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Bagot, Baron (GB, 1780)


Creation: let. pat. 12 Oct 1780


Family name: Bagot




Ermine two Chevronels Azure


Out of a Ducal Coronet of five Leaves Or a Goat's Head Argent armed Gold


On either side a Goat Argent armed and bearded Or


Antiquum Obtinens (Possessing antiquity)



William [Bagot], 1st Baron Bagot

2nd but 1st surv. son and hr. of Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot, 5th Bt., of Bagot's Bromley and Blithfield, co. Stafford, by his wife Lady Barbara Legge, 1st dau. of William [Legge], 1st Earl of Dartmouth


28 Feb 1728


20 Aug 1760 Hon Elizabeth Louisa St John (b. c. 1744; d. 4 Feb 1820), sister of Frederick [St John], 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke, and 1st dau. of John [St John], 2nd Viscount St John, by his first wife Anne Furness, only child by his first wife of Sir Robert Furness, 2nd Bt., of Waldershare, co. Kent


1. Edward Bagot (b. 1763; dvp. Jun 1773; bur. at Blithfield, co. Stafford)

2. Walter Bagot (b. 1766; dvp. Jun 1773; bur. at Blithfield, co. Stafford)

3. Hon William Bagot, later 2nd Baron Bagot

4. Rt Hon Sir Charles Bagot GCB MP, Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States of America, Ambassador to St Petersburg, The Hague and Vienna, Governor-General of Canada (b. 23 Sep 1781; d. 19 May 1843), mar. 22 Jul 1806 Lady Mary Charlotte Anne Wellesley-Pole (d. 2 Feb 1845), 1st dau. of William [Wesley later Wellesley later Wellesley-Pole], 3rd Earl of Mornington, by his wife Katherine Elizabeth Forbes, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Adm Hon John Forbes (by his wife Lady Mary Capell, 2nd surv. dau. by his first wife of William [Capell], 3rd Earl of Essex), 2nd son of George [Forbes], 3rd Earl of Granard, and had issue:

1a. Col Charles Bagot JP, Assistant Master of Ceremonies to Queen Victoria (b. 20 May 1808; d. 25 Feb 1881), mar. 7 Jul 1846 Sophia Louisa Percy (d. 7 Nov 1808), 1st dau. of Vice-Admiral Hon Josceline Percy CB RN (by his wife Sophia Elizabeth Walhouse, sister of Edward John [Walhouse later Littleton], 1st Baron Hatherton, and 3rd dau. of Moreton Walhouse, of Hatherton, co. Stafford, by his wife Anne Craycroft Portal, dau. of Abraham Portal, son of Rev William Portal, Rector of Clowne, co. Derby), brother of George [Percy], 5th Duke of Northumberland, and 4th son of Algernon [Smithson later Percy], 1st Earl of Beverley, and had issue:

1b. Maj Josceline FitzRoy Bagot JP DL MP, of Levens Hall, co. Westmorland, ADC to Governor-General of Canada 1882-83 and 1888-89, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury Secretary 1897-98 and to the Home Secretary 1898-1900, nominated a Baronet 1913 (b. 22 Oct 1854; d. 1 Mar 1913), mar. 11 Jun 1885 Theodosia Leslie DGStJ, granted the style and precedence of the widow of a Baronet by Royal Warrant 1913 (b. 5 Jan 1835; mar. (2) 3 Jun 1920 Rev Sidney Bellingham Swann, Vicar of Lindfield, co. Sussex; d. 21 Feb 1940), 3rd dau. of Sir John Leslie, 1st Bt. JP DL MP, of Glaslough, co. Monaghan, by his wife Lady Constance Wilhelmina Frances Dawson-Damer, sister of Lionel Seymour William [Dawson-Damer], 4th Earl of Portarlington, and 5th dau. of Col Rt Hon George Lionel Dawson later Dawson-Damer CB, of Came House, co. Dorset (by his wife Mary Georgiana Emma Seymour, 2nd dau. of Adm Lord Hugh Seymour (by his wife Lady Anne Horatio Waldegrave, 3rd dau. by his second wife of James [Waldegrave], 2nd Earl Waldegrave), 5th son of Francis [Seymour], 1st Marquess of Hertford), 3rd son of John [Dawson], 1st Earl of Portarlington, and had issue:

