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Buckingham, Duke of (E, 1623 - 1687)


Creation:let.pat. 18 May 1623


Extinct:16 Apr 1687


Family name:Villiers




Quarterly of eleven:  1st, Argent on a Cross Gules five Escallops Or in the first quarter a Martlet Azure (Villiers);  2nd,  Or two Bars Azure a Chief quarterly of the first and Gules in the 1st and 4th two Fleurs-de-lis and in the 2nd and 3rd a Lion passant guardant all Or (Manners);  3rd, Gules three Water Bougets Argent (Ros);  4th, Gules three Catherine Wheels Argent (Espec);  5th, Chequy Or and Gules (Vaux);  6th, Gules a Fess between six Crosses Crosslet Or (Beauchamp);  7th, Gules a Chevron between ten Crosses Pattée six in chief and four in base Argent (Berkeley);  8th, Or a Fess between two Chevronels Sable (L'Isle);  9th, Argent a Saltire engrailed Gules (Tiptoft);  10th, Or two Bars Gules in chief three Torteaux (Wake);  11th, Sable a Fess between three Cinquefoils Argent (Villiers)


A Lion rampant Argent crowned Or charged on the shoulder with a Martlet Sable


Dexter: a Dapple-Grey Horse proper;  Sinister: a Stag Argent


Fidei Coticula Crux (The cross is the test of faith)



Sir George Villiers


mar. (1)

Audrey Saunders (d. 1 May 1588), dau. and hrss. of William Saunders, of Harrington, co. Northampton

children by first wife

1. Sir William Villiers, 1st Bt. (cr. 19 Jul 1619), Sheriff of Leicestershire 1608-09 (d. 12 Jun 1629), mar. (1) Anne Griffin, dau. of Sir Edward Griffin, of Dingley and Braybrooke, co. Northampton, (2) c. 1614 Hon Elizabeth Fiennes, 1st dau. by his first wife of Richard [Fiennes], 7th/1st Baron Saye and Sele, and (3) bef. 1618 Rebecca Roper, dau. of Robert Roper, of Heanor, co. Derby, and had issue by his third wife

2. Sir Edward Villiers, President of Munster 1622 (d. 7 Sep 1626), mar. Barbara St John (bur. 16 Sep 1672), 5th dau. of Sir John St John, of Lidiard Tregoze, co. Wiltshire, and niece of Oliver [St John], 1st Viscount Grandison, and had issue:

1a. William Villiers, later 2nd Viscount Grandison

2a. John Villiers, later 3rd Viscount Grandison

3a. George Villiers, later 4th Viscount Grandison

4a. Christopher Villiers (bapt. 8 Apr 1619; d. young)

5a. Sir Edward Villiers, of Richmond, co. Surrey, Knight Marshal of the Household, Governor of Tynemouth Castle (bapt. 15 Apr 1620; bur. 2 Jul 1689), mar. (1) Lady Frances Howard (bur. 27 Nov 1677), 5th dau. of Theophilus [Howard], 2nd Earl of Suffolk, and (2) 25 Feb 1686/4 Martha Love (d. 1738), and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Edward Villiers, later 1st Earl of Jersey

2b. Col Henry Villiers, Governor of Tynemouth Castle 1702-07 (d. 18 Aug 1707), mar., and had issue

1b. Elizabeth Villiers, Maid-of-Honour to Queen Mary II and mistress to King William III (d. 19 Apr 1733), mar. 26 Nov 1695 George [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Orkney, and had issue

2b. Katherine Villiers, mar. (1) 20 Jul 1685 Louis James Le Vasseur, Marquis de Puissar (d. 1701), and (2) 1702 her cousin Col Hon William Villiers (d. 7 Sep 1723), 2nd son by his first wife of George [Villiers], 4th Viscount Grandison

3b. Barbara Villiers (d. 19 Sep 1708), mar. John [Berkeley], 4th Viscount FitzHardinge, and had issue

4b. Anne Villiers (d. Nov 1688). mar. 1 Feb 1677/8 as his first wife Hans William [Bentinck], 1st Earl of Portland, and had issue

5b. Henrietta Villiers (d. 1 Feb 1719/20), mar. 23 May 1695 as his second wife John [Campbell], 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, and had issue

6b. Mary Villiers (d. 17 Apr 1753), mar. Apr 1691 as his second wife her cousin William [O'Brien], 3rd Earl of Inchiquin, and had issue

1a. Barbara Villiers (bapt. 1 Jun 1622; d. 13 Dec 1681), mar. (1) Hon Richard Wenman (dsp. and vp. 20 Jun 1646), only son of Thomas [Wenman], 2nd Viscount Wenman, (2) Sir Richard Wentworth, and (3) 15 Feb 1650/1 as his second wife James [Howard], 3rd Earl of Suffolk, and had issue by her third husband

2a. Elizabeth Villiers (d. bef. 15 Dec 1654), mar. Robert [Douglas], 8th Earl of Morton, and had issue

3a. Eleanor Villiers (bur. 16 Jul 1685)

1. Elizabeth Villiers, mar. bef. 1609 John [Boteler], 1st Baron Boteler of Brantfield, and had issue

2. Anne Villiers, mar. Sir William Washington, of Pakington, co. Lincoln

3. Frances Villiers (d. unm.)

mar. (2)

