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Portland, Earl of (E, 1689)


Creation: let. pat. 9 Apr 1689


Family name: Bentinck later Cavendish-Bentinck later Bentinck




Azure a Cross Moline Argent


Out of a Ducal Coronet proper two Arms counter embowed vested Gules on the hands Gloves Or each holding an Ostrich Feather Argent


On either side a lion double queued, the dexter Or and the sinister Sable


Craignez Honte (Fear disgrace)



Hans William [Bentinck], 1st Earl of Portland, KG PC

3rd surv. son of Baron Bernard Bentinck, of Diepenheim, Schooheten, etc. in the Province of Overyssel, Province of Deventer, etc., by his wife Anne de Bloemendale, dau. of Hans Hendrik de Bloemendale, Seneschal (Drost) of Vianen


20 Jul 1649

mar. (1)

1 Feb 1677/8 Frances Villiers, a Maid of Honour to the Princess of Orange (d. 30 Nov 1688), sister of Edward [Villiers], 1st Earl of Jersey, and 4th dau. of Sir Edward Villiers, of Richmond, co. Surrey, Knight Marshal of the Household, by his first wife Lady Frances Howard, 5th dau. of Theophilus [Howard], 2nd Earl of Suffolk

children by first wife

1. William Bentinck (b. bef. 3 Mar 1681; dvp. 26 Mar 1688)

2. Hon Henry Bentinck, later 2nd Earl of Portland later 1st Duke of Portland

1. Lady Mary Bentinck (b. 1679; d. 20 Aug 1726), mar. (1) 28 Feb 1698 Algernon [Capell], 2nd Earl of Essex, and (2) Aug 1714 Sir Conyers D'Arcy KB, of Aske, co. York (dsp. 1 Dec 1758), and had issue by her first husband

2. Lady Anne Margaretta Bentinck (b. 1683; d. 3 May 1763), mar. 1701 Baron Arent de Wassenaar, Lord of Devenvoirde, Ambassador from the States General to the Court of St James, and had issue

3. Lady Frances Wilhelmina Bentinck (b. 18 Feb 1684; d. 31 Mar 1712), mar. 19 Dec 1706 as his second wife William [Byron], 4th Baron Byron, and had issue

4. Lady Isabella Bentinck (b. 4 May 1688; d. 23 Feb 1727/8), mar. 2 Aug 1714 Evelyn [Pierrepont], 1st Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull, and had issue

mar. (2)

12 May 1700 Jane Martha Berkeley, Governess to the daughters of King George II (b. 1672; widow of John [Berkeley], 3rd Baron Berkeley of Stratton;  d. 26 Jun 1751), sister of Henry [Temple], 1st Viscount Palmerston, and 6th dau. of Sir John Temple, of East Sheen, co. Surrey, co. Surrey, and Palmerston, co. Dublin, Solicitor-General, Attorney-General and Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, by his wife Jane Yarner, dau. of Sir Abraham Yarner, of Dublin, Muster-Master-General of Ireland

children by second wife

3. Hon William Bentinck, of Rhoon and Pendrecht, Holland, and Terrington St Clements, co. Norfolk, cr. 1732 Count Bentinck by Emperor Charles VI (b. 6 Nov 1704; d. 13 Oct 1774), mar. 1 Jun 1733 Countess Charlotte Sophia of Aldenburg (b. 4 Aug 1715; d. 5 Feb 1800), only dau. and hrss. of Anthony II, Count of Aldenburg, Sovereign Lord of Kniphausen and Varel, by his wife HSH Princess Wilhelmina Maria of Hesse-Homburg, and had issue:

1a. Count Christian Frederick Anthony Bentinck, Sovereign Lord of Kniphausen and Varel (b. 15 Aug 1734; dvp. 1 Apr 1768), mar. 5 Oct 1760 Baroness Mary Catherine de Tuyll de Serooskerken (d. 23 Oct 1793), 1st dau. of Baron John Maximilian de Tuyll de Serooskerken, by his wife Lady Ursula Christina Reiniera van Reede, only dau. of Frederik Christiaan [van Reede], 2nd Earl of Athlone, and had issue:

1b. Count William Gustavus Frederic Bentinck, 2nd Count Bentinck 1774-1835, Sovereign Lord of Kniphausen and Varel (b. 1762; dspml. 22 Oct 1835), mar. (1) 1791 his second cousin Baroness Ottoline Frederica Louisa van Reede-Lynden (d. 1799), dau. of Baron Arent van Reede-Lynden (by his wife Baroness Heijiwig Adrianna Amarente van Lynden), 2nd son of Frederik Willem [van Reede], 4th Earl of Athlone, and (2) 1816 Sarah Margaret Gerdes, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Count William Anthony Bentinck (b. 6 Oct 1799; dvp. 26 Mar 1813)

1c. Countess Maria Antoinetta Charlotte Bentinck (b. 24 Jul 1792; d. 29 Jul 1832), mar. (1) 21 Jun 1822 Count de Rechteren

2c. Countess Ottoline Frederica Louisa Bentinck (b. 7 Aug 1793; d. 15 Nov 1868), mar. 1815 Baron Charles de Nagell

2b. Maj Gen Count John Charles Bentinck (b. 2 Jul 1763; d. 23 Nov 1833), mar. 20 Mar 1785 his second cousin Lady Jemima Helena van Reede (d. 6 Sep 1839), 1st dau. of Frederik Christiaan Reinhart [van Reede], 5th Earl of Athlone, by his wife and cousin Baroness Anna Elisabeth Christina van Tuyll van Serooskerken, dau. of Baron Jan Maximilian van Tuyll van Serooskerken, Lord of Westbroek and Vleuten, by his first wife Lady Ursula Christina Reiniera van Reede, dau. of Frederik Christiaan [van Reede], 2nd Earl of Athlone, and had issue:

1c. HIllH Count William Christian Bentinck, 3rd Count Bentinck 1835-55, Chamberlain to the King of the Netherlands, in 1845 the German Diet recognised the right of the Counts of Bentinck to be a mediatised house and to bear the style of "Most Illustrious Highness" (b. 15 Nov 1787; d. 8 Jun 1855), mar. 16 Apr 1841 Countess Pauline Albertine Münnich (d. 12 Oct 1898), 2nd dau. of Count Münnich, and had issue:

1d. Countess Jacqueline Christine Anne Adelaide Bentinck (b. 4 Jan 1855; d. 12 Dec 1933), mar. 5 Nov 1874 Frederick Magnus, Count of Solms-Wildenfels (d. 25 Nov 1910), and had issue

2c. HIllH Lieut Gen Count Charles Anthony Ferdinand Bentinck, 4th Count Bentinck 1855-64, served in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo, granted permission by Queen Victoria for him and his descendants to bear the title of Count in the United Kingdom (b. 4 Mar 1792; d. 28 Oct 1864), mar. 30 Jan 1846 Countess Caroline Mechtild Emma Charlotte Christina Louisa of Waldeck and Pyrmont (b. 12 May 1859; d. 28 Feb 1899), 1st dau. of HIllH Charles, Count of Waldeck and Pyrmont, and had issue:

1d. HIllH Lt Col Count Henry Charles Adolphus Frederick William Bentinck, 5th Count Bentinck 1864-74, renounced title 1874 (b. 30 Oct 1846; d. 18 Jun 1903), mar. 8 Dec 1874 Henrietta Eliza Cathcart McKerrell (d. 10 Feb 1934), 1st dau. of Robert McKerrell of Hillhouse by his wife Emily Staveley, dau. of Lt Gen William Staveley CB, and had issue:

1e. Capt Count Robert Charles Bentinck (b. 5 Dec 1875; d. 12 Mar 1932), mar. 8 Sep 1915 Lady Norah Ida Emily Noel (b. 4 Jan 1881; d. 23 May 1939), 2nd dau. by his second wife of Charles William Francis [Noel], 3rd Earl of Gainsborough, and had issue:

