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Drummond, Lord (S, 1487/8)


Creation: let.pat. 29 Jan 1487/8


Family name: Drummond




See Earl of Perth



John [Drummond], 1st Lord Drummond

1st son and heir of Sir Malcolm Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall, by his wife Mariot Murray, dau. of Sir David Murray of Tullibardine


c. 1438


Lady Elizabeth Lindsay (d. after 22 Sep 1509), only dau. of Alexander [Lindsay], 4th Earl of Crawford, by his wife Margaret Dunbar, dau. of Sir David Dunbar of Cockburn and Auchtermonzie


1. Malcolm Drummond (dvp. young)

2. Sir William Drummond of Kincardine, Master of Drummond (dvp. betw. Jul 1503 and Jul 1504), mar. (1) bef. 5 Mar 1478/9 Lady Isabel Campbell, 2nd dau. of Colin [Campbell], 1st Earl of Argyll, by his wife Isabel Stewart, 1st dau. and cohrss. of John [Stewart], 2nd Lord Lorne, and (2) bef. 14 Jun 1493 Mariot Forester (mar. (2) bef. 1507/8 Sir James Sandilands of Calder), only dau. of Archibald Forester of Corstorphine, by his first wife Margaret Hepburn, only dau. of Patrick [Hepburn], 1st Lord Hailes, and had issue by his first wife:

1a. Walter Drummond, Master of Drummond (d. 1518), mar. Feb 1513/4 his cousin Lady Elizabeth Graham, 2nd dau. of William [Graham], 1st Earl of Montrose, by his first wife Annabella Drummond, 4th dau. of John [Drummond], 1st Lord Drummond, and had issue:

1b. David Drummond, later 2nd Lord Drummond

3. David Drummond (d. unm.)

4. John Drummond, ancestor of the Drummonds of Innerpeffray

1. Margaret Drummond, mistress of James IV, King of Scotland (d. May 1502 by poison), and had issue

2. Elizabeth Drummond (d. after 21 Aug 1514), mar. (1) Sir David Fleming of Monycabo, 1st son and heir of Malcolm Fleming of Monycabo (by his wife Eupheme Livingston, 2nd dau. of James [Livingston], 1st Lord Livingston), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of Robert [Fleming], 1st Lord Fleming, and (2) bef. Mar 1487/8 George Douglas, Master of Angus (b. c. 1469; dvp. 9 Sep 1513), 1st son and heir ap. of Archibald [Douglas[, 5th Earl of Angus, by his wife Elizabeth Boyd, 1st dau. of Robert [Boyd], 1st Lord Boyd, and had issue by her second husband

3. Beatrix Drummond, mistress of James [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Arran, and had issue

4. Annabella Drummond (d. after 1492), mar. 25 Nov 1479 as his first wife William [Graham], 1st Earl of Montrose, and had issue

5. Eupheme Drummond (d. May 1502 by poison), mar. bef. 5 May 1496 as his first wife John [Fleming], 2nd Lord Fleming, and had issue

6. Sybilla Drummond (d. May 1502 by poison)


created29 Jan 1487/8 Lord Drummond, presumably with remainder to heirs male

suc. bygreat-grandson

noteSeneschal of Strathearn 1473/4; Privy Councillor and Justiciary [S] 1488; Constable of Stirling Castle; imprisoned 1515-16 for striking Lord Lyon King of Arms


David [Drummond], 2nd Lord Drummond


mar. (1)

1535 Margaret Stewart (dspm. betw. 1539 and Dec 1543), illegit. dau. of Alexander Stewart, Bishop of Moray (by his mistress Lady Margaret Stewart, illegit. dau. of James IV, King of Scotland), 3rd illegit. son of Alexander [Stewart], 1st Duke of Albany (by his wife and second cousin Lady Katherine Sinclair, 1st dau. of William [Sinclair], 3rd Earl of Orkney later 1st Earl of Caithness, by his first wife and cousin Lady Elizabeth Douglas, only dau. of Archibald [Douglas], 4th Earl of Douglas, by his wife Lady Margaret Stewart, 1st dau. of Robert III, King of Scotland), 2nd son of James II, King of Scotland

