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Egremont, Earl of (GB, 1749 - 1845)


Creation: let.pat. 3 Oct 1749


Extinct: 2 Apr 1845


Family name: Seymour later Wyndham




Azure a Chevron between three Lion's Heads erased Or


A Lion's Head erased within a Fetterlock Or the bow compony counter-compony Gold and Azure


Dexter:  A Lion Azure winged Or;  Sinister:  A Griffin Argent guttée de sang


 Au bon droit



Charles [Seymour], 6th Duke of Somerset, KG PC


13 Aug 1662

mar. (1)

30 May 1682 as her third husband Lady Elizabeth Thynne, styled Baroness Percy (b. 26 Jan 1666/7; widow of (1) Lord Henry Cavendish later Percy, styled Earl of Ogle (1st son and heir ap. of Henry [Cavendish], 2nd Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne), and (2) Thomas Thynne, of Longleat, co. Wiltshire;  d. 23 Nov 1722), only dau. and sole hrss. of Josceline [Percy], 5th Earl of Northumberland, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley, 4th dau. and cohrss. by his second wife of Thomas [Wriothesley], 4th Earl of Southampton

children by first wife

1. Lord Charles Seymour, styled Earl of Hertford (bapt. 22 Mar 1682/3; bur. v.p. 26 Aug 1683)

2. Lord Algernon Seymour, later 7th Duke of Somerset and 1st Earl of Egremont

1. Lady Elizabeth Seymour (b. 1685; dsp. 2 Apr 1734; bur. at Great Billing, co. Northampton), mar. 4 Jun 1707 Henry [O'Brien], 7th Earl of Thomond

2. Lady Katherine Seymour (d. 9 Apr 1731), mar. 15 Jul 1708 as his first wife Rt Hon Sir William Wyndham, 3rd Bt., of Orchard Wyndham, co. Somerset, and had issue:

1a. Sir Charles Wyndham, 4th Bt., later 2nd Earl of Egremont

2a. Percy Wyndham later Wyndham-O'Brien, later 1st Earl of Thomond

1a. Catherine Wyndham

2a. Elizabeth Wyndham (d. 5 Dec 1769), mar. 1749 Rt Hon George Grenville, First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister) and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1763-65 (b. 14 Oct 1712; d. 13 Nov 1770), 2nd son of Richard Grenville, of Wooton-under-Bernewood, co. Buckingham, by his wife Hester Temple, suo jure Countess Temple, and had issue

3. Lady Anne Seymour (dsps. 27 Nov 1722), mar. 17 Sep 1719 as his second wife Peregrine Hyde [Osborne], 3rd Duke of Leeds

mar. (2)

4 Feb 1725/26 Lady Charlotte Finch (d. 21 Jan 1773), 3rd dau. of Daniel [Finch], 7th Earl of Winchilsea, by his second wife Hon Ann Hatton, only dau. by his first wife and hrss. in her issue of Christopher [Hatton], 1st Viscount Hatton

children by second wife

4. Lady Frances Seymour (d. 25 Jan 1761), mar. 3 Sep 1750 Lieut Gen Rt Hon Lord John Manners MP, styled Marquess of Granby, 1st son and heir app. of John [Manners], 3rd Duke of Rutland, and had issue

5. Lady Charlotte Seymour (d. 15 Feb 1805), mar. 6 Oct 1750 her cousin Heneage [Finch], 3rd Earl of Aylesford, and had issue


2 Dec 1748

suc. by

son by first marriage


Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire 1682-87 and of Somerset 1683-87; Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1685-87; Knight of the Garter 1683/4; Col of the Queen's Regiment of Dragoons (3rd Hussars) 1685-87; deprived of all offices 1687 on his refusal to introduce the Papal Nuncio at Windsor; Chancellor of the University of Cambridge 1688/9-1748; Speaker of the House of Lords 1689; Privy Councillor 1701 and 1714; a Lord Justice (Regent) of England 1701; Lord President of the Council and a Lord of Trade 1702; Master of the Horse 1702-11/2 and 1714-15; a Commissioner for the Union 1706; Keeper of the New Park of Hampton Court 1710


Algernon [Seymour], 7th Duke of Somerset and 1st Earl of Egremont


11 Nov 1684


c. 1713 his third cousin once removed Frances Thynne, Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Caroline, both when Princess of Wales and as Queen Consort (b. c.1699; d. 7 Jul 1754), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Hon Henry Thynne (by his wife Grace Strode, dau. and hrss. of Sir George Strode, of Lewston, co. Dorset), son and heir app. of Thomas [Thynne], 1st Viscount Weymouth, by his wife Lady Frances Finch, 1st dau. of Heneage [Finch], 3rd Earl of Winchilsea, by his second wife Lady Mary Seymour, 2nd dau. by his second wife of William [Seymour], 2nd Duke of Somerset