1c. Lieut Sir Alan Desmond Bagot, 1st Bt. cr. 19 Apr 1913 (b. 20 Feb 1896; d. 11 Jan 1920)

1c. Dorothy Bagot (b. 10 Jul 1886; d. 1974), mar. 9 May 1905 Henry Melville Gaskell JP, of Kiddington Hall, Woodstock, co. Oxford (d. 21 Oct 1954), only son of Capt Henry Brooks Gaskell JP, of Kiddington Hall, Woodstock, co. Oxford, and had issue

2c. Marjorie Constance Bagot MBE (d. 15 Nov 1951), mar. 7 Sep 1910 Maj James Winstanley Cropper JP DL, of Ellergreen, Kendal, co. Westmorland (d. 8 Nov 1956), and had issue

3c. Mary Bagot (d. 19...), mar. 14 Jun 1910 Sir Vincent Strickland Jones KBE (d. 1 May 1967), 2nd son of Rev Canon William Jones, Vicar of Burneside, co. Westmorland, and had issue

2b. Alan Charles Bagot JP DL (b. 1 Jun 1856; d. 10 Apr 1885)

3b. Richard Bagot, of Levens, co. Westmorland (b. 8 Nov 1860; d. 11 Dec 1921)

1b. Alice Mary Bagot (d. 22 Nov 1922)

2a. George Talbot Bagot (b. 14 Jun 1820; dsp. 22 Nov 1907), mar. 20 Aug 1885 Charlotte Margaret Blair (d. 1 Oct 1897), dau. of W T Blair

3a. Col Alexander Bagot (b. 10 Jun 1822; d. 20 Oct 1874), mar. 28 Oct 1852 Gertrude Letitia Halifax (d. 8 Sep 1898), dau. of Brig Gen Robert Dampier Halifax, and had issue:

1b. Charles FitzRoy Alexander Halifax Bagot (b. 20 Oct 1853; d. 1901), mar. (1) 17 Aug 1881 (div. 1890) Emily Maynard Palmer Oldfield (d. 1901), dau. of Col Charles Oldfield, and (2) 9 Feb 1891 Beatrice Laura Brownrigg (widow of Gen John Studholme Brownrigg CB; d. 27 Sep 1922), dau. of Chev L Desanges, and had issue by his second wife:

1c. Muriel Beyl Bagot (b. 29 Sep 1892; dvp. 23 Apr 1894)

2c. Alexandra Bagot (b. 1 Dec 1894; d. 19...), mar. 15 Oct 1924 Gerald Vivian Palmer, yst. son of A Culaude Palmer, of St Margaret's, Bedford

2b. Capt Arthur Henry Louis Bagot, ADC to the Governor of Madras 1878-87 (b. 5 Jun 1856; d. 8 Apr 1906)

3b. Franc is Robert William Bagot (b. 15 Nov 1858; dvp. 11 Mar 1861)

1a. Louisa Katherine Bagot (dvp. 9 Jun 1824)

2a. Emily Georgiana Bagot (b. 9 Jul 1809; dsp. 10 Jan 1848), mar. 15 Feb 1837 as his second wife George William [Finch-Hatton], 10th Earl of Winchilsea

3a. Caroline Mary Bagot (d. 21 Mar 1887), mar. 26 Sep 1849 Dr John David, of Swansea

4a. Henrietta Maria Bagot (b. Sep 1815; d. 22 Mar 1844), mar. 27 Aug 1833 as his second wife Henry [Paget], 2nd Marquess of Anglesey, and had issue

5a. Georgina Augusta Bagot (d. 23 Jun 1851), mar. 21 Sep 1843 Col F Mackenzie Fraser

6a. Wilhelmina Frederica Bagot (d. 15 Apr 1852), mar. 17 Nov 1846 as his first wife her cousin Vice-Admiral Henry Bagot RN (b. 12 Jul 1810; d. 30 Nov 1877), and had issue

