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Newburgh, Earl of (S, 1660)


Creation: let. pat. 31 Dec 1660


Family name: Livingston later Radcliffe later Giustiniani later Giustiniani-Bandini later Rospigliosi




Argent on a Bend between three Gillyflowers Gules an Anchor of the first all within a a Double Tressure flory counterflory Vert


A Moor's Head proper banded Gules and Argent with Pendants Argent at his ears 


Dexter: A Savage proper wreathed about the head and middle Vert;  Sinister:  A Horse Argent furnished Gules


Si je puis


Arms as borne by the 1st and 2nd Earls of Newburgh



James [Livingston], 1st Viscount Newburgh later 1st Earl of Newburgh

only son of Sir John Livingston of Kinnaird, 1st Bt., by his wife Jane Marwood, widow of William Marwood and dau. of Richard Sproxbourne, of Wakefield, co. York, Steward of the Star Chamber


mar. (1)

c.1649 Lady Catherine Stuart (widow of Lord George Stuart, styled Lord D'Aubigny;  d. 1650), 1st dau. of Theophilus [Howard], 2nd Earl of Suffolk, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Home, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of George [Home], 1st Earl of Dunbar

mar. (2)

c.1655 Anne Poole (bur. 26 May 1692), dau. of Sir Henry Poole, Bt., of Saperton, co. Gloucester

only child by second wife

1. Hon Charles Livingston, later 2nd Earl of Newburgh


6 Dec 1670


13 Sep 1647 Viscount of Newburgh, with remainder to the heirs male of his body

31 Dec 1660 Lord Levingston of Flacraig, Viscount of Kynnaird and Earl of Newburgh, with remainder to his heirs whatsoever

suc. by

son by second wife


suc. his father Mar 1627/8 as 2nd Baronet of Kinnaird


Charles [Livingston], 2nd Earl of Newburgh



after 12 Sep 1692 Hon Frances Brudenell (mar. (2) 1695 Richard [Bellew], 3rd Baron Bellew; d. 23 Feb 1736; bur. at St Audoen's, Dublin), 3rd dau. of Hon Francis Brudenell, styled Lord Brudenell (by his wife Lady Frances Savile, sister and sole hrss. of James [Savile], 2nd Earl of Sussex, and only dau. by his second wife of Thomas [Savile], 1st Earl of Sussex), 1st son and heir ap. of Robert [Brudenell], 2nd Earl of Cardigan, by his second wife Lady Anne Savage, 4th dau. of Thomas [Savage], 1st Viscount Savage, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Darcy, suo jure Countess Rivers for life, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Darcy], 1st Earl Rivers

only child

1. Lady Charlotte Maria Livingston, later suo jure Countess of Newburgh


s.p.m. 7 Apr 1694

suc. by



on his death the Viscountcy of Newburgh and the Baronetcy of Kinnaird became extinct


Lady Charlotte Maria Livingston, suo jure Countess of Newburgh



mar. (1)

22 Dec 1713 Hon Thomas Clifford (b. 1687; dvp. and spm. 21 Feb 1718/19), 1st son and heir ap. of Hugh [Clifford], 2nd Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, by his wife Anne Preston, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Rev Sir Thomas Preston, 3rd Bt., of Furness Abbey, co. Lancaster

children by first husband

1. Lady Anne Clifford (b. 1715; d. 28 Apr 1793), mar. (1) 22 Dec 1739 as his second wife Gen John Joseph Mahony, Count Mahony (bapt. 5 Nov 1699; d. c. 10 Apr 1757), 1st son of Lt Gen Count Daniel O'Mahony, Count of Castile, and (2) after 13 Apr 1773 Lt Col Don Carlo Severino, and had issue by her first husband:

1a. Countess Cecilia Carlotta Francisca Anna Mahony, Countess Mahony (bapt. 28 Dec 1740; dvm. 18 Feb 1789), mar. 18 May 1757 Prince Benedetto Giustiniani, 5th Prince Giustiniani (d. 26 Feb 1793), and had issue:

1b. Prince Vincentius Giustiniani (bapt. 1 Feb 1759; dvp. 15 Aug 1781)

2b. Prince Girdano Philip James Joseph Nicholas Augustini Gratilianus Gaspar Balthassar Melchior Giustiniani (b. 27 Aug 1760; dvp. 12 Dec 1760)

3b. Prince Vincenzo Giuseppe Filippo Graziliano Giacopo Gasparo Baldassaro Melchior Domenico Giustiniani, 6th Prince Giustiniani, later de jure 6th Earl of Newburgh