Mary Beaumont, cr. 1 Jul 1618 Countess of Buckingham for life b. c. 1570; (mar. (2) 19 Jun 1606 Sir William Rayner,of Orton Longueville, co. Huntingdon (d. 1606), and (3) Sir Thomas Compton (d. Apt 1626); d. 19 Apr 1632), dau. of Anthony Beaumont, of Glenfield, co. Leicester

children by second wife

3. Hon John Villiers, later 1st Viscount Purbeck

4. Hon George Villiers, later 1st Duke of Buckingham

5. Hon Christopher Villiers, later 1st Earl of Anglesey

4. Lady Susan Villiers, a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Henrietta Maria (d. aft. 21 Oct 1651), mar. c. 1607 William [Feilding], 1st Earl of Denbigh, and had issue


4 Jan 1605/6


of Brokesby, co. Leicester; Sheriff of Leicestershire 1591


George [Villiers], 1st Viscount Villiers later 1st Earl of Buckingham later 1st Marquess of Buckingham later 1st Duke of Buckingham, KG PC


28 Aug 1592


16 May 1620 Lady Katherine Manners, suo jure Baroness Ros (mar. (2) Apr 1635 as his first wife Randal [MacDonnell], 1st Marquess of Antrim; d. Oct 1649), only child and hrss. of Francis [Manners], 6th Earl of Rutland, by his first wife Frances Bevill, widow of Sir William Bevill, of Kirkhampton, co. Cornwall, and 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Henry Knyvett, of Charlton, co. Wiltshire


1. Lord Charles Villiers, styled Marquess of Buckingham (b. 17 Nov 1625; dvp. 16 Mar 1626/7)

2. Lord George Villiers, later 2nd Duke of Buckingham

3. Lord Francis Villiers (bapt. 21 Apr 1629; d. 7 Jul 1648)

1. Lady Mary Villiers, Lady of the Bedchamber 1662 (bapt. 30 Mar 1622; bur. 28 Nov 1685), mar. (1) 8 Jan 1634/5 Hon Sir Charles Herbert, styled Lord Herbert of Shurland (dspvp. Jan 1635), 1st son and heir ap. of Philip [Herbert], 4th Earl of Pembroke, (2) 3 Aug 1637 James [Stuart], 4th Duke of Lennox, and (3) bef. 26 Nov 1664 Col Thomas Howard, Lieutenant of the Yeomen of the Guard (dsp. 1678), brother of Charles [Howard], 1st Earl of Carlisle, and 4th son of Sir William Howard, of Naworth Castle, co. Cumberland, and Henderskelfe Castle, co. York, by his wife Hon Mary Eure, 1st dau. of William [Eure], 4th Baron Eure, and had issue by her second husband


23 Aug 1628


27 Aug 1616 Baron Whaddon, of Whaddon in the County of Buckingham, and Viscount Villiers, with remainder (14 Mar 1616/7) failing the heirs male of his body to his brothers of the whole blood Sir John Villiers and Christopher Villiers

5 Jan 1616/7 Earl of Buckingham, with a similar (14 Mar 1616/7) remainder

1 Jan 1617/8 Marquess of Buckingham

18 May 1623 Earl of Coventry and Duke of Buckingham, with remainder (27 Aug 1627) failing the heirs male of his body to his only daughter Lady Mary Villiers and the heirs male of her body

suc. by



Cupbearer to James I 1614; Gentleman of the Bedchamber to James I 1615-25 and to Charles I 1625-28; knighted 1615; Master of the Horse 1616-28; Knight of the Garter 1616 ; Keeper of Whaddon Park and Chase 1616; Chief Justice in Eyre, north of Trent 1616-19 and south of Trent 1619-28; Master of the King's Bench Office; Joint Commissioner for the office of Earl Marshal 1616; Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire 1616-28; Privy Councillor 1616/7; High Steward of Hampton Court 1616, of Westminster 1618, of the Honour of Grafton 1622 and of Windsor 1625; Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire 1618-28, of Kent 1620 and of Middlesex 1622-28; Lord High Admiral of England 1618/9-28; Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover 1624-28; Constable of Windsor Castle 1624-28; Chief Commissioner of War and General of the Fleet and Army 1625-28; Ambassador to Paris 1625 and 1626 and to the Hague 1625; Lord High Constable of England for the Coronation of Charles I 1625/6; Chancellor of the University of Cambridge 1626-28


George [Villiers], 2nd Duke of Buckingham


30 Jan 1627/8


15 Sep 1657 Hon Mary Fairfax (b. 30 Jul 1638; d. 20 Oct 1704), only surv. child of Thomas [Fairfax], 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, by his wife Hon Anne Vere, dau. and cohrss. of Horatio [Vere], 1st Baron Vere of Tilbury


s.p. legit. 16 Apr 1687


Knight of the Garter 1649; Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1650-57, 1661-67 and 1667-74; Privy Councillor 1650-66/7 and 1667-73/4; Col of a Regiment of Horse at the Battle of Worcester 1651; Lord Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1661-66/7 and 1667-74; his right to the Barony of Ros jure matris admitted 1667; Master of the Horse 1668-74; High Steward of the City of Oxford 1669; Ambassador to Paris 1670, 1671 and 1672; Chancellor of the University of Cambridge 1674-74; Keeper of Enfield Chase 1672-75; Lieut General of the Forces 1672-73; a Lord of the Admiralty 1673-74; Grand Master of Freemasons 1674-79 ; a member of the "Cabal" 1667-72


On the death of the 2nd Duke of Buckingham the Barony of Ros fell into abeyance and his other titles became extinct


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