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The Early House of Plantagenet (1154 - 1327)


 The marriage between Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine created an empire stretching from the Scottish border in the north to the Pyrenees in the south. The Angevin Empire came together because of fortunate marriages and the accidents of birth and death - its swift demise had similar causes. The decisive turning point was the death of Henry II's heir, Richard I, in 1199. Whilst Richard had been able to hold the empire together by diplomacy and sheer force of personality, his successor, John, possessed no such admirable traits. By 1204 John has lost Normandy, Anjou, Maine, Touraine and most of Poitou, not to mention having ceded the Vexin to King Philip Augustus of France in 1200 by the Treaty of Le Goulet. From this time on the attention of the John and his immediate successors turned more and more to Wales, to Ireland and to Scotland.


Henry II (1154-1189)


5 Mar 1133


18 May 1152 Eleanor of Aquitaine, suo jure Duchess of Aquitaine and Countess of Saintonge, Angumois, Limousin, Auvergne, Bordeaux and Agen (b. c.1120; former wife of Louis VII, King of France; d. 1 Apr 1204), dau. of William IX, Duke of Aquitaine, by his wife Eleanor de Rochefoucauld, dau. of Aimery I Rochefoucauld, Vicomte de Châtellérhault


1. William, styled Count of Poitiers (b. 17 Aug 1153; dvp. Jun 1156)

2. Henry, cr. King of England 1170 (b. 28 Feb 1155; dvp. 11 Jun 1183), mar. 2 Nov 1160 Margaret of France (b. 1158; mar. (2) 1185/6 Bela III, King of Hungary; d. 1197/8), dau. of Louis VII, King of France, by his wife Constance of Castile, dau. of Alfonso VII, King of Castile, and had issue:

1a. William (b. 19 Jun 1177; dvp. 22 Jun 1177)

3. Richard, later King Richard I

4. Geoffrey, jure uxoris Earl of Richmond and Duke of Brittany (b. 23 Sep 1158; dvp. 19 Aug 1186), mar. Jul 1181 Constance of Brittany (b. c.1160; mar. (2) 3 Feb 1187 Ranulf [de Blundeville], 4th Earl of Chester, and (3) 1199 Guy de Thouars; d. 3 Sep 1201), only child of Conan IV, Earl of Richmond and Duke of Brittany, by his wife Margaret of Huntingdon, 2nd dau. of Henry of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (by his wife Lady Ada de Warenne, dau. of William [de Warenne], 2nd Earl of Surrey), 2nd son of David I, King of Scotland, and had issue:

1a. Arthur of Brittany, styled Earl of Richmond and Duke of Brittany and de jure King of England 1199-1203 (b. 29 Mar 1187; d. c. 3 Apr 1203)

1a. Eleanor of Brittany, styled Countess of Richmond and de jure Duchess of Brittany and Queen of England 1203-1241 (b. c.1185; d. 10 Aug 1241)

2a. Matilda of Brittany (b. c.1185; d. young)

5. John, later King John

1. Matilda (b. Jun 1156; d. 28 Jun 1189), mar. 1 Feb 1168 Henry V, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, and had issue

2. Eleanor (b. 13 Oct 1162; d. 31 Oct 1214), mar. Sep 1176 Alfonso VIII, King of Castile, and had issue

3. Joan (b. Oct 1165; d. 4 Sep 1199), mar. (1) 13 Feb 1177 William II, King of Sicily, and (2) Oct 1196 Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse, and had issue by both husbands


6 Jul 1189

suc. by



Count of Tourraine and Maine 1151; suc. his father 7 Sep 1151 as Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy; Duke of Aquitaine jure uxoris 1152




The arms of England as shown on the second Great Seal

of King Richard I "the Lionheart".  The seal is dated c. 1157.

These arms were used by his successors until 1340.


