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Dashwood, of Northbrooke, co. Oxford (E, 1684)


Creation: let.pat. 16 Sep 1684


Family name: Dashwood




Hatchment of Sir George Dashwood, 4th Bt, in Kirtlington Church, Oxfordshire


On the dexter are the arms of Sir George (Quarterly: 1st, Dashwood; 2nd, Chamberlayne; 3rd, Reade; and

4th Spencer) and on the sinister those of his wife, Marianne Sarah Rowley



Argent on a Fess double-cotised Gules three Griffin's Heads erased Or


A Griffin's Head erased per fess Erminois and Gules


On either side a Male Griffin Argent gorged with a Collar flory counterflory Gules


Virtuti nihil invium ("Nothing is inaccessible to courage")


The supporters were granted by Royal Warrant on 15 September 1783 to Sir Henry Dashwood, 3rd Bt., with limitation to the heirs male of his body holding the baronetcy.



Sir Robert Dashwood, 1st Bt., MP

1st son and heir of George Dashwood, of Hackney, co. Middlesex, Alderman of London, Farmer of the Revenue of Ireland and a Commissioner of Excise, by his wife Margaret Perry, dau. of William Perry, of Thorpe, co. Surrey


6 Nov 1662


after 9 Jun 1682 Penelope Chamberlayne, inherited the estate of Northbrooke, co. Oxford, from her father in 1682 (b. 1663; bur. 22 Feb 1734/5 at Kirtlington, co. Oxford), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Chamberlayne, 2nd Bt., of Wickham and Northbrooke, co. Oxford, by his wife Margaret Prideaux, dau. by his second wife of Edmund Prideaux, of Ford Abbey, co. Devon, Attorney General 1649


1. Chamberlayne Dashwood (d. 8 Sep 1743)

2. George Dashwood (dvp. young)

3. Robert Dashwood (b. 1687; dvp. 29 Sep 1728; bur. at Kirtlington, co. Oxford), mar. Dorothy Reade, inherited Dunstew, co. Oxford, and Minsden, co. Hertford, from her brother in 1712 (d. 21 Apr 1753), sister and cohrss. of Sir John Reade, 3rd Bt., and 1st dau. of Sir James Reade, 2nd Bt., of Brocket Hall, co. Hertford, by his wife Love Dring, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Robert Dring, of Isleworth, co. Middlesex, Alderman of London, and had issue:

1a. Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Bt.

2a. Robert Dashwood (dvp. an infant)

3a. George Dashwood (dvp. an infant)

1a. Love Dashwood (dvp. an infant)

4. Richard Dashwood, of Ledwell, co. Oxford, High Sheriff of Norfolk 1605 (b. 1690; d. Apr 1737), mar. 4 May 1710 Elizabeth Lewes (mar. (2) Jun 1738 Maj Gen Sir Charles Armand Powlett; d. Sep 1756), dau. of Thomas Lewes, of Stanford, co. Nottingham, and had issue

5. Charles Dashwood (dvp. young)

1. Margaret Dashwood (dvp. young)

2. Penelope Dashwood, mar. 29 Aug 1706 as his second wife Rt Hon Sir John Stonhouse, 3rd Bt. MP, of Radley, co. Berkshire, and had issue

3. Catherine Dashwood (bur. 24 Mar 1780 at Hawkesbury, co. Gloucester), mar. 12 Jun 1718 Sir Robert Banks Jenkinson, 4th Bt. MP, of Walcot, co. Oxford, and Hawkesbury, co. Gloucester, and had issue

4. Anne Dashwood (dsp.), mar. Anthony Cope, brother of Sir Jonathan Cope, 1st Bt MP., of Brewerne, co. Oxford, and 3rd son of Jonathan Cope MP, of Ranton Abbey, co. Stafford, by his wife Susan Fowler, dau. and hrss. of Sir Thomas Fowler, of London


14 Jul 1734 (bur. at Kirtlington, co. Oxford)


16 Sep 1684 Baronet of England, styled "of Northbrooke, co. Oxford", with remainder failing his own male issue to the male issue of his father

suc. by



builder of Kirtlington Park, co. Oxford; admitted to the Inner Temple 1679; knighted 1682; High Sheriff of Oxfordshire 1683-84; Member of Parliament for Banbury 1689-1698 and for Oxfordshire 1699-1700


Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Bt., MP



17 Feb 1738/9 Elizabeth Spencer (d. 19 Apr 1798), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Edward Spencer, of Rendlesham, co. Norfolk, by his wife Anne .....


