple, of North Berwick;  d. 21 Jun 1840), 1st dau. of Sir Charles Gascoigne

only child by second wife

1. Lady Charlotte Hamilton (b. 14 Mar 1790; dvp. 3 May 1793)


after July 1795

suc. by

son by first wife


Charles [Hamilton], 8th Earl of Haddington


5 Jul 1753


30 Apr 1779 his second cousin once removed Lady Sophia Hope (b. 2 Feb 1759; d. 8 Mar 1813), 4th dau. of John [Hope], 2nd Earl  of Hopetoun, by his first wife Lady Anne Ogilvy, only dau. by his first wife of James [Ogilvy], 5th Earl of Findlater

only child

1. Hon Thomas Hamilton, later 9th Earl of Haddington


17 Mar 1828

suc. by



Captain of the Grenadier Fencibles 1778 ; Lord Lieutenant of Haddingtonshire 1804-23; a Representative Peer (Tory) for Scotland 1807-12


Thomas [Hamilton], 9th Earl of Haddington, KT PC


21 Jun 1780


13 Nov 1802 Lady Maria Parker (b. 23 Jan 1781; d. 11 Feb 1861), only surv. child and heir of George [Parker], 4th Earl of Macclesfield, by his wife Mary Frances Drake, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Rev Thomas Drake DD, Rector of Amersham, co. Buckingham


s.p. 1 Dec 1858


24 Jul 1827 Baron Melrose, of Tyninghame in the County of Haddington

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for St Germans 1802-06, for Cockermouth 1807, for Callington 1807-12, for St Michael 1814-18, for Rochester 1818-26 and for Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) 1826-27; Privy Councillor 1814; a Commissioner for Indian Affairs 1809 and 1814-22; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1834-35;  First Lord of the Admiralty 1841-46;  Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1844-58; Lord Privy Seal 1846;  Knight of the Thistle 1853; on his death the Barony of Melrose became extinct


George [Baillie later Baillie-Hamilton], 10th Earl of Haddington


10 Apr 1802


16 Sep 1824 Georgiana Markham (b. c. 1802; d. 26 Feb 1873), 2nd dau. of Ven Robert Markham, Archdeacon of York (by his wife Frances Egerton Clifton, only dau. of Sir Gervase Clifton, 6th Bt., of Clifton, co. Nottingham), 5th son of Most Rev William Markham DD, Archbishop of York, by his wife Sarah Goddard, dau. of John Goddard, of Rotterdam, Netherlands


1. Hon George Baillie-Hamilton later Baillie-Hamilton-Arden, later 11th Earl of Haddington

2. Maj Hon Robert Baillie-Hamilton, Member of Parliament for Berwickshire 1874-80 (b. 8 Oct 1828; dsp. 5 Sep 1891), mar. 18 Jul 1861 his first cousin once removed Mary Gavin Pringle (d. 11 Apr 1912), 1st dau. of Sir John Pringle of Stichill, 5th Bt., by his second wife Lady Elizabeth Maitland Campbell, 1st dau. of John [Campbell], 1st Marquess of Breadalbane

3. Clifton Baillie (b. 5 Mar 1831; dvp. 3 Apr 1857)

4. Cdr Hon Henry Baillie-Hamilton RN (b. 20 Aug 1832 ; d. 20 Nov 1895), mar. 17 Oct 1872 his cousin Hon Harriet Frances Hepburne-Scott (d. 18 Mar 1925), 4th dau. of Henry Francis [Hepburne-Scott], 7th Lord Polwarth, by his wife Lady Georgina Baillie, sister of George [Baillie later Baillie-Hamilton], 10th Earl of Haddington, and 3rd dau. of George Baillie of Mellerstain and Jerviswoode MP, and had issue

5. Percy Baillie (b. 1835; dvp. an infant)

6. Rev Hon Arthur Charles Baillie-Hamilton, Rector of Coombs and Vicar of Badley (b. 16 Feb 1838 ; d. May 1910), mar. 1866 Alice Anne Baird (d. 16 Jan 1908), 3rd dau. of Capt Sir David Baird of Newbyth, 2nd Bt., by his wife and first cousin once removed Lady Anne Kennedy, 1st dau. of Archibald [Kennedy], 1st Marquess of Ailsa, and had issue

1. Lady Mary Baillie-Hamilton (d. 29 Mar 1904), mar. 7 Jun 1855 Rev Hon Henry Douglas, Rector of Hanbury, co. Wiltshire 1855-77 and Vicar of St Paul's, Worcester 1877-1904 (b. 17 Dec 1822; d. 4 Oct 1907), 3rd son of George Sholto [Douglas], 17th Earl of Morton, by his wife Frances Theodora Rose, dau. of Rt Hon Sir George Henry Rose GCH, and had issue

2. Lady Frances Baillie (b. 30 Sep 1829)

3. Lady Georgina Sophia Baillie-Hamilton (d. 17 Jan 1928), mar. 17 Oct 1861 Sir Harry Foley Vernon, 1st Bt., of Hanbury Hall, co. Worcester, and had issue


25 Jun 1870

suc. by



a Representative Peer (Conservative) for Scotland 1859-70; Vice President of the Council of the Royal Company of Archers 1860-66; Governor of the Bank of Scotland 1863-70; Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1867-68; a Lord in Waiting 1867-68


