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Lindsay of Balcarres, Lord (S, 1633)


Creation: let.pat. 27 Jun 1633


Family name: Lindsay




See Earl of Balcarres



David [Lindsay], 1st Lord Lindsay of Balcarres

younger brother and heir of John Lindsay of Balcarres, and 2nd and only surv. son of Hon John Lindsay of Balcarres, a Lord of Session as Lord Menmuir, Privy Seal and Secretary of State for Scotland (by his first wife Marion Borthwick (widow of David Borthwick of Lockhill), dau. of Alexander Guthrie, Town Clerk of Edinburgh), 2nd son by his second wife of David [Lindsay], 9th Earl of Crawford


17 Mar 1587


16 Feb 1611/2 his first cousin once removed Lady Sophia Seton (d. after 1 Jun 1640), 5th dau. of Alexander [Seton], 1st Earl of Dunfermline, by his first wife Hon Lilias Drummond, 2nd dau. of Patrick [Drummond], 3rd Lord Drummond, by his first wife Lady Elizabeth Lindsay, 1st dau. by his second wife of David [Lindsay]. 9th Earl of Crawford


1. Hon Alexander Lindsay, later 2nd Lord Lindsay of Balcarres later 1st Earl of Balcarres

2. John Lindsay (b. 19 May 1625)

3. Hon David Lindsay (b. 27 Mar 1627; d. 7 Apr 1650)

1. Margaret Lindsay (b. 20 Feb 1615; dvp. 15 Apr 1630)

2. Isabel Lindsay (b. 10 Dec 1619)

3. Lilias Lindsay (b. 23 Feb 1621 ; dvp. 25 Nov 1632)

4. Jean Lindsay (b. 24 Apr 1622; dvp. 17 Jul 1623)

5. Hon Sophia Lindsay (b. 2 Jun 1624; bur. sp. 11 Jun 1653), mar. Sir Robert Murray, Justice-Clerk

6. Jean Lindsay (b. 31 Dec 1630; dvp. 12 Jun 1631)

7. Anne Lindsay (b. 31 Dec 1630; dvp. 8 Jun 1631)


bef. 31 Jan 1641/2


17 Jun 1633 Lord Lindsay of Balcarres, to him and his heirs male

suc. by



knighted 1612; a supporter of King Charles I during the events leading up to the Civil War


Alexander [Lindsay], 2nd Lord Lindsay of Balcarres later 1st Earl of Balcarres


9 Jan 1650/1 Lord Lindsay and Balniel and Earl of Balcarres


The Lordship of Lindsay of Balcarres has been held by the Earls of Balcarres since 9 Jan 1650/1.


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