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Essex, Earl of (E, 1661)


Creation: let. pat. 20 Apr 1661


Family name: Capell later Capel later Capel-Coningsby later Capell




Arms of the 9th Earl of Essex (without supporters) from his memorial

in the Essex Chapel in St Mary's Parish Church, Watford, Hertfordshire.

Note that the demi rampant lion in the crest should be Or and not Gules



Gules a Lion rampant between three Cross Crosslets fitchée Or


A Demi Lion rampant Or holding in the dexter paw a Cross Crosslet fitchée Gules


On either side a Lion Or ducally crowned Gules


Fide et Fortitudine (By fidelity and fortitude)



Arthur [Capell], 2nd Baron Capell later 1st Earl of Essex, PC

1st son of Arthur [Capell], 1st Baron Capell, by his wife Elizabeth Morrison, only dau. and sole hrss. of Sir Charles Morrison, 1st Bt., of Cashiobury Park, Watford, co. Hertford


28 Jan 1631/2


19 May 1653 Lady Elizabeth Percy (b. 1 Dec 1636; d. 5 Feb 1717/8), 4th dau. of Algernon [Percy], 4th Earl of Northumberland, by his first wife Lady Ann Cecil, 1st dau. of William [Cecil], 2nd Earl of Salisbury


1. Hon Algernon Capell, later 2nd Earl of Essex

1. Lady Anne Capel (d. 14 Oct 1752)l, mar. 25 Jul 1688 Charles [Howard], 3rd Earl of Carlisle, and had issue


13 Jul 1683


20 Apr 1661 Viscount Malden, of Malden in the County of Essex, and Earl of Essex, with a special remainder to the heirs male of the body of his father

suc. by



suc. his father 9 Mar 1648/9 as 2nd Baron Capell; Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire 1660-81 and of Wiltshire 1668-72; Ambassador to Copenhagen 1669; Privy Councillor 1672-80/1; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1672-77; First Lord of the Treasury 1679; arrested for complicity in the Rye House plot


Algernon [Capell], 2nd Earl of Essex, PC


28 Dec 1670


28 Feb 1691/2 Lady Mary Bentinck (mar. (2) Aug 1714 as his first wife Sir Conyers Darcy KB, of Aske, co. York;  d. 20 Aug 1726), 1st dau. of Hans William [Bentinck], 1st Earl of Portland, by his first wife Anne Villiers, 4th dau. by his first wife of Sir Edward Villiers, Knight Marshal, of Richmond, co. Surrey


1. Hon William Capell, later 3rd Earl of Essex

1. Lady Elizabeth Capell, mar. (1) Samuel Molyneux (d. 1728), and (2) Nicholas St André

2. Lady Mary Capell (bapt. 19 Oct 1700; d. 3 May 1756), mar. 7 May 1729 Alan [Brodrick], 2nd Viscount Midleton, and had issue


10 Jan 1709/10

suc. by



a Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1691-1702; Col of the 4th Dragoons 1693-1710, Brig Gen 1701/2, Maj Gen 1704 and Lieut Gen 1708; Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire 1692-1710; Constable of the Tower of London 1706-10; Privy Councillor 1708


William [Capell], 3rd Earl of Essex, KG KT



mar. (1)

27 Nov 1718 Lady Jane Hyde, a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess of Wales (dspm. 3 Jan 1723/4), 3rd dau. of Henry [Hyde], 4th Earl of Clarendon, by his wife Jane Leveson-Gower, 2nd dau. of Sir William Gower later Leveson-Gower, 4th Bt. MP, of Sittenham, co. York

children by first wife

1. Lady Caroline Capell (d. young)

2. Lady Jane Capell (d. young)

3. Lady Charlotte Capell later Hyde (b. 2 Oct 1721; d. 3 Sep 1790), mar. 30 Mar 1752 Thomas [Villiers], 1st Earl of Clarendon, and had issue

