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Southampton, Earl of (E, 1547 - 1667)


Creation: let.pat. 16 Feb 1546/7


Extinct: 16 May 1667


Family name: Wriothesley




Azure a Cross Or between four Falcons close Argent


A Buffalo Sable armed and chained with a Ring through the nose and with a Ducal Coronet between the horns all Or


Dexter:  a Lion Or charged on the shoulder with a Fret Gules;  Sinister:  a Buffalo Sable armed and chained with a Ring through the nose and with a Ducal Coronet between the horns all Or


 Ung par tout, tout par ung (One for all, all for one)



Thomas [Wriothesley], 1st Baron Wriothesley later 1st Earl of Southampton, KG PC

1st son and heir of William Wriothesley or Wrythe, York Herald, by his wife Agnes Drayton, dau. and hrss. of James Drayton, of London


21 Dec 1505


bef. 1533 Jane Cheney (d. 15 Sep 1574), dau. of William Cheney, of Chesham Bois, co. Buckingham, by his wife Emma Walwyn, dau. of Thomas Walwyn, of Much Marcle, co. Hereford


1.William Wriothesley (b. bef. 12 Sep 1535; dvp. Aug 1537)

2. Anthony Wriothesley (dvp. c. 1542)

3. Hon Henry Wriothesley, later 2nd Earl of Southampton

1. Lady Mary Wriothesley, mar. (1) William Shelley, of Michelgrove, co. Sussex, and (2) ..... Lyster, son and heir of Sir Michael Lyster

2. Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley (bur. spms. 15 Jan 1554/5), mar. bef. 1 Nov 1545 Thomas [Radcliffe], 3rd Earl of Sussex, and had issue

3. Lady Katherine Wriothesley, mar. Thomas Cornwallis

4. Lady Mabel Wriothesley, mar. Sir Walter Sandys

5. Lady Anne Wriothesley, mar. Sir Oliver Lawrence


30 Jul 1550


1 Jan 1543/4 Baron Wriothesley, of Titchfield in the County of Southampton

16 Feb 1546/7 Earl of Southampton

suc. by



Clerk to the Cofferer of the Household 1529-30; Joint Clerk of the Signet 1530; Coroner and Attorney in the King's Bench 1535/6; Joint Constable of Donnington Castle 1536; Joint Ambassador to the Queen of Hungary 1538-39; Member of Parliament for Hampshire 1539-40 and 1542-44; Joint Secretary to the King 1540-44; knighted 1540; Privy Councillor 1540-49/50; Constable of Southampton Castle 1540/1 and of Porchester Castle 1542; Joint Chamberlain of the Exchequer 1542/3; Treasurer of the Wars 1544; Lord Keeper of the Great Seal 1544-46/7; Lord Chancellor of England 1544-46/7; a member of the Council of Regency 1544; Knight of the Garter 1545; an executor of the will of King Henry VIII; Joint Governor of King Edward VI


Henry [Wriothesley], 2nd Earl of Southampton


24 Apr 1545


19 Feb 1565/6 Hon Mary Browne (mar. (2) 2 May 1594 as his second wife Sir Thomas Heneage, Vice Chamberlain of the Household and Chancellor of the Exchequer, and (3) c. Dec 1598 William [Hervey], 1st Baron Hervey; d. Nov 1607), only dau. of Anthony [Browne], 1st Viscount Montagu, by his first wife Lady Jane Radcliffe, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Robert [Radcliffe], 1st Earl of Sussex


1. Hon Henry Wriothesley, later 3rd and 1st Earl of Southampton

1. Lady Mary Wriothesley (bur. 27 Jun 1607), mar. 18 Jun 1585 as his first wife Thomas [Arundell], 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour, and had issue


4 Oct 1581

suc. by



a Papist, he was implicated in the plot to marry the Duke of Norfolk to Mary, Queen of Scots, and imprisoned at Loseley 1570 and in the Tower of London 1571-73; a Commissioner of the Peace for Hampshire 1574


3. Henry [Wriothesley], 3rd and 1st Earl of Southampton, KG PC


6 Oct 1573


bef. 30 Aug 1598 Elizabeth Vernon, a Maid of Honour to the Queen (d. aft. 23 Nov 1655), dau. of John Vernon, of Hodnet, co. Derby, by his wife Elizabeth Devereux, sister of Walter [Devereux], 1st Earl of Essex, and dau. of Hon Sir Richard Devereux (by his wife Lady Dorothea Hastings, 1st dau. of George [Hastings], 1st Earl of Huntingdon), 2nd surv. son and heir ap. by his first wife of Walter [Devereux], 1st Viscount Hereford


1. Hon James Wriothesley, styled Lord Wriothesley

2. Hon Thomas Wriothesley, later 4th and 2nd Earl of Southampton

1. Lady Penelope Wriothesley (b. bef. 8 Nov 1598; d. 16 Jul 1667), mar. 1615 William [Spencer], 2nd Baron Spencer, and had issue

2. Lady Anne Wriothesley, mar. Robert Wallop MP, of Farley Wallop, co. Hampshire,

3. Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley, mar. Sir Thomas Estcourt, a Master in Chancery


10 Nov 1624


21 Jul 1603 Baron Wriothesley, of Titchfield in the County of Southampton, and Earl of Southampton, with "place and precedence as previous to his deprivation"

suc. by



knighted 1597; served in Ireland under Essex and under Mountjoy; joined in the insurrection by the Earl of Essex, arrested, found guilty of treason, and attainted 19 Feb 1600/01, and all his honours forfeited; imprisoned in the Tower of London 1600/1-03; pardoned 1603; Knight of the Garter 1603; Captain of the Isle of Wight 1603-24; Master of the Queen's Game 1603; restored in blood by Act of Parliament 1604; Joint Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire 1604; Vice Admiral of Hampshire; Keeper of the New Forest 1606/7; a Councillor of the Virginia Company 1609 and Treasurer and Governor 1620-24; Privy Councillor 1619


Thomas [Wriothesley], 4th and 2nd Earl of Southampton, KG PC


10 Mar 1607/8

mar. (1)

18 Aug 1634 Rachel de Beaujeu (b. 1603; widow of Elysée de Beaujeu, Seigneur de la Maisonfort; d. 16 Feb 1639/40), sister of Henri de Massue, Marquis de Ruvigny et Raineval, and 1st dau. of Daniel de Massue, Seigneur de Ruvigny, by his first wife Madeleine Pinot

children by first wife

1. Hon Charles Wriothesley, styled Lord Wriothesley (b. 6 Jun 1635; dvp. 20 Nov 1635)

2. Hon Henry Wriothesley, styled Lord Wriothesley (b. 31 Oct 1638; dvp. c. 1643)

1. Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley, mar. May 1661 as his first wife Edward [Noel], 1st Earl of Gainsborough, and had issue

2. Lady Rachael Wriothesley (d. 20 Sep 1723), mar. (1) c. 1653 Hon Francis Vaughan MP, styled Lord Vaughan (b. c. 1653; dvp. and sps. 7 Mar 1666/7), 1st son and heir ap. by his second wife of Richard [Vaughan], 2nd Earl of Carbery, and (2) 31 Jul 1669 Rt Hon William Russell MP, styled Lord Russell (b. 29 Sep 1639; dvp. by execution 21 Jul 1663), 1st son and heir ap. of William [Russell], 5th Earl of Bedford later 1st Duke of Bedford, and had issue by both husbands

3. Lady Magdalen Wriothesley (d. young)

mar. (2)

c. 24 Apr 1642 Lady Elizabeth Leigh (dspms. aft. 14 Jun 1654), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Francis [Leigh], 1st Earl of Chichester, by his second wife Hon Audrey Anderson (widow of Sir Francis Anderson), sister and cohrss. of William [Boteler], 2nd Baron Boteler of Brantfield, and 1st dau. of John [Boteler], 1st Baron Boteler of Brantfield

children by second wife

4. Lady Audrey Wriothesley (d. unm.)

5. Lady Penelope Wriothesley (d. young)

6. Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley (d. 19 Sep 1690), mar. (1) 23 Dec 1662 Josceline [Percy], 5th Earl of Northumberland, and (2) 24 Aug 1673 as his first wife Ralph [Montagu], 1st Duke of Montagu, and had issue by both husbands

7. Lady Penelope Wriothesley (d. young)

mar. (3)

c. 1659 Lady Frances Molyneux (widow of Richard [Molyneux], 2nd Viscount Molyneux; mar. (3) 1676 as his third wife Conyers [Darcy], 2nd Earl of Holderness; bur. 5 Jan 1680/1), 1st dau. of William [Seymour], 2nd Duke of Somerset, by his second wife Lady Frances Devereux, 1st dau. of Robert [Devereux], 2nd Earl of Essex


s.p.m.s. 16 May 1667


Warden of the New Forest 1629-46; Councillor for New England 1636; Joint Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire 1641; a Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1641/2; Privy Councillor 1641/2 and 1660; supported the King in the Civil War; High Steward of the University of Cambridge 1642-67; Joint Commissioner for the King at the Conferences of Oxford 1643, Uxbridge 1644/5 and Newport 1648; Councillor to the Prince of Wales 1644/5; Knight of the Garter 1649/50; suc. his father-in-law 21 Dec 1653 as 2nd Earl of Chichester; Lord High Treasurer of England 1660-67; Councillor of Trade 1660 and of Foreign Plantations 1660; Warden of the New Forest 1660-67; Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk 1660-61, of Hampshire 1660-67, of Wiltshire 1661-67, of Worcestershire 1662-63 and of Kent 1662-67; Chief Commissioner for the office of Earl Marshal 1662


On the death of the 4th Earl of Southampton both his titles became extinct


 First written 16 Feb 2003



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