George [Baillie-Hamilton later Baillie-Hamilton-Arden], 11th Earl of Haddington, KT


26 Jul 1827


17 Oct 1854 Helen Catherine Warrender (b. 4 Feb 1834; d. 29 May 1889), only child of Sir John Warrender, 5th Bt., by his second wife Hon Frances Henrietta Arden, 2nd dau. and hrss. in her issue of Richard Pepper [Arden], 1st Baron Alvanley


1. Brig Gen Hon George Baillie-Hamilton CB CVO, styled Lord Binning (b. 24 Dec 1856 ; dvp. 12 Jan 1917), mar. 21 Sep 1892 Katharine Augusta Millicent Salting (d. 23 Feb 1952), only child of William Severin Salting, of Heath End, Ascot, co. Berkshire, and had issue:

1a. Hon George Baillie-Hamilton, later 12th Earl of Haddington

2a. Hon Charles William Baillie-Hamilton, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Licence 1918, Member of Parliament for Bath 1929-31 (b. 22 May 1900; dsp. 24 Apr 1939), mar. 17 Jul 1929 (div. 1932) Wanda Holden, only dau. of Norman Holden

1a. Lady Helen Baillie-Hamilton OBE, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Licence 1918 (b. 10 Oct 1893; d. 17 Sep 1959), mar. 23 Apr 1925 as his first wife Capt Hon Henry Barnaby O'Brien MC (b. 9 Jan 1887; d. 7 Jan 1969), 2nd son of Edward Donough [O'Brien], 14th Baron Inchiquin, by his second wife Hon Ellen White, 1st dau. of Luke [White], 2nd Baron Annaly, and had issue

2. Lieut Hon Richard Baillie-Hamilton (b. 28 Aug 1858; dvp. 12 Aug 1881)

3. Capt Hon Henry Robert Baillie-Hamilton later Baillie-Hamilton-Arden (b. 4 Oct 1862; d. 14 Mar 1949)

1. Lady Ruth Baillie-Hamilton (b. 4 Sep 1855; d. 27 Jan 1941)

2. Lady Isabel Baillie-Hamilton (b. and dvp. 17 Nov 1859)

3. Lady Grizell Baillie-Hamilton (b. 23 Apr 1861; d. 27 Apr 1957)

4. Lady Cecily Baillie-Hamilton (b. 13 Jul 1868; d. 24 Oct 1950)


11 Jun 1917

suc. by



Lord Lieutenant of Haddingtonshire 1876-1917; High Sheriff of Cheshire 1871; a Representative Peer (Conservative) for Scotland 1874-1917; Brig Gen of the Royal Company of Archers 1892; Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1892-94; Yeomanry ADC to Queen Victoria 1893-1901 and to King Edward VII 1901; Knight of the Thistle 1902


George [Baillie-Hamilton], 12th Earl of Haddington, KT MC


18 Sep 1894


10 Oct 1923 Sarah Cook (d. 14 Dec 1995), yst. dau. of George William Cook, of Westmount, Montreal, Canada


1. Hon John George Baillie-Hamilton, later 13th Earl of Haddington

1. Lady Mary Baillie-Hamilton (b. 13 Jan 1934), mar. (1) 21 Jul 1954 (div. 1965) John Adrian Bailey, 1st son of Ronald Graham Bailey, of London, and (2) 1 Oct 1965 David Russell, of Combe Manor, Newbury, co. Berkshire, son of Brig Hugh Edward Russell DSO, and has issue by both husbands


17 Apr 1986

suc. by



John George [Baillie-Hamilton], 13th Earl of Haddington


21 Dec 1941

mar. (1)

1 Dec 1975 (div. 1981) Prudence Elizabeth Hayles, dau. of Andrew Rutherford Hayles, of Bowerchalke, co. Wiltshire

mar. (2)

2 Dec 1984 Jane Heyworth, 2nd dau. of John Heyworth, of Bradwell Grove, Burford, co. Oxford (by his wife Susan Elizabeth Hammersley Burder, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir John Henry Burder, of Swinbrook Manor, Burford, co. Oxford), 1st son of Lt Col Reginald Francis Heyworth by his wife Hon Moyra Marjoribanks, 1st dau. of Edward [Marjoribanks], 3rd Baron Tweedmouth

children by second wife

1. Hon George Edmund Baldred Baillie-Hamilton, later 14th Earl of Haddington

1. Lady Susan Moyra Baillie-Hamilton (b. 15 Jul 1988)

2. Lady Isobel Joan Baillie-Hamilton (b. 16 Jun 1990)


5 Jul 2016

suc. by

son by second wife


George Edmund Baldred [Baillie-Hamilton], 14th Earl of Haddington


27 Sep 1985


The heir presumptive to the Earldom of Haddington is Lt Col Thomas Richard Baillie-Hamilton, a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the 6th Earl of Haddington and fourth cousin once removed of the present Earl.


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14th Earl of Haddington

(Scotland, let. pat. 17 Aug 1627 with precedence from 20 Mar 1619)

14th Lord Binning

(Scotland, let. pat. 19 Nov 1613)

14th Lord Byres and Binning

(Scotland, let. pat. 20 Mar 1619)



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