4. Lady Mary Capell (d. Apr 1782), mar. 25 Aug 1758 Admiral of the Fleet Hon John Forbes (d. 10 Mar 1796), 2nd son of George [Forbes], 3rd Earl of Granard, by his wife Hon Mary Preston, widow of Phineas Preston, of Ardsallah, and 1st dau. of William [Stewart], 1st Viscount Mountjoy, and had issue

mar. (2)

3 Feb 1725/6 Lady Elizabeth Russell (d. 8 Jun 1784), 2nd dau. of Wriothesley [Russell], 2nd Duke of Bedford, by his wife Elizabeth Howland, dau. and hrss. of John Howland, of Streatham, co. Surrey

children by second wife

1. Hon ..... Capell, styled Viscount Malden (d. young)

2. Hon William Ann Holles Capell later Capel, later 4th Earl of Essex

5. Lady .... Capell

6. Lady .... Capell


8 Jan 1742/3

suc. by

son by second wife


a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1718/9-27; Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire 1722-42/3; Knight of the Thistle 2 Feb 1724/5-38 (resigned); Ranger of St James's Park 1727-39 and of Hyde Park 1728-39; Ambassador to Turin 1732-37; Privy Councillor 1734/5; Knight of the Garter 1737/8; Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard 1739-43


William Ann Holles [Capell later Capel], 4th Earl of Essex


7 Oct 1732

mar. (1)

1 Aug 1754 Frances Hanbury-Williams (d. 19 Jul 1759), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams KB, of Coldbrook Park, co. Monmouth, by his wife Lady Frances Coningsby, 2nd dau. and cohrss. by his second wife of Thomas [Coningsby], 1st Earl of Coningsby

children by first wife

1. Hon George Capel later Capel-Coningsby, later 5th Earl of Essex

1. Lady Elizabeth Capel (b. 10 Aug 1755; d. 23 Feb 1834), mar. 13 Jul 1777 John [Monson], 3rd Baron Monson, and had issue

mar. (2)

2 Mar 1767 Harriott Bladen (d. 12 Mar 1821), dau. of Col Thomas Bladen, of Glastonbury Abbey, co. Somerset

children by second wife

2. Hon John Thomas Capel (b. 2 Mar 1769; d. 5 Mar 1819), mar. 2 Apr 1792 Lady Caroline Paget (d. 9 Jul 1847), 1st dau. of Henry [Bayley later Paget], 1st Earl of Uxbridge, by his wife Jane Champagné, 1st dau. of Very Rev Arthur Champagné, Dean of Clonmacnoise, and had issue:

1a. Arthur Algernon Capel later Capell, later 6th Earl of Essex

2a. Capt Hon Algernon Henry Champagné Capell RN, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (b. 23 Oct 1807; d. 21 Nov 1886), mar. 10 Dec 1832 his cousin Caroline Paget (d. 11 Jun 1880), 2nd dau. of Admiral Hon Sir Charles Paget KCB (by his wife Elizabeth Araminta Monck, dau. and cohrss. of Henry Monck), 5th son of Henry [Bayley later Paget], 1st Earl of Uxbridge, and had issue:

1b. Arthur Algernon Bladen Capell (b. 1 Jun 1837; dvp. 3 Jan 1847)

2b. Lieut Brownlow Algernon Adolphus Capell RN (b. 14 Aug 1838; dvp. 1860)

3b. Edward Charles Algernon Capell (b. 25 Mar 1840 ; d. 19 Dec 1899)

4b. Reginald Randolph Algernon Capell (b. 31 May 1841; d. 19...), mar. 1875 Marion Struthers (d. 1937), dau. of John Struthers, of Madras, India, and has issue:

1c. Caroline Capell (b. 1880; d. 19...). mar. 1899 Thomas Alexander Clapperton, and had issue

2c. Millicent Florence Capell (b. 1892; d. 19...), mar. 1913 Henry Knox Paul, and had issue

5b. Ethelred Marmaduke Algernon Capell (b. 9 Jan 1844; d. 1873)

6b. Charles Horatio Capell (b. 5 Aug 1845; d. 14 Oct 1924), mar. 28 Jun 1868 Alice Peel Bellairs (d. 18 Jan 1936), dau. of Frederick Bellairs, of The Downes, Bideford, co. Devon, and had issue:

1c. Arthur Algernon de Vere Capell (b. 6 Apr 1869; d. 14 Apr 1924), mar. (1) 1890 Alice Ann Pine (d. 1913), dau. of William Yewett Pine, and had issue:

1d. Arthur Algernon de Vere Capell (b. 1891; dsp. 1950), mar. Jan 1940 Alice M Reynolds

1d. Elfreda Beatrice de Vere Capell (b. 1892; d. 19...). mar. 1915 Rudolph Henry Weston, and had issue

2d. Alice Maude de Vere Capell (b. 1896; d. 19...), mar. 1920 Thomas James Garpham (d. 1963), and had issue

3d. Lily Capell (d. unm.)

Arthur Capell mar. (2) 1916 Alice Maud Currie (d. Jun 1951), dau. of James Currie, of Wimbledon. co. Surrey, and had further issue:

2d. Robert Edward de Vere Capell, later 10th Earl of Essex

4d. Elsie Elfreda Capell (b. 1922), mar. 1943 Ernest Walls (d. 1968), and has issue

1c. Gertrude Blanche Constance Capell (d. unm.)

2c. Beatrice Alice Georgina Capell (d. 6 Jun 1939), mar. (1) 21 Apr 1914 Tudor George Trevor (d. 3 Aug 1921), 1st son of Rev Dr George Trevor DD, Rector of Beeford, co. York, and (2) 23 Apr 1924 Charles Bonneau

3c. Edith Florence Caroline Capell (d. 16 Dec 1960)

4c. Evelyn Maud Mary Capell (d. 17 Nov 1943), mar. 1908 George Ernest Richards, son of Charles Richards

5c. Mabel Lillian Violet Capell (d. 23 Aug 1974)

1b. Harriette Caroline Capell (d. unm.)

2b. Amelia Caroline Elizabeth Capell (dvp. young Jul 1834)

3b. Georgiana Frederica Matilda Capell (dvp. 25 Feb 1876)

4b. Blanche Jesse Louisa Capell (dvp. 1852)

5b. Millicent Florence Evelyn Capell (d. 27 Jul 1932), mar. Apr 1870 Richard Cole

3a. Hon Adolphus Frederick Charles Molyneux Capell, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (b. 28 Jun 1813; d. 13 Aug 1899), mar. 15 Dec 1834 Hon Charlotte Mary Maynard (d. 27 Jun 1871), 1st dau. of Henry [Maynard], 3rd Viscount Maynard, by his wife Mary Rabett, dau. of Reginald Rabett, of Bramfield Hall, co. Suffolk, and had issue:

1b. Arthur Algernon Adolphus Frederick Pierce de Capell (b. 11 Jun 1837; dspl. 5 May 1870), mar. 21 May 1867 Elizabeth Owen (d. 7 Jun 1882), yst. dau. of Owen Owen, of Gadlys and Llanfigad, Anglesey

2b. Rev Horatio Bladen Capell, Rector of Great Easton, Dunmow, co. Essex, 1877-1918 (b. 10 Oct 1839; d. 17 Apr 1933), mar. (1) 16 Aug 1866 Ada Augusta Hawkins (d. 18 Aug 1916), 2nd surv. dau. of Theophilus Hawkins, of Newton Abbot, co. Dorset, and had issue:

1c. Horace Charles George Arthur Capell (b. 6 Jul 1868; d. 8 Feb 1953), mar. 18 Oct 1896 Clara Isabel Reade (former wife of Charles Molineux Nevil Reade; d. 25 Feb 1939), dau. of Ozro Jackson, of Nebraska, USA, and had issue:

1d. Bladen Ozro Capell (b. 10 Jul 1897; d. 27 Aug 1959), mar. (1) 14 Jun 1920 (div. 1929) Madge Elizabeth Crawford (d. 1956), dau. of Ruel Crawford, of Parris, Idaho, USA, and (2) 19... Hazel Kruse, and had issue by his first wife:

1e. Bladen Horace Capell (b. 26 Aug 1922; d. 1978), mar. 12 Feb 1945 Mae Elizabeth Walley, dau. of William J Walley, of Hannibal, Missouri, USA, and had issue:

1f. William Jennings Capell, heir presumptive to the Earldom of Essex, of 867 Kelli Drive, Yuba City, California 95991, USA (b. 9 Aug 1952), mar. 1971 Sandra Elaine Matson, dau. of Chester M Matson, and has issue:

1g. Jennifer Elaine Capell (b. 1974)

1f. Dorita Mae Capell (b. 17 Oct 1948), mar. 1971 Robert Cooper, and has issue

2f. Raylene Dee Capell (b. 25 Apr 1958), mar. 1976 Theodore Schwartz

1e. Ada Capell (b. 1 Jun 1924), mar. 28 Feb 1941 Kay Boren, of Spokane, Washington, USA, son of Jesse Read Boren, of Pocatello, Idaho, USA, and has issue

2e. Helen Lucille Capell (b. 13 Oct 1926), mar. 31 Oct 1945 Leonard A Sampson, of Spokane, Washington, USA, son of Henry Andrew Sampson, of Oslo, Norway, and has issue

1d. Mary Daisy Capell (b. 14 Feb 1899; d. 1 Jan 1962), mar. (1) 26 Oct 1922 (div. 1937) William Edward Park, son of William Park, of Carlisle, co. Cumberland, and (2) 1944 Edward William Beltz, of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and had issue by her first husband

2d. Ada Lorena Capell (b. 27 Mar 1901), mar. 14 Jul 1923 Arthur Foster Dagnall, son of William Samuel Dagnall, of South Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2c. Col Algernon Essex Capell CBE DSO, Commissioner of Police Southern Rhodesia, Inspector of South African Constabulary, Chief of Police Grenada (b. 1 Nov 1869; d. 23 Feb 1952), mar. 3 Mar 1903 Lois Ethel Slatter (d. 22 Apr 1944), dau. of William Slatter, of Stratton, co. Gloucester, and had issue

3c. Henry Addison Devereux Capell (b. 12 Jun 1873; d. 19 Feb 1925), mar. 1 Aug 1901 Olive Mary Richardson-Bunbury (d. 1937), dau. of William Richardson-Bunbury, and had issue

4c. Arthur Charles Lloyd Capell (b. 29 May 1876; dvp. 1895)

1c. Mary Kathleen Capell, mar. (1) 1894 Francis George West (d. 1900), son of Rev George West, of Horeham Hall, co. Essex, (2) Jun 1900 (div. 1906) Edward Aubrey Courtauld Lowe, of Canfield, Takeley, co. Essex, and (3) 1914 Capt William Frederick Ullathorne Cosens, and had issue by her first and third husbands

Rev Horatio Capell mar. (2) 1916 Violet Annie Frost (d. 1960), dau. of Robert Frost, of Snape, co. Suffolk, and had further issue:

2c. Beatrix Violet de Vere Capell (b. 1919), mar. (1) 1939 (div. 1950) Raymond Smith, and (2) 1950 Edward Reginald Tranter, of Essex House, Great Easton, Dunmow, co. Essex, and has issue by her first husband

3b. Rev George Marie Capell, Rector of Passenham, co. Northampton, and Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Essex (b. 11 Jan 1845; d. 28 Jan 1915), mar. 4 Jan 1870 Annie Lowe (d. 26 Nov 1928), dau. of Peter Stanley Lowe, of Whitehall, Churchstow, co. Devon, and had issue

1b. Harriet Mary Capell (d. 30 Apr 1868), mar. (1) 24 Oct 1855 (sep. 1858) Hon George Henry Charles Francis Malcolm Drummond, styled Viscount Forth (b. 13 May 1834; dvp. 8 Oct 1861), 1st surv. son and heir ap. of George [Drummond], 5th Earl of Perth, by his first wife Baroness Albertine von Rotberg Rheinweiler Coligni, and (2) 29 Oct 1861 (div. 1867) Edward Cholmeley Dering, and had issue by her first husband