5. Rt Rev Hon Richard Bagot DD, Dean of Canterbury 1827-45, Bishop of Oxford 1829-45, Bishop of Bath and Wells 1845-54 (b. 22 Nov 1782; d. 15 May 1854), mar. 22 Dec 1806 Lady Harriet Villiers (d. 18 Oct 1870), 8th dau. of George Busey [Villiers], 4th Earl of Jersey, by his wife Frances Twysden, only dau. and hrss. by his second wife of Rt Rev Philip Twysden DD, Bishop of Raphoe, and had issue:

1a. Maj Gen Edward Richard Bagot, of Ashtead Park, co. Surrey (b. 4 Jan 1808; d. 20 Jul 1874), mar. 15 Jan 1842 Matilda Perkins (widow of Maj Frederick Oswald Perkins; d. 4 Jul 1889), 2nd dau. of Henry Perkins, of Hanworth Park, co. Middlesex, and had issue:

1b. Lt Col Ponsonby Bagot (b. 11 Jun 1845; d. 6 Dec 1921)

2b. Lt Col Villiers Spencer Bagot (b. 7 Apr 1847; d. 24 Mar 1929)

1b. Evelyn Bagot (d. 21 Apr 1877), mar. 25 Sep 1869 Augustua Woodley Bernal, and had issue

2b. Ethel Bagot (d. 11 Oct 1885), mar. 21 Jan 1873 Maj Gen George Paton CMG (d. 30 Jul 1931), and had issue

2a. William Bagot (b. 22 Jun 1809; dvp. Nov 1810)

3a. Vice Admiral Henry Bagot RN (b. 12 Jul 1810; d. 30 Nov 1877), mar. (1) 17 Nov 1846 his cousin Wilhelmina Frederica Bagot, dau. of Rt Hon Sir Charles Bagot GCB, and had issue:

1b. Arthur Greville Bagot (b. 19 Sep 1849; d. 7 Jun 1915), mar. (1) 5 Feb 1878 Mary Isabella Scott (d. 7 Dec 1905), dau. of Henry Scott, and (2) 10 Dec 1913 Mary Lilian Kinglake (widow of L Kinglake; d. 15 Oct 1936), dau. of Rev H Wall, Rector of Huntspill, co. Somerset, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Hervey Ronald Henry Bagot (b. 1 Oct 1885; dvp. 2 Feb 1888)

2c. Lieut Frederick Spencer Wellesley Bagot (b. 1888; killed in action 1916)

Vice-Admiral Henry Bagot mar. (2) 9 Feb 1858 Eleanor Chandos-Pole (d. 25 Nov 1886), Edward Sacheverell Chandos-Pole, of Radbourne Hall, co. Derby, and had further issue:

2b. Henry Richard Reginald Bagot (b. 15 Aug 1860; d. 17 Jul 1908), mar. 25 Mar 1890 his third cousin Frances Anna Mary Bagot (mar. (2) 3 Feb 1909 Henry Bennett Ewins-Barwell-Ewins, of Marston Trussell, co. Northampton; d. 11 Feb 1915), only child of William Walter Bagot, of Pipe Hayes Hall, co. Warwick, (by his wife Lucy Mathilda Tottenham, dau. of Rev Robert Loftus Tottenham), only son of Rev Ralph Bagot, Vicar of Ettington (by his wife mary Adams), 4th son of Rev Walter Bagot, of Pipe Hall, co. Stafford, Rector of Blithfield and Leigh (by his second wife Mary Ward), brother of William [Bagot], 1st Baron Bagot, and 3rd son of Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot, 5th Bt., and had issue:

1c. Mabel Arden Bagot (b. 18 Apr 1896; d. 28 Apr 1965), mar. (1) 15 Dec 1921 Richard Alexander Douglas Liebert (d. 17 Aug 1931), son of Capt Edward Bernhard Liebert, of Swinton Hall, co. Lancaster, and (2) 1 Mar 1932 (div. 1943) Michael Haworth-Booth, 1st son of Digby Clifton Haworth-Booth, and had issue

3b. Claud Leveson Bagot (b. 9 Apr 1865; d. 6 Mar 1930)