only child by first wife

1. Hon Sybilla Drummond (b. c. 1538), mar. Sir Gilbert Ogilvy of Powrie (d. 1601), and had issue

mar. (2)

bef. 7 Dec 1543 Hon Lilias Ruthven (d. 7 Jul 1579), 2nd dau. of William [Ruthven], 2nd Lord Ruthven, by his wife Hon Janet Halyburton, suo jure Lady Dirletoun, 1st dau. and cohrss. by his first wife of Patrick [Halyburton], 3rd Lord Dirletoun

children by second wife

1. Hon Patrick Drummond, later 3rd Lord Drummond

2. Hon James Drummond, later 1st Lord Maderty

2. Hon Jean Drummond (d. Mar 1597/8), mar. after 24 Aug 1563 her second cousin John [Graham], 3rd Earl of Montrose, and had issue

3. Hon Agnes Drummond (d. 23 Dec 1587), mar. 29 Oct/4 Nov 1580 as his first wife John [Erskine], 18th and de jure 2nd Earl of Mar, and had issue

4. Hon Lilias Drummond, mar. 11 Feb 1572/3 as his first wife David [Lindsay], 11th Earl of Crawford

5. Hon Catherine Drummond, mar. bef. 15 Nov 1576 John [Murray], 1st Earl of Tullibardine, and had issue

6. Hon Mary Drummond (d. bef. 1589), mar. as his first wife Sir Archibald Stirling, 5th of Keir and 2nd of Cawder (d. 1630), and had issue



suc. by

son by second wife


had confirmation 1542 of lands united into the Barony of Drummond to himself and the heirs male of his body, with remainder to John Drummond of Innerpeffray, Andrew Drummond of Bellyclone, Henry Drummond of Riccarton, and William Drummond of Smithstoun, in like manner, remainder to his nearest heirs whatsoever


Patrick [Drummond], 3rd Lord Drummond



mar. (1)

bef. 21 Oct 1572 Lady Elizabeth Lindsay (d. May 1585), 1st dau. of David [Lindsay], 9th Earl of Crawford, by his second wife Catherine Ogilvy, widow of Hon James Ogilvy, Master of Ogilvy, 1st son and heir ap. of James [Ogilvy], 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, and dau. of Hon Sir John Campbell of Cawdor (by his wife Muriel Cawdor, dau. and hrss. of John Cawdor of Cawdor, co. Fife), 3rd son of Archibald [Campbell], 2nd Earl of Argyll

children by first wife

1. Hon James Drummond, later 4th Lord Drummond later 1st Earl of Perth

2. Hon John Drummond, later 2nd Earl of Perth

1. Hon Katherine Drummond, mar. 1594 as his second wife Hon James Leslie, Master of Rothes (d. Mar 1607), 1st son and heir by his first wife of Andrew [Leslie], 5th Earl of Rothes, and had issue

2. Hon Lilias Drummond (dspm. 8 May 1601), mar. bef. 1 Jul 1592 as his first wife Alexander [Seton], 1st Earl of Dunfermline, and had issue

3. Hon Jean Drummond (d. 7 Oct 1643), mar. 3 Feb 1613/4 as his second wife Robert [Ker], 1st Earl of Roxburghe

4. Hon Elizabeth Drummond, mar. bef. 5 Jul 1608 Alexander [Elphinstone], 5th Lord Elphinstone, and had issue

5. Hon Anne Drummond (d. after 1640), mar. (1) Patrick Barclay of Towie, and (2) after 20 May 1624 as his second wife Andrew [Fraser], 1st Lord Fraser

mar. (2)

1588 Agnes Montgomerie (widow of Hugh [Montgomerie], 3rd Earl of Eglinton; d. 21 Jan 1589/90), dau. and cohrss. of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffray, by his wife Lady Margaret Gordon (widow of Hon John Gordon, Master of Huntly), illegitimate dau. of James IV, King of Scotland, by his mistress Margaret Drummond, 1st dau. of John [Drummond], 1st Lord Drummond



suc. by

son by first wife



James [Drummond], 4th Lord Drummond later 1st Earl of Perth


11 Feb 1604/5 Earl of Perth, with remainder to his heirs male whatsoever


The Lordship of Drummond has been held by the Earls of Perth since 11 Feb 1604/5.


 First written 20 Dec 2003



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