1. Lord George Seymour, styled Viscount Beauchamp (b. 11 Sep 1725;  dvp. 11 Sep 1744)

1. Lady Elizabeth Seymour, later suo jure Baroness Percy (b. 26 Nov 1716;  d. 5 Dec 1776), mar. 16 Jul 1740 Hugh [Smithson later Percy], 1st Duke of Northumberland, and had issue


s.p.m.s. 7 Feb 1750


21 Jan 1722/3 as Baron Percy after the death of his mother (under the incorrect assumption that his mother had been possessed of the ancient Barony of Percy [cr. 1299] - this was in fact the creation of a new barony by writ)


2 Oct 1749 Baron Warkworth, of Warkworth Castle in the County of Northumberland, and Earl of Northumberland,  with special remainder in default of male issue to his son-in-law Sir Hugh Smithson, 4th Bt. and the heirs male of his body by Lady Elizabeth Seymour, his wife, with remainder to the said Elizabeth and the heirs male of her body

3 Oct 1749 Baron Cockermouth, of Cockermouth Castle in the County of Cumberland, and Earl of Egremont, with special remainder in default of male issue to his nephews, Sir Charles Wyndham, 4th Bt., and Percy O'Brien, and their issue male successively


s.p.m.s. 7 Feb 1750

suc. by

nephew in the Earldom of Egremont


Member of Parliament (Tory) for Marlborough 1705-08 and for Northumberland 1708-22; Lord Lieutenant of Sussex 1706-50; ADC to the Duke of Marlborough at Malplaquet 1709, Col of the 15th Regiment of Foot 1709, Capt and Col of the 2nd Troop of Horse Guards 1714/5-40, Brig Gen 1727, Major Gen 1735, Lieut Gen 1739, Col of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards 1740-50 and General 1747; Governor of Tynemouth Castle 1710-50; Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1714; Governor of Minorca 1737-42 and of Guernsey 1742-50; on his death the Earldom of Hertford (of the second creation) and the Baronies of Beauchamp and of Seymour of Trowbridge became extinct, the Barony of Percy passed to his daughter and the Baronies of Warkworth and of Cockermouth and the Earldoms of Northumberland and of Egremont passed according to their respective limitations


Charles [Wyndham], 2nd Earl of Egremont


19 Aug 1710


12 Mar 1750/1 Hon Alicia Maria Carpenter, a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Charlotte 1761 (mar. (2) 6 Jun 1767 Hans Moritz, Count von Bruhl, Saxon Ambassador at the Court of St James's; d. 1 Jun 1794), sister of George [Carpenter], 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, and only dau. of George [Carpenter], 2nd Baron Carpenter, by his wife Elizabeth Petty, dau. of David Petty, of Wanstead, co. Essex


1. Hon George O'Brien Wyndham, later 3rd Earl of Egremont

2. Hon Percy Charles Wyndham, Secretary and Clerk of the Courts of Barbados (b. 3 Sep 1757; d. 3 Dec 1842)

3. Hon Charles William Wyndham (b. 8 Oct 1760; dsp. 8 Jul 1828), mar. Lady Anna Barbara Frances Lambton (widow of William Henry Lambton MP, of Lambton, co. Durham; d. 21 Apr 1832), 2nd dau. of George Bussy [Villiers], 4th Earl of Jersey, by his wife Frances Twysden, only dau. and hrss .by his second wife of Rt Rev Philip Twysden DD, Bishop of Raphoe

4. Hon William Frederick Wyndham, British Minister to Tuscany 1794-1814 (b. 6 Apr 1763; d. 11 Feb 1828), mar. (1) 21 Jul 1784 Frances Mary Harford, illegit. dau. of Frederick [Calvert], 6th Baron Baltimore, and had issue:

1b. George Francis Wyndham, later 4th Earl of Egremont

2b. William Wyndham (b. Jul 1794; dvp. an infant)

1b. Frances Wyndham (bapt. 18 Feb 1789; dsp. 1870), mar. (1) 10 Jul 1809 William Miller, of Ozleworth Park, co. Gloucester, and (2) 11 Mar 1847 as his second wife Augustin Denis Pinon Duclos, 2nd Vicomte de Valmer