4b. Gerald William Bagot, later 5th Baron Bagot

1b. Florence Eleanor Bagot (b. 15 Feb 1859; d. 26 Sep 1940), mar. 2 Mar 1886 (div. 1908) as his first wife her first cousin Charles Frederick Heneage Bagot, and had issue

2b. Mabel Harriet Bagot (b. 27 Nov 1863; dvp. 7 May 1872)

3b. Agnes Mary Bagot (b. 9 Sep 1867; d. 1944)

4a. Rev Charles Walter Bagot, Chancellor of Bath and Wells and Registrar of Oxford, Rector of Castle Rising, co. Norfolk (b. 11 Feb 1812; d. 10 Sep 1884), mar. 18 Feb 1846 his second cousin Mary Chester (d. 15 Apr 1899), 2nd dau. of Lieut-Gen John Chester, of Ashtead, co. Surrey (by his wife Sophia Elizabeth Stuart, dau. of Charles Stuart of Airdroch), 4th son of Charles Bagot later Chester (by his wife Catherine Legge, only dau. of Hon Heneage Legge, a Baron of the Exchequer (by his wife Catherine Fogg,dau. and cohrss. of Jonathan Fogg), 2nd son of William [Legge], 1st Earl of Datmouth), brother of William [Bagot], 1st Baron Bagot, and 2nd son of Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot, 5th Bt., and had issue:

1b. Rev Lewis Richard Charles Bagot, Vicar of Stanton Lacy, co. Shropshire (b. 2 Dec 1846; d. 13 Feb 1922), mar. Jul 1872 Coelia Cator Jodrell (d. 10 Jan 1927), 3rd dau. of Rev Henry Jodrell, Rector of Gisleham, co. Suffolk, by his wife Eloise Frances Harriet Napier, only dau. of Admiral Sir Charles Napier KCB MP RN, Count of Cape St Vincent and Grandee of the 1st Class in Portugal. of Merchsiton House, co. Hampshire, and had issue:

1c. Caryl Ernest Bagot, later 6th Baron Bagot

1c. Ysolde Cicely Bagot (b. c. 1874; d. 12 Oct 1964), mar. 12 Oct 1899 Bertram Godon Snell (d. 20 Jul 1952), son of Col Francis William Snell

2c. Gladys Mary Beatrice Bagot (d. 2 Aug 1944), mar. 18 Jan 1905 Frank Herbert Leake (d. 27 Mar 1949), son of Edward Leake, of Castle Square, Ludlow, co. Shropshire, and had issue

3c. Enid Avice Bagot (d. 19...), mar. 18 Sep 1905 Capt Reuben James Charles Jewitt (d. 5 Nov 1958), son of James Joseph Jewitt, of Bedford Lodge, Newmarket, and had issue

2b. Ernest Alfred John Bagot (b. 30 Mar 1848; dsp. 14 Aug 1901), mar. 15 Feb 1879 Ethel Julia Hildyard (d. 10 Nov 1941), 2nd dau. of Rev Charles Thoroton Hildyard

3b. Walter Wagstaffe Bagot (b. 25 Mar 1852; dvp. 18 Mar 1882)

4b. Charles Frederick Henage Bagot (b. 25 Jan 1858; d. 2 Jun 1939), mar. (1) 2 Mar 1886 (div. 1906) his cousin first cousin Florence Eleanor Bagot (b. 15 Feb 1859; d. 26 Sep 1940), 1st dau. by his second wife of Vice-Admiral Henry Bagot, and had issue:

1c. Harry Eric Bagot, later 7th Baron Bagot

2c. Reginald Walter Bagot, later 8th Baron Bagot

1c. Margaret Anne Bagot (b. 1887; d. 22 Feb 1954), mar. 17 Apr 1917 Edward Richard Marker (d. 30 Oct 1949), 2nd son of Richard Mafrker DL, of Combe, co. Devon, and had issue

Charles Frederick Henage Bagot mar. (2) 17 Jul 1909 Alice Lorina Farr (d. 30 Mar 1975), dau. of Thomas Farr, of North Cove, Ceylon, and Chittlehamholt Manor, Chulmleigh, co. Devon, and had further issue:

3c. Heneage Charles Bagot, later 9th Baron Bagot

5b. Hugh Villiers Bagot (b. 14 Jul 1860; d. 8 Feb 1919)

1b. Constance Mary Bagot (d. 11 Feb 1909), mar. 22 Dec 1885 as his first wife Sir (William) Algernon Law KCMG CB, Assistant Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office 1914-16 (b. 7 Aug 1856; d. 19...), 9th son of Rev Hon William Towry Law (by his second wife Matilda Montgomery, 2nd dau. of Sir Henry Conyngham Montgomery, 1st Bt. MP), 5th son of Edward [Law], 1st Baron Ellenborough, and had issue

2b. Adela Sophia Harriet Bagot (d. 25 Apr 1921), mar. 1 Jun 1876 Rt Hon Edmond Robert Wodehouse MP (b. 2 Jun 1835; dsp. 14 Dec 1914), only child of Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse GCSI KCB, Governor of Bombay 1872-77, by his wife Katherine Mary Templer, 1st dau. of F J Templer

3b. Mildred Emily Barbara Bagot (d. 15 Nov 1935), mar. 13 Jun 1882 Cdr Charles Elphinstone Fleming Cunninghame Graham Bontine MVO RN (d. 8 Jun 1917), and had issue

5a. Rev Lewis Francis Bagot, Rector of Leigh (b. 18 Feb 1813; dsp. 13 Aug 1870), mar. 13 Jun 1848 Hon Catherine Boscawen (d. 11 Aug 1891), sister of Evelyn [Boscawen], 6th Viscount Falmouth, and 3rd dau. of Rev Hon John Evelyn Boscawen, Rector of Wotton and Vicar of Ticehurst (by his wife Catherine Elizabeth Annesley, sister of Arthur [Annesley], 10th Viscount Valentia, and 1st dau. of Arthur Annesley, of Bletchingdon Park, co. Oxford), 2nd son of George Evelyn [Boscawen], 3rd Viscount Falmouth

6a. Maj George Bagot, member of the Household of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 5 May 1818; dsp. 9 May 1867), mar. 17 Jun 1861 Hon Mary Eleanor Frances Browne (mar. (2) 30 Apr 1868 Thomas Astell St Quintin, 1st son of Thomas St Quintin, of Hatley Park, co. Cambridge; d. 28 Oct 1869), 1st dau. of John Cavendish [Browne], 3rd Baron Kilmaine, by his second wife Mary Law, 2nd dau. of Hon Charles Ewan Law, Recorder of London (by his wife Elizabeth Sophia Nightingale, 3rd dau. of Sir Edward Nightingale, 10th Bt., of Newport Ponds, co. Essex), 2nd son of Edward [Law], 1st Baron Ellenborough

7a. Richard Bagot (b. 21 Feb 1821; dvp. 6 Jan 1840)

8a. Rev Frederick Bagot, Rector of Harpsden, co. Oxford, Prebendary of Wells, Register of Oxford (b. 23 Jan 1822; d. 1 Jan 1892), mar. 29 Oct 1862 Charlotte Anne Philippine Pearse (d. 8 Dec 1925), only dau. of Brice Pearse, of Ashlyns, Great Berkhamsted, co. Buckingham, and had issue:

1b. Cecil Villiers Bagot (b. 5 Sep 1865; d. 21 Jul 1940), mar. 18 Jun 1903 Ethel Garratt (d. 4 Jan 1944), 2nd dau. of Jesse Garratt, of Wateringbury, co. Kent, and had issue:

1c. Lt Col Charles Frederick Villiers Bagot OBE, served in World War II 1939-45 in the Essex Regiment, Assistant Military Secretary HQ Western Command 1952-55, AAG War Office 1956-59, Queen's  Messenger 1961 (b. 18 May 1912; d. 1986), mar. (1) 26 Jun 1939 Lucy Violet Kathleen de la Cloche Marriott (d. 5 Jul 1972), 1st dau. of Harold Henry Marriott, of 60 Great Cumberland Place, London W1, and (2) 1975 Anne Drabble Calver, 1st dau. of Arthur Calver, of Docking, co. Norfolk, and had issue by his first wife:

1d. Richard Charles Villiers Bagot, heir presumptive to the Barony of Bagot (b. 26 Apr 1941)

2d. Julian William D'Arcy Bagot (b. 24 Dec 1943)

1d. Harriet Anne Elizabeth Bagot (b. 20 Jul 1951), mar. 1978 Julian Patrick Ashley Greene, of 27 Brockwell Park Gardens, London SE24, and has issue

2d. Patricia Mary Bagot (b. 5 May 1953), mar. 1984 Terence B A Maquire, of 87 Lea Street, Kidderminster, co. West Midlands

1c. Helen Cecilia Mary Bagot (b. 19 Jun 1905; d. 9 Nov 1974), mar. 17 Apr 1940 (William) Thomas Keble (d. 19 Oct 1965), son of Rev Thomas Charles Keble, of Lichfield, co. Stafford, and had issue

2c. Milicent Jessie Eleanor Bagot CBE (b. 28 Mar 1907)

2b. Harold Frederick Bagot (b. 9 Feb 1867; d. 16 Oct 1894)

3b. Rev Sidney Charles Bagot, Rector of Rous Lench, Evesham, co. Worcester (b. 10 Apr 1873; d. 11 Mar 1933)

1b. Mary Harriet Agnes Bagot (d. 19 Aug 1914)

1a. Harriet Frances Bagot (d. 5 Jan 1881), mar. 18 Jul 1837 Rev Lord Charles Thynne, Rector of Longbridge and Kingston Deverell, co. Wiltshire later in holy order of the Catholic Church (b. 9 Feb 1813; d. 11 Aug 1894), 7th son of Thomas [Thynne], 2nd Marquess of Bath, by his wife Hon Isabella Elizabeth Byng, 3rd dau. and cohrss. of George [Byng], 4th Viscount Torrington, and had issue

2a. Frances Caroline Bagot (dvp. 1840)

3a. Emily Mary Bagot (dvp. 13 Dec 1853), mar. 25 Jun 1850 Rev Hon George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, Rector of Wigan, co. Lancaster (b. 21 Aug 1828; d. 25 Nov 1895), 2nd son of George Augustus Frederick Henry [Bridgeman], 2nd Earl of Bradford, by his wife Georgina Elizabeth Moncreiffe, only dau. of Sir Thomas Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 5th Bt., and had issue

4a. Mary Isabel Bagot (b. 28 Apr 1825; d. 14 Apr 1900), mar. (1) 25 Jul 1843 William Henry [Dawnay], 7th Viscount Downe, and (2) 6 Jun 1863 Sidney Leveson Lane (d. 29 Dec 1910), and had issue by her first husband

1. Barbara Bagot (b. 1768; dvp. Jun 1773; bur. at Blithfield, co. Stafford)

2. Hon Louisa Bagot (d. 7 May 1834), mar. 9 May 1786 her cousin Walter Sneyd, of Keele, co. Stafford (d. 23 Jun 1829), and had issue

3. Hon Henrietta Bagot (d. bef. 2 Nov 1807)

4. Hon Frances Bagot (d. 30 May 1806), mar. 22 May 1805 as his first wife Gen Hon Sir Edward Paget GCB, Governor of Chelsea Hospital (b. 3 Nov 1775; d. 13 May 1849), 4th son of Henry [Bayly later Paget], 1st Earl of Uxbridge, by his wife Jane Champagné, 1st dau. of Very Rev Arthur Champagné, Dean of Clonmacnoise, and had issue


22 Oct 1798


12 Oct 1780 Baron Bagot, of Bagot's Bromley in the County of Stafford

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Staffordshire 1754-80; suc. his father as 6th Baronet 20 Jan 1768


William [Bagot], 2nd Baron Bagot


11 Sep 1773

mar. (1)

30 May 1799 Hon Emily FitzRoy (b. 26 Dec 1770; dspm. 8 Jun 1800), 4th dau. of Charles [FitzRoy], 1st Baron Southampton, by his wife Anne Warren, dau. and cohrss. of Vice Adm Sir Peter Warren

only child by first wife

1. Hon Louisa Barbara Bagot (dvp. an infant)

mar. (2)