Richard I (1189-1199)


8 Sep 1157


12 May 1191 Berengaria of Navarre (b. c.1164; dsp. aft. 1230) , dau. of Sancho VI, King of Navarre, by his wife Beatrice of Castile, dau. of Alfonso VII, King of Castile


s.p.legit. 6 Apr 1199

suc. by





John (1199-1216)


24 Dec 1166

mar. (1)

29 Aug 1189 (div. 1199 on grounds of consanguinity) Lady Isabella FitzRobert, suo jure Countess of Gloucester (mar (2) 20 Jan 121384 Geoffrey [de Mandeville], Earl of Essex, and (3) Oct 1217 as his second wife Hubert [de Burgh], Earl of Kent and Justiciar of England; dsp. 14 Oct 1217), 3rd dau. and cohrss. of William [FitzRobert], 2nd Earl of Gloucester, by his wife Lady Hawise de Beaumont, dau. of Robert [de Beaumont], 3rd Earl of Leicester

mar. (2)

24 Aug 1200 Isabella of Angoulême, suo jure Countess of Angoulême (b. c.1187; mar. (2) c. Apr 1220 Hugh X de Lusignan, Count of La Marche; d. 31 May 1246), dau. of Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angoulême, by his wife Alice of Courteney, dau. of Peter of Courtenay (son of Louis VI, King of France)


1. Henry, later King Henry III

2. Richard, styled Count of Poitou, cr. 30 May 1227 Earl of Cornwall, elected 13 Jan 1257 King of Germany and King of the Romans (b. 5 Jan 1209; d. 2 Apr 1272), mar. (1) 13 Mar 1231 Lady Isabella Marshal, Lady of Kilkenny (b. 9 Oct 1200; mar. (1) 9 Oct 1214 Gilbert [de Clare], 4th Earl of Gloucester; d. 15 Jan 1240), sister and in her issue cohrss. of Anselm [Marshal], 9th Earl of Pembroke, and 3rd dau. of William [Marshal], jure uxoris 4th Earl of Pembroke, by his wife Lady Isabel de Clare, only dau. and hrss. of Richard [FitzGilbert or de Clare], 2nd Earl of Pembroke, known as "Strongbow", and had issue:

1a. John (b. 31 Jan 1232; dvp. 22 Sep 1233)

2a. Henry (b. 1 Nov 1235; dvp. and sp. 13 Mar 1271), mar. 5 May 1269 Constance de Moncada (former wife of Alfonso, Infante of Aragon; d. c.1299), dau. of Gaston VII de Moncada, Vicomte de Béarn, by his wife Matilda de Mastas, dau. of Boson de Mastas, Seigneur de Cognac

3a. Nicholas (b. and dvp. 17 Jan 1240)

1a. Isabella (b. 9 Sep 1233; dvp. 10 Oct 1234)

The Earl of Cornwall mar. (2) 23 Nov 1243 Sanchia of Provence (b. c.1225; d. 5 Nov 1261), sister of his sister-in-law Queen Eleanor and dau. of Raymond Berenger V, Count of Provence, by his wife Beatrice of Savoy, dau. of Thomas I, Count of Savoy, and had further issue:

4a. Richard (b. Jul 1246; dvp. 15 Aug 1246)

5a. Edmund, 2nd Earl of Cornwall (b. 26 Dec 1249; dsp. 24 Sep 1300), mar. 6 Oct 1272 (div. Feb 1293) Lady Margaret de Clare (b. c.1249; dsp. Feb 1313), 2nd dau. of Richard [de Clare], 5th Earl of Gloucester, by his second wife Lady Matilda de Lacy, 1st dau. of John [de Lacy], 1st Earl of Lincoln

6a. Richard (b. c.1252; d. 1296)

The Earl of Cornwall mar. (3) 16 Jun 1269 Beatrice of Falkenburg (b. c.1253; dsp. 17 Oct 1277), dau. of Dirk II, Count of Falkenburg, by his wife Joan van Loon

1. Joan (b. 22 Jul 1210; dsp. 4 Mar 1238), mar. 18 Jun 1221 as his first wife Alexander II, King of Scotland

2. Isabella (b. 1214; d. 1 Dec 1241), mar. 20 Jul 1235 Emperor Frederick II, King of Sicily, and had issue

3. Eleanor (b. 1215; d. 13 Apr 1275), mar. (1) 23 Apr 1224 William [Marshal], 5th Earl of Pembroke, and (2) 7 Jan 1238 Simon [de Montfort], 1st Earl of Leicester, and had issue by her second husband


18 Oct 1216

suc. by

son by second wife


Lord of Ireland 1177, Count of Mortain 1189, Earl of Gloucester jure uxoris 1189-99


Henry III (1216-1272)


1 Oct 1207


14 Jan 1236 Eleanor of Provence (b. c.1223; d. 24 Jun 1291), dau. of Raymond Berenger V, Count of Provence, by his wife Beatrice of Savoy, dau. of Thomas I, Count of Savoy


