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Lindsay of the Byres, Lord (S, c. 1444)


Creation: let.pat. c. Oct 1444


Family name: Lindsay later Bethune later Lindesay-Bethune




See Earl of Lindsay



John [Lindsay], 1st Lord Lindsay of the Byres, PC

son and heir of Sir William Lindsay of the Byres (by his wife Christiana Keith, dau. of Sir William Keith, Marischal of Scotland), son and heir of Sir William Lindsay of the Byres, 2nd son of Sir David Lindsay of Crawford, the grandfather of David [Lindsay], 1st Earl of Crawford



..... Stewart, 1st dau. of Robert [Stewart], 1st Lord Lorne, by his wife and third cousin Lady Joan Stewart, 3rd dau. by his first wife of Robert [Stewart], 1st Duke of Albany


1. David Lindsay, later 2nd Lord Lindsay of the Byres

2. John Lindsay, later 3rd Lord Lindsay of the Byres

3. George Lindsay (d. after 26 Oct 1498), mar. ..... Inglis, dau. of ..... Inglis of Tarvit, and had issue:

1a. Marjory Lindsay, mar. Anrew Stewart of Beith

4. Patrick Lindsay, later 4th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

5. Father James Lindsay, Rector of Benhame (d. after 6 Nov 1477)

6. William Lindsay of Mungo's Wells (dsp. after 8 Dec 1476), mar. Margaret Christison

7. Father Archibald Lindsay, Chantor of Aberdeen

1. Christian Lindsay (d. betw. 1491/2 and 11 Mar 1495/6), mar. (1) John Seton, Master of Seton, 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of George [Seton], 1st Lord Seton, and (2) bef. 19 Jul 1476 Robert [Cunningham], 2nd Earl of Glencairn later known as 2nd Lord Kilmaurs, and had issue by both husbands

2. Margaret Lindsay, mar. (1) Henry Wardlaw of Torry, and (2) her cousin Walter [Stewart], 3rd Lord Lorne later 1st Lord Innermeath, and had issue by her second husband

3. Catherine Lindsay, mar. Aklexander Seton, Yr. of Parbroath

4. Mariot Lindsay, mar. bef. 7 Jul 1462 as his first wife John [Hay], 1st Lord Hay of Yester, and had issue

5. Elizabeth Lindsay, mar. 21 Jan 1434/5 John Lundon, Yr. of that Ilk


6 Feb 1482


c. Oct 1444 Lord Lindsay of the Byres

suc. by



a hostage for the ransom of King James I ; Privy Councillor [S]; Justiciary of Scotland, North of Forth 1457; a Lord of Session 1457/8


David [Lindsay], 2nd Lord Lindsay of the Byres



after 16 Apr 1458 and bef. 14 Jan 1458/9 Janet Ramsay, dau. and hrss. of Walter Ramsay of Carnock and Pitcruvie


s.p. 1490

suc. by



a Lord of the Scottish Council; fought on the side of King James III at the Battle of Sauchieburn 1488


John [Lindsay], 3rd Lord Lindsay of the Byres



Marion Baillie (mar. betw. 1500 and 1503 as his third wife Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven), dau. of Sir William Baillie of Lamington

only child

1. Margaret Lindsay (d. bef. 4 Feb 1576/7), mar. (1) her first cousin once removed Richard [Stewart], 3rd Lord Innermeath, and (2) bef. 4 Jun 1533 Sir James Stewart of Beath, Captain and Constable of Doune Castle (d. 1547), brother of Andrew [Stewart], 1st Lord Ochiltree, and 3rd son of Andrew [Stewart], 1st Lord Avandale, and had issue by both husbands


s.p.m. after 26 Oct 1498

suc. by



resigned his barony with the consent of his next brother and heir, George Lindsay, to his younger brother, Patrick Lindsay of Kirkforther, and his heirs 4 Oct 1497


Patrick [Lindsay], 4th Lord Lindsay of the Byres



Isabella Pitcairn (d. after 29 Apr 1524), dau. of Henry Pitcairn of Pitcairn and Forthar


1. Hon Sir John Lindsay of Pitcruvie, Master of Lindsay (dvp. after 28 Aug 1525), mar. Elizabeth Lundie, 1st dau. of Sir Robert Lundie, Treasurer of Scotland, and had issue:

1a. John Lindsay of Pitcruvie, later 5th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

2a. Patrick Lindsay of Kirkforthar (dsp.)