17 Feb 1807 Lady Louisa Legge (b. 8 Mar 1787; d. 13 Aug 1816), 1st dau. of his cousin George [Legge], 3rd Earl of Dartmouth, by his wife Lady Frances Finch, 2nd dau. of Heneage [Finch], 3rd Earl of Aylesford

children by second wife

1. Hon William Bagot, later 3rd Baron Bagot

2. Rev Hon Hervey Charles Bagot, Rector of Blithfield, co. Stafford (b. 17 Dec 1812; dsp. 3 Jan 1879), mar. 16 Jul 1873 Frances Mary Dickin (dsp. 13 Jul 1902), dau. of Thomas Dickin

3. Hon Alfred Walter Bagot (b. 4 Apr 1816; d. 19 Jun 1891)

1. Hon Louisa Frances Bagot (dvp. 17 Feb 1829)

2. Hon Agnes Bagot (d. 4 Nov 1885), mar. 8 Jan 1828 John Newton Lane, of King's Bromley Manor, co. Stafford (d. 18 Oct 1869), and had issue

3. Hon Eleanor Bagot (b. 31 Aug 1814; d. 5 Apr 1896)


12 Feb 1856

suc. by

son by second wife


William [Bagot], 3rd Baron Bagot


27 Mar 1811


13 Aug 1851 Hon Lucia Caroline Elizabeth Agar-Ellis (b. 9 Jan 1827; d. 22 Jan 1895), sister of Henry [Agar-Ellis], 3rd Viscount Clifden, and 1st dau. of George James Welbore [Agar-Ellis], 1st Baron Dover, by his wife Lady Georgiana Howard, 2nd dau. of George [Howard], 6th Earl of Carlisle


1. Hon William Bagot, later 4th Baron Bagot

2. Maj Hon Walter Lewis Bagot DSO (b. 22 Apr 1864; d. 26 May 1927), mar. 6 Feb 1892 Margaret Jane Caroline Cadogan (d. 14 Jun 1941), 3rd dau. of Hon Frederick William Cadogan JP DL MP (by his wife and cousin Lady Adelaide Paget, 3rd dau. by his second wife of Henry William [Paget], 1st Marquess of Anglesey), 4th son of George [Cadogan], 3rd Earl Cadogan, and had issue:

1a. Lieut Edward Luke Henry Bagot (b. 18 Oct 1896; killed vp. in action on the Somme 10 Sep 1916)

1a. Marjorie Olive Bagot (b. 21 Nov 1893; d. 14 Nov 1954)

1. Hon Georgiana Agnes Bagot (b. 22 May 1852; dsp. 14 Apr 1874), mar. 4 Feb 1873 as his first wife Charles Wightwick [Finch], 8th Earl of Aylesford

2. Hon Louisa Bagot, mar. (1) 22 Feb 1879 Hamar Alfred Bass MP, of Byrkley Lodge, Burton-on-Trent, co. Stafford (b. 30 Jul 1842; d. 8 Apr 1898), brother of Michael Arthur [Bass], 1st Baron Burton, and 2nd son of Micahel Thomas Bass JP DL MP, of Rangemore Hall, Tatenhill, co. Stafford, by his wife Eliza Jane Arden, dau. of Maj Samuel Arden, of Longcroft, co. Stafford, and (2) 28 Nov 1901 Rev Bernard Day Douglas Shaw, Vicar of The Annunciation, Bryanston Street, London (d. 7 Aug 1922), and had issue by her first husband

3. Hon Constance Bagot (d. 1 Feb 1898)

4. Hon Katherine Jane Bagot (d. 13 Jan 1952), mar. 17 Sep 1898 Col David Murray Smythe, of Methven Castle, co. Perth (d. 10 Feb 1928), and had issue

5. Hon Elizabeth Sophia Lucia Bagot (d. 29 Dec 1940), mar. 13 Oct 1888 Sir Francis Alexander Newdigate Newdegate GCMG, of Arbury, Nuneaton, co. Warwick, and Harefield, co. Middlesex (d. 2 Jan 1936), and had issue


19 Jan 1887

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Denbighshire 1835-52; Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the Prince Consort 1858-59; a Lord-in-Waiting 1866-68 and 1874-80


