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Breadalbane and Holland, Earl of (S, 1677 - dormant 1995)


Creation: let. pat. 13 Aug 1681 with precedency from 28 Jun 1677


Dormant: 1995


Family name: Campbell




Quarterly:  1st and 4th:  Gyronny of eight Or and Sable (Campbell);  2nd:  Argent a Galley Sable sails furled oars in action flags and pennons flying (Lorne);  3rd:  Or a Fess chequy Azure and Argent (Stewart)


A Boar's Head erased proper


On either side a Stag proper attired and unguled Or


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Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, 1st Bt.

Ist son and heir of Colin Campbell of Glenorchy MP, by his second wife Hon Katherine Ruthven, 2nd dau. of William [Ruthven], 2nd Lord Ruthven


bef. 1555

mar. (1)

after 18 Nov 1573 his second cousin once removed Lady Janet Stewart (d. Sep 1593), 2nd dau. of John [Stewart], 4th Earl of Atholl, by his second wife Hon Margaret Erskine (widow of (1) Hon Robert Graham, styled Lord Graham, 1st son and heir ap. of William [Graham], 2nd Earl of Montrose, and (2) Hon Thomas Erskine, Master of Erskine, 2nd son and eventual heir ap. of John [Erskine], 5th Lord Erskine and de jure 17th Earl of Mar), 4th dau. of Malcolm [Fleming], 3rd Lord Fleming, by his wife Lady Joan Stewart, illeg. dau. of James IV, King of Scotland

children by first wife

1. Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, 2nd Bt. (b. c. 1577; d. 6 Sep 1640), mar. after 1594 Juliana Campbell, 2nd dau. of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun

2. Sir Robert Campbell of Glenorchy, 3rd Bt., Member of Parliament for Argyllshire 1639-41, 1643-44 and 1644-49 (b. c. 1579; d. 17 Nov 1657), mar. after 16 Dec 1605 Isabel Mackintosh, dau. of Lachlan Mackintosh of Dunnachton, Captain of Clan Chattan, and had issue:

1a. Col Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, 4th Bt., Member of Parliament for Argyllshire 1661-63 (d. Jun 1686), mar. (1) Lady Mary Graham (d. 28 Jan 1653), 1st dau. of William [Graham], 1st Earl of Airth, by his wife Hon Agnes Gray, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Patrick [Gray], 6th Lord Gray, and had issue:

1b. Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, 5th Bt., later 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland

2b. Robert Campbell of Barcaldine (dsp. after 1670), mar. Anna Campbell (widow of Sir Donald Campbell of Ardnamurchan), illeg. dau. of ...... [Campbell], Earl of Argyll

3b. Alexander Campbell of Botuarymore, Writer to the Signet (d. after 17 Dec 1678)

4b. Duncan Campbell (dvp. c. 1678)

5b. William Campbell of Tulloch (bapt. 9 Oct 1643)

6b. James Campbell (bapt. 14 Jun 1646)

1b. Agnes Campbell, mar. after 4 May1653 Alexander Menzies of Weem, and had issue

2b. Isabel Campbell, mar. after 28 Dec 1658 Donald Campbell of Barbreck, and had issue

3b. Catherine Campbell, mar. after 23 Mar 1664 Alexander Robertson of Lude, and had issue

4b. Jean Campbell (bapt. 8 Feb 1645), mar. after 9 Jun 1666 John Stewart of Tullynadies, son of Sir Robert Stewart of Polcak

5b. Margaret Campbell, mar. after 7 Jul 1676 Duncan McCorquodale, 1st son of Archibald McCorquodale of Phantilands

6b. ..... Campbell, mar. Colin Campbell of Auchnaba

7b. Mary Campbell, mar. after 28 Sep 1687 Robert Campbell of Drumsynie

8b. Beatrix Campbell (bapt. 7 Feb 1648)

Col Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy mar. (2) Elizabeth Campbell, dau. of Patrick Dow More Campbell of Edinchip, illeg. son of Sir Duncan Campbell, 7th of Glenorchy, and had issue:

7b. Patrick Campbell, surgeon in the Royal Navy

8b. Colin Campbell (liv. 1674)

9b. William Campbell, an ensign and adventurer in the African Company

10b. Walter Campbell (d. bef. Sep 1679)

9b. Elspeth Campbell, mar. (1) John Campbell, brother of Alexander Campbell of Lochnell, and (2) Alexander Campbell of Stonefield

10b. Geills Campbell

11b. Marjory Campbell

Col Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy mar. (3) Christian Mushet (d. 1697), dau. of Robert Mushet of Craighead, and had issue:

11b. James Campbell (d. after 9 May 1678)

12b. Charles Campbell (d. after 9 May 1678 and before 17 Oct 1707)

12b. Isabel Campbell, mar. after 6 Dec 1683 John MacNaughtan of that Ilk

13b. Susanna Campbell, mar. 1680 John Campbell of Ardchattan, and had issue

14b. Anna Campbell (d. 6 Sep 1765), mar. Robert MacNab of that Ilk

15b. Jean Campbell, mar. after 13 May 1699 Robert Campbell, Yr. of Airds

2a. Duncan Campbell (b. c. 1608; dvp. 16 Aug 1630)

3a. Colin Campbell of Mochaster (b. 1616; d. 22 Oct 1668), mar. 6 Apr 1641 Margaret Menzies (d. 1681), dau. of Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk, and had issue:

1b. Duncan Campbell of Mochaster (b. 18 Nov 1647; dsp. Jul 1675)

2b. John Campbell of Mochaster (b. 14 Feb 1649; dsp. Nov 1675)

3b. Colin Campbell of Carwhin, Writer to the Signet 1686, Sheriff-Clerk of Caithness 1675-80 (b. 18 Dec 1652; dsp. 31 Jan 1715), mar. 15 Apr 1677 Elizabeth Pringle, 1st dau. of Rev Andrew Pringle, Minister at Castletown in Liddesdale

4b. Robert Campbell of Borland (b. 2 Sep 1660; d. Feb 1704), mar. after 20 Jul 1700 Janet Campbell, dau. of Robert Campbell of Glenlyon, and had issue:

1c. Colin Campbell of Carwhin (b. 1704; d. 30 Mar 1772), mar. 28 Jan 1758 Elizabeth Campbell, dau. of Archibald Campbell of Stonefield, and had issue:

1d. John Campbell, later 4th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland later 1st Marquess of Breadalbane

2d. Capt Colin Campbell of Carwhin (b. 12 Dec 1763; d. 27 Jun 1792)

1d. Jane Campbell (b. 1 Dec 1758; dvp. 23 Mar 1769)

2d. Elizabeth Campbell (b. 28 Jul 1760; d. 5 Oct 1774)

1c. Helen Campbell, mar. ..... Macfarlane of Gartartan

5b. Alexander Campbell (b. 4 Apr 1662 ; d. bef. 13 Dec 1704)

1b. Isabel Campbell (b. 12 May 1643; dvp. 13 Apr 1655)

2b. Marjory Campbell (b. 15 Jul 1644), mar. after 11 Feb 1669 Thomas Graham of Duchrae. and had issue

3b. Jean Campbell (b. 3 Jul 1645), mar. after 28 Oct 1665 as his first wife Alexander Campbell of Wester Ardeonaig

4b. Barbara Campbell (b. 2 Oct 1646; dvp. 7 Oct 1646)

5b. Margaret Campbell (b. 27 Apr 1650 ; d. Jan 1677)

6b. Anna Campbell (b. 3 Dec 1651; dvp. 17 May 1652)

7b. Julian Campbell (b. 31 Dec 1653; dvp. 15 Feb 1656)

8b. Isabel Campbell (b. 29 Jul 1655; d. Jan 1681), mar. after 14 Jan 1678 Rev Robert Kirk, Minister at Balquhidder, and had issue

9b. Helen Campbell (b. 22 Jul 1657 ; d. bef. 14 Nov 1689), mar. Alexander Macduff of Cambusurich, and had issue

10b. Grizel Campbell (b. 8 Sep 1658 ; dvp. 17 May 1661)

4a. Robert Campbell (d. young)

5a. William Campbell (b. c. 1621; d. Sep 1648), mar. Jean Campbell, dau. of Sir Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass, and had issue:

1b. Robert Campbell (b. 19 Mar 1647), mar. after 22 Jul 1674 Susanna Menzies, dau. by his first wife of Col James Menzies of Culdares, and had issue:

1c. Colin Campbell (b. 1680; d. 10 Aug 1737), mar. 22 Apr 1712 Agnes Campbell, 1st dau. of Robert Campbell of Auchlyne, and had issue:

1d. Robert Campbell (b. 20 Dec 1713; d. unm.)

