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Winton, Earl of (S, 1600 - forfeited 1716)


Creation: let.pat. 16 Nov 1600


Forfeited: 19 Mar 1715/6


Family name: Seton




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Or three Crescents within a Double Tressure flory counterflory Gules (Seton);  2nd and 3rd, Azure three Garbs Or (as a coat of pretension to the Earldom of Buchan);  over all an Escutcheon per pale Gules and Azure, on the dexter a Sword paleways proper hilted and pommelled Or supporting an Imperial Crown within a Double Tressure flory counterflory of the last (as arms of augmentation) and on the sinister a Star of twelve points Argent (Earldom of Winton)


On a Ducal Crown Or a Dragon Vert spouting fire proper with wings elevated


On either side a Fox proper gorged with a Collar Or charged with three Crescents Gules and a Chain affixed thereto passing between the forelegs and reflexed over the back also Or;  on a Scroll coming from behind the shield and passing over the middle of the supporters the words "Intaminatis fulget honoribus"


 Above the Crest: Hazard set forward;  Below the shield: Invia virtuti via nulla



Robert [Seton], 6th Lord Seton later 1st Earl of Winton, PC

1st surv. son and heir of George [Seton], 5th Lord Seton, by his wife Isabel Hamilton, dau. of Sir William Hamilton of Sorn and Sanquhar


c. 1552


c. 19 May 1583 Lady Margaret Montgomerie (d. 9 Apr 1624), 1st dau. of Hugh [Montgomerie], 3rd Earl of Eglinton, by his second wife Agnes Campbell, widow of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun and dau. and cohrss. of Sir William Drummond of Innerpeffry, by his wife Lady Margaret Stewart, illegit. dau. of James IV, King of Scotland


1. Hon Robert Seton, later 2nd Earl of Winton

2. Hon George Seton, later 3rd Earl of Winton

3. Hon Sir Alexander Seton of Foulstruther, later 6th Earl of Eglinton

4. Hon Sir Thomas Seton of Over Olwestob (dspm.), mar. Agnes Drummond, dau. of Thomas Drummond of Corskeply

5. Hon Sir John Seton of St Germains, mar. 1620 Margaret Kellie, dau. of William Kellie, and had issue

1. Lady Isabel Seton (b. 30 Nov 1593), mar. (1) as his first wife James [Drummond], 1st Earl of Perth, and (2) bef. Apr 1618 her third cousin Hon Francis Stewart, Master of Bothwell, 1st son and heir of Francis [Stewart], 1st Earl of Bothwell, by his wife Lady Margaret Scott, widow of Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch and 1st dau. of David [Douglas], 7th Earl of Angus, and had issue by both husbands


22 Mar 1602/3


16 Nov 1600 Earl of Winton

suc. by



Privy Councillor [S], 1584/5; suc. his father 8 Jan 1585/6 as 6th Lord Seton


Robert [Seton], 2nd Earl of Winton


c. 1585


1 Feb 1602/3 Hon Anna Maitland (d. 6 Jul 1609), sister of John [Maitland], 1st Earl of Lauderdale, and only dau. of John [Maitland], 1st Lord Maitland, by his wife Hon Jean Fleming, only dau. and hrss. of James [Fleming], 4th Lord Fleming


s.p. after 28 Dec 1636

suc. by



went insane on his wedding night; resigned his titles and estates 26 Jun 1606 to his younger brother, George, but the resignation was not enforced until 12 May 1607


George [Seton], 3rd Earl of Winton, PC


Dec 1584

mar. (1)

26 Apr 1609 Lady Anne Hay (d. bef. 13 Feb 1624/5), 1st dau. of Francis [Hay], 9th Earl of Erroll, by his third wife Lady Elizabeth Douglas, 6th dau. of William [Douglas], 6th Earl of Morton

children by first wife

1. Hon George Seton, styled Lord Seton (b. 22 Jul 1610; dvp. young)

2. Hon George Seton, styled Lord Seton (b. 15 May 1613; dvp. 4 Jun 1648), mar. after 19 Oct 1639 Lady Henrietta Gordon (mar. (2) 1649 as his first wife John [Stewart], 2nd Earl of Traquair; d. Jun 1651), 2nd dau. of George [Gordon], 2nd Marquess of Huntly, by his wife Lady Anne Campbell, 1st dau. by his first wife of Archibald [Campbell], 7th Earl of Argyll, and had issue:

1a. Hon George Seton, later 4th Earl of Winton

2a. Hon Alexander Seton (b. 21 Jan 1644 ; d. bef. 13 Dec 1673)

3a. Hon Christopher Seton (b. 15 Apr 1645; d. bef. 7 Apr 1697)

4a. Hon Francis Seton (dvp. a young infant)