3a. David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. 1592), mar. Helen Crichton, and had issue:

1b. John Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. bef. 4 Dec 1599), mar. (1) Marjory Pitcairn, and had issue:

1c. Patrick Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. 24 Mar 1638; bur. at Kirkforthar), mar. Sep 1584 Helen Orme, dau. of David Orme of Priorlethame, and had issue:

1d. David Lindsay, Yr. of Kirkforthar (dvp. bef. Apr 1631), mar. Mar 1609 Elizabeth Bethune (d. 1 Feb 1666), dau. of Robert Bethune of Balfour, and had issue:

1e. David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. c. 1672), mar. after Apr 1631 Jean Pitcairn, dau. of Henry Pitcairn of that Ilk, and had issue:

1f. David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. bef. 1714), mar. (1) 7 Jun 1660 Elizabeth Pearson (d. 1665), dau. of Alexander Pearson of Southall, a Lord of Session, and (2) Nov 1669 Bethia Ramsay, 1st dau. of Sir James Ramsay, Bt., and had issue by his first wife:

1g. John Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. bef. 1740), mar. after 15 Sep 1711 Catherine Seton, 1st dau. of Christopher Seton of Careston, and had issue:

1h. Christopher Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. 4 Jul 1743), mar. after 29 Sep 1742 Amelia Malcolm, only dau. of Michael Malcolm of Balbedie, and had issue:

1i. Christopher Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. an infant after 27 Jul 1745)

2h. David Lindsay (b. 4 Jun 1714; dvp. young)

3h. Capt George Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d. 17 Dec 1758), mar. (1) 1750 Elizabeth Seton (d. 1750), dau. of George Seton of Careston, and (2) 30 Mar 1752 Magdalen Falconer, dau. of David Falconer of Balmashanner, and had issue by his second wife:

1i. Capt David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (dsp. 14 Apr 1797)

1i. Katherine Lindsay (dsps.), mar. (1) Capt Robert Carmichael of Balinblae, and (2) 10 Aug 1797 Maj Christopher Seton of Careston, and had issue by her second husband

2i. Georgina Lindsay, entailed Kirkforthar 28 Mar 1821 to (1) George Johnston of Kedlock, (2) Col Patrick Lindsay of Eaglescairnie and the heirs male of his body, and (3) Robert Preston and the heirs male of his body by Euphemia, dau. of Agnes Lindsay, dau. of David Lindsay, Minister of Cockpen, and John Preston her husband (dsp. 1830), mar. 2 Feb 1807 Archibald Buchanan of Torry, Collector of Customs at Campbelltown

4h. John Lindsay, tutor-in-law in 1760 to his nieces, the daughters of his brother George, mar., and had issue:

1i. David Lindsay, later de jure 7th Earl of Lindsay

1h. Helen Lindsay, mar. George Johnston, notary public, and had issue

2g. A son (bur. vp. in Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh, 20 Aug 1663)

3g. Rev David Lindsay, Minister of Cockpen (b. Nov 1672; d. 6 Oct 1745), mar. Euphemia Wilson (d. 22 Mar 1761), dau. of George Wilson of Plewlands, and had issue

2f. James Lindsay (bapt. 28 Dec 1637; dsp. before 1670)

3f. Alexander Lindsay (bapt. 20 Dec 1640; dsp. before 1670)

1f. Margaret Lindsay, mar. 18 Dec 1660 William Corstorphine, feuar in Kingsbarns

2e. Robert Lindsay (dsp. in or after 1639)

