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Gainsborough, Earl of (UK, 1841)


Creation: let. pat. 16 Aug 1841


Family name: Noel




Or fretty Gules a Canton Ermine


A Buck at gaze Argent attired Or


On either side a Bull Argent armed and unguled proper gorged with a Naval Crown Azure therefrom a Chain reflexed over the back Gold and pendant from the crown an Escutcheon also Azure charged with an Anchor erect encircled by a Wreath of Laurel Or


Tout Bien Ou Rien (All well or nothing)



Charles Noel [Edwardes later Noel], 3rd Baron Barham later 1st Earl of Gainsborough

1st son of Sir Gerard Noel Edwardes later Noel, 2nd Bt., of Welham Grove, co. Leicester (by his first wife Hon Diana Barham, suo jure Baroness Barham, only child of Charles [Middleton], 1st Baron Barham), only son of Gerard Anne Edwardes, of Welham Grove, co. Leicester (by his wife Lady Jane Noel, sister and cohrss. of Henry [Noel], 6th Earl of Gainsborough, and 1st dau. of Baptist [Noel], 4th Earl of Gainsborough), illegitimate son of Lord Anne Hamilton (by his mistress Mary Edwardes, dau. and hrss. of Francis Edwardes, of Welham Grove, co. Leicester), 3rd son of James [Hamilton], 4th Duke of Hamilton


2 Oct 1781

mar. (1)

Jul 1809 Elizabeth Welman (b. 1786; dsp. 1 Dec 1811), only child of Thomas Welman, of Poundsford Park, co. Somerset, by his first wife Elizabeth Locke, dau. of John Locke, of Howley, co. Somerset

mar. (2)

13 May 1817 Elizabeth Grey (b. 4 Nov 1800; d. 20 Sep 1818), 2nd dau. of Hon Sir George Grey, 1st Bt., KCB, of Falloden (3rd son of Charles [Grey], 1st Earl Grey), by his wife Mary Whitbread, dau. of Samuel Whitbread, of Cardington and Southill, co. Bedford, by his second wife Lady Mary Cornwallis, 3rd dau. of Charles [Cornwallis], 1st Earl Cornwallis

only child by second wife

1. Hon Charles George Noel, later 2nd Earl of Gainsborough

mar. (3)

29 Jul 1820 Arabella Hamlyn-Williams (d. 4 Oct 1829), 2nd dau. of Sir James Hamlyn later Hamlyn- Williams, 2nd Bt., of Clovelly Court, co. Devon, by his wife Diana Anne Whitaker, dau. of Abraham Whitaker

children by third wife

2. Capt Rt Hon Gerard James Noel, of Catmose, Oakham, co. Rutland, Member of Parliament for Rutland 1847-83, a Lord of the Treasury 1866-68, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury 1868, Chief Commissioner of Works and Public Buildings 1876-80 (b. 28 Aug 1823; d. 19 May 1911), mar. 30 Jun 1863 Lady Augusta Mary Lowther (d. 1916), sister of Henry [Lowther], 3rd Earl of Lonsdale, and 2nd dau. of Col Hon Henry Cecil Lowther MP, of Barley Thorpe. co. Rutland (by his wife Lady Lucy Eleanor Sherard, 1st dau. of Philip [Sherard], 5th Earl of Harborough), 2nd son of William [Lowther], 1st Earl of Lonsdale, and had issue

3. Capt Hon Henry Lewis Noel (b. 30 Nov 1824; d. 7 Jun 1898), mar. (1) 27 May 1852 his cousin Emily Elizabeth Noel (d. 3 Oct 1890), 2nd dau. of Rev Hon Baptist Wriothesley Noel (by his wife Jane Baillie, 1st dau. of Peter Baillie), 8th son of Sir Gerald Noel Edwardes later Noel, 2nd Bt., by his first wife Hon Diana Barham, suo jure Baroness Barham, and (2) 31 Aug 1892 Anne Adelaide Burnside (dsp. 30 Apr 1904), only child of Rev John Burnside, Rector of Plumtree, co. Nottingham, and had issue by his first wife

1. Lady Mary Arabella Louisa Noel (d. 27 Jun 1883), mar. 20 Aug 1846 Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw, 8th Bt., and had issue

2. Lady Catherine Hamilton Noel (b. 29 Sep 1829; d. 9 Mar 1855), mar. 19 Jun 1849 as his first wife James [Carnegie], 9th Earl of Southesk, and had issue

mar. (4)

25 Jul 1833 Lady Frances Jocelyn VA, Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria 1837-72 and Extra Lady of the Bedchamber 1872-85 (b. 20 Nov 1814; d. 12 May 1885), 2nd dau. of Robert [Jocelyn], 3rd Earl of Roden, by his first wife Hon Maria Catherine Frances Stapleton, 2nd dau. of Thomas [Stapleton], 15th Baron Despencer

children by fourth wife

4. Hon Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel, Groom of the Privy Chamber 1867-71 (b. 27 Aug 1834; d. 26 May 1894), mar. 21 Mar 1863 Alice Maria Caroline de Broe (mar. (2) 18 Jul 1895 Rev David MacAnally; d. 7 Nov 1919), dau. of Paul de Broe, and had issue

