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Baltimore, Baron (I, 1625 - dormant 1771)


Creation: let.pat. 16 Feb 1624/5


Extinct: 4 Sep 1771


Family name: Calvert




Memorial to the 2nd Lord Baltimore in the Church of St Giles-in-the-Fields, London



Paly of six Or and Sable a Bend counterchanged


Our of a Ducal Coronet Or two Staves with Pennons flying to the dexter side the dexter Gold the sinister Sable


On either side a Leopard guardant Or


 Fatti Masghii Parole Femine



George [Calvert], 1st Baron Baltimore, PC

son and heir of Leonard Calvert by his wife Alice Crossland, dau. of John Crossland, of Crossland, co. York


c. 1578

mar. (1)

22 Nov 1604 Anne Mynne (bapt. 20 Nov 1579; d. 8 Aug 1622; bur. at Hertingfordbury, co. Hertford), dau. of George Mynne, of Hertingfordbury, co. Hertford, by his wife Elizabeth Wroth, 1st dau. of Sir Thomas Wrothe, of Enfield, co. Middlesex, by his wife Hon Mary Rich, 3rd dau. of Richard [Rich], 1st Baron Rich

children by first wife

1. Hon Cecil Calvert, later 2nd Baron Baltimore

2. Hon Leonard Calvert, first Governor of Maryland 1633-37 (bapt. 21 Nov 1610; d. 9 Jun 1647 St Mary's Parish, Charles Co, Maryland), mar. c. 1641 (sic?) Ann Brent, dau. of Richard Brent, of Larke Stoke and Admington, co. Gloucester, by his wife Elizabeth Reed, and had issue:

1a. Col William Calvert, Deputy Governor of Maryland, Counsellor and Principal Secretary of Maryland 1669-82 (b. 1642; d. 10 Jan 1681/2 Wilcomico River, Charles Co, Maryland), mar. 15 Dec 1664 St Mary's Parish, Charles Co, Maryland, Elizabeth Stone (b. 1644 Hungars Parish, Accomack Co, Virginia; d. 1682 Charles City, Maryland), dau. of Capt William Stone, Governor of Maryland, by his wife Verlinda Graves, and had issue:

1b. Charles Calvert (b. 1662), mar. (1) Mary Howson, and (2) Barbara Kirk (mar. (2) Capt Andrew Foy)

2b. William Calvert (b. 1666; d. 1670)

3b. ?George Calvert (b. 14 Dec 1672 Charles Co, Maryland; d. 1739 Stafford Co, Virginia), mar. 1690 Stafford Co, Virginia, Elizabeth Doyne (b. 1668 Stafford Co, Virginia; d. 1739 Stafford Co, Virginia), dau. of Robert Doyne by his wife Mary Stone, and had issue:

1c. ?John Calvert (b. c 1692 Stafford Co, Virginia; d. 1731 Prince William Co, Virginia), mar. 1711 Elizabeth Harrison (b. c. 1705 Charles City Co, Virginia; d. 1723), great-aunt of William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States, and dau. of Benjamin Harrison by his wife Elizabeth Burwell, and had issue:

1d. George Calvert (b. 1712 Prince William Co, Virginia; d. 19 May 1782 Culpeper Co, Virginia)

2d. John Calvert (b. c. 1714)

3d. Thomas Calvert (b. c. 1714)

4d. Burr Calvert (b. c. 1716)

5d. Cecilius Calvert (b. c. 1718)

6d. Jacob Calvert, ?de jure 7th Baron Baltimore (b. c. 1720 Prince William Co, Virginia; d. bef. 1 Jun 1772), mar. 27 Nov 1750 Prince William Co, Virginia, Sarah Crupper (b. c. 1722 Hamilton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia), dau. of Richard Crupper by his wife ..... Farthing, and had issue:

1e. Francis Calvert, ?de jure 8th Baron Baltimore (b. c. 1751 Prince William Co, Virginia; d. 11 Jul 1823 Kanawha Co, West Virginia), mar. (1) 22 Dec 1791 Bedford, Virginia Elizabeth Witt (b. c. 1772 Bedford Co, Virginia; d. 1806 Bedford Co, Virginia), dau. of Lewis Witt by his wife Anne Mills, and (2) 1 Sep 1809 Bedford Co, Virginia Elizabeth Rose, and had issue by his first wife

2e. Richard Calvert (b. c. 1757)

3e. John Calvert (b. c. 1770)

1e. Mary Ann Calvert (b. c. 1753)

7d. William Calvert (b. c. 1720)

8d. Obed Calvert (b. c. 1722)

1d. Elizabeth Calvert (b. c. 1724)

2c. George Calvert (b. 1694 Stafford Co, Virginia; d. 1772 Prince William Co, Virginia), mar. c. 1718 Prince William co, Virginia, Constance Barton (b. bef. 1690 Prince William Co, Virginia; d. bef. 1741 Prince William Co, Virginia), and had issue:

1d. Obed Calvert (b. 1719 Prince William Co, Virginia; d. 6 May 1805 Prince William Co, Virginia)

4b. Richard Calvert (b. 1669)

1b. Elizabeth Calvert, mar. Capt James Neal

1a. Ann Calvert

3. Hon George Calvert (b. 1613; d. at sea 1634)

4. Hon Francis Calvert

5. Hon Henry Calvert (b. c. 1617)

6. Hon John Calvert (b. 1618)

1. Hon Mary Calvert (b. 1607), mar. Sir William Peaseley

2. Hon Dorothy Calvert (b. 1608), mar. Richard Talbot

3. Hon Elizabeth Calvert (b. 1609), mar. Samuel Matthews

4. Hon Grace Calvert (b. c. 1614), mar. Sir Robert Talbot, of Carton, co. Kildare

5. Hon Helen Calvert (b. 1615; d. 1655)

mar. (2)

Joan ..... (d. bef. 1632)

only child by second wife

6. Hon Philip Calvert, Governor of Maryland 1660-61 (b. 1627/8; d. c 1682 Maryland), mar. (1) Ann Wolseley, dau. of Sir Thomas Wolseley, by his wife Ellen Broughton, dau. of Edward Broughton, and (2) Jane Sewell, dau. of Dr Henry Sewell by his wife Jane Lowe, later mar. to Charles [Calvert], 3rd Baron Baltimore


15 Apr 1632 (bur. at St Dunstan's-in-the-West Church, London)


16 Feb 1624/5 Baron Baltimore, of Baltimore in the County of Longford

suc. by



matriculated at Oxford as a Gentleman Commoner 1594; BA 1597; Under Secretary of State; Clerk of the Privy Council 1605; Member of Parliament for Bossiney 1609-11, for Yorkshire 1620-22 and for the University of Oxford 1624-25; on a diplomatic mission to the King of France 1611 and to the Elector Palatine 1615; knighted 1617; Secretary of State 1618/9-25; Privy Councillor 1618/9; a Lord of the Treasury 1620; a life pension of 1,000 and a grant of the Province of Avalon in Newfoundland; resigned his preferments on becoming a Roman Catholic 1624/5; obtained from King Charles I a grant of the Province of Maryland (which passed the Great Seal a few weeks after his death in 1632) - the grant was to him and his heirs for ever to hold in common socage as of the Manor of Windsor, paying yearly upon Easter Tuesday at Windsor Castle, as an acknowledgement to the Crown, two Indian arrows and the fifth part of any gold or silver ore mined in the province


Cecil [Calvert], 2nd Baron Baltimore


2 Mar 1605/6


after 20 Mar 1627/8 Hon Anne Arundell (b. c. 1615; d. 23 Jul 1649; bur. at Tisbury, co. Wiltshire), 3rd dau. of Thomas [Arundell], 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour, by his second wife Anne Philipson, 3rd dau. of Miles Philipson, of Crook, co. Westmorland


1. Hon George Calvert (b. 15 Sep 1634; dvp. Jun 1636)

2. Hon Charles Calvert, later 3rd Baron Baltimore

1. Hon Georgiana Anne Calvert (b. Aug 1829)

2. Hon Mary Calvert (b. 18 Jul 1630)

3. Hon Anne Calvert (b. 9 Oct 1636; d. 6 May 1661)

4. Hon Mary Calvert (b. 30 Nov 1638; d. on or bef. 24 Sep 1671)

5. Hon Elizabeth Calvert (b. c. 1642; d. 16 Jan 1712)


7 Dec 1675 at St Giles-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex

suc. by



Charles [Calvert], 3rd Baron Baltimore


27 Aug 1637

mar. (1)

c. 1660 ..... Darnall, sister of Sir John Darnall and dau. of Ralph Darnall, of Loughton, co. Hereford

mar. (2)

c. 1667 Jane Sewell (widow of Dr Henry Sewell; d. 19 Jan 1700/1; bur. at St Giles's-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex), dau. of Nicholas Lowe, of Denby, co. Derby

children by second wife

1. Hon Cecil Calvert (b. c. 1667; dvp. 1681)

2. Hon Benedict Leonard Calvert, later 4th Baron Baltimore

mar. (3)

Mary Thorpe (widow of ..... Thorpe, of Thorpe, co. York; d. 1710/1; bur. at St Giles's-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex), dau. of ..... Bankes

mar. (4)

Margaret Charleton (mar. (2) 9 Nov 1718 Laurence Eliot, of Yapton Place, co. Sussex; d. 20 Jul 1731; bur. at St Pancras, co. Middlesex), dau. of Thomas Charleton, of Hexham, co. Northumberland


21 Feb 1714/5 (bur. at St Pancras, co. Middlesex)

suc. by

son by second wife


Governor of Maryland for his father 1661-75 and for himself 1676 and 1679-84; deprived of the Province of Maryland at the Revolution of 1689; outlawed by the Wexford Grand Jury in 1691 despite never having set foot in Ireland (reversed by King William III in 1692); inherited the estate of Woodcote Park, Epsom, co. Surrey, under the will of Elizabeth Evelyn, a relative of his grandmother, Anne Mynne, 1692; named in the fabricated plot of Titus Oates and in the Lancashire plot, both of 1694, but not arrested; Brig Gen 1696; Maj Gen 1704