3e. Patrick Lindsay (dsp. in or after 1633)

1e. Isobel Lindsay

2e. Margaret Lindsay

2d. James Lindsay, mar., and had issue:

1e. Patrick Lindsay, of St Andrews (d. before 21 Jan 1663), mar. 26 Jun 1645 Beatrice Daes (d. Oct 1681), dau. of William Daes, merchant burgess of St Andrews, and had issue:

1f. Hugh Lindsay (bapt. 13 Sep 1649; dvp. an infant)

2f. Rev. Patrick Lindsay, Rector of St Andrews Grammar School (bapt. 8 Feb 1652; d. c. 1722), mar. Janet Lindsay, dau. of John Lindsay of Newton, and had issue:

1g. Patrick Lindsay, Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1729-31 and 1733-35, Member of Parliament 1734-41, Governor of the Isle of Man (bapt. 10 Mar 1686; d. 20 Feb 1753), mar. (1) after 22 Jun 1715 Margaret Monteir, dau. of David Monteir, merchant, of Edinburgh, (2) Janet Murray (dsp. Nov 1739), dau. of James Murray of Polton, and (3) 7 May 1741 his sixth cousin once removed Lady Catherine Lindsay (bapt. 29 Nov 1692; dsp. 20 Apr 1769), 6th dau. of William [Lindsay], 18th Earl of Crawford, by his second wife Lady Henrietta Fleming, widow of William [Fleming], 5th Earl of Wigtown and 1st dau. of Charles [Seton], 2nd Earl of Dunfermline, and had issue by his first wife:

1h. Patrick Lindsay of Eaglescairnie, Deputy Secretary for War 1741 (b. c. 1718; dspm. 18 Oct 1801), mar. after 7 Jul 1747 Margaret Haliburton (b. c. 1729; d. 20 Aug 1819), only child of Thomas Haliburton of Eaglescairnie, and had issue:

1i. Catherine Lindsay (d. 29 Dec 1822), mar. 23 Jul 1773 Alexander [Stuart], 10th Lord Blantyre, and had issue

2i. Janet Lindsay (b. c. 1757; d. 17 Dec 1825), mar. 18 Oct 1794 her cousin Alexander Anderson of Kingask (b. c. 1741; d. 26 Nov 1818), son of James Anderson of Monthrive, by his wife Janet Lindsay, 2nd dau. by his first wofe of Patrick Lindsay MP, Lord Provost of Edinburgh

3i. Jean Lindsay (b. c. 1758; d. 14 Sep 1821)

2h. Lt Col John Lindsay (d. 8 Apr 1780), mar. 20 Dec 1776 Margaret Maria Craigie (d. 16 Jan 1823), 2nd dau. of Charles Hackett Craigie of Hawhill, and had issue:

1h. Maj Gen Sir Patrick Lindsay KCB KGH, later de jure 8th Earl of Lindsay

1h. Anne Lindsay (d. 7 Jan 1851)

3g. Capt James Lindsay, HEIC naval officer (d. Oct 1763)

1g. Mary Lindsay (d. after 1778)

2g. Janet Lindsay, mar. James Anderson of Monthrive, and had issue

2g. John Lindsay (b. 21 Jul 1692; dvp. young)

3g. Alexander Lindsay (b. 29 Mar 1702; dvp. young)

1g. Batrix Lindsay (living 3 Aug 1681)

3f. James Lindsay (bapt. 3 Feb 1659; dsp.)