4b. Prince Lorenzo Giacopo Angelo Filippo Domenico Louis Ignatius John Giuseppe Vincenzo Giustiniani, renounced right of succession to the Princely title and the Giustiniani estates (bapt. 2 Oct 1767; d. 22 Mar 1843)

5b. HE Giuseppe Thomas Giacopo Vincenzo, Cardinal Giustiniani, Bishop of Albano, 7th Prince Giustiniani (bapt. 30 Dec 1769; d. 24 Feb 1843)

1b. Princess Maria Isabella Giustiniani (d. 1783), mar. 1781 Francesco, Prince Ruspoli

2b. Princess Catherine Giustiniani (d. 1813), mar. 1777 Balthazar, Prince Odescalchi, and had issue

2. Lady Frances Clifford, mar. 20 Sep 1738 William Middleton, of co. York

mar. (2)

24 Jun 1724 Hon Charles Radclyffe, titular 5th Earl of Derwentwater (attainted of treason 18 May 1716;  exec. 8 Dec 1746), 3rd son of Edward [Radcliffe], 2nd Earl of Derwentwater, by his wife Lady Mary Tudor, illegitimate dau. of King Charles II by his mistress Mary Davies

children by second husband

1. Hon James Bartholomew Radclyffe, later 4th Earl of Newburgh

2. Maj Gen Hon James Clement Radclyffe (b. 5 Nov 1727; dsp. 1788), mar. Clementina .....

3. Lady Barbara Joanna Radclyffe (bapt. 18 Mar 1728; d. 7 Aug 1769)

4. Lady Charlotte Radclyffe (d. 22 Mar 1800)

5. Lady Anne Thomasine Radclyffe (b. 12 Jan 1730; dvp. 31 May 1734)

6. Lady Maria Francesca Guillelma Radclyffe (b. Aug 1732; d. 27 Aug 1798), mar. 11 Feb 1755 Francis Eyre, of Warkworth Castle, co. Northampton (b. c. 1732; d. 27 Aug 1804), and had issue:

1a. Francis Eyre later Radclyffe-Livingstone-Eyre, self styled 6th Earl of Newburgh, of Warkworth Castle, co. Northumberland, and Hassop, co. Derby (b. 10 Feb 1762; d. 23 Oct 1827), mar. 29 Aug 1787 Dorothy Gladwin (d. 2 Nov 1838), 4th dau. of John Gladwin, of Mansfield, co. Nottingham, Steward to the Duke of Portland, and had issue:

1b. Thomas Eyre, self styled 7th Earl of Newburgh, petitioned to be acknowledged as Earl of Newburgh 1831 (b. 21 Oct 1790; dsp. 22 Mar 1833), mar. 14 Nov 1817 Lady Margaret Kennedy (dsp. 3 Dec 1889), 2nd dau. of Archibald [Kennedy], 1st Marquess of Ailsa, by his wife Margaret Erskine, 2nd dau. and hrss. of John Erskine of Dun

2b. Francis Eyre, self styled 8th Earl of Newburgh (b. 7 Jul 1794; d. 15 Oct 1852)

1b. Maria Dorothea Eyre, self styled Countess of Newburgh (b. 13 Jul 1788; dsp. 22 Nov 1853), mar. 21 Jul 1836 as his second wife Col Charles Leslie KH, 26th of Balquhain (d. 10 Jan 1870)

2b. Mary Eyre (b. 12 Oct 1789; dvp. 5 Oct 1813)

3b. Charlotte Eyre (b. 6 Jun 1792; dvp. 6 Aug 1818)

4b. Anne Eyre (b. 16 May 1796; dvp. 25 Apr 1802)

5b. Barbara Eyre , a nun (b. 18 May 1798; d. 13 Apr 1849)

6b. Radclyffe Eyre (b. 27 May 1802; bur. 1 Aug 1840)

2a. James Eyre, of Metz, Germany (d. 1816), mar. Thérese Joséphine de Chénecourt, and had issue:

1b. Caroline Eyre (b. c. 1807; d. 16 Apr 1838)

3a. Charles Eyre (d. 1819)

1a. Mary Eyre (dsp. 14 May 1800), mar. 9 Apr 1793 Arthur Onslow, Serjeant-at-Law


4 Aug 1755

suc. by

son by second husband


James Bartholomew [Radclyffe], titular 6th Earl of Derwentwater later 4th Earl of Newburgh