1. James Dashwood (dvp. an infant)

2. Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, 3rd Bt.

3. Thomas Dashwood, in the HEICS (b. 25 Dec 1759; d. 20 Dec 1825), mar. 23 Feb 1782 Charlotte Louisa Auriol (d. 10 Jan 1833), dau. of J Auriol, and had issue:

1a. Edward Dashwood (b. 1783; dvp. 1802)

2a. Thomas John Dashwood, Bengal merchant, Judge at Tirhost (b. 27 Nov 1792; d. 17 Jun 1836), mar. 13 Jun 1822 Susan Wodehouse (d. 2 Nov 1834), dau. of Thomas Wodehouse, and had issue:

1b. Thomas Alexander Dashwood JP, barrister (b. 22 Feb 1826; d. 9 Jan 1909), mar. 3 Oct 1866 Charlotte Eliza Knyvett (d. 23 Apr 1931), dau. of Rev Charles Knyvett, and had issue:

1c. Maj Thomas Henry Knyvett Dashwood (b. 3 Jan 1876; d. 24 Jan 1929), mar. 5 Apr 1910 Florence Kathleen Smith (mar, (2) 28 Oct 1937 Capt John Maurice Figgis, of Farnborough Grange, Banbury, co. Oxford; d. 2 Jul 1939), 1st dau. of Thomas Frederick Hugh Smith FRCS, of Farningham, co. Kent, and had issue:

1d. Thomas John Russell Dashwood OBE, served in the Colonial Administrative Service 1933-55, Secretary Public Schools Club 1955 (b. 19 Jan 1911; dsp. 1 Jul 1979), mar. 18 Apr 1936 (Edith) Mary Thomas, dau. of William Thomas, of Newport, co. Monmouth.

1c. Mary Susan Dashwood, mar. 19 Jan 1892 Arthur Geoffrey Robins (d. 1910), and had issue

2c. Maud Dashwood (d. 8 May 1956)

3c. Florence Dashwood (d. 30 Apr 1937)

4c. Blanche Wodehouse Dashwood (dvp. 6 Feb 1878)

5c. Rose Dashwood (d. 1947)

6c. Cecily Dashwood (dvp. 13 Jan 1878)

7c. Alice Katharine Dashwood (d. 31 Jul 1954)

2b. Henry Wodehouse Dashwood (b. 30 Nov 1830; dsp. 11 Jun 1892)

3a. Charles Dashwood (b. 1794; dvp. 1795)

4a. Lt Col Alexander Wilton Dashwood, of The Grange, Shenley, co. Hertford (b. 25 Sep 1796; d. 15 Mar 1877), mar. 15 May 1827 Marian Still (d. 26 Jul 1887), dau. of Peter Still, of Harley Street, London, and had issue:

1b. Alexander John Dashwood (b. 28 Mar 1830; dvp. 9 Jul 1857), mar. 13 Jul 1854 Emma Blanche Garrett (mar. (2) 1894 Lt Col A R Garrett; d. 25 Oct 1907), dau. of Capt J B Garrett RN, and had issue:

1c. Alexander Thomas Dashwood (b. 4 Apr 1855; d. 18 Oct 1911), mar. 27 Aug 1904 Annie Morris (mar. (2) 1915 Albert Bannister, of Rhoden, Paddock Wood, co. Kent; d. 1941), yst. dau. of Henry Morris, and had issue:

1d. Capt Alexander John Dashwood (b. 2 Nov 1905; d. 24 May 1979), mar. 1947 Mary Whitburn Thorne, dau. of Reginald Frank Thorne, of Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent, and had issue:

1e. Alexander Thomas Whitburn Dashwood, heir presumptive to the Baronetcy of Dashwood of Northbrooke, of 9 Bradley Road, Mannamead, Plymouth, co. Devon (b. 1950), mar. 1977 Christine Ellen Badge, dau. of Lewis Badge, of 20 Ocean View Road, Bude, co. Cornwall, and has issue:

1f. Benjamin Alexander John Dashwood (b. 1979)

2e. Jeremy Charles Whitburn Dashwood (b. 1957)

1e. Sophia Ann Whitburn Dashwood (b. 1954)

2c. Arthur Frederick Dashwood (b. 31 Aug 1857; dsp. 26 Oct 1944), mar. 1897 Etta Fox (widow of George Fox JP DL, of Elmhurst Hall, Lichfield, co. Stafford; d. 1919), dau. of Warden Payne, of Fall River, Massachussets, USA

2b. George Lionel Dashwood JP, of Wilton House, Shenley, co. Hertford (b. 2 Aug 1843; d. 7 Mar 1913), mar. 1 Aug 1866 Avice Frances Anne Part (d. 22 Mar 1893), dau. of Thomas Part, of Aldenham Lodge, co. Hertford, and had issue

1b. Charlotte Still Dashwood (d. 23 Apr 1863), mar. 20 May 1856 Richard Durant, of Sharpham, co. Devon, and had issue

2b. Selina Georgina Dashwood (d. 10 Nov 1879), mar. 5 Jul 1854 Rev G W Watson, and had issue

3b. Louisa Charlotte Dashwood, mar. 27 Dec 1859 Rev Alfred Child (d. 1888), and had issue

4b. Emma Marian Dashwood (d. 31 Jan 1927), mar. 23 Sep 1868 His Hon Judge Lawford Yate-Lee (d. 17 May 1901), and had issue

1a. Charlotte Sophia Dashwood, mar. (1) as his second wife Hon Charles Andrew Bruce, Governor of Prince of Wales's Island (b. 18 Jan 1768; d. 27 Dec 1810), 4th son of Charles [Bruce], 5th Earl of Elgin, by his wife Martha Whyte, Governess to HRH Princess Charlotte of Wales, only child of Thomas Whyte, of Kirkaldy and London, banker, and (2) 8 Feb 1813 James Alexander, of Somerhill, co. Kent, and had issue by her first husband

2a. Anne Amelia Dashwood (b. 1789; d. 1851), mar. (1) 1806 Charles Murray HEIC CS Bengal (d. 1808), 3rd son of Rt Rev Lord George Murray DD, Bishop of St David's 1800-03 (by his wife Anne Charlotte Grant, Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Charlotte and dau. of Lt Gen Francis Grant MP), 4th son of John [Murray], 3rd Duke of Atholl, by his wife and cousin Lady Charlotte Murray, suo jure Baroness Strange, and (2) George Warde HEIC CS

3a. Louisa Hey Dashwood (d. 14 Nov 1855), mar. 12 Jan 1811 William Fane HEICS (b. 5 Apr 1789; d. 7 Mar 1839), 5th son of Hon Henry Fane MP (by his wife Anne Batson, dau. of Edward Buckldey Batson, of Avon Tyrrell, co. Hampshire, banker), 2nd son of Thomas [Fane], 8th Earl of Westmorland, by his wife Elizabeth Kentish, widow of Samuel Kentish, of St Dunstan's, London, and dau. of William Swymmer, of Bristol, merchant, and had issue

1. Elizabeth Dashwood (b. c.1740; d. 26 Jun 1832), mar. 22 Oct 1762 George [Montagu], 4th Duke of Manchester, and had issue

2. Anne Dashwood (b. c. 1743; d. 8 Jan 1830), mar. 13 Jun 1764 as his second wife John [Stewart], 7th Earl of Galloway, and had issue

3. Catherine Dashwood, mar. 14 Apr 1764 Lucy Knightly, of Fawsley, co. Northampton, Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire 1763-84 (b. 23 Dec 1741/2; dsp. 14 Apr 1764), elder brother of Rev Sir John Knightley, 1st Bt, of Fawsley, co. Northampton, and 1st son and heir of Valentine Knightley MP, of Fawsley, co. Northampton, by his wife Elizabeth Dummer, dau. of Edward Dummer, of Swathling


10 Nov 1779

suc. by



High Sheriff of Oxfordshire 1738-39; Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire 1740-53 and 1761-68; High Steward of Oxford University


Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, 3rd Bt., MP


30 Aug 1745


17 Jul 1780 Mary Helen Graham, Lady of the Bedchamber and Governess of the Princesses (d. 12 Oct 1796), dau. of John Graham, of the Supreme Court, Calcutta, of Kinross, Scotland, by his wife Helen Mayne, sister of William [Mayne], 1st Baron Newhaven, and dau. of William Mayne, of Powis Logie, co. Clackmannan


1. Henry George Mayne Dashwood (b. 26 Jun 1782; dvp. 24 Oct 1803)

2. Sir George Dashwood, 4th Bt.

3. Lt Col Charles Dashwood CB (b. 9 Dec 1787; dsp. 20 Apr 1832), mar. 27 Feb 1822 Caroline Barlow (d. 29 Apr 1860), 4th dau. of Admiral Sir Robert Barlow GCB, by his wife Elizabeth Garrett, dau. of William Garrett, of Worthing House, co. Hampshire

4. Rev Augustus Dashwood, Rector of Thornage, co. Norfolk (b. 25 Feb 1795; d. 12 Jul 1863), mar. 16 Jun 1825 his brother-in-law's sister Hester Astley (d. 31 Aug 1867), 4th dau. of Sir Jacob Astley, 5th Bt., by his wife Hester Browne, yst dau. and cohrss. of Samuel Browne, of King's Lynn, co. Norfolk, and had issue:

1a. Maj Augustus Astley George Dashwood (b. 9 May 1827; dsp. 20 Jul 1882), mar. 19 Mar 1874 his second cousin once removed Edith Flora Caroline Marshall, 1st dau. of J L Marshall, and granddaughter of Col Thomas Potter Macqueen MP, of Ridgemont, co. Bedford, by his wife Anne Astley, 2nd dau. of Sir Jacob Astley, 5th Bt., by his wife Hester Browne, yst dau. and cohrss. of Samuel Browne, of King's Lynn, co. Norfolk

2a. Charles Henry Dashwood, barrister (b. 1833; d. 1901)

1a. Georgina Helen Dashwood (d. 18 Jan 1910

1. Hon Anna Maria Dashwood, a Maid of Honour to Queen Charlotte and a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Adelaide (b. 1785; d. 6 Sep 1857), mar. 22 May 1810 John [Loftus], 2nd Marquess of Ely, and had issue

2. Georgina Caroline Dashwood (d. 28 Jun 1835), mar. 22 Mar 1819 Sir Jacob Astley, 6th Bt. MP later 16th Baron Hastings, and had issue


10 Jun 1828

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Woodstock 1784-1820; Gentleman of the Privy Chamber 1784


Sir George Dashwood, 4th Bt., MP


17 Sep 1786


8 Sep 1815 Marianne Sarah Rowley (b. 1789; d. 24 Mar 1877), 1st dau. of Sir William Rowley, 2nd Bt., of Tendring, co. Suffolk, by his wife Susanna Edith Harland, 3rd dau. by his second wife of Admiral Sir Robert Harland, 1st Bt.


1. Sir Henry William Dashwood, 5th Bt.

2. Capt George Astley Charles Dashwood (b. 3 Jun 1820; d. 26 Jul 1863), mar. 23 Feb 1854 Hon Harriet Anne Bateman-Hanbury (mar. (2) 14 Feb 1867 her second cousin once removed Capt Lord Montagu William Graham, Member of Parliament for Grantham and for Hereford, 2nd son by his second wife of James [Graham], 3rd Duke of Montrose; d. 18 Apr 1884), 1st dau. of William [Hanbury later Bateman-Hanbury], 1st Baron Bateman, by his wife Elizabeth Chichester, sister of Arthur [Chichester], 1st Baron Templemore, and 2nd dau. of Lord Spencer Stanley Chichester, of Dunbrody Park, co. Wexford (by his wife and second cousin Lady Anne Harriet Stewart, 3rd dau. by his second wife of John [Stewart], 7th Earl of Galloway), 3rd son by his first wife of Arthur [Chichester], 1st Marquess of Donegall, and had issue:

1a. Charles Edmund Dashwood JP (b. 20 Jun 1857; dsp. 29 Apr 1935), mar. 1881 Emma Baker, dau. of Richard Baker