Benedict Leonard [Calvert], 4th Baron Baltimore


21 Mar 1679


2 Jan 1698/9 (separated 1705) Lady Charlotte Lee (b. 13 Mar 1678; mar. (2) bef. 10 Dec 1719 Christopher Crowe, of Woodford, co. Essex, British Consul at Leghorn; d. 22 Jan 1720/1; bur. at Woodford, co. Essex), 1st dau. of Edward Henry [Lee], 1st Earl of Lichfield, by his wife Lady Charlotte Palmer later FitzRoy, 2nd illegitimate dau. of King Charles II by his mistress Lady Barbara Villiers later Palmer, suo jure Duchess of Cleveland


1. Hon Charles Calvert, later 5th Baron Baltimore

2. Hon Benedict Leonard Calvert (b. 20 Sep 1700; d. 1 Jun 1732)

3. Hon Edward Henry Calvert (b. 31 Aug 1701; d. May 1730)

1. Hon Charlotte Calvert (b. 6 Nov 1702 ; d. 1744)

2. Hon Jane Calvert (b. 19 Nov 1703)

3. Hon Barbara Calvert (b. 3 Oct 1704)

4. Hon Anne Calvert (b. c. 1706)


16 Apr 1715 (bur. at Epsom, co. Surrey)

suc. by



conformed to the Established Church 1713 and had the Province of Maryland restored to him; Member of Parliament (Tory) for Harwich 1714-15; sold Woodstock Park, co. Oxford (his wife's marriage jointure) to the Crown for a gift to the Duke of Marlborough 1705


Charles [Calvert], 5th Baron Baltimore


29 Sep 1699


20 Jul 1730 Mary Janssen (d. 25 Mar 1770), dau. of Sir Theodore Janssen, 1st Bt. MP, of Wimbledon, co. Surrey, a director of the South Sea Company, by his wife Williamsa Henley, dau. of Sir Robert Henley, of the Grange, co. Hampshire


1. Hon Frederick Calvert, later 6th Baron Baltimore

2. Hon Charles Calvert (b. 21 Jan 1736)

3. Hon Benedict Calvert (b. c. 1742)

1. Hon Louisa Calvert (b. 1733; d. 1821)

2. Hon Frances Dorothy Calvert (b. 1734; dvp. 5 Mar 1736)

3. Hon Jane Calvert (b. c. 1735)

4. Hon Caroline Calvert (b. c 1745 ; d. 1803), mar. 26 Apr 1763 Sir Robert Eden, 1st Bt., Governor of Maryland 1776, and had issue


24 Apr 1751 (bur. at Erith, co. Kent)

suc. by



Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1731-47; FRS 1731; Governor of Maryland 1732-33; Member of Parliament (Tory) for St Germans 1734-41 and for Surrey 1741-51; a Lord of the Admiralty 1742-44; Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1744-51; Cofferor of the Household to the Prince of Wales 1747-51; Surveyor General of the Duchy of Cornwall 1747-51


Frederick [Calvert], 6th Baron Baltimore


6 Feb 1731/2


9 Mar 1753 Lady Diana Egerton (b. 3 Mar 1731/2; dsp. 13 Aug 1758), 3rd and yst. dau. of Scrope [Egerton], 1st Duke of Bridgewater, by his second wife Lady Rachael Russell, 1st dau. of Wriothesley [Russell], 2nd Duke of Bedford


s.p.legit. 4 Sep 1771 (bur. at Epsom, co. Surrey)


FRS 1767; after a career of profligacy and extravagance, he was tried for rape at Kingston Assizes 1768, and having with difficulty escaped conviction left England and lived on the Continent, eventually dying in Naples; before leaving England he sold most of his estates to John Trotter, an upholsterer of Soho, co. Middlesex; by his mistress Hester Whelan he left an illegitimate daughter, Frances Mary Harford, who on 21 Jul 1784 mar. as his first wife Hon William Frederick Wyndham and was mother of George Francis [Wyndham], 4th Earl of Egremont


On the death of the 6th Baron Baltimore the Barony of Baltimore was assumed to have became extinct. See Editor's Note below.


Editor's Note:


There is surprisingly little detailed information available regarding the Barons Baltimore in the published peerage works, given the importance of this family in early American colonial history. The information above in italics is taken from various websites on the Internet. There are certainly Calverts living in West Virginia in the present day who claim to descend from the 1st Baron Baltimore through his second son, Hon Leonard Calvert, the first Governor of Maryland. This line of descent is highly conjectural, especially in the early generations, but it does raise the interesting possibility that there could be claimants to the Irish Barony currently living. Because of this, we have classified the Barony of Baltimore as being dormant rather than extinct.


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