1. Edward "Longshanks", later King Edward I

2. Edmund "Crouchback", nom. King of Sicily 1245-54, cr. 26 Oct 1265 Earl of Leicester, cr. 30 Jun 1267 Earl of Lancaster, Count of Champagne jure uxoris 1276-1302 (b. 16 Jan 1245; d. 5 Jun 1296), mar. (1) 8 Apr 1269 Lady Aveline de Forz, suo jure Countess of Aumale (b. 20 Jan 1259; dsp. 10 Nov 1274), dau. of William [de Forz], 6th Earl of Aumale, by his wife Lady Isabella de Redvers, dau. of Baldwin [de Redvers], 7th Earl of Devon, and (2) Jan 1276 Blanche of Artois (b. c.1248; widow of Henry I, King of Navarre and Count of Champagne; d. 2 May 1302), dau. of Robert I, Count of Artois, by his wife Matilda of Brabant, dau. of Henry II, Duke of Brabant, and had issue:

1a. Thomas "of Lancaster", 2nd Earl of Lancaster and Leicester, jure uxoris Earl of Lincoln 1294-1318, found guilty of treason and forfeited all titles 1322 (b. c. 1278; dsp. 22 Mar 1322), mar. 28 Oct 1294 (div. c.1318) Lady Alice de Lacy, suo jure Countess of Lincoln and de jure suo jure Countess of Salisbury (b. 25 Dec 1281; mar. (2) Sir Ebles L'Estrange, and (3) bef. 23 Mar 1335/6 Sir Hugh de Frene; dsp. 2 Oct 1348), dau. and hrss. of Henry [de Lacy], 3rd Earl of Lincoln, by his first wife Margaret de Longspée, dau. of Sir William Longspée, of Amesbury, co. Wiltshire

2a. Henry "of Lancaster", sum. to Parliament by writ 6 Feb 1298/9 as Baron Lancaster, restored as 3rd Earl of Leicester 1324 and 3rd Earl of Lancaster 1327, suc. yr. brother as Lord of Beaufort (b. c.1281; d. 22 Sep 1345), mar. (1) bef. 2 Mar 1297 Matilda de Chaworth (b. c. 1285; d. bef. 3 Dec 1322), dau. of Sir Patrick de Chaworth, of Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen, and Kempsford, co. Gloucester, by his wife Lady Isabella de Beauchamp, 1st dau. of William [de Beauchamp], 9th Earl of Warwick, and (2) aft. 1322 Alice de Joinville, widow of John, Seigneur of Arcis-sur-Aube and Chacenay, and dau. of John de Joinville, Seneschal of Champagne, by his wife Alice de Risnel, dau. of Gautier, Seigneur de Risnel, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Henry "of Grosmont", 4th Earl of Lancaster and Leicester, cr. 16 Mar 1337 Earl of Derby, cr. 20 Aug 1349 Earl of Lincoln, cr. 6 Mar 1351 Duke of Lancaster, cr. 5 Apr 1359 Earl of Moray, Knight of the Garter 1348 (b. c.1305; d. 23 Mar 1361), mar. c.1335 Lady Isabella de Beaumont (d. 1361), 4th dau. of Henry [de Beaumont], 1st Baron Beaumont and Earl of Buchan, by his wife Alice Comyn, dau. of Sir Alexander Comyn, and had issue:

1c. Lady Matilda Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Leicester, Derby and Lincoln (b. 4 Apr 1340; dsp. 10 Apr 1362), mar. (1) 1 Nov 1344 Sir Ralph de Stafford, de jure 3rd Baron Audley (dvp. and sp. 1347), 1st son and heir ap. by his second wife of Ralph [de Stafford], 1st Earl of Stafford, and (2) 1352 William V, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Holland, Hainault and Zeeland

2c. Lady Blanche Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Lancaster (b. 25 Mar 1345; d. 12 Sep 1369), mar. 19 May 1359 as his first wife her third cousin John "of Gaunt", 1st Duke of Lancaster, 4th son of Edward III, King of England, by his wife Philippa of Hainault, dau. of William V, Count of Holland and Hainault, and had issue

1b. Lady Blanche Plantagenet (b. c. 1305; d. 10 Jul 1380). mar. bef. 9 Oct 1316 Thomas [Wake], 2nd Baron Wake

2b. Lady Matilda Plantagenet (b. c. 1310; d. bef. 5 May 1377), mar. (1) c.1328 her second cousin once removed William [de Burgh], 3rd Earl of Ulster, and (2) bef. 8 Aug 1343 Sir Ralph de Ufford, Justiciar of Ireland (d. 9 Apr 1346), and had issue by both husbands