2d. Lieut James Campbell of Glenfalloch (b. 13 Mar 1714; d. 6 Feb 1751)

3d. William Campbell of Glenfalloch (b. 23 Feb 1715; d. 2 Oct 1791), mar. (1) 18 Feb 1740 Effie McNicol, and had issue:

1e. Christian Campbell (b. 15 Jun 1741; d. 1781), mar. (1) ..... McPherson, and (2) James Campbell of Hellsglen, and had issue by her first husband

William Campbell of Glenfalloch mar. (2) 9 Dec 1747 Susanna Campbell (d. bef. 17 Mar 1793), dau. of Duncan Campbe3ll, and had further issue:

1e. Capt Colin Campbell of Glenfalloch (b. 30 Dec 1749; d. 4 Jun 1806), mar. (1) bef. Apr 1776 ..... McGregor (d. 1778), dau. of Gregor McGregor of Inverardran, and (2) ..... Constable, and (3) 1793 Jean Ogilvie, and had issue by his second wife:

1f. William Erskine Campbell of Glenfalloch (b. 10 May 1784; d. 22 Jul 1806), mar. Susanna Campbell (mar. (2) Capt ....Macfarlane), dau. of Charles Campbell of Lochdochart, and had issue:

1g. John Breadalbane Campbell of Glenfalloch (b. 1802; d. 4 Jan 1812)

2e. Capt James Campbell (b. 30 Mar 1754 ; d. 24 Oct 1806), he ran away in 1781 with Eliza Maria Blanchard (d. 1828), wife of Christopher Ludlow, grocer, of Chipping Sodbury, co. Gloucester, who d. Jan 1784; it was on the question of the marriage of James Campbell to this lady that the Breadalbane succession case turned - the case was decided by the House of Lords on 27 May 1864 in favour of the issue:

1f. Lt Col William John Lamb Campbell of Glenfalloch (bapt. 20 Jan 1788; d. 4 Jun 1850), mar. 21 May 1810 Rosanna Doughty, yst. dau. of John Doughty, of Shropshire, and had issue:

1g. John Alexander Gavin Campbell of Glenfalloch, later 6th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland

2f. John Campbell (d. an infant)

3f. Breadalbane Gavin Campbell (b. 11 Oct 1796; dvp. 9 Dec 1803)

1f. Elizabeth Marbrough Campbell (b. 4 May 1785), mar. (1) 1802 John Butler, and (2) John Hilton, and had issue

2f. Susanna Sophie Campbell (bapt. 6 Oct 1789)

3f. Colin Maria Nairne Campbell (b. c. 1797 ; d. 6 May 1862), mar. William Sutton, and had issue

3e. Duncan Campbell, of the Morven Estate, Hanover, Jamaica (b. 19 Dec 1757; dspm. 9 Sep 1810)

4e. Archibald Campbell, writer (b. 11 Jul 1759; d. 17 Apr 1806), mar. 1791 Jean Butter (dspm. 1 Mar 1842), dau. of William Butter of Bracehouse, architect, and had issue

5e. William Campbell, of Hanover, Jamaica (b. 16 Nov 1760; d. Oct 1791)

6e. Capt John Campbell of Borland (b. 19 Nov 1763; d. 12 Mar 1823), mar. 13 Jun 1788 Janet Butter, dau. of William Butter of Bracehouse, architect, and had issue:

1f. Lieut Charles William Campbell of Borland, at the Battles of the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes and Toulouse (b. 14 Mar 1789; d. 18 Jan 1861), mar. 14 Mar 1832 Charlotte Olympia Cockburn Campbell (d. 1 Jun 1880), dau. of John Campbell of Kinloch. and had issue:

1g. Maj Gen Charles William Campbell of Borland (b. 4 Apr 1836; d. 1894), mar. 1888 Gwynedd Brinkman (mar. (2) 28 Oct 1925 Rev Walter Williams, Vicar of Bodelwyddan, co. Flint; d. 24 Feb 1948), dau. of William Edward Brinkman RN, and had issue:

1h. Charles William Campbell, later 9th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland

1h. Lady Colina Edwy Campbell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1924 (b. 1891), mar. 17 Dec 1919 (div. 1938) Capt Thomas Macdonald Hussey (d. 1965)