23 Aug 1725


11 Nov 1749 Barbara Kemp (d. 12 Sep 1797), 1st dau. and eventually sole hrss. of Anthony Kemp, of Slindon, co. Sussex, by his wife Hon Anne Browne, 5th dau. of Henry [Browne], 5th Viscount Montagu


1. Hon Anthony James Radclyffe, later 5th Earl of Newburgh

1. Lady Anne Radclyffe (b. c. 1758; dvp. 18 Nov 1785)


2 Jan 1787

suc. by



Anthony James [Radclyffe], 5th Earl of Newburgh


20 Jun 1757


30 Jun 1789 Anne Webb (b. c. 1763; dsp. 3 Aug 1861), only dau. of Joseph Webb, of Welford, co. Northampton (by his wife Ann White, dau. of John White, of Canford, co. Dorset), 2nd son of Sir Thomas Webb, 4th Bt., of Odstock, co. Wiltshire, and Hatherop Castle, co. Gloucester


s.p. 29 Nov 1814

suc. by

second cousin


on the death of the 5th Earl of Newburgh Prince Giustiniani took no steps to establish his right to the Earldom of Newburgh, thereby allowing the Eyre family to assume the Newburgh title unchallenged


Vincenzo Giuseppe Filippo Graziliano Giacopo Gasparo Baldassaro Melchior Domenico Giustiniani, 6th Prince Giustiniani later de jure 6th Earl of Newburgh


2 Nov 1762


21 May 1789 Donna Maria Nicoletta Giuseppa Francesca Raffaela Cornelia Teresa Melchiorra Gaspara Baldasarra Angela Giovanna Luisa Guidetta Grillo, dau. and hrss. of Don Dominico Grillo, Duke of Mondragone

only child

1. Princess Maria Cecilia Agata Anna Josefa Laurenzia Donata Melchiorra Baldassara Gaspara Giustiniani, later suo jure Countess of Newburgh


13 Nov 1826

suc. by



Princess Maria Cecilia Agata Anna Josefa Laurenzia Donata Melchiorra Baldassara Gaspara Giustiniani, suo jure Countess of Newburgh


5 Feb 1796


21 Sep 1815 Don Carlo Bandini, 4th Marquis Bandini, of Lanciano and Rustano, Papal States (d. 5 Jun 1850)


1. Sigismondo Niccolo Venanzio Gaetano Francisco Bandini later Giustiniani-Bandini, later 8th Earl of Newburgh

1. Nicoletta (b. 1817; d. 1836), mar. 1835 Don Carlo Manca, Marquis of Santa Croce and Villahermosa

2. Elizabeth (b. 1820), mar. 1841 Marquess Augustin Triorfi, of Ancona, Italy

3. Cristina (b. 1822; d. 4 Jul 1865), mar. 1845 Count Marcello Marcelli Flori

4. Maria (b. 1825), mar. 1851 Count Federico Pucci Boncambi, of Perugia, Italy


8 Jan 1877

suc. by



along with her son became a naturalised British subject by Act of Parliament 1857;  her claim to the Earldom of Newburgh, etc. was allowed by the House of Lords 30 Jul 1858


Sigismondo Niccolo Venanzio Gaetano Francisco [Bandini later Giustiniani-Bandini], 5th Marquis Bandini later 1st Prince Bandini-Giustiniani later 8th Earl of Newburgh


30 Jun 1818


15 Sep 1848 Donna Maria Sofia Angelica Massani (b. 13 May 1830; d. 15 Dec 1898), dau. and cohrss. of Cavaliere Giuseppe Maria Massani, of Rome, Italy


1. Marquis Carlo Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 29 Apr 1860; dvm. 2 Sep 1861)

2. Prince Carlo Giustiniani-Bandini, later 9th Earl of Newburgh

1. Princess Nicoletta Maria Giustiniani-Bandini (b. Feb 1850; dvp. 15 May 1855)

2. Princess Carolina Maria Elena Gioacchina Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 10 Jun 1851; dsp. 4 Nov 1918), mar. 8 Apr 1872 Guardino, Count de Colleoni Porto and Count di Solza, of Venice, Italy

3. Princess Elena Maria Concetta Isabella Gioacchina Giuseppa Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 8 Jun 1853; d. 1 May 1950), mar. 25 Jun 1876 Camillo, 8th Prince Rospigliosi (d. 6 Jun 1915), and had issue:

1a. Prince Giambattista Pio Sigismondo Francesco Rospigliosi, 9th Prince Rospigliosi (b. 5 May 1877; d. 5 Apr 1956), mar. (1) 16 May 1903 Ethel Julia Bronson (d. 5 Nov 1924), dau. of Isaac Bronson, of New York, USA, and (2) 12 Feb 1926 Princess Flaminia Odescalchi (d. 29 Jan 1948), dau. of Prince Baldessare Odescalchi, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Prince Giulio Cesare Taddeo Cosimo Rospigliosi, later 11th Earl of Newburgh

1b. Princess Elena Maria Alice Rospigliosi (b. 21 Feb 1904; d. 1974), mar. 25 Nov 1926 Antonio, Duke Lante Montefeltro della Rovere (d. 1954), and had issue

2b. Princess Margherita Maria Francesca Rospigliosi (b. 4 Feb 1909)

3b. Princess Giovanna Ethel Rospigliosi (b. 9 Jan 1911), mar. 27 Oct 1937 Baron Umberto Duranti Valentini

2a. Prince Tommaso Clemente Francesco Rospigliosi (b. 28 Jun 1879; dsp. 21 Apr 1958), mar. 5 Jun 1930 Beatrice dei Marchesi Viti-Mariani (d. 1964)

3a. Prince Francesco Luigi Giuseppe Rospigliosi (b. 8 Jul 1880; d. 1943), mar. 30 Jun 1914 Laura Macdonald Stello, of Cincinnati, USA (d. 1972), and had issue

4a. Prince Ludovico Guardino Carlo Francesco Rospigliosi (b. 16 Oct 1881; d. 30 Oct 1917), mar. 14 Apr 1904 (sep. 1912) Mildred Haseltine, dau. of William Stanley Haseltine, of Rome, Italy, and New York, USA, and had issue:

1b. Prince Guardino Guglielmo Francesco Oberto Maria Giuseppe Rospigliosi (b. 17 Dec 1906; d. 14 Oct 1956)

2b. Prince Guglielmo Camillo Carlo Rospigliosi (b. 19 Sep 1908; d. 26 Oct 1990), mar. 6 Jul 1933 (div. 1959) Hon Helen Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 3rd dau. of 2nd Baron Acton, and had issue:

1c. Prince Ludovico Giulio Francesco Maria Rospigliosi (b. 30 Jun 1934)

2c. Prince Guardino Ricardo Carlo Francesco Maria Rospigliosi (b. 6 Sep 1938)

1c. Princess Giovanna Maria Annunziata Rospigliosi (b. 16 Jun 1935; d. 16 Apr 2020), mar. 15 Sep 1961 (div. 1989) Giles Frere Wordsworth (d. 1992), 2nd son of Andrew Worsworth, and had issue

5a. Prince Ferdinando Carlo Nicola Francesco Rospigliosi (b. 24 Jul 1883; d. 24 May 1950), mar. (1) 23 Jul 1910 (annulled 1937) Baroness Yvonne Leonie Pauline Marie Ghislaine de Villenfagne de Sorinnes (d. 23 May 1946), dau. of Baron Albert de Villenfagne de Sorinnes, and (2) 23 Feb 1938 Maria Teresa Montanucci (d. 2002), and had issue by his first wife

6a. Prince Clemente Giambattista Francesco Rospigliosi (b. 23 Nov 1893), mar. Jul 1922 Clara Weil, of Boston, USA

1a. Princess Ottavia Maria Francesca Rospigliosi (b. 27 May 1878), mar. 2 Oct 1898 Roberto Vimercati Sanseverino, Count of Castel Palazzo (d. 1945), and had issue

2a. Princess Maria Camilla Giulia Francesca Rospigliosi (b. 23 Feb 1886; d. 9 May 1953)

3a. Princess Maria Maddalena Clementina Rospigliosi (b. 8 May 1889; d. 1966), mar. 26 Sep 1909 Ardicino della Porta, Count of Carpine, Biscina and Frontone, and had issue

4a. Princess Carolina Rospigliosi (b. 14 Oct 1891; d. 13 Oct 1961)

4. Princess Nicoletta Maria Nazarena Gioacchina Margherita Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 23 Oct 1863; d. 26 Aug 1938), mar. 20 Feb 1881 Marco, Duke Grazioli, of Rome, Italy (d. 12 Dec 1936), and had issue

5. Princess Maria Christina Isabella Agnese Gioacchina Giustiniani-Bandini, a nun (b. 20 Feb 1866; d. Dec 1959)

6. Princess (Maria) Isabella Giovanna Teresa Gioacchina Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 17 Apr 1867; d. 20 Jan 1963), mar. 17 Nov 1898 Esmé William [Howard], 1st Baron Howard of Penrith, and had issue