3b. Lady Joan Plantagenet (b. c.1312; f. 7 Jul 1345), mar. aft. 28 Feb 1327 John [de Mowbray], 3rd Baron Mowbray, and had issue

4b. Lady Isabella Plantagenet, Prioress of Amesbury (b. c.1317; d. aft. 1 Feb 1347)

5b. Lady Eleanor Plantagenet (b. c.1318; d. 11 Jan 1372), mar. (1) bef. Jun 1337 John [de Beaumont], 2nd Baron Beaumont, and (2) 5 Feb 1345 as his second wife Richard [FitzAlan], 10th or 3rd Earl of Arundel, and had issue by both husbands

6b. Lady Mary Plantagenet (b. c.1320; d. 1 Sep 1362), mar. c. Sep 1334 Henry [de Percy], 3rd Baron Percy, and had issue

3a. John, suc. his mother as Lord of Beaufort and Nogent-Lartauld (b. bef. 1286; d. c. 1336)

4a. Lady Mary Plantagenet (d. young)

3. Richard (b. c.1247; dvp. bef. 1256)

4. John (b. c.1250; dvp. bef. 1256)

5. William (b. c.1251; dvp. 1256)

6. Henry (dvp. young)

1. Margaret (b. 29 Sep 1240; d. 26 Feb 1275), mar. 26 Dec 1251 as his first wife Alexander III, King of Scotland, and had issue

2. Beatrice (b. 25 Jun 1242; d. 24 Mar 1275), mar. 22 Jan 1260 John II, Duke of Brittany, and had issue

3. Katherine (b. 25 Nov 1252; dvp. 3 May 1257)


16 Nov 1272

suc. by



renounced the Duchy of Normandy under the terms of the Treaty of Paris Dec 1259


Edward I (1272-1307)


17 Jun 1239

mar. (1)

13 Oct 1254 Eleanor of Castile (b. c.1244; d. 28 Nov 1290), dau. of Ferdinand III, King of Castile, by his wife Joan of Ponthieu, dau. of Simon of Dammartin, Count of Ponthieu and Aumale

children by first wife

1. John (b. 10 Jun 1266; dvp. 1 Aug 1271)

2. Henry (b. 13 Jul 1267; dvp. 14 Oct 1274)

3. Alfonso, cr. 1284 Earl of Chester (b. 24 Nov 1273; dvp. 14 Aug 1284)

4. Edward *of Caernarvon", later King Edward II

1. Eleanor (b. 17 Jun 1264; d. 12 Oct 1298), mar. (1) 15 Aug 1290 Alfonso III, King of Aragon, and (2) 20 Sep 1293 Henry III, Count of Bar, and had issue by her second husband

2. Joan (b. 1265 ; dvp. bef. 7 Sep 1265)

3. Alice

4. Juliana (?Katherine) (b. 1271; dvp. 28 Sep 1271)

5. Joan "of Acre" (b. 1272; d. 23 Apr 1307), mar. (1) 30 Apr 1290 Gilbert [de Clare], 6th Earl of Gloucester, and (2) bef. Jul 1297 Ralph [de Monthermer], 1st Baron Monthermer, and had issue by both husbands

6. Margaret (b. 11 Sep 1275; d. 1318), mar. 8 Jul 1290 John II, Duke of Brabant, and had issue

7. Berengaria (?Berenice) (b. 1276; dvp. c.1277)

8. Mary, a nun (b. 11 Mar 1278; d. bef. 8 Jul 1332)

9. Isabella (b. 12 Mar 1279; dvp. 1279)

10. Elizabeth (b. Aug 1282; d. 5 May 1316; bur. at Walden Abbey, co. Essex), mar. (1) 18 Jan 1297 John I, Count of Holland and Zealand, and (2) 14 Nov 1302 Humphrey [de Bohun], 4th Earl of Hereford and 9th Earl of Essex, and had issue by her second husband

11. Beatrice (b. Aug 1286; d. young)

12. Blanche (b. 1290; d. young)

mar. (2)