2h. Lady Mary Gwynedd Campbell MM, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1924 (b. 1893), mar. 19 Aug 1925 Lt-Cdr Reginald Victor Barton RN (d. 10 Jan 1967), son of Molyneux Barton, of Dublin, and had issue

3h. Lady Margaret Alice Campbell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1924 (b. 1894; d. 5 Mar 1964), mar. Feb 1921 Charles Frederick Florain Cunradi (d. 21 Sep 1964), son of P E Cunradi, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and had issue

2g. John Erskine Campbell (d. 29 May 1889)

3g. Col Colin George Lorne Campbell (b. 1848; d. 15 Aug 1890), mar. 1886 Robina Gordon Fraser (d. 11 Nov 1942), 3rd dau. of Robert Fraser of Brackla, and had issue:

1h. Capt Charles Colin Kinloch Campbell (b. 1889; d. 28 Sep 1915)

1h. Isla Lorne Gavin Campbell (d. 2 Jan 1967)

1g. Charlotte Elizabeth Campbell (b. 1838; dsp. 30 Jan 1897), mar. 1861 Michael Servas Vanderbyl, of Woodville, Cape of Hope, South Africa

2g. Mary Turner Gavin Campbell (d. unm.)

2f. George Andrew Campbell (b. 9 Jul 1791; d. 3 Jul 1852), mar. 2 Aug 1830 Margaret Campbell (b. 16 Jan 1808; d. 5 Feb 1884), yst. dau. of Col James Campbell of Glenfeochan, and had issue:

1g. John Breadalbane Campbell, a civil engineer who went to Budapest, Hungary, to build the Danube bridges, and later emigrated to Volusia County, Florida, USA (b. 30 Jun 1839; d. 13 Oct 1918), mar. (1) 15 Feb 1873 Katherine McDonald (former wife of J McDonald), dau. of Ference Jacob Gordon, and (2) 11 Feb 1886 Christiana Ray (dsp. 10 Feb 1847), and had issue by his first wife:

1h. Andrew John Breadalbane Campbell, of Budapest, Hungary (b. 16 Feb 1874; dvp. 16 Apr 1899), mar. 4 Mar 1894 Margit Erasebet Gocze, dau. of Janos Miklos Gocze, and had issue:

1i. Janos Breadalbane Campbell, engineer (b. 2 Apr 1895 ; d. 19...), mar. Illona ....., and had issue:

1j. Huba Campbell, senior claimant to the Earldom of Breadalbane and Holland (b. 9 Feb 1945), mar. Mar 1991 Anna Maria Eckert, dau. of Janos Jozsef Eckert by his wife Martha Lambio, and has issue:

1k. Frederick Huba Campbell (b. 1992)

1k. Helena Sarolta Campbell (b. 1996)

2j. Nicholas Gyorgy Campbell (b. 11 Apr 1949), mar. Jul 1971 Magdolna Szabo, dau. of Tihamer Szabo by his wife Ester Balazs, and has issue

1j. Zsofia Campbell (b. 20 Jun 1943), mar. (1) 1964 (div. 1969) Sandor Jekey, and (2) 1969 (div. 1981) Nicholas Miklos Balla

1i. Margaret Campbell (b. 1896)

2i. Theresa Campbell (b. 1898)

2g. ..... Campbell (b. and dvp. 2 Apr 1849)

1g/7g. Seven daughters

3f. Colin Campbell (b. 13 Mar 1794; d. unm.)

1f/6f. Six daughters

7e. Capt Alexander Campbell, took part in the Egypt Campaign, shot Capt Boyd in an alleged duel 1807, for which he was tried, found guilty and executed (b. 31 Mar 1767 ; d. 24 Aug 1808), mar. ...... Bowie, dau. of William Bowie of Camsiscan, Provost of Ayr, and had issue

2e/7e. Six daughters

4d. Duncan Campbell (b. 11 Oct 1718)

5d. John Campbell (b. 10 May 1720)

6d. Henry Campbell (b. 19 May 1722)

7d. Archibald Campbell (b. 7 Aug 1823)

8d. Capt Robert Campbell (b. 10 Feb 1726 ; d. 1782), mar. Jean Sinclair, dau. of Sir James Sinclair of Dunbeath, 1st Bt., by his second wife Isobel Lumsden, and had issue

9d. Alexander Campbell (b. 26 Feb 1730)

2c. James Campbell (dsp.)