3. Hon Christopher Seton (b. 2 Mar 1617; dvp. 30 Jun 1618)

4. Hon Alexander Seton, later 1st Viscount of Kingston

5. Hon Francis Seton (b. 1 May 1623; d. young)

1. Lady Anna Seton (b. 18 Dec 1611; d. young)

2. Lady Margaret Seton (b. 25 Mar 1615 ; d. 1637)

3. Lady Elizabeth Seton (b. 13 Jun 1618; d. young)

4. Lady Elizabeth Seton (b. 24 Dec 1621; d. 16 Jun 1650), mar. 22 May 1637 as his first wife William [Keith], 6th Earl Marischal, and had issue

mar. (2)

bef. 1628 Hon Elizabeth Maxwell (d. after 18 Mar 1663/4), sister of John [Maxwell], 3rd Earl of Nithsdale and only dau. of John [Maxwell], 6th Lord Herries of Terregles, by his cousin Lady Elizabeth Maxwell, 1st dau. of John [Maxwell], 7th Lord Maxwell (sometime Earl of Morton)

children by second wife

6. Hon Christopher Seton (d. young)

7. Hon William Seton (d. young)

8. Hon Christopher Seton (b. 28 Jun 1631; dvp. Jul 1648)

9. Hon William Seton (b. 8 Jan 1633; dvp. Jul 1648)

10. Hon Sir John Seton of Garletoun, 1st Bt., cr. a Baronet of Nova Scotia, styled "of Garletoun", 9 Dec 1664 (b. 29 Sep 1639; d. Feb 1685/6), mar. Christian Home, dau. of Sir John Home of Renton, and had issue

11. Hon Sir Robert Seton of Windygoul, 1st Bt., cr. a Baronet of Nova Scotia, styled "of Windygoul", 24 Jan 1670/1 (b. 10 Nov 1641; d. Nov 1671

5. Lady Ann Seton (d. young)

6. Lady Sophia Seton (b. 2 Feb 1630; d. young)

7. Lady Isabel Seton (dsp. after 1687), mar. after 25 Mar 1640 Francis [Sempill], 6th Lord Sempill

8. Lady Anne Seton (b. 30 Sep 1634; d. after 23 Feb 1685/6), mar. Apr 1654 as his second wife John [Stewart], 2nd Earl of Traquair, and had issue

9. Lady Jean Seton (b. 26 Jan 1636; d, bef. 17 Jun 1661)

10. Lady Mary Seton (d. 15 Jan 1698/8), mar. 10 Dec 1676 James [Dalzell], 3rd Earl of Carnwath, and had issue


15 Dec 1650

suc. by



Privy Councillor [S] 1607-09/10 and 1616-41; Justice General of Scotland, south of Forth 1607/8; Burgess of Glasgow 1618; a Commissioner of Justiciary 1622; President of the Scottish Council 1625; a Commissioner of the Scottish Exchequer 1625/6 ; Member of the Scottish Council of War 1627/8; a Lord of the Articles 1633


George [Seton], 4th Earl of Winton, PC


4 May 1642

mar. (1)

4 Sep 1662 (sep. by 1675) Lady Mary Montgomerie (dspm. 18 Nov 1703), 1st dau. of Hugh [Montgomerie[, 7th Earl of Eglinton, by his second wife Lady Mary Leslie, 1st dau. of John [Leslie], 6th Earl of Rothes

only child by first wife

1. Lady Mary Seton (bapt. 24 Nov 1666; dvp. 1669)

mar. (2)

c. 1682 his mistress Christian Hepburn (d. 18 Nov 1703), dau. and hrss. of George Hepburn of Addinstoun (by his wife Margaret Addinstoun, dau. and hrss. of Robert Addinstoun of that Ilk), 2nd son of John Hepburn of Eastcraig

children by second wife

1. Hon George Seton, later 5th Earl of Winton

2. Hon Christopher Seton (d. 5 Jan 1705)


6 Mar 1703/4

suc. by

son by second wife


Privy Councillor [S] 1674/5-89; Grand Master of the Scottish Household 1685; received a novadamus 31 Jul 1686 of his titles with remainder to the heirs male of his body, failing which to any he should nominate with like remainder, and, failing such nomination, to his heirs male, failing whom to his nearest heirs and assigns, the eldest daughter always succeeding without division


George [Seton], 5th Earl of Winton


bef. 6 Mar 1679/80


19 Dec 1749


although a Protestant joined the 1715 Rising, taken prisoner after the Battle of Preston, and was found guilty of high treason and condemned to death 19 Mar 1715/6, whereupon his peerages were forfeited; he escaped from the Tower of London in Aug 1716 and fled to the Continent and joined the titular King James III at Avignon; he later moved to Rome and was Grand Master of the Masonic lodge there 1736-37


In 1859 Archibald William [Montgomerie], 13th Earl of Eglinton, who had been served as nearest and lawful heir male general of the 4th Earl of Winton in 1840, was created Earl of Winton.


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