3. Lady Victoria Noel (d. 8 Aug 1916), mar. 12 Jun 1862 Sir (Thomas) Fowell Buxton, 3rd Bt., and had issue


10 Jun 1866


16 Aug 1841 Baron Noel, of Ridlington in the County of Rutland, Viscount Campden, of Campden in the County of Gloucester, and Earl of Gainsborough

suc. by

son by second wife


Member of Parliament (Whig) for Rutland 1808-14; suc. his mother 12 Apr 1823 as 3rd Baron Barham and his father 25 Feb 1838 as 3rd Baronet


Charles George [Noel], 2nd Earl of Gainsborough


5 Sep 1818


1 Nov 1841 Lady Ida Harriet Augusta Hay, a bridesmaid to her first cousin once removed Queen Victoria in 1840 (b. 29 Oct 1821; d. 22 Oct 1867), 1st dau. of William George [Hay], 18th Earl of Erroll, by his wife Lady Elizabeth FitzClarence, illegit. dau. of King William IV


1. Hon Charles William Francis Noel, later 3rd Earl of Gainsborough

2. Lt Col Hon Edward Noel (b. 28 Apr 1852; d. 9 Nov 1917), mar. 7 Oct 1884 Ruth Lucas (d. Apr 1926), 2nd dau. of W H Lucas, of Treniffle, co. Cornwall, and had issue

1. Lady Blanche Elizabeth Mary Annunciata Noel (d. 21 Mar 1881), mar. 6 Mar 1870 Thomas P Murphy (d. 11 Oct 1890)

2. Lady Constance Julia Eleanor Georgiana Noel (d. 8 Apr 1891), mar. 13 Jan 1874 as his first wife Sir Alan Henry Bellingham, 4th Bt., and had issue

3. Lady Edith Horatia Emma Frances Noel, a nun (d. 22 Aug 1890)


13 Aug 1881

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Liberal) for Rutland 1840-41; Sheriff of Rutland 1848; Lord Lieutenant of Rutland 1867-81


Charles William Francis [Noel], 3rd Earl of Gainsborough


20 Oct 1850

mar. (1)

9 May 1876 Augusta Mary Catherine Berkeley (b. 18 Mar 1852; d. 5 Nov 1877), 1st dau. of Robert Berkeley, of Spetchley Park, co. Worcester, by his wife Lady Mary Catherine Browne, 2nd dau. of Thomas [Browne], 3rd Earl of Kenmare

only child by first wife

1. Lady Agnes Mary Catherine Noel (b. 9 Oct 1877; d. 1 Mar 1915)

mar. (2)

2 Feb 1880 Mary Elizabeth Dease (d. 17 Nov 1937), 1st dau. of James Arthur Dease, of Turbotson, co. Westmeath, by his wife Charlotte Jerningham, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Edmund William Jerningham (by his wife Matilda Waterton, dau. of Christopher Waterton, of Woodlands, Doncaster, co. York), 1st son of Capt William Charles Jerningham (by his wife Anne Wright, 1st dau. of Thomas Wright, of Fitzwalters, co. Essex), yr. brother of George William [Jerningham later Stafford-Jerningham], 2nd Baron Stafford, and 2nd son of Sir William Jerningham, 6th Bt., of Cossey Park, co. Norfolk

children by second wife

1. Hon Arthur Edward Joseph Noel, later 4th Earl of Gainsborough

2. Capt Hon Charles Hubert Francis Noel OBE (b. 22 Oct 1885; d. 26 Apr 1947), mar. 31 Jan 1912 May Dick (d. 1 Apr 1964), 1st dau. and hrss. of Brig Gen Archibald Campbell Douglas Dick CB CMG, of Pitkerro, co. Angus, and had issue

3. Capt Hon Robert Edmund Thomas More Noel (b. 10 Apr 1888; dvp. 2 Feb 1918)

2. Lady Norah Ida Emily Noel (b. 4 Jan 1881; d. 23 May 1939), mar. 8 Sep 1915 Count Robert Charles Bentinck, and had issue

3. Lady Clare Mary Charlotte Noel (b. 3 Mar 1882; d. 11 Mar 1962), mar. 2 Oct 1907 Capt Charles Mervyn King (d. 25 Jan 1965), only son of Mervyn Kersteman King, of Clifton, Bristol, by his wife Agnes Bright, 1st dau. of Sir Charles Tilston Bright, and had issue


17 Apr 1926

suc. by

son by second wife


Arthur Edward Joseph [Noel], 4th Earl of Gainsborough, OBE


30 Jun 1884


10 Nov 1915 Alice Mary Eyre (d. 1970), 1st dau. of Edward Eyre, of Gloucester House, Park Lane, London


1. Hon Anthony Gerard Edward Noel, later 5th Earl of Gainsborough

2. Hon Gerard Eyre Wriothesley Noel, of Westington Mill, Campden, co. Gloucester (b. 20 Nov 1926; d. 27 Jul 2016), mar. 1 Feb 1928 Adèle Julia Patricia Were, only dau. of Maj Vivian Nicholas Bonville Were, of Carrington House, Mayfair, London, and has issue

1. Lady Maureen Thérèse Josephine Noel (b. 7 Mar 1917; d. 25 Nov 2009), mar. (1) 18 Feb 1944 Charles Walter James [Dormer], 15th Baron Dormer, and (2) 1982 as his second wife Peregrine Edward Lancelot Fellowes, and had issue by her first husband


27 Aug 1927

suc. by



Anthony Gerard Edward [Noel], 5th Earl of Gainsborough


24 Oct 1923


23 Jul 1947 Mary Stourton (b. 1915; d. 30 Dec 2018), 1st dau. of Maj Hon John Joseph Stourton, of Miniature Hall, Wadhurst, co. Sussex (by his first wife Kathleen Alice Gunther, 1st dau. of Robert Louis George Gunther, of Park Wood, Englefield Green, co. Surrey), 2nd son of Charles Botolph Joseph [Stourton], 24th Baron Mowbray


1. Hon Anthony Baptist Noel, later 6th Earl of Gainsborough

2. Hon Gerard Edward Joseph Noel, of 29 Ingersol Road, London W12 (b. 23 Jan 1955), mar. 1985 Charlotte Dugdale (b. 15 May 1955), 2nd dau. of Sir William Stratford Dugdale, 2nd Bt., by his first wife Lady Belinda Pleydell-Bouverie, 2nd dau. of William [Pleydell-Bouverie], 7th Earl of Radnor, and has issue

3. Hon Thomas Noel, of 24 Lennox Gardens, London SW1 (b. 9 Mar 1958)

4. Hon Edward Andrew Noel (b. 22 Oct 1960), mar. (1) 1990 (div. 1994) Lavinia Jane Bingham, only dau. of Cdr George Edward Bingham RN, of Grenville House, Droxford, co. Hampshire, and mar. (2) 19.... ..........

1. Lady Juliana Mary Alice Noel (b. 27 Jan 1949), mar. 29 Jan 1970 (div. 1994) as his first wife Edward Peter Bertram Savile [Foljambe], 5th Earl of Liverpool, and has issue

2. Lady Maria Noel (b. 3 Feb 1951), mar. 17 Apr 1971 Robert Pridden, son of John Robert Pridden, of Fort Henry House, Exton, co. Leicester, son of John Robert Pridden, of Bridge Way, Ickenham, co. Middlesex, and has issue

3. Lady Janet Noel (b. and dvp. 23 Jan 1953)

4. Lady Celestria Magdalen Mary Noel (b. 27 Jan 1954), mar. 1 Mar 1990 Timothy Manville Hales, of Marsh Hall, Orleton, Ludlow, son of S W M Hales MC, and has issue


29 Dec 2009

suc. by



Chairman, Oakham Rural District Council 1952-67; President, Rural District Council's Association 1965; Master of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners 1967; President, British Association Order of Malta 1968-74; Bailiff Grand Cross Order of Malta; Chairman, Rutland County Council 1970-73; KStJ 1970


Anthony Baptist [Noel], 6th Earl of Gainsborough


17 Jan 1950


23 May 1972 Sarah Rose Winnington LVO DL, Lady-in-Waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales (b. 29 Apr 1951), sister of Sir Anthony Edward Winnington, 7th Bt., and 1st surv. dau. of Col Thomas Foley Churchill Winnington MBE (by his wife Lady Betty Marjorie Anson, 1st dau. by his first wife of Thomas Edward [Anson], 4th Earl of Lichfield), 2nd son of Francis Salway Winnington (by his wife Blanche Emma Casberd-Boteler, dau. of Cdr William John Casberd-Boteler RN, of Eastry, co. Kent), 1st son and heir ap. of Sir Francis Salway Winnington, 5th Bt., by his wife Jane Spencer-Churchill, 1st dau. of Lt Col Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill MP (by his wife Hon Harriet Louisa Hester Gough, 3rd dau. of Frederick [Gough-Calthorpe later Gough], 4th Baron Calthorpe), 2nd son by his first wife of George [Spencer later Spencer-Churchill], 6th Duke of Marlborough

only child

1. Hon Henry (Harry) Robert Anthony Noel, styled Viscount Campden (b. 1 Jul 1977), mar. Zara van Cutsem (b. 1978), dau. of Geoffrey Neil van Cutsem by his wife Sally McCorquodale, and has issue:

1. Hon Edward Noel (b. 30 Apr 2007)

2. Hon William Henry Noel (b. 3 Sep 2015)

1. Hon Violet Ruth Noel (b. 12 Nov 2009)


 Last updated 4 Jul 2019




6th Earl of Gainsborough

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 16 Aug 1841)

6th Viscount Campden, of Campden in the County of Gloucester

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 16 Aug 1841)

8th Baron Barham, of Barton Court and Teston in the County of Kent

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 1 May 1805)

6th Baron Noel, of Ridlington in the County of Rutland

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 16 Aug 1841)

8th Baronet

(Great Britain, let. pat. 22 Oct 1781)



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