2b. Florence Louisa Amelia Capell (d, 9 Nov 1924), mar. (1) 6 Oct 1859 Francis Nevil Reade (d. 9 Nov 1882), and (2) 1 Dec 1883 Francis Maurice Drummond Drummond, and had issue by her first husband

1a. Harriett Jane Capell (d. 24 Jun 1819), mar. 26 Dec 1817 as his second wife David Okeden Parry-Okeden, of Moor Critchell (d. 28 Oct 1833), and had issue

2a. Georgiana Capell (d. 19 Oct 1835), mar. (1) 16 Aug 1821 Ralph Smyth, of Gaybrook, and (2) 18 Jun 1831 Pierce O'Brien Butler, of Dunboyne Castle, co. Meath

3a. Lady Maria Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (d. 30 Dec 1856), mar. 13 Dec 1821 Marquis Marius d'Espinassy de Fontanelle, and had issue

4a. Lady Louisa Anne Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (d. 28 Jul 1842), mar. Nov 1827 Count Auguste d'Espinassy de Fontanelle

5a. Lady Horatia Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (d. 22 May 1864), mar. 16 Oct 1851 Col Count de Septeuil

6a. Lady Jane Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (d. 2 Nov 1849), mar. Nov 1833 Dr D Macloughlin

7a. Lady Mary Capell, granted the style and precedence of an Earl's daughter by Royal Warrant 1839 (d. 18 Feb 1876)

8a. Lady Amelia Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1839 (dsp. 29 May 1892), mar. 25 Apr 1857 Capt Hon Henry Stevenson Blackwood (b. 4 Aug 1819; dsp. 25 Oct 1865), 5th son of Sir John Blackwood, 2nd Bt., by his wife Dorcas Stevenson, suo jure Baroness Dufferin and Claneboye

3. Gen Hon Thomas Edward Capell (b. 24 Mar 1770; d. 3 Feb 1855)

4. Rev Hon William Robert Capel, Vicar of Watford, co. Hertford, Chaplain to Queen Victoria (b. 28 Apr 1775; d. 3 Dec 1854), mar. 7 Jun 1802 Sarah Salter (d. 19 Apr 1874), only dau. of Samuel Salter, of Rickmansworth, co. Hertford, and had issue

5. Vice-Admiral of the Blue Hon Sir Thomas Bladen Capel KCB (b. 25 Aug 1776; dsp. 4 Mar 1853), mar. 10 May 1816 Harriet Catherine Smyth (d. 30 Jul 1866), dau. of Francis George Smyth


4 Mar 1799

suc. by

son by first wife


a Lord of the Bedchamber to George II 1755-60 and to George III 1782-99; Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire 1764-71; Master of the Staghounds 1776-82


George [Capel later Capel-Coningsby], 5th Earl of Essex


13 Nov 1757

mar. (1)

6 Jun 1786 Sarah Stephenson (widow of Edward Stephenson;  d. 16 Jan 1838), dau. of Henry Bazett, of St Helena

mar. (2)

14 Apr 1838 Catharine Stephens (b. 18 Sep 1794; d. 22 Sep 1882), dau. of Edward Stephens, of Leadwell, co. Oxford, a carver and gilder


s.p.l. 23 Apr 1839

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Westminster 1779-80, for Lostwithiel 1781-84, for Okehampton 1785-90 and for Radnor 1794-99; took the name of Coningsby after that of Capel in 1781 following the death of his grandmother; Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire 1802-17; Recorder and High Steward of Leominster 1802


Arthur Algernon [Capel later Capell], 6th Earl of Essex

son of Hon John Thomas Capel (by his wife Lady Caroline Paget, 1st dau. of Henry [Bayly later Paget], 1st Earl of Uxbridge), 1st son by his second wife of William Ann Holles [Capell later Capel], 4th Earl of Essex


28 Jan 1803

mar. (1)