2a. Arthur George Frederick Dashwood, of Thurlow House, Folkestone, co. Kent (b. 28 May 1860; d. 10 Feb 1922), mar. (1) 12 Jun 1882 Caroline Isabella Lord (d. 19 Jun 1920), dau. of Capt Arthur Owen Lord, and (2) 17 Mar 1921 Alice Green-Wilkinson (mar. (2) 19 Feb 1924 Lt Cdr Harold Owen Joyce DSC RN; d. 1954), twin dau. of Lt Col Henry Green-Wilkinson, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Iris Hariet Dashwood, mar. (1) 30 Oct 1906 Capt Cecil Fyffe Pryce Hamilton (killed in action at the Battle of Ypres 26 Oct 1914), and (2) 1922 Maj Percival Alexander Wilson

1a. Agnes Henrietta Dashwood (d. young 1863)

2a. Marianne Caroline Dashwood (b. 18 Jul 1856; d. 12 Nov 1947), mar. 5 Dec 1876 (sep. 1883) Edward Burtenshaw [Sugden], 2nd Baron Saint Leonards, and had issue

3a. Emma Sophia Dashwood (d. young 1863)

3. Maj Frederick Loftus Dashwood (b. 13 Oct 1824; dsp. 12 Oct 1902), mar. 7 Feb 1871 Lucy Amelia Clinton

1. Marianne Georgiana Dashwood (d. 3 Feb 1903), mar. 11 Feb 1847 Sir Edmund Antrobus, 3rd Bt MP., and had issue

2. Emma Philadelphia Dashwood (dsp. 9 Mar 1906), mar. 18 Aug 1857 Granville Robert Henry Somerset QC (dsp. 23 Mar 1881), 1st son of Rt Hon Lord Granville Charles Henry Somerset MP (by his wife Hon Emily Smith, 5th dau. by his first wife of Robert [Smith], 1st Baron Carrington), 2nd son of Henry Charles [Somerset], 6th Duke of Beaufort

3. Susan Caroline Dashwood (d. 1891), mar. 31 Oct 1854 Charles George Cholmondeley (b. 9 Jul 1829; dvp. 7 Dec 1869 before his father suc. to the Marquessate), 1st son and heir of William Henry Hugh [Cholmondeley], 3rd Marquess of Cholmondeley, by his wife and cousin Marcia Emma Georgiana Arbuthnot, dau. of Rt Hon Charles Arbuthnot, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and had issue


12 Sep 1861

suc. by



a Page at Court 1796; Member of Parliament for Truro 1814-18


Sir Henry William Dashwood, 5th Bt.


17 Oct 1816


18 Sep 1845 Sophia Drinkwater (b. 1818; d. 15 Oct 1894), only dau. and hrss. of John Drinkwater, of Sherborne, co. Warwick, by his wife Ellen Hyde, dau. of Nathan Hyde, of Ardwick, co. Lancaster


1. Sir George John Egerton Dashwood, 6th Bt.

2. Henry William Spencer Dashwood (b. 15 Jun 1854; dvp. 15 Jun 1855)

1. Ellen Louisa Dashwood (d. 2 Jun 1917), mar. 27 Aug 1872 Hon Conrad Adderley Dillon-Lee later Dillon (b. 2 Sep 1845; d. 4 Nov 1901), 2nd son of Arthur Edmund Denis [Dillon-Lee], 16th Viscount Dillon, by his wife Ellen Adderly, dau. of James Adderly, and had issue

2. Florence Dashwood (d. 18 Jan 1917)

3. Susan Alice Dashwood (d. 17 Dec 1922)

4. Mary Sophia Dashwood (d. 28 Oct 1909)


25 Jan 1889

suc. by



High Sheriff of Oxfordshire 1867; Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Oxfordshire


Maj Sir George John Egerton Dashwood, 6th Bt., JP DL


12 Sep 1851


12 Aug 1875 Lady Mary Margaret Seymour (b. 27 Jun 1855; d. 29 Dec 1948), 6th dau. of Francis George Hugh [Seymour], 5th Marquess of Hertford, by his wife Lady Emily Murray, 6th dau. of David William [Murray], 3rd Earl of Mansfield


1. Sir Robert Henry Seymour Dashwood, 7th Bt.

2. Capt Ernest George Dashwood (b. 18 Jan 1880; dvp. in action 12 May 1915)

3. Maj (Arthur) Paul Dashwood OBE AMICE (b. 17 Jul 1882; d. 4 Apr 1964), mar. 17 Jul 1919 Countess Edmée Elizabeth Monica Ducarel de la Pasture (the novelist, E M Delafield; d. 2 Dec 1943), 1st dau. of Count Henry Ducarel de la Pasture, and had issue:

1a. Lionel Paul Dashwood (b. 13 Aug 1920; dvp. during his military training 4 Nov 1940)

1a. Rosamund Margaret Dashwood (b. 1923), mar. 3 Jun 1948 Leslie Harold Truelove MRCP, of 44 Victoria Crescent, St Vitel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has issue

4. Lieut Wilfred James Dashwood (b. 3 Dec 1883; dvp. of wounds received in action 2 Aug 1917)

5. 2nd Lieut Lionel Albert Dashwood (b. 3 Aug 1887; dvp. in France 15 May 1915)

6. Actg Capt Henry Godfrey Dashwood (b. 16 Nov 1889; dsp. 2 Feb 1970), mar. (1) 12 Jun 1918 Helen Gladys Cartmell (d. 24 Oct 1946), only child of Rev James William Cartmell, Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, and (2) 6 Mar 1947 Dora Holmes, yst. dau. of Lt Col Henry Holmes MVO

7. F/O Edward John Dashwood RAF (b. 6 May 1902; dvp. in action on the North West Frontier 21 Mar 1925)

1. Emily Sophia Dashwood (b. 8 May 1878; d. 8 Mar 1962), mar. 17 Jul 1913 Alfred Rendell Street (d. 8 Jul 1938), son of John Rendell Street, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and had issue

2. Dorothy Constance Dashwood (b. 17 Mar 1881; d. 9 Nov 1950)

3. Margaret Frances Dashwood (b. 9 Jul 1885; d. 28 May 1959), mar. 20 Jul 1909 Capt Ronald Robert Henderson MP, of Studley Priory, co. Oxford (d. 16 Jan 1932), son of John Henderson JP, and had issue

4. Muriel Helen Dashwood (b. 30 Jul 1892; d. 12 Jan 1983)


1 Sep 1933

suc. by



Capt, Scots Fusilier Guards; Hon Major, Oxfordshire Light Infantry Militia; High Sheriff of Oxfordshire 1903


Maj Sir Robert Henry Seymour Dashwood, 7th Bt., DL


19 Jul 1876


14 Jan 1903 Margaret Helen Henry (d. 13 Mar 1952), only dau. of Lt Gen George Henry CB


1. Sir Henry George Massy Dashwood, 8th Bt.

2. John Arthur Dashwood (b. 17 Jul 1910), mar. 1952 Patricia Maud Burrows, only dau. of Frederick Burrows

1. Barbara Helen Dashwood (b. 18 Jun 1904), mar. 25 Oct 1928 Thomas Kitchingman Bower, 1st son of Thomas O Bower, of The Manor House, Wickhambrook, co. Suffolk, and has issue


3 Jul 1947

suc. by




Sir Henry George Massey Dashwood, 8th Bt., JP DL


11 May 1908


9 Dec 1948 Susan Mary Montgomerie-Charrington (d. 1985), 1st dau. of Maj Victor Robert Montgomerie-Charrington OBE, of Hunsdon House, co. Hertford


1. Sir Richard James Dashwood, 9th Bt.

1. Emma Victoria Mildred Dashwood (b. 27 Feb 1955), mar. 26 Mar 1977 Capt Edward Morgan Crofton, of Long Durford, Upper Durford Wood, Petersfield, co. Hampshire


5 Nov 1972

suc. by




Maj Sir Richard James Dashwood, 9th Bt., TD


14 Feb 1950


1984 (div. 1993) Kathryn Ann Mahon, 1st dau. of Frank Mahon, of Barretts Farm, Eastbury, Newbury, co. Berkshire

only child

1. Frederick George Mahon Dashwood, de jure 10th Bt.


14 Apr 2013

suc. by




Frederick George Mahon Dashwood, de jure 10th Bt.


29 Jan 1988


Mr Frederick Dashwood has yet to prove his succession to the Baronetcy


The heir presumptive to the Baronetcy of Dashwood of Northbrooke is Alexander Thomas Whitburn Dashwood, a great-great-great-great-grandson of the 2nd Baronet and fifth cousin twice removed of Mr Frederick Dashwood.


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