2b. Laura Wyndham (bapt. 6 May 1790; d. 6 Sep 1833), mar. 1812 Rev Charles Boultbee, and had issue

3b. Julia Wyndham (bapt. 24 Feb 1793; dvp. 1811)

Hon William Frederick Wyndham mar. (2) Julia de Smorzewska, Countess de Spyterkie, and had further issue:

2b. Col Arthur Wyndham, served with the Madras Infantry in India and China (b. 19 Apr 1813; d. 29 Mar 1874)

4b. Julia Wyndham (b. c. 1811; d. Jun 1893), mar. 27 Apr 1830 Richard Hasler, of Aldingbourne House, co. Sussex (b. 2 Dec 1795; d. 29 Sep 1866), 1st son and hr. of Richard Hasler, of Shrepney, co. Sussex, by his wife Martha Newland, and had issue

1. Lady Elizabeth Wyndham (b. 29 Nov 1752; d. 10 Feb 1826), mar. 15 Jul 1771 Henry [Herbert], 1st Earl of Carnarvon, and had issue

2. Lady Frances Wyndham (b. 9 Jul 1755; d. 15 Jan 1795), mar. 30 Aug 1776 Charles [Marsham], 1st Earl of Romney, and had issue


21 Aug 1763

suc. by



suc. his father as 4th Baronet 17 Jun 1740; Member of Parliament (Tory) for Bridgwater 1735-41, for Appleby 1742-47 and for Taunton 1747-50; Lord Lieutenant of Cumberland 1751-59 and Custos Rotulorum of Cumberland 1751-56; Vice-Admiral of Cumberland 1755-63; Privy Councillor 1761; Secretary of State for the South 1761-63; Lord Lieutenant of Sussex 1762-63


George O'Brien [Wyndham], 3rd Earl of Egremont


18 Dec 1751


16 Jul 1801 Elizabeth Iliffe (d. 30 Dec 1822), dau. of Rev ..... Iliffe, Master of Westminster School

children (of whom only the youngest daughter was legitimate)

1. George Wyndham, later 1st Baron Leconfield

2. Lt Gen Sir Henry Wyndham KCB MP, inherited the Cockermouth and Egremont estates in Cumberland (b. 12 May 1790; dsp. 3 Aug 1860), mar. Elizabeth Somerset (d. 1827), 1st dau. of Col Lord Charles Henry Somerset, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 2nd son of Henry [Somerset], 5th Duke of Beaufort

3. Col Charles Wyndham, of Rogate, co. Sussex (b. 1796; d. 18 Feb 1866), mar. 3 Oct 1835 his half-cousin Hon Elizabeth Anne Hepburne-Scott (d. 21 Aug 1873), 3rd dau. of Hugh [Scott later Hepburne-Scott], 6th Lord Polwarth, by his wife Harriet von Bruhl, dau. of Hans Moritz, Count von Bruhl, Saxon Ambassador at the Court of St James's, by his wife Hon Alicia Maria Carpenter, widow of Charles [Wyndham], 2nd Earl of Egremont, and only dau. of George [Carpenter], 2nd Baron Carpenter, and had issue

1. Frances Wyndham (d. 28 Sep 1848), mar. 4 Jul 1808 Sir Charles Merrick Burrell, 3rd Bt. MP, and had issue

2. Mary Wyndham (d. 3 Dec 1842), mar. 18 Oct 1819 George Augustus Frederick [FitzClarence], 1st Earl of Munster, and had issue

3. Charlotte Wyndham, mar. Jul 1823 John James King, of Coates Castle, co. Sussex

4. Lady Elizabeth Wyndham (dvp. an infant 1803)


s.p.m. legit. 11 Nov 1837

suc. by



Lord Lieutenant of Sussex 1819-35; Vice-Admiral of Sussex 1820-31; Lord Egremont had two further illegitimate sons by his mistress Eliza Fox, later mistress of George, Prince of Wales


George Francis [Wyndham], 4th Earl of Egremont


30 Aug 1785


14 Nov 1820 Jane Roberts (b. c. 1798; d. 18 Dec 1876), 3rd dau. of Rev William Roberts, Vice-Provost of Eton College


s.p. 2 Apr 1845


entered the Navy 1799; Capt 1812; he inherited the Orchard Wyndham estate as well as other estates in Somerset and Devon on the death of the 3rd Earl of Egremont


On the death of the 4th Earl of Egremont the Earldom of Egremont and the Baronetcy of Wyndham of Orchard Wyndham became extinct.


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