3c. Archibald Campbell, mar., and had issue

4c. William Campbell (d. bef. 30 Aug 1784), mar., and had issue

5c. Duncan Campbell, mar., and had issue

1c. Susanna Campbell, mar. her cousin John Campbell of Lochdochart

2b. James Campbell, a writer (b. betw. 1648 and 1651; dsp.)

6a. James Campbell (d. young)

7a. Alexander Campbell of Lochdochart, mar. (1) 29 Jan 1656 Julian Robertson, dau. of Alexander Robertson of Struan, and (2) 149 Sep 1671 Magdalene Menzies, dau. of William Menzies of Carse, and had issue by both wives

8a. Duncan Campbell of Auchlyne (b. 1631; d. 1703), mar. Christian Dalgleish (d. 1698), dau. of Walter Dalgleish, and had issue

1a. Margaret Campbell, mar. Oct 1626 John Cameron, Yr of Lochiel, 1st son of Allan Cameron of Lochiel, and had issue

2a. Isobel Campbell, mar. Jan 1636 James Campbell, Yr of Ardkinglass, and had issue

3a. Agnes Campbell, mar. after 1 May 1633 Dugald Campbell, Yr of Inverawe, 1st son and heir ap. of Archibald Campbell of Inverawe, and had issue

4a. Julian Campbell, mar. bef. 5 Jul 1625 to Murdoch MacLean ,1st son of Hector MacLean of Lochbuy

5a. Mary Campbell (d. bef. 28 Mar 1685), mar. 30 Jul 1650 Robert Robertson of Fascally, and had issue

6a. Katherine Campbell, mar. 9 Mar 1641 Andrew Toshach of Monzievaird

7a. Jean Campbell, mar. (1) after 25 Jun 1632 Archibald Campbell of Glenlyon, (2) bef. 5 Jan 1647 Patrick Roy MacGregor, and (3) bef. 10 Jul 1656 Duncan Stewart of Appin, and had issue by each husband

8a. Marjory Campbell, mar. c. 1637 Archibald Stirling of Coldoch

9a. Beatrix Campbell (d. young)

3. Duncan Campbell (d. young)

4. John Campbell of Auchinryre (d. 1618), mar. after 29 Aug 1614 Florentine MacDougall, dau. of Duncan MacDougall of Dunolich, and had issue

5. Archibald Campbell of Lagvinshoch (d. 10 Nov 1640), mar. (1) after 14 Apr 1602 Catherine Graham (d. after Feb 1607), dau. of John Graham of Inchbrakie, and (2) after 2 Dec 1614 Christian Robertson, dau. of Alexander Robertson of Inchmagranoch, and had issue by both wives

6. Alexander Campbell (d. young)

7. Duncan Campbell (d. young)

1. Margaret Campbell (d. 8 Sep 1598), mar. after 10 Dec 1588 as his first wife Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk

2. Jean Campbell (d. bef. 9 Aug 1622), mar. after 4 Dec 1601 as his first wife Sir John Campbell of Cawdor, and had issue

3. Anne Campbell, mar. after 25 Feb 1609 Patrick Ogilvie, Yr of Inchmartine, and had issue

4. Elizabeth Campbell (d. young)

mar. (2)

betw. 7 Oct and 7 Nov 1597 Hon Elizabeth Sinclair (d. Oct 1654), 1st dau. of Henry [Sinclair], 5th Lord Sinclair, by his second wife Hon Elizabeth Forbes, 2nd dau. of William [Forbes], 7th Lord Forbes

children by second wife

8. Patrick Campbell of Edinample (d. bef. 21 Dec 1648), mar., and had issue

9. John Campbell (d. after 23 Jun 1631)

10. William Campbell (d. young)

5. Juliana Campbell, mar. 18 Jun 1626 as his first wife John Gordon, Yr of Buckie

6. Elizabeth Campbell, mar. 4 Dec 1621 Robert Irvine of Fedderat, 2nd son of Alexander Irvine of Drum

7. Catharine Campbell, mar. Apr 1628 Alexander MacDougall, son and heir ap. of Sir John MacDougall of Dunollie

8. Jean Campbell, mar. 6 Jun 1630 John [Murray], 1st Earl of Atholl, and had issue


23 Jun 1631


29 May 1625 a Baronet of Nova Scotia



John [Campbell], 7th Earl of Caithness later 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, PC

1st son of Col Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, 4th Bt. MP, by his first wife Lady Mary Graham, 1st dau. of William [Graham], 1st Earl of Airth


mar. (1)