1f. Beatrix Lindsay (living 11 Aug 1660)

3d. John Lindsay (dsp. after 1622)

4d. Robert Lindsay (dsp. in or after 1610)

5d. William Lindsay (d. after 9 Jul 1610)

2c. David Lindsay (dsp. 5 Mar 1616), mar. after 29 Dec 1591 his second cousin once removed Alison Lindsay (mar. (2) Arthur Gordon), dau. of John Lindsay, merchant and burgess of Cupar

1b. Helen Lindsay, mar. James Colvill of Balbedie

1a. Elizabeth Lindsay, mar. Walter Lundin of that Ilk

2a. Janet Lindsay, mar. 4 Jul 1526 Andrew Kinninmond of that Ilk

3a. Alison Lindsay

2. Hon William Lindsay of Pyotston (d. bef. Mar 1546/7), mar. Isabel Logan (d. bef. 16 Dec 1562), and had issue:

1a. David Lindsay of Pyotston (d. 1599), mar. (1) (div. 1550) Elizabeth Barclay, dau. of Sir David Barclay of Cullerny, (2) Alison Dundas, and (3) Grizell Melville, and had issue by his second wife:

1b. Patrick Lindsay, Yr. of Pyotston (dvp. 26 Feb 1859/90), mar. Margaret Traill (mar. (2) Archibald Hamilton), and had issue:

1c. William Lindsay of Pyotston (d. bef. 23 Jun 1640), mar. Agnes Ballingall, dau. of William Ballingall of that Ilk, and had issue:

1d. William Lindsay of Pyotston (d. after 17 Apt 1670), mar. Margaret Seton of Parbroath, and had issue:

1e. George Lindsay, Yr. of Pyotston (dvp.)

2e. David Lindsay, Yr of Pyotston (dvp. bef. 31 Nov 1669)

2b. James Lindsay (dsp.)

1b. Juda Lindsay, mar. after 18 Jan 1591/2 ..... .....

2a. Patrick Lindsay, burgess of Crail (dsp. 1577)

3a. Harry Lindsay (dsp. after 1 Jul 1584)

4a. John Lindsay, merchant and burgess of Cupar, co. Fife (d. bef. 12 Jul 1580), mar. Janet Williamson (mar. (2) George Meldrum, burgess of Crail; d. bef. 27 May 1604), and had issue:

1b. Patrick Lindsay of Wolmerston, Commissary, Archbishopric of St Andrews (b. 1571; d. Jun 1651), mar. (1) Margaret Lundie of Lundie, and (2) Elizabeth Lentran (b. c. 1572; widow of David Lentran of Newgrange; d. 18 Jun 1648), dau. of Peter Arnot of Balcarno, and had issue by his second wife:

1c. John Lindsay of Wolmerston (d. Feb 1666; bur. at Crail), mar. Elizabeth Lentron (d. 30 Sep 1687), dau. of David Lentron of Newgrange, and had issue:

1d. Patrick Lindsay of Wolmerston, captured at the Battle of Worcester 1651, Commissary of St Andrews (d. 13 Mar 1689), mar. 18 Jun 1657 Catherine Bethune (d. 6 Mar 1730), only dau. of Robert Bethune of Bandon, and had issue:

1e. John Lindsay of Wolmerston later Wormiston, Commissary of St Andrews (b. 14 Jan 1659; d. 23 Sep 1715), mar. 22 Jun 1686 Margaret Haliburton (b. 2 Jan 1665; d. 27 Feb 1751), 1st dau. of Rt Rev George Haliburton of Denhead, Bishop of Aberdeen, and had issue:

1f. Patrick Lindsay (b. 2 Jul 1688; dvp. 8 Jul 1688)

2f. George Lindsay of Wormiston, Commissary of St Andrews (b. 4 Jul 1691; d. 10 Feb 1764), mar. 12 Sep 1721 Margaret Bethune (d. 14 Oct 1782), 1st dau. of Thomas Bethune of Kilconquhar, and had issue:

1g. John Lindsay (b. 5 Aug 1722; dvp. 15 Sep 1723)

2g. Thomas Lindsay (b. 7 Oct 1728; dvp. young)

3g. John Lindsay of Wormiston later Bethune of Kilconquhar (b. 27 Nov 1731; d. 25 May 1789)

4g. David Lindsay (b. 28 Feb 1733)