7. Princess Maria Cecilia Pia Anna Gioacchina Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 20 Nov 1871; d. 19...), mar. 8 Dec 1920 Gen Count Paolo Pielia (d. 1 Apr 1952)

8. Princess Anna Maria Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 19 Jul 1874; dvp. 29 Jul 1874)


3 Aug 1908


28 Jan 1863 Prince Bandini-Giustiniani, with precedence of the old Princes Giustiniani (by HH Pope Pius IX - confirmed by King of Italy 9 Jun 1893)

suc. by



along with his mother became a naturalised British subject by Act of Parliament 1857; suc. his mother as Duke of Mondragone 1877


Carlo [Giustiniani-Bandini], 2nd Prince Giustiniani-Bandini and 9th Earl of Newburgh


1 Jan 1862


8 Aug 1885 Donna Maria Lanza di Trabia (d. 22 Jan 1949), dau. of Giuseppe, Prince of Trabia and Butera, of Palermo, Sicily


1. Prince Sigismondo Maria Bandino Giuseppe Giustiniani-Bandini, styled Viscount Kinnaird and Duke of Mondragone (b. 20 Jun 1886; dvp. and sp. 4 Nov 1918), mar. 4 Apr 1910 Teresa (mar. (2) 25 Aug 1921 Ferenc Adamacz, Hungarian Minster at Brussels; d. 1 May 1969), dau. of Prince Ugo Boncompagni Lodovisi, 1st son of Rodolfo, Prince of Pionbino

2. Prince Giuseppe Maria Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 3 Sep 1896; ka. and bur. vp. 14 Aug 1916)

3. Prince Lorenzo Maria Giustiniani-Bandini (b. 14 Apr 1898; d. an infant)

1. Princess Maria Sofia Giuseppina Giustiniani-Bandini, later suo jure Countess of Newburgh


14 Jun 1941

suc. by



Princess Maria Sofia Giuseppina Giustiniani-Bandini, suo jure Countess of Newburgh


4 May 1889


3 May 1922 Count Manfredi Gravina di Ramacos (d. 19 Sep 1932)


s.p. 30 Apr 1977

suc. by

first cousin once removed


Giulio Cesare Taddeo Coisimo [Rospigliosi], 10th Prince Rospigliosi later 11th Earl of Newburgh


26 Oct 1907


25 Nov 1940 Donna Giuilla Visconti di Modrone, dau. of Don Guido Carlo dei Duchi Visconti di Modrone, Count of Lonate Pozzolo


1. Prince Filippo Giambattista Camillo Francesco Also Maria Rospigliosi, later 12th Earl of Newburgh

2. Prince Francesco Guido Carlo Antonio Maria Rospigliosi, of viale Elvezia 24, Milan, Italy (b. 8 Jan 1947), mar. Clothilde Rival de Rouville, dau. of Henri Rival de Rouville, and has issue


18 Apr 1986

suc. by



suc. his father 9 Apr 1956 as 10th Prince Rospigliosi


Filippo Giambattista Camillo Francesco Aldo Maria [Rospigliosi], 11th Prince Rospigliosi and 12th Earl of Newburgh


4 Jul 1942


15 Jul 1972 Baroness Donna Luisa Caccia Dominioni, dau. of Count Annibale Caccia Dominioni

only child

1. Princess Benedetta Francesca Maria Rospigliosi, Mistress of Newburgh (b. 4 Jun 1974), mar. 3 Jul 1999 Piero Albertario, and has issue:

1a. Carlo Albertario (b. 20...)


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12th Earl of Newburgh

(Scotland, let. pat. 31 Dec 1660)

12th Viscount of Kynnaird

(Scotland, let. pat. 31 Dec 1660)

12th Lord Levingston

(Scotland, let. pat. 31 Dec 1660)

11th and 7th Prince Rospigliosi

(HRE 6 Jun 1668 and Papal 1854

14th and 5th Prince Castiglione

(Two Sicilies 1602 and Italy 1897)

11th Duke of Zagorolo

(Papal 1668)

Marquis of Giuliana

(Two Sicilies 1543 and Italy 1897)

Count of Chiusa

(Two Sicilies 1553 and Italy 1897)

Baron of La Miraglia and Valcorrente

(Two Sicilies 1780 and Italy 1897)

Roman Noble and Lord of Aldone, Burgio, Contessa and Trappeto

(Rome, 1854)

Patrician of Venice, Genoa, Pistoia, Ferrara and Ravenna

(Venice 1667 and Genoa 12 Apr 1786)



Piazza Sant' Ambrogio 16, 20123 Milan, Italy



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