17 Dec 1657 Lady Mary Rich (d. 8 Feb 1666), 3rd dau. of Henry [Rich], 1st Earl of Holland, by his wife Isabel Cope, dau. and hrss. of Sir Walter Cope, of Kensington, co. Middlesex

children by first wife

1. Hon Duncan Campbell, styled Lord Ormelie, due to mental incapacity passed over by his father in the nomination of his successor in favour of his younger brother (b. c. 1660; dsp. 1727)

2. Hon John Campbell, later 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland

mar. (2)

7 Apr 1678 Lady Mary Sinclair (widow of George [Sinclair], 6th Earl of Caithness;  d. 4 Feb 1690/1), 3rd dau. of Archibald [Campbell], 1st Marquess of Argyll, by his wife Lady Margaret Douglas, 2nd dau. of William [Douglas], 7th Earl of Morton

only child by second wife

3. Hon Colin Campbell of Ardmaddie (b. c. 1679; dvp. 31 Mar 1708)

mar. (3)

Mrs Mildred Littler (d. 1746)

only child by third wife

1. Lady Mary Campbell (d. Aug 1725), mar. 11 Apr 1719 Archibald Cockburn, son of Sir Archibald Cockburn of Langton, and had issue


19 Mar 1717


28 Jun 1677 Lord St Clair of Berriedale and Glenorchy, Viscount of Breadalbane and Earl of Caithness, as chief creditor of George [Sinclair], 6th Earl of Caithness;  these titles were resigned in 1681

13 Aug 1681 Lord Glenorchy, Benederaloch, Ormelie and Weick, Viscount of Tay and Paintland, and Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, with the precedency of the former patent, and with remainder to whichever of his sons by his first wife he should think proper in writing to designate and to the heirs male of that son, which failing to the heirs male of his body, which failing to his own heirs male, which failing to his heirs whatsoever

suc. by

second son by first wife


Member of Parliament for Argyllshire 1669-74;  Privy Councillor [S] 1685;  suc. his father Jun 1686 as 5th Baronet of Glenorchy;  a Lord of the Scottish Treasury 1692-96;  a Representative Peer 1713-15


John [Campbell], 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland


19 Nov 1662

mar. (1)

Lady Frances Cavendish (b. 25 Jun 1660; dsp. 4 Feb 1690), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Henry [Cavendish], 2nd Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by his wife Frances Pierrepont, 1st dau. of Hon William Pierrepont, of Thoresby, co. Nottingham (by his wife Elizabeth Harris, dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Harris, of Tong Castle, co. Salop), 2nd son of Robert [Pierrepont], 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull

mar. (2)

23 May 1695 Henrietta Villiers (d. 1 Feb 1719/20), sister of Edward [Villiers], 1st Earl of Jersey, and 5th dau. of Sir Edward Villiers, of Richmond, co. Surrey, Knight Marshal, by his first wife Lady Frances Howard, 5th dau. of Theophilus [Howard], 2nd Earl of Suffolk

children by second wife

1. Hon John Campbell, later 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland

1. Lady Charlotte Campbell (dvp.)

2. Lady Henrietta Campbell, a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princesses Amelia and Caroline 1736 (d. 27 Jan 1766)


23 Feb 1752

suc. by

son by second wife


Lord Lieutenant of Perthshire 1725-52;  a Representative Peer 1736-47;  Chief Justice in Eyre South of Trent 1746-52


John [Campbell], 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, KB PC


10 Mar 1695/6

mar. (1)

20 Feb 1717/8 Lady Amabel Grey (d. 2 Mar 1726/7), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Henry [Grey], 1st Duke of Kent, by his first wife Hon Jemima Crewe, 1st dau. and cohrss. by his second wife of Thomas [Crewe], 2nd Baron Crewe

children by first wife

1. Hon Henry Campbell (b. c. 1721; dvp. 12 May 1727)

1. Lady Jemima Campbell, later suo jure Marchioness de Grey and Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (b. 9 Oct 1722;  d.s.p.m. 11 Jan 1797), mar. 22 May 1740 Philip [Yorke], 2nd Earl of Hardwicke, and had issue

mar. (2)