8 Sep 1299 Margaret of France (b. c.1280; d. 14 Feb 1318), dau. of Philip III, King of France, by his wife Mary of Brabant, dau. of Henry III, Duke of Brabant

children by second wife

5. Thomas "of Brotherton", cr. 16 Dec 1312 Earl of Norfolk (b. 1 Jun 1300; d. c. Sep 1338), mar. (1) c. 1318 Alice Halys (d. aft. 8 May 1326), dau. of Sir Roger Halys, of Harwich, co. Essex, and (2) c. 1328 Mary de Cobham (former wife of Ralph [de Cobham], Baron Cobham; d. 9 Jun 1362), dau. of Peter de Braose, and had issue by his first wife:

1a. Edward (b. c.1320; dvp. and sp. bef. 13 Sep 1337), mar. c. May 1328 Lady Beatrice de Mortimer (mar. (2) Thomas [de Braose], 1st Baron Braose; d. 16 Oct 1383), 7th dau. of Roger [de Mortimer], 1st Earl of March, by his wife Joan de Genville, dau. and hrss. of Sir Piers de Geneville, of Ludlow, co. Salop

1a. Lady Margaret Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Norfolk, cr. 29 Sep 1397 Duchess of Norfolk for life (b. c.1320; d. 24 Mar 1399/1400), mar. (1) c.1337 John [de Segrave], 4th Baron Segrave, and (2) bef. 30 May 1354 Walter [de Manny], 1st Baron Manny, and had issue by both husbands

2a. Lady Alice Plantagenet (b. c.1324; d. bef. 16 Nov 1361), mar. bef. 16 Jan 1339 Edward [de Montacute], 1st Baron Montacute, and had issue

6. Edmund "of Woodstock", sum. to Parliament by writ 5 Aug 1320 as Baron Woodstock, cr. 28 Jul 1321 Earl of Kent, found guilty of treason and forfeited titles 1330 (b. 5 Aug 1301; d. 19 Mar 1330), mar. Dec 1325 Margaret Comyn, suo jure Baroness Wake (b. c.1299; widow of John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch; d. 29 Sep 1349), sister and hrss. of Thomas [Wake], 2nd Baron Wake, and only dau. of John [Wake], 1st Baron Wake, by his wife Joan de Fiennes, dau. of William de Fiennes, Lord of Wendover, and had issue:

1a. Edmund, rest. as 2nd Earl of Kent (b. c.1326; d. 5 Jan 1333)

2a. John, 4th Baron Wake later 3rd Earl of Kent (b. 7 Apr 1330; dsp. 26 Dec 1352), mar. aft. 3 Apr 1348 Elizabeth of Juliers (mar. (2) 29 Sep 1360 Sir Eustace D'Aubrécicourt; d. 6 Jun 1411), dau. of William V, Duke of Juliers, by his wife Joan of Hainault, sister of Queen Philippa and dau. of William V, Count of Hainault and Holland

1a. Lady Margaret Plantagenet (b. 1327; d. bef. 1352), mar. Amanco, Seigneur d'Albret

2a. Lady Joan Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Kent (b. 29 Sep 1328; d. 8 Aug 1385), mar. (1) c. 1339 Thomas [de Holand], jure uxoris 1st or 4th Earl of Kent, and (2) 10 Oct 1361 Edward "of Woodstock", Prince of Wales, 1st son of Edward III, King of England, by his wife Philippa of Hainault, dau. of William V, Count of Hainault and Holland, and had issue by both husbands

13. Eleanor (b. 4 May 1306; d. 1311)


7 Jul 1307


1254 Duke of Gascony

14 Feb 1254 Earl of Chester

suc. by

son by first wife


Edward II (1307-1327)


25 Apr 1284


25 Jan 1308 Isabella of France (b. c.1293; d. 22 Aug 1358), dau. of Philip IV, King of France, by his wife Joan I, suo jure Queen of Navarre, only dau. of Henry I, King of Navarre and Count of Champagne


1. Edward "of Windsor", later King Edward III

2. John "of Eltham", cr. 20 Oct 1328 Earl of Cornwall (b. c. 20 Aug 1316; d. 13 Sep 1336)

1. Eleanor (b. 18 Jun 1318; d. 22 Apr 1355), mar. May 1332 Reginald II, Count of Gueldres and Zutphen, and had issue

2. Joan (b. 5 Jul 1321; dsp. 7 Sep 1363), mar. 17 Jul 1328 as his first wife David II, King of Scotland


21 Sep 1327


7 Feb 1301 Earl of Chester and Prince of Wales

May 1306 Duke of Aquitaine

suc. by



suc. his mother 28 Nov 1290 as Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil


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