William [Bagot], 4th Baron Bagot


19 Jan 1857


25 Jul 1903 Lilian Marie May (d. 21 Feb 1958), dau. of Henry May, of Maryland, USA

only child

1. Hon Barbara Bagot (b. 1 Jan 1905; d. 19...), mar. 1 Jun 1934 (div. 1945) Oscar Crosby Sewall, son of Oscar Trufant Sewall, of Bath, Maine, USA, and had issue


s.p.m. 23 Dec 1932

suc. by

second cousin


ADC to the Governor General of Canada 1876-83; Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber 1885-87; a Lord-in-Waiting (Conservative) 1896-1901


Gerald William [Bagot], 5th Baron Bagot


13 May 1866


5 Apr 1946

suc. by

first cousin once removed


Caryl Ernest [Bagot], 6th Baron Bagot


9 Mar 1877

mar. (1)

6 Feb 1911 Margaret McMenemy (d. 10 Aug 1937), dau. of James McMenemy

mar. (2)

1 Mar 1940 Nancy Constance Spicer (mar. (2) 14 Sep 1965 (div. 1972) George Kenneth Whitehead, of Blithfield Hall, Rugeley, co. Stafford, son of Percy Kay Whitehead, of Greenbank, Bury, co. Lancaster; d. 27 Feb 2014), dau. of Francis Aldborough Spicer, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

only child by second wife

1. Hon Caryl Rosemary Bagot (b. 7 Dec 1960)


s.p.m. 5 Aug 1961

suc. by

first cousin


Harry Eric [Bagot], 7th Baron Bagot


4 Feb 1894

mar. (1)

11 Jul 1951 Kathleen Elizabeth Saddler Puckle (widow of Noel Murray Puckle, of Melbourne, Australia;  d. 1972)

mar. (2)

13 Nov 1972 Mary Frances Hewitt (widow of Lt Col Albert Claud Hewitt; d. 8 Jul 1997), dau. of Lt Col George Frederick Hibbert


s.p. 20 Jun 1973

suc. by



Reginald Walter [Bagot], 8th Baron Bagot


24 Aug 1897

mar. (1)

1922 (div. 1935) Winifred Gwynneth Bowen

mar. (2)

1934 Millicent Brenda Bowden (d. 1980), only dau. of Henry White Bowden, of Mobwell House, Great Missenden, co. Buckingham


s.p. 2 Oct 1979

suc. by



Heneage Charles [Bagot], 9th Baron Bagot


11 Jun 1914


29 Nov 1939 Muriel Patricia Moore Boyle, dau. of Maxwell James Moore Boyle, of Tullyvin House, co. Cavan, and Lareen House, co. Leitrim


1. Hon Charles Hugh Shaun Bagot, later 10th Baron Bagot

1. Hon Caroline Patricia Bagot (b. 6 May 1942), mar. (1) 1962 (div. 1985) Hugh Alexander James Cameron-Rose (d. 1993), and (2) 1991 Peter Garner-Clarke, of Tradsfield House, St Martins, Oswestry, co. Salop, and has issue by her first husband


19 Jan 2001

suc. by



Charles Hugh Shaun [Bagot], 10th Baron Bagot


23 Feb 1944


16 Jul 1986 Sally Ann Stone (former wife of .... Stone), dau. of D G Blunden, of Farnham. co. Surrey

only child

1. Hon Grace Lorina Kitty Bagot (b. 17 Aug 1993)


Lord Bagot has not proven his succession to the Baronetcy of Bagot of Blithfield


The heir presumptive to the Barony of Bagot is Richard Charles Villiers Bagot, a great-great-grandson of the 1st Baron Bagot, and second cousin once removed of the present Baron.


Last updated 3 Jul 2014




10th Baron Bagot, of Bagot's Bromley in the County of Stafford

(Great Britain, let. pat. 12 Oct 1780)

de jure 15th Baronet, styled "of Blithfield"

(England, let. pat. 31 May 1627)



Ty'n-y-Mynydd, Carnguwch, Llithfaen, nr. Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 6PD

16 Barclay Road, London SW6 1EH



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