23 Jan 1730 Arabella Pershall (d. 1 Sep 1762), 3rd dau. and cohrss. of John Pershall, of Great Sugnall, co. Stafford (son and heir ap. of Sir Thomas Pershall, 3rd Bt., of Horsley, co. Stafford), by his wife Hon Charlotte Colepepper, dau. of Thomas [Colepepper], Lord Colepepper

children by second wife

2. Hon George Campbell (b. c. 1732; dvp. 24 Mar 1744)

3. Hon John Campbell, styled Lord Glenorchy (b. 20 Sep 1738 ; dvp. and sp. 14 Nov 1771). mar. 26 Sep 1761 Willielma Maxwell (b. c. 1742; d. 17 Jul 1786), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of William Maxwell, of Preston, co. Lancaster


s.p.m.s. 26 Jan 1782

suc. by



Master of the Horse to the Princess of Wales 1718;  Minister at Copenhagen 1720-30 and at St Petersburg 1731;  Knight of the Bath 1725; Member of Parliament for Saltash 1724-41, and for Orford 1741-46; a Lord of the Admiralty 1741-42;  Master of the Jewel Office 1745-56;  a Representative Peer 1752-68 and 1774-80;  Chief Justice in Eyre South of Trent 1756-65;  Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1765-66;  Privy Councillor 1766;  Vice Admiral of Scotland 1776-82


John [Campbell], 4th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland later 1st Marquess of Breadalbane


13 Nov 1806 Baron Breadalbane, of Taymouth Castle in the County of Perth

12 Sep 1831 Earl of Ormelie and Marquess of Breadalbane


The Earldom of Breadalbane and Holland was held by the Marquesses of Breadalbane (first creation) from 12 Sep 1831 until 8 Nov 1862, when on the death of John [Campbell], 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane, 5th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, etc. the Marquessate of Breadalbane and the other United Kingdom titles became extinct, and the Earldom of Breadalbane and Holland and the other Scottish titles passed to his kinsman and 4th cousin twice removed,


John Alexander Gavin [Campbell], 6th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland


30 Mar 1824


20 Apr 1853 Mary Theresa Edwards (d. 27 Feb 1870), only dau. of John F Edwards, of Dublin


1. Hon Gavin Campbell, later 7th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland later 1st Marquess of Breadalbane

2. Capt Hon Ivan Campbell DL, a member of H M Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms (b. 17 Nov 1859; d. 16 Mar 1917), mar. Lady Margaret Elizabeth Diana Agar, 3rd dau. of James Charles Herbert Welbore Ellis [Agar], 3rd Earl of Normanton, and had issue:

1a. Iain Edward Herbert Campbell, later 8th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland

3. Hon Norman Campbell (b. and dvp. 1866)

1. Lady Eva Campbell (b. 22 Jul 1855), mar. 2 May 1876 John Cuthbert Heathcote, 2nd son of Rev S J Heathcote, Vicar of Williton, co. Somerset, and has issue


20 Mar 1871


by son


established his right to the Earldom in the House of Lords in 1872


Gavin [Campbell], 7th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland later 1st Marquess of Breadalbane, KG PC


25 Mar 1873 Baron Breadalbane, of Kenmore in the County of Perth

11 Jul 1885 Earl of Ormerlie and Marquess of Breadalbane


The Earldom of Breadalbane and Holland was held by the 1st Marquess of Breadalbane (2nd creation) from 11 Jul 1885 until 19 Oct 1922, when on his death without male issue the Marquessate of Breadalbane and other United Kingdom titles became extinct, and the Earldom of Breadalbane and Holland and the other Scottish titles passed to his nephew,


Iain Edward Herbert [Campbell], 8th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland


14 Jun 1885


10 May 1923

suc. by



Charles William [Campbell], 9th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, MC


11 Jun 1889


10 Aug 1918 Armorer Romer Nicholson (widow of Capt Eric Nicholson, 12th Royal Lancers;  d. 1987), dau. of Romer Williams, of Newnham Hall, Daventry

only child

1. Hon John Romer Boreland Campbell, later 10th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland


5 May 1959

suc. by



a Representative Peer 1924-58;  Member of HM's Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms 1935-58;  Member of the Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland (The Royal Company of Archers) 1937-58


John Romer Boreland [Campbell], 10th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland


28 Apr 1919


2 Nov 1949 (div. 19..) Coralie Archer, only dau. of Charles Archer


s.p. 1995


On the death of the 10th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland the Earldom of Breadalbane and Holland, etc. became dormant; the heir to the title is Huba Campbell, a third cousin once removed of the 10th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland.


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