5g. Capt William Lindsay, an officer in the HEICS navy (b. 5 Sep 1734)

6g. Henry Lindsay of Wormiston later Bethune of Kilconquhar, sold Wormiston to his brother Patrick in 1792 (b. 16 Nov 1735; d. 11 Mar 1819), mar. (1) Elizabeth Kyd, dau. of Thomas Kyd, merchant, and had issue:

1h. Rachel Lindsay, mar. 8 Sep 1787 Lt Gen James Dickson HEICS

Henry Bethune of Kilconquhar mar. (2)  Nov 1761 Margaret Eccles (d. 7 Jan 1823), dau. of Dr Martin Eccles, of Edinburgh, and had further issue:

1h. Maj Martin Eccles Bethune, Deputy Commissary General of the Forces in Scotland (dvp. 22 Jul 1813), mar. Margaret Augusta Tovey, dau. of General James Tovey, and had issue:

1i. Maj Sir Henry Bethune, 1st Bt., later de jure 9th Earl of Lindsay

2i. Lieut Alexander Bethune HEICS (dsp.)

3i. John Scott Bethune (dsp.)

4i. Lieut George Bethune RN (dsp.)

1i. Ann Craigie Bethune (d. 2 May 1835)

2i. Elizabeth Janet Bethune (d. 4 Jun 1837)

3i. A dau. (b. 1792)

4i. Margaret Caroline Bethune (d. 4 Aug 1861), mar. 25 Dec 1814 Patrick Orr WS (d. 19 Jul 1848)

5i. Harriet Bethune, mar. 5 Jun 1820 Warren Hastings Sands WS (d. 1 Feb 1874)

2h. John Scott Bethune, apprentice WS 1790

3h. Maj George Bethune, mar. 28 Feb 1807 ..... Forster, only dau. of Forster Hill Forster, of Forrest, co. Dublin

4h. Capt David Bethune (dvp. 20 Oct 1806)

1h. Elizabeth Balcarres Bethune (dvp. 17 Nov 1793)

2h. Margaret Bethune (dvp. 19 Aug 1792)

3h. Jane Bethune (b. c. 1768; d. 28 Jun 1860)

7g. George Lindsay (b. 6 Feb 1737; d. in Havannah, Cuba 9 Sep 1762)

8g. Capt Patrick Lindsay of Coats later of Wormiston, purchased Wormiston from his brother Henry 1792 (b. 12 Sep 1745; d. 1823), mar. 6 Jan 1790 Mary Ayton (d. 8 Nov 1809), dau. of John Ayton of Kippo, and had issue:

1h. George Lindsay (b. 6 Feb 1792)

2h. James Lindsay (b. 28 Jun 1793)

3h. Patrick Lindsay (b. 8 Aug 1796)

4h. Alexander Lindsay (b. 26 Sep 1797; dvp. 15 May 1799)

5h. David Lindsay later Ayton-Lindsay of Wormiston (b. 31 Dec 1798; d. 5 May 1872), mar. 1824 Jane Emilia Ayton (d. 22 Nov 1872), dau. of John Ayton of Kippo, and had issue:

1i. David Clark Ayton-Lindsay later Bethune, later 11th Earl of Lindsay

2i. Alexander Moneypenny Ayton-Lindsay, advocate (b. 7 Apr 1836; dsp. 22 Mar 1905), mar. 13 Nov 1872 Mary Sproat (d. 1902), dau. of Alexander Sproat, of Brig House, co. Kirkcudbright

1i. Jane Ayton-Lindsay (d. 1891), mar. Capt ..... Reave

2i. Mary Ayton-Lindsay (d. 1885)

3i. Elizabeth Ayton-Lindsay (d. 2 Mar 1865), mar. Edward Cliff (d. 13 Dec 1874), and had issue

4i. Emilia Ayton-Lindsay (d. 2 Dec 1901), mar. 29 Apr 1862 Eric Rudd (d. 3 Jan 1868), and had issue