1f. Count Henry Noel Bentinck, later 11th Earl of Portland

1f. Countess Brydgytte Blanche Bentinck (b. 11 Nov 1916), mar. 2 Feb 1937 Jonkheer Capt Adriaan Hendrik Sibble van der Wyck (d. 1973), and has issue

2e. Rev Count Charles Henry Bentinck KCMG, Envoy to Addis Ababa 1925-26, Peru and Ecuador 1929-33, Sofia 1933 and Prague 1936, Ambassador to Chile 1937-40, ordained 1941, Vicar of West Farleigh, co. Kent 1941-46, Chaplain to HM Forces, Belgium 1947-48 (b. 23 Apr 1879; dsp. 26 Mar 1955), mar. 9 May 1922 Lucy Victoria Buxton, only dau. of Sir Thomas Fowell Victor Buxton, 4th Bt.

3e. Maj Count Henry Duncan Bentinck (b. 24 Jun 1881; d. 15 Sep 1916)

4e. Lt Col Count Arthur William Douglas Bentinck DSO (b. 24 Jul 1887; d. 26 Nov 1962)

1e. Countess Renira Christine Bentinck (b. 6 Nov 1877; d. 22 Apr 1953), mar. 6 Dec 1898 Col Baron Alexander de Heeckeren de Kell CBE, Chamberlain Extraordinary to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (d. 4 Jun 1945), and had issue

2e. Countess Ursula Victoria Henrietta Bentinck (b. 18 Nov 1884; d. 19...)

3e. Countess Naomi Mechtild Henrietta Bentinck (b. 24 Jul 1887; d. 17 Jul 1959)

2d. HIllH Count William Charles Philip Otto Aldenburg-Bentinck, 6th Count Bentinck 1874-1912 (b. 28 Nov 1848; d. 2 Nov 1912), mar. 8 Mar 1877 Baroness Mary Cornelia de Heeckeren de Wassenaer (d. 15 Sep 1912), dau. and cohrss. of Baron Charles de Heeckeren de Wassenaer, Grand Master of the Horse to King William III of the Netherlands, and had issue

3d. Count Charles Renaud Adalbert Bentinck (b. 9 Feb 1853; d. 19 Oct 1934), mar. 28 Sep 1878 (div. 1885) as her first husband his cousin Countess Helena Agnes Alexandrina Amelia Caroline of Waldeck and Pyrmont (d. 5 Mar 1942), only dau. of HIllH Adalbert, Count of Waldeck and Pyrmont, and had issue

4d. Count Godard John George Charles Bentinck, of Amerongen Castle, The Netherlands (b. 3 Aug 1857; d. 4 Jan 1940), mar. 12 Jun 1884 Countess Augustine Wilhelmine Louise Adrienne de Bylandt (d. 27 Jan 1916), dau. of Count Auguste de Bylandt, and had issue

1d. Countess Victoria Mary Frederick Mechtild Bentinck (b. 6 Sep 1863; d. 5 Feb 1949)

3c. Gen Count Henry John William Bentinck KCB, served in the Crimea, Groom-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria (b. 8 Sep 1796; dsp. 29 Sep 1876), mar. 10 Mar 1829 his cousin Renira Antoinette Hawkins-Witshed (d. 23 Sep 1889), only dau. of Admiral Sir James Hawkins-Witshed, 1st Bt. GCB, by his wife Countess Sophia Henrietta Bentinck, 1st dau. of Count John Albert Bentinck, of Terrington St Clements, co. Norfolk

1c. Countess Antoinette Wilhelmina Jane Bentinck

2a. Capt Count John Albert Bentinck RN, of Terrington St Clements, co. Norfolk (b. 29 Dec 1737; d. 23 Sep 1775), mar. 17 Jul 1763 Baroness Renita de Tuyll de Serooskerken (d. 1792), 2nd dau. of Baron John de Tuyll de Serooskerken, by his wife Lady Ursula Christine de Reede-Ginkel, dau. of Frederik Christiaan [van Reede], 2nd Earl of Athlone, and had issue

4. Hon Charles John Bentinck (b. 2 Jun 1708; dsp. 18 Mar 1779), mar. 11 Jan 1739 Lady Margaret Cadogan, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of William [Cadogan], 1st Earl Cadogan

5. Lady Sophia Bentinck (d. 5 Jun 1741), mar. 24 Mar 1728 as his second wife Henry [Grey], 1st Duke of Kent, and had issue

6. Lady Elizabeth Adriana Bentinck (d. 1765), mar. 18 Dec 1720 Rt Rev & Hon Henry Egerton DD, Bishop of Hereford (d. 1 Apr 1746), 5th son by his second wife of John [Egerton], 3rd Earl of Bridgewater, and had issue

7. Lady Harriet Bentinck (d. 10 Jun 1792), mar. 15 Oct 1728 James [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Clanbrassill, and had issue

8. Lady Barbara Bentinck (dsp. 13 Apr 1736), mar. 18 Feb 1733/4 s his first wife Francis [Godolphin], 2nd Baron Godolphin


23 Nov 1709


9 Apr 1689 Baron Cirencester, Viscount Woodstock and Earl of Portland

suc. by

son by first wife


Page of Honour to William, Prince of Orange 1664; Nobleman of the Chamber 1672; Bailiff of Breda 1674 and of Lingen 1675; Envoy to England 1677, 1683 and 1685; Verderer of Holland 1681; Sergeant-Major-General of Cavalry 1683; accompanied William III to England 1688; Groom of the Stole and First Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1688/9; Keeper of the Privy Purse 1688/9-1700; Privy Councillor 1688/9-1701/2; Superintendent of the Royal Gardens 1689; Lieut General of Horse and Foot 1689 taking part in the campaigns in Ireland and Flanders 1690-95; Knight of the Garter 1696/7; Ranger of Windsor Great Park 1697 and of Windsor Little Park 1698/9; General of Horse 1697; Ambassador to Paris 1698; King's Commissioner to sign the First Partition Treaty 1698; principal negotiator of the Second Partition Treaty 1699/1700; unsuccessfully impeached by the House of Commons 1701


Henry [Bentinck], 2nd Earl of Portland later 1st Duke of Portland


6 Jul 1715 Marquess of Titchfield and Duke of Portland


The Earldom of Portland was held by the Dukes of Portland from 6 July 1715 until 30 Jul 1990, when on the death of Victor Frederick William [Cavendish-Bentinck], 9th Duke of Portland, 10th Earl of Portland, etc. the Dukedom of Portland became extinct and the Earldom of Portland was inherited by his kinsman,


Henry Noel [Bentinck], 11th Earl of Portland


2 Oct 1919

mar. (1)

13 Oct 1940 Pauline Mellowes (b. 15 Oct 1921; d. 11 Jan 1967), 3rd dau. of Frank Wilford Mellowes, of Sheffield, co. York and later of Hendon, London, by his wife Doris Watts, 1st dau. of John Robert Watts, of Sheffield, co. York.

children by first wife

1. Hon Timothy Charles Robert Noel Bentinck, later 12th Earl of Portland

1. Lady Sorrel Deirdre Bentinck (b. 22 Feb 1942), mar. 24 Jun 1972 (div. 1988) Sir John Philip Lister Lister-Kaye, 8th Bt., and has issue

2. Lady Anna Cecilia Bentinck (b. 18 May 1947), mar. (1) 24 Jul 1965 (div. 1974) Jasper Hamilton Holmes, only son of Cdr Cecil Holmes, of Little Basing, co. Hampshire, and (2) 1975 (div. 1977) Nicholas George Spafford Vester, and has issue by Arnold George Francis Cragg, son of Rt Rev Kenneth Cragg, Assistant Bishop in the Oxford Diocese

mar. (2)

23 Feb 1974 Jenifer Hopkins (b. c. 1938; d. 23 Mar 2016), only dau. of Reginald Hopkins, of London


30 Jan 1997

suc. by

son by first wife


Timothy Charles Robert Noel [Bentinck], 12th Earl of Portