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Huntly, Earl of (S, c.1445)


Creation: let. pat. bef. 3 Jul 1445


Family name: Gordon




See Marquess of Huntly



Alexander [Seton later Gordon], 1st Earl of Huntly

son and heir of Alexander Seton, possibly 1st Lord Gordon, by his wife Elizabeth Gordon, dau. and hrss. of Sir Adam Gordon of Gordon


mar. (1)

8 Jan 1426/7 (div. bef. 26 Nov 1448) Egidia Hay, dau. and hrss. of Sir John Hay of Tullibody, co. Clackmannan, by his wife Margaret Stewart, dau. of Sir John Stewart of Ralstoun

only child by first marriage

1. Sir Alexander Seton of Touch and Tullibody, mar. Elizabeth Erskine, dau. of Thomas [Erskine], 2nd Lord Erskine and de jure 13th Earl of Mar, and had issue

mar. (2)

bef. 18 Mar 1439/40 Elizabeth Crichton (d. 9 Jun 1479), 1st dau. of William [Crichton], 1st Lord Crichton

children by second wife

2. Sir George Gordon, later 2nd Earl of Huntly

3. Sir Alexander Gordon of Midmar later of Abergeldie, from whom the Gordons of Abergeldie

4. Adam Gordon, Dean of Caithness (dsplegit. 1528)

5. William Gordon

1. Lady Margaret Gordon (d. after 9 Nov 1457)

2. Lady Elizabeth Gordon (d. 17 Apr 1500), mar. (1) bef. 31 Jan 1466/7 Nicholas [Hay], 2nd Earl of Erroll, and (2) betw. 24 Aug 1467 and 12 Jul 1471 as his second wife John [Kennedy], 2nd Lord Kennedy, and had issue by her first husband

3. Lady Christian Gordon, mar. 8 Jul 1468 William [Forbes], 3rd Lord Forbes, and had issue

4. Lady Catherine Gordon (d. after 30 Sep 1461)


15 Jul 1470


bef. 3 Jul 1445 Earl of Huntly, with remainder to the issue of his second marriage, failing which to his heirs whomsoever

suc. by

son by second wife


possibly suc. his father c. 1440 as 2nd Lord Gordon;  Lieut General of the North 1452-54; any right to the Lordship of Gordon would have passed to his son by his first wife and his descendants, the Setons of Touch


George [Gordon], 2nd Earl of Huntly, PC


mar. (1)

after 20 May 1445 (div. Mar 1459/60) Lady Elizabeth Douglas (widow of Archibald [Douglas], 1st Earl of Moray), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Dunbar], 8th Earl of Moray

mar. (2)

bef. 10 Mar 1459/60 (div. 24 Jul 1471) Lady Annabel Stewart (former wife of Louis of Savoy, Count of Geneva), 6th dau. of James I, King of Scotland, by his wife Lady Joan Beaufort, 1st dau. of John [Beaufort], 1st Earl of Somerset

children (presumably) by second wife

1. Alexander Gordon, later 3rd Earl of Huntly

2. Adam Gordon, jure uxoris Earl of Sutherland (d. 17 Mar 1527/8), mar. 1500 his second cousin Lady Elizabeth Sutherland, suo jure Countess of Sutherland, sister and hrss. of John [Sutherland]. 9th Earl of Sutherland, and only dau. of John [Sutherland], 8th Earl of Sutherland, and had issue

3. William Gordon, from whom the Gordons of Gight, killed at the Battle of Flodden (d. 1513)

4. James Gordon, living 16 May 1498, from whom the Gordons of Letterfourie

1. Lady Janet Gordon (d. bef. Feb 1558/9), mar. (1) Alexander Lindsay, Master of Crawford, styled Lord Lindsay (dvp. and sp. 16 Sep 1489), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of David [Lindsay], 5th Earl of Crawford later 1st Duke of Montrose, (2) betw. Feb 1491/2 and Feb 1492/3 (div. betw. Mar 1501 and Mar 1508) Patrick [Gray], 3rd Lord Gray, (3) bef. Mar 1508 Patrick Butter of Gormock, and (4) bef. Nov 1535 James Halkerston of Southwood

