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Gainsborough, Earl of (E, 1682 - 1798)


Creation: let.pat. 1 Dec 1682


Extinct: 8 Apr 1798


Family name: Noel




 See Earl of Gainsborough



Edward [Noel], 1st Baron Noel later 4th Viscount Campden later 1st Earl of Gainsborough

1st surv. son and heir of Baptist [Noel], 3rd Viscount Campden, by his third wife Hon Hester Wootton, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Wootton], 2nd Baron Wootton


27 Jan 1640/1

mar. (1)

bef. 25 May 1661 Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Wriothesley], 4th Earl of Southampton, by his first wife Rachel de Massue, 1st dau. by his first wife and in her issue cohrss. of Daniel de Massue, Seigneur de Ruvigny and Raineval

children by first wife

1. Hon Wriothesley Baptist Noel, later 2nd Earl of Gainsborough

1. Lady Frances Noel (d. 29 Sep 1684), mar. 27 Aug 1683 Simon [Digby], 4th Baron Digby, and had issue

2. Lady Jane Noel (d. 10 Sep 1733), mar. 22 May 1686 her sister's brother-in-law William [Digby], 5th Baron Digby, and had issue

3. Lady Elizabeth Noel, mar. Richard Norton

4. Lady Juliet Noel (d. unm.)

mar. (2)

23 Apr 1683 Mary Worsley (d. c. 1648), widow of Sir James Worsley, 3rd Bt. MP, of Appuldercombe, Isle of Wight; d. 6 Apr 1693; bur. at Great Mintern, co. Dorset), dau. of Hon James Herbert, of Kingsey, co. Buckingham (by his wife Jane Spiller, dau. of Sir Robert Spiller, of Laleham, co. Middlesex), 2nd surv. son of Philip [Herbert], 4th Earl of Pembroke, by his first wife Lady Susan de Vere, half-sister and cohrss. in her issue of Henry [de Vere], 18th Earl of Oxford, and 3rd dau. of Edward [de Vere], 17th Earl of Oxford, by his first wife Hon Anne Cecil, 1st dau. by his second wife of William [Cecil], 1st Baron Burghley


Jan 1688/9


v.p. 3 Feb 1661 Baron Noel, of Titchfield in the County of Southampton, with a special remainder, failing heirs male of his body, to his half-brothers Baptist Noel and John Noel

1 Dec 1682 Earl of Gainsborough, with a similar special remainder

suc. by

son by first wife


Member of Parliament for Rutland 1661-78 and for Hampshire 1679; Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire 1676-87 and of Rutland 1682-87; suc. his father 29 Oct 1682 as 4th Viscount Campden; Governor of Portsmouth 1682-87; Warden of the New Forest 1688-89


Wriothesley Baptist [Noel], 2nd Earl of Gainsborough


bef. 1665


30 Dec 1687 Hon Katherine Greville (mar. (2) 12 Mar 1698/9 as his second wife John [Sheffield], 1st Duke of Buckingham & Normanby; d. 7 Feb 1703/4), 1st dau. of Fulke [Greville], 5th Baron Brooke, by his wife Sarah Dashwood, dau. of Francis Dashwood, of Vellow Wood, co. Somerset, Alderman of London


1. Lady Elizabeth Noel (b. c. 1688; d. 19 Mar 1737), mar. 9 Jun 1704 Henry [Bentinck], 1st Duke of Portland, and had issue

2. Lady Rachel Noel (d. 13 Sep 1709), mar. 26 Feb 1705/6 as his second wife Henry [Somerset], 2nd Duke of Beaufort, and had issue


s.p.m. 21 Feb 1690

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Hampshire 1684/5-86


Baptist [Noel], 3rd Earl of Gainsborough

only child of Hon Baptist Noel, of North Luffenham, co .Rutland (by his wife Susanna Fanshawe, dau. and hrss. of Sir Thomas Fanshawe, of Jenkins in Barking, co. Essex), half-brother of Edward [Noel], 1st Earl of Gainsborough, and 1st son of Baptist [Noel], 3rd Viscount Campden, by his fourth wife Lady Elizabeth Bertie, 1st dau. by his first wife of Montagu [Bertie], 2nd Earl of Lindsey




bef. 13 Feb 1706/7 his cousin Lady Dorothy Manners (b. 13 Sep 1681; d. 27 Apr 1739), 2nd dau. of John [Manners], 1st Duke of Rutland, by his third wife Hon Catherine Noel, 1st dau. by his fourth wife of Baptist [Noel], 3rd Viscount Campden


1. Hon Baptist Noel, later 4th Earl of Gainsborough

2. Hon John Noel (d. 1718)

3. Hon James Noel MP (d. 1752)

1. Lady Susan Noel (b. c. 1710; dsp. 30 Jun 1758), mar. 12 mar 1724/5 as his first wife her second cousin Anthony Ashley [Cooper], 4th Earl of Shaftesbury

2. Lady Catherine Noel

3. Lady Mary Noel (d. 1718)


17 Apr 1714

suc. by





Baptist [Noel], 4th Earl of Gainsborough




1728 Elizabeth Chapman (mar. (2) her late husband's cousin Thomas Noel, of Walcot, co. Northampton; d. 13 Dec 1771), dau. of William Chapman, a gamekeeper


1. Hon Baptist Noel, later 5th Earl of Gainsborough

2. Hon Henry Noel, later 6th Earl of Gainsborough

3. Hon Charles Noel (d. young)

1. Lady Elizabeth Noel (d. young)

2. Lady Jane Noel, mar. 8 Oct 1754 Gerard Anne Edwardes, of Welham Grove, co. Leicester (bapt. 28 Mar 1734; d. 29 Oct 1773), illegitimate son of Lord Anne Hamilton (by his mistress Mary Edwardes, dau. and hrss. of Francis Edwardes, of Welham Grove, co. Leicester), 3rd son of James [Hamilton], 4th Duke of Hamilton, and had issue:

1a. Sir Gerard Noel Edwardes later Noel, 2nd Bt., took the name and arms of Noel in lieu of those of Edwardes by Royal License 1798 on inheriting the estates of his maternal uncle (b. 17 Jul 1759; d. 25 Feb 1838), mar. (1) 20 Dec 1780 Hon Diana Middleton, suo jure Baroness Barham (b. 18 Sep 1762; d. 12 Apr 1823), only dau. of Charles [Middleton], 1st Baron Barham, (2) 4 May 1823 Harriet Gill (dsp. 1826), dau. of Rev Joseph Gill, of Scraptoft, co. Leicester, and (3) 13 Aug 1831 Isabella Evans (dsp. 9 Jun 1867), widow of Raymond Evans, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Hon Charles Noel Edwardes later Noel, later 3rd Baron Barham later 1st Earl of Gainsborough

2b. Rev Hon Gerard Thomas Edwardes later Noel, Canon of Winchester (b. 2 Dec 1782; d. 1851), mar. (1) Feb 1806 Charlotte Sophia O'Brien (d. 31 Aug 1838), 4th dau. of Rt Hon Sir Lucius O'Brien, 3rd Bt., MP, and (2) 1841 Susan Kennaway (d. 14 Feb 1890), dau. of Capt Sir John Kennaway, 1st Bt., and had issue by both wives

3b. Hon William Middleton Edwardes later Noel MP (b. 2 May 1789; dsp. 20 Jan 1859), mar. 20 May 1817 Anne Yates (d. 6 Oct 1851), dau. and sole hrss. of Joseph Yates, of Clanna Falls, co. Gloucester

4b. Capt Hon Frederick Edwardes later Noel RN (b. 25 Feb 1790; d. 27 Dec 1833), mar. 7 Sep 1815 Mary Woodley (mar. (2) 1838 Lt Gen Sir Thomas Hawker KCB; d. 24 Jan 1867), dau. of William Woodley, and had issue

5b. Rev Hon Francis James Edwardes later Noel, Rector of Teston and Nettlestead (b. 4 May 1793; d 30 Jul 1854), mar. 24 Apr 1822 Cecilia Penelope Methuen (d. 27 Jun 1885), sister of Paul [Methuen], 1st Baron Methuen, and 4th dau. of Paul Cobb Methuen, of Corsham, co. Wiltshire, and had issue

6b. Hon Berkeley Octavius Edwardes later Noel (b. 3 Dec 1794; d. 28 Mar 1841), mar. 22 Jun 1820 Letitia Penelope Hacket (widow of Andrew Hacket, of Moxhull Park; d. 18 Jan 1860), only dau. of Ralph Adderley, of Coton, co. Stafford, and had issue

7b. Rev Hon Leland Noel Edwardes later Noel, Vicar of Exton (b. 21 Aug 1797; d. 10 Nov 1870), mar. 30 Dec 1824 Mary Arabella Foljambe (d. 2 May 1859), dau. of John Savile Foljambe, and had issue

8b. Rev Hon Baptist Wriothesley Noel (b. 10 Jul 1799; d. 19 Jan 1873), mar. 17 Oct 1826 Jane Baillie (d. 13 May 1889), 1st dau. of Peter Baillie MP, of Dochfour, and had issue

1b. Hon Louisa Elizabeth Noel (d. 16 Apr 1816), mar. 10 Feb 1807 William Henry Hoare, of Broomfield House, Battersea, co. Surrey (b. 2 Mar 1776; d. 18 Sep 1819), and had issue

2b. Hon Emma Noel (d. 19 Nov 1873), mar. 7 Jun 1808 Stafford O'Brien, of Blatherwycke Park (d. 3 Mar 1864), and had issue

3b. Hon Charlotte Margaret Noel (d. 18 Aug 1869), mar. (1) 1813 Thomas Welman, of Poundsford Park, and (2) 1839 Thomas Thompson, of Vanbrugh House

4b. Hon Augusta Julia Noel (d. 1833), mar. 1814 Thomas G Babington, of Rothley Temple, co. Leicester (d. 19 Jan 1871)

5b. Hon Juliana Hicks Noel (d. 4 Jan 1855), mar. 1834 Rev Samuel Philips

3. Lady Juliana Noel (dspm. 18 Dec 1760), mar. 7 Feb 1760 as his first wife George [Evans], 3rd Baron Carbery, and had issue

4. Lady Penelope Noel (d. young)

5. Lady Lucy Noel, mar. 1765 Sir Horatio Mann, 2nd Bt., of Egerton, co. Kent, and had issue

6. Lady Mary Noel (d. young)

7. Lady Susanna Noel (d. young)

8. Lady Sophia Noel, mar. Christopher Nevile, of Wellingore Hall, co. Lincoln (d. 1829), and had issue


21 Mar 1751

suc. by





Baptist [Noel], 5th Earl of Gainsborough


8 Jun 1740


27 May 1759

suc. by



Henry [Noel], 6th Earl of Gainsborough




8 Apr 1798


On the death of the 6th Earl of Gainsborough all his titles became extinct and his estates were inherited by his nephew Sir Gerald Noel Edwardes later Noel, 2nd Bt. In 1841 his eldest son, Sir Charles Noel Edwardes later Noel, 3rd Bt., was created Earl of Gainsborough.




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