14 Jul 1825 Lady Caroline Janetta Beauclerk (b. 28 Jun 1804; d. 22 Aug 1862), 3rd dau. of William [Beauclerk], 8th Duke of St Albans, by his second wife Maria Janetta Nelthorpe, dau. and hrss. of John Nelthorpe, of Little Grimsby Hall, co. Lincoln

children by first wife

1. Hon Arthur de Vere Capell, styled Viscount Malden (b. 22 Jul 1826; dvp. 10 Mar 1879), mar. 23 Jan 1853 Emma Martha Meux (d. 22 Nov 1905), 3rd dau. of Sir Henry Meux, 1st Bt., of Theobald's Park, co. Hampshire, by his wife Elizabeth Mary Smith, dau. of Thomas Smith, of Castlebar House, co. Middlesex, and had issue:

1a. George Devereux de Vere Capell, later 7th Earl of Essex

2a. Capt Hon Randolph de Vere Capell, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1893 (b. 1 Nov 1865; d. Apr 1912)

1a. Lady Maud de Vere Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1893 (d. 20 Nov 1921)

2a. Lady Evelyn de Vere Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1893 (d. 13 Nov 1939), mar. 5 Sep 1883 Hon Eustace Henry Dawnay, of West Helserton Hall, co. York (b. 15 Apr 1850; d. 15 Dec 1928), 5th son of William Henry [Dawnay], 7th Viscount Downe, by his wife Mary Isabel Bagot, 4th dau. of Hon and Rt Rev Richard Bagot, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and had issue

3a. Lady Sybil de Vere Capell, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1893 (b. 29 Nov 1858; d. 20 Feb 1934), mar. 18 Sep 1890 as his second wife Thomas [Brassey], 1st Earl Brassey, and had issue

2. Hon Reginald Algernon Capel (b. 3 Oct 1830; dsp. 31 Jul 1906), mar. 24 Apr 1858 Mary Eliza Fazakerley (d. 19 Jun 1911), dau. of John Nicholas Fazakerley, of Burwood Park, co. Surrey

3. Lieut Hon Randolph Alfred Capell RN (b. 1831; bur. vp. 24 Dec 1857 in the English Cemetery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

1. Lady Adela Caroline Harriet Capell (b. 4 Mar 1828; d. 13 Dec 1860), mar. 3 Nov 1858 as his second wife Archibald William [Montgomerie], 13th Earl of Eglinton, and had issue

mar. (2)

3 Jun 1863 Lady Louisa Caroline Elizabeth Boyle (b. 3 Jun 1833; granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant;  d. 5 May 1876), sister of Richard Edmund St Lawrence [Boyle], 9th Earl of Cork, and 1st dau. of Hon Charles Boyle, styled Viscount Dungarvan (by his wife Lady Catherine St Lawrence, 1st dau. by his second wife of William [St Lawrence], 2nd Earl of Howth), 1st son and heir ap. of Edmund [Boyle], 8th Earl of Cork and 8th Earl of Orrery

children by second wife

3. Hon Arthur Algernon Capell, barrister (b. 27 Jul 1864; d. 18 Feb 1940), mar. 23 Dec 1890 Isabel Anne Wilson (d. 19 Feb 1939), dau. of Col Townshend Wilson, and had issue:

1a. Constance Audrey Capell (b. 21 Oct 1891; d. 28 Oct 1963), mar. 9 Oct 1917 Capt Sir Harold Lister Farquhar KCMG MC, Ambassador to Stockholm 1948-51 (b. 15 Apr 1894; d. 31 Jan 1953), 1st son and heir of Ernest Farquhar by his wife Maria Theresa Lister, 1st dau. of Sir Thomas Villiers Lister KCMG, and had issue

2a. Rachel Julia Capell (b. 4 Apr 1894; d. 20 Nov 1949)

2. Lady Beatrice Mary Capell (b. 7 Dec 1870; d. 22 Jan 1954), mar. 16 Oct 1913 Edmund Banbury (b. 2 Oct 1853; d. 3 Jan 1938), 3rd son of Frederick Banbury, of Shirley House, co. Surrey, by his wife Cecilia Laura Cox, dau. of William Cox, of Woodford Hall, co. Essex, and had issue

mar. (3)