2. Lady Isabel Gordon, mar. as his first wife William [Hay], 3rd Earl of Erroll, and had issue

3. Lady Elizabeth Gordon (d. after 22 Apr 1525), mar. after 11 Jan 1481/2 William [Keith], 2nd Earl Marischal, and had issue

4. Lady Margaret Gordon, mar. 21 Feb 1490/1 as his second wife Patrick [Hepburn], 1st Earl of Bothwell, and had issue

5. Lady Eleanor Gordon, mar. John Crichton of Invernytie

6. Lady Agnes Gordon, mar. James Ogilvy, Yr of Deskford and Findlater (dvp. 1 Feb 1505/6), 1st son and heir ap. of Sir James Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater by his first wife Margaret Innes, dau. of Sir Robert Innes, 11th of that Ilk, and had issue

mar. (3)

Aug 1471 Lady Elizabeth Hay (mar. (2) as his fourth wife Andrew [Gray], 2nd Lord Gray;  d. aft. 27 Jun 1509), 1st dau. of William [Hay], 1st Earl of Erroll, by his wife Lady Beatrice Douglas, 2nd dau. of James [Douglas], 7th Earl of Douglas and 1st Earl of Avonmore

only child by third wife

7. Lady Catherine Gordon (dsp. Oct 1537), mar. (1) Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be Richard, Duke of York (d. 23 Nov 1499), (2) bef. 13 Feb 1512 James Strangways, of Fyfield (d. 1515), (3) 1517 Sir Matthew Cradock, of Swansea (d. c. Jul 1531), and (4) Christopher Assheton, of Fyfield


8 Jun 1501

suc. by

son by first wife (sic?)


knighted bef. 1455;  Privy Councillor [S];  Justiciary North of the Forth 1479;  Lieutenant North of the Esk 1491;  Lord High Chancellor of Scotland 1498-1501


Alexander [Gordon], 3rd Earl of Huntly, PC


mar. (1)

14 Oct 1474 his first cousin Lady Janet Stewart (d. 27 Oct 1510), 1st dau. of John [Stewart], 1st Earl of Atholl, by his first wife Lady Margaret Douglas, only dau. of Archibald [Douglas], 5th Earl of Douglas

children by first wife

1. John Gordon, styled Lord Gordon (dvp. 5 Dec 1517), mar. Nov 1512 his second cousin once removed Lady Margaret Stewart (mar. (2) 20 Jan 1530/1 Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffray), illegit. dau. of James IV, King of Scotland, by his mistress Margaret Drummond, and had issue:

1a. George Gordon, later 4th Earl of Huntly

2a. Alexander Gordon, Bishop of Galloway 1558 and titular Archbishop of Athens (d. 11 Nov 1575), mar. Barbara Logie of Ennis, and had issue

3a. James Gordon, Chancellor of Moray

2. Alexander Gordon of Strathavon later of Cluny, mar. Janet Grant, and had issue

3. William Gordon, Bishop of Aberdeen 1547-77 (d. 6 Aug 1577)

1. Lady Janet Gordon, mar. bef. 28 Feb 1506/7 Colin [Campbell], 3rd Earl of Argyll, and has issue

2. Lady Christian Gordon, mar. after 22 Nov 1503 Sir Robert Menzies of that Ilk

mar. (2)

c.27 Jul 1511 Hon Elizabeth Lyon (widow of John [Lyon], 4th Lord Glamis;  mar. (3) as his second wife George [Leslie], 4th Earl of Rothes;  d. 1526), 1st dau. of Andrew [Gray], 2nd Lord Gray, by his first wife Janet Keith, only child of Sir Robert Keith, Marshal of Scotland 1444-46, by his wife Janet Seton, dau. of Sir John Seton of Seton


21 Jan 1523/4

suc. by



Privy Councillor [S];  one of the Council of Regency 1517;  Lieutenant of Scotland 1518


George [Gordon], 4th Earl of Huntly, PC




27 Mar 1530 Lady Elizabeth Keith, sister of William [Keith], 3rd Earl Marischal, and 1st dau. of Hon Robert Keith, styled Lord Keith (by his wife Lady Elizabeth Douglas, 1st dau. of John [Douglas], 2nd Earl of Morton), 1st son and heir ap. of William [Keith], 2nd Earl Marischal