5i. Margaret Ayton-Lindsay (d. 25 Apr 1924), mar. 1875 Archibald Rodan Hogg, solicitor (d. 1892), and had issue

6h. Stuart Lindsay (b. 14 Jul 1804)

7h. Maj Henry Bethune Lindsay (b. 27 Oct 1809; d. 22 Jun 1856), mar. 9 Mar 1837 Elizabeth Campbell (d. 1903), dau. of Dr Colin Campbell, and had issue

1h. Margaret Lindsay (b. 8 Jan 1795; d. 1863), mar. 18 Oct 1839 James Moncrieff Malville of Hanley WS (b. 28 Sep 1793; d. 28 Sep 1872)

2h. Elizabeth Lindsay (b. 6 Oct 1790)

3h. Mary Ann Leslie Lindsay (b. 19 Nov 1800)

4h. Anne Alice Lindsay (b. 27 May 1802)

1g. Anne Lindsay (b. 9 Sep 1723)

2g. Margaret Lindsay (b. 10 Sep 1724; dvp. 29 Jan 1725)

3g. Catherine Lindsay (b. 17 Oct 1725; dvp. 13 Nov 1727)

4g. Alison Lindsay (b. 12 Apr 1727)

5g. Elizabeth Lindsay (b. 5 Jun 1730)

6g. Agnes Lindsay (b. 11 Jun 1739; dvp. 19 May 1741)

7g. Bethune Lindsay (b. 1 Apr 1742; d. 1770)

3f. John Lindsay (b. 2 Jul 1694; d. 12 Oct 1751 at Albany, New York), mar., and had issue

4f. Patrick Lindsay, proclaimed King James III & VIII at St Andrews 1745 (b. 18 Mar 1699; executed at Brampton 21 Oct 1746), mar., and was ancestor of the Lindsays of Leith

1f. Agnes Lindsay (b. 10 May 1687; d. 28 Oct 1770), mar. 13 Jun 1706 John Makgill of Kemback and Fingask, de jure 5th Viscount of Oxfuird (d. 19 Apr 1762), 1st son and hr. of Arthur Makgill of Kemback, Parliamentary Commissioner for Fife, by his first wife Janet Ramsay, dau. and hrss. of John Ramsay of Brackmont, advocate, and had issue

2f. Catherine Lindsay (b. 22 Nov 1689; dvp. bef. 1706)

2e. William Lindsay of Feddinch, mar. 1723 Margaret Moncrieff (widow of James Moncrieff of Sauchope), dau. of Ronald Wemyss of Lathocker, and had issue

3e. James Lindsay (bapt. 19 Jan 1666)

4e. Robert Lindsay (bapt. 12 Aug 1667)

5e. George Lindsay (bapt. 9 Sep 1673)

6e. Patrick Lindsay (bapt. 4 Sep 1674)

7e. David Lindsay (bapt. 12 Sep 1678)

8e. Alexander Lindsay (bapt. 26 Apr 1681)

1e. Elizabeth Lindsay, mar. 29 Oct 1685 George Seton of Careston

2e. Margaret Lindsay

3e. Helen Lindsay (bapt. 12 Aug 1663), mar. 14 Jul 1687 Rev John Wood, Minister of St Andrews, and had issue

4e. Mary Lindsay (bapt. 28 Oct 1670), mar. 14 Aug 1694 John Craigie of Dunbarnie, and had issue

5e. Catherine Lindsay (bapt. 9 Aug 1672; d. bef. 1705), mar. 14 Sep 1691 Rev William Hardie, Minister of Crail and later of St Andrews

6e. Eupheme Lindsay (bapt. 22 May 1677)

7e. Ann lindsay )b. 1680; d. Jun 1704), mar. 23 Jan 1702 Rev Robert Fairweather, Minister of Crail, and had issue

2d. John Lindsay (killed sp. at the Battle of Worcester fighting for King Charles II 1651)