25 Apr 1881 Louisa Elizabeth Paget (widow of Gen Lord George Augustus Frederick Paget KCB;  d. 25 Jan 1914), 2nd dau. of Charles Fisechi Heneage, by his wife Hon Louisa Elizabeth Graves, 3rd dau. of Thomas North [Graves], 2nd Baron Graves


11 Sep 1892

suc. by



George Devereux de Vere [Capell], 7th Earl of Essex


24 Oct 1857

mar. (1)

12 Jul 1882 Eleanor Harriet Maria Harford (b. 28 May 1860; d. 31 Dec 1885), 1st dau. of William Henry Harford, of Oldtown House, Almondsbury, co. Gloucester, by his wife Ellen Tower, 3rd dau. of Rev William Tower, of How Hatch, co. Essex, Vicar of Braughing, co. Hertford

only child by first wife

1. Hon Algernon George de Vere Capell, later 8th Earl of Essex

mar. (2)

14 Dec 1893 Adela Grant (d. 28 Jul 1922), 1st dau. of Beach Grant, of New York, USA

children by second wife

1. Lady Iris Mary Athenais de Vere Capell (b. 8 Jun 1895; d. 4 Oct 1977)

2. Lady Joan Rachel de Vere Capell (b. 28 Aug 1899; d. 1979), mar. 19 Jun 1922 Osbert [Peake], 1st Viscount Ingleby, and had issue


25 Sep 1916

suc. by

son by first wife


Member of London County Council for East Marylebone 1904-07


Algernon George de Vere [Capell], 8th Earl of Essex


21 Feb 1884

mar. (1)

28 Sep 1905 (div. 1926) Mary Eveline Stewart Freeman (d. 30 Oct 1955), 1st dau. of William Russell Stewart Freeman, of The Old Manor House, Wingrave, co. Buckingham

only son by first wife

1. Hon Reginald George de Vere Capell, later 9th Earl of Essex

mar. (2)

10 Feb 1926 (div. 1950) Alys Montgomery Scott-Brown (former wife of Ernest Scott-Brown; d. 19 Mar 1977), dau. of Robert Hayes Falkiner

mar. (3)

10 Dec 1950 (div. 1957) Zara Mildred Carlson, of Los Angeles, California, USA

mar. (4)

1957 Christine Mary Davis (d. 1985), dau. of George Frederick Davis, of Handsworth Wood, co. Warwick


8 Dec 1966

suc. by

son by first wife


Reginald George de Vere [Capell], 9th Earl of Essex


9 Oct 1906

mar. (1)

2 Mar 1937 (div. 1957) Mary Reeve Strutt (former wife of William Rodney Winterbottom and widow of Col George Aston Strutt, of Brailsford, co. Derby), only dau. of F Gibson Ward, of Rosemount, Bermuda

mar. (2)

6 Nov 1957 Nona Isobel Smythe (widow of Francis Sydney Smythe, of Yew Tree Cottage, Colgate, co. Sussex; d. Jan 1997), dau. of David Wilson Miller, of Christchurch, New Zealand


s.p. 18 May 1981

suc. by

third cousin once removed


Robert Edward de Vere [Capell], 10th Earl of Essex


13 Jan 1920


3 Jan 1942 Doris Margaret Tomlinson, dau. of George Frederick Tomlinson, of Morecombe, co. Lancaster

only child

1. Hon (Frederick) Paul de Vere Capell, later 11th Earl of Essex


5 Jun 2005

suc. by



(Frederick) Paul de Vere [Capell], 11th Earl of Essex


29 May 1944


Deputy Headmaster and Acting Headmaster, Marsh County Primary School 1966-78; Headteacher, Cockerham Parochial Church of England School 1979-80; teacher, Deputy Headmaster and Acting Headmaster, Skerton County Primary School 1981-95


The heir presumptive to the Earldom of Essex is William Jennings Capell, a great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the 4th Earl of Essex and fourth cousin once removed of the present Earl.


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11th Earl of Essex

(England, let. pat. 20 Apr 1661)

11th Viscount Malden

(England, let. pat. 20 Apr 1661)

12th Baron Capell, of Hadham in the County of Hereford

(England, let. pat. 6 Aug 1641)



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