1. Hon Alexander Gordon, styled Lord Gordon (dvp. and sp. bef. 11 Aug 1553), mar. c. 1546 his second cousin Lady Barbara Hamilton (mar. (2) bef. 23 Dec 1553 James [Fleming], 4th Lord Fleming), 1st dau. of James [Hamilton], 2nd Earl of Arran, by his wife Lady Margaret Douglas, 1st dau. and cohrss. of James [Douglas], 3rd Earl of Morton

2. Hon George Gordon, later 5th Earl of Huntly

3. Hon Sir John Gordon later Ogilvy of Deskford (d. 22 Oct 1562), mar. after Jul 1554 as her second husband his cousin Elizabeth Ogilvy (widow of Alexander Ogilvy of Deskford), illegitimate dau. of Adam Gordon, jure uxoris Earl of Sutherland, 2nd son of George [Gordon], 2nd Earl of Huntly

4. Hon William Gordon (d. after 1547)

5. Hon James Gordon, a Jesuit priest (b. c. 1543; d. 16 Apr 1620)

6. Hon Sir Adam Gordon of Auchindoun (d. 27 Oct 1580)

7. Hon Sir Patrick Gordon of Auchindoun, killed at the Battle of Glenlivet (d. 3 Oct 1594), mar. bef. Jan 1582/3 Agnes Gordon (widow of George Gordon of Gight), illeg. dau. of Cardinal David Betoun

8. Hon Robert Gordon (d. 25 Apr 1572)

9. Hon Thomas Gordon (d. betw. 10 Jun 1584 and 13 Dec 1585), mar. as her second husband Lady Jean Innes (widow of Alexander Innes, 16th of that Ilk; d. Jan 1584), 2nd dau. by his second wife of John [Gordon], 11th Earl of Sutherland

1. Lady Elizabeth Gordon (dspm. bef. 1557), mar. 26 May 1547 as his first wife John [Stewart], 4th Earl of Atholl, and had issue

2. Lady Margaret Gordon (d. 1 Jan 1606), mar. Nov 1558 (div. 22 Mar 1573/4) as his first wife John [Forbes], 8th Lord Forbes, and had issue

3. Lady Jean Gordon (b. c. 1545; d. 14 May 1629), mar. (1) 24 Feb 1565/6 (annulled 7 May 1567) as his first wife James [Hepburn], 4th Earl of Bothwell later 1st Duke of Orkney, (2) 13 Dec 1573 her third cousin Alexander [Gordon], 12th Earl of Sutherland, and (3) after 10 Dec 1599 Alexander Ogilvy of Boyne, and had issue by her second husband


22 Oct 1562

suc. by

2nd but 1st surv. son


Privy Councillor [S]; one of the Regents of Scotland 1536;  Lieutenant General of the North 1542;  Lord High Chancellor of Scotland 1546-49 and 1561-62;  attainted 1563 after his death


George [Gordon], 5th Earl of Huntly



bef. 24 Mar 1558/9 his second cousin Lady Anne Hamilton (d. aft. 17 Apr 1574), 3rd dau. of James [Hamilton], 2nd Earl of Arran, Regent of Scotland, by his wife Lady Margaret Douglas, 1st dau. and cohrss. dau. of James [Douglas], 3rd Earl of Morton


1. Hon George Gordon, later 6th Earl of Huntly later 1st Marquess of Huntly

2. Hon Alexander Gordon of Strathaven (d. Jan 1622), mar. after 1588 Lady Agnes Hay (widow of Andrew [Hay], 8th Earl of Erroll; d. 6 Nov 1619), dau. of George [Sinclair], 4th Earl of Caithness, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Graham, 2nd dau. of William [Graham], 2nd Earl of Montrose

3. Hon William Gordon, a Franciscan

1. Lady Jean Gordon (d. after 29 Dec 1615), mar. after 29 Jul 1585 George [Sinclair], 5th Earl of Caithness, and had issue


19 Oct 1576

suc. by



Lord High Chancellor of Scotland 1564/5-67


George [Gordon], 6th Earl of Huntly later 1st Marquess of Huntly, PC


17 Apr 1599 Lord Gordon of Badenoch, Earl of Enzie and Marquess of Huntly


The Earldom of Huntly has been held by the Marquesses of Huntly since 17 Apr 1599.


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