3d. David Lindsay

4d. George Lindsay, mar. Eupheme Corstorphine (widow of Martin Corstorphine, 2nd son of John Corstorphine of Balcaithly), dau. of John Arnot, Commissary Clerk of St Andrews

5d. James Lindsay

6d. William Lindsay

1d. Elizabeth Lindsay, mar. 7 Sep 1660 James Corstorphine of Nydie

2c. Robert Lindsy (d. after 31 Dec 1634)

1c. Catherine Lindsay, mar. Rev Dr John Douglas, Minister of Crail

2c. Alison Lindsay, mar. Joseph Douglas of Edrington

1b. Alison Lindsay, mar. (1) after 29 Dec 1591 her second cousin once removed David Lindsay (dsp. 5 Mar 1616), 2nd son of JohnLindsay of Kirkforthar by his first wife Marjory Pitcairn, and (2) Arthur Gordon (d. Aug 1641)

2b. Janet Lindsay

5a. Alexander Lindsay (d. after 1584)

1a. Jean Lindsay, mar. John Melville of Carnbee (d. bef. 1572)

3. Hon David Lindsay of Kirkforther (killed sp. at the Battle of Flodden 1513)

1. Hon Margaret Lindsay, mar. (?) "James, Lord Innermeath"

2. Hon Janet Lindsay, mar. Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird

3. Hon Isabel Lindsay, mar. Sir William Scott of Balweary


after 8 Mar 1526

suc. by



fought at the Battle of Flodden 1513; member of the Queen Dowager's Council 1513


John [Lindsay], 5th Lord Lindsay of the Byres



Lady Helen Stewart (mar. (2) Thomas Moncur; d. May 1577), 2nd dau. of John [Stewart], 2nd Earl of Atholl, by his wife Lady Mary Campbell, 3rd dau. of Archibald [Campbell], 2nd Earl of Argyll


1. Hon Patrick Lindsay, later 6th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

2. Hon John Lindsay of Drem (dsp. before 1626)

3. Hon Norman Lindsay of Kilquhiss (d. bef. 1589), mar. (1) Isobel Lundie (d. 9 Sep 1574), and (2) Martha Fernie (mar. (2) Robert Wardlaw), and had issue by both wives

1. Hon Isabel Lindsay, mar. (1) c. Feb 1540/1 Hon Norman Leslie, Master of Rothes (dvp. and sp. leg. 31 Aug 1554), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of George [Leslie], 4th Earl of Rothes, (2) c. Nov 1554 William Christison, burgess, of Cupar, and (3) John Innes of Leuchars

2. Hon Janet Lindsay (d. 8 Apr 1569), mar. c. Jun 1547 as his first wife Henry [Sinclair], 5th Lord Sinclair, and had issue

3. Hon Margaret Lindsay (b. 1528; d. bef. 1599), mar. Rev James Fotheringham of Inverarity, and had issue

4. Hon Mary Lindsay, mar. William Ballingall of that Ilk

5. Hon Helen Lindsay, mar. Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie, and had issue

6. Hon Catherine Lindsay, mar. Thomas Myreton of Cambo

7. Hon Elizabeth Lindsay, mar. after 25 Mar 1563 David Kinnear of Kinnear


c. 17 Dec 1563

suc. by



Sheriff of Fife 1526 ; an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1532; present at the death of King James V 1542; in command of the Scottish forces at the Battle of Ancrum Muir 1544/5; Privy Councillor [S] 1545


Patrick [Lindsay], 6th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, PC




1545 Eupheme Douglas (d. Jun 1580), 1st dau. of Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven by his wife Hon Margaret Erskine (mother by James V, King of Scotland of James [Stewart], 1st Earl of Moray), 2nd dau. of James Erskine, 5th Lord Erskine and de jure 17th Earl of Mar


1. Hon James Lindsay, later 7th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

1. Hon Margaret Lindsay (d. bef. 1594), mar. after 11 Jan 1574/5 as his first wife Hon James Leslie, Master of Rothes (dvp. Mar 1607), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of Andrew [Leslie], 5th Earl of Rothes, and had issue


11 Dec 1589

suc. by



a leader of the Reformation in Scotland; a leader in the Royal Army at the Battle of Corrichie 1563; a Lord of the Congregation ; Privy Councillor [S] 1565; at the Battle of Castlehill 1565; one of the murderers of Secretary Rizzio 1567; took part in obtaining Queen Mary I's abdication in favour of King James VI 1567 ; fought against the Queen at the Battle of Langside 1568; Joint Lord Lieutenant and Justice 1572; Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1573; Sheriff of Fife 1574 and of the Bailiary of St Andrews 1580; one of the conspirators in the unsuccessful attempt to kidnap King James VI at "the raid of Ruthven" 1582, following which he fled to England


James [Lindsay], 7th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, PC




after 9 May 1573 Lady Eupheme Leslie (d. after 1605), 1st dau. of Andrew [Leslie], 5th Earl of Rothes, by his first wife Grizel Hamilton, dau. of Sir James Hamilton of Finnart


1. Hon John Lindsay, later 8th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

2. Hon Robert Lindsay, later 9th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

1. Hon Margaret Lindsay

2. Hon Jane Lindsay, mar. Robert Lundie of Balgonie

3. Hon Hon Helen Lindsay (dsp. 1658), mar. before 23 Apr 1623 as his second wife John [Cranstoun], 2nd Lord Cranstoun

4. Hon Catherine Lindsay (d. 1620), mar. after 9 Oct 1605 James Lundie of that Ilk


5 Nov 1601

suc. by



Gentleman of the King's Chamber 1580; Privy Councillor [S] 1593/4


John [Lindsay], 8th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, PC



after 4 Jul 1599 Hon Anne Oliphant, sister of Laurence [Oliphant], 5th Lord Oliphant, and only dau. of Hon Laurence Oliphant, Master of Oliphant (by his wife Lady Christian Douglas, 2nd dau. of William [Douglas], 6th Earl of Morton), 1st son and heir ap. of Laurence [Oliphant], 4th Lord Oliphant, by his wife Lady Margaret Hay, 2nd dau. by his first wife of George [Hay], 7th Earl of Erroll

only child

1. Hon Anne Lindsay, mar. after 2 Apr 1619 (sep. 1627) Alexander [Falconer], 1st Lord Falconer of Halkerton, and had issue


s.p.m. 5 Nov 1609

suc. by



Privy Councillor [S] 1605; the estate of Byres was sold on his death to Thomas [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Haddington


Robert [Lindsay], 9th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, PC



after 26 Jan 1610 Lady Christian Hamilton (b. between 1588 and 1594; mar. (2) after 9 Dec 1617 as his second wife Robert [Boyd], 7th Lord Boyd; bur. 6 Feb 1645/6), 1st dau. of Thomas [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Haddington, by his first wife Margaret Borthwick, only child of James Borthwick of Newbyres

only child

1. Hon John Lindsay, later 10th Lord Lindsay of the Byres later 1st Earl of Lindsay later 17th Earl of Crawford

2. Hon Patrick Lindsay (dvp. an infrant)

1. Hon Helen Lindsay, mar. 3 Jun 1634 Sir William Scott of Ardross

2. Hon Margaret Lindsay (d. after 9 Jul 1616)


9 Jul 1616

suc. by



Scottish Ecclesiastical High Commissioner; Privy Councillor [S] 1610 and 1616


John [Lindsay], 10th Lord Lindsay of the Byres later 1st Earl of Lindsay later 17th Earl of Crawford


8 May 1633 Lord Parbroath and Earl of Lindsay, with remainder to him and his heirs male bearing the name and arms of the Lords Lindsay


The Lordship of Lindsay of the Byres has been held by the Earls of Lindsay since 8 May 1633.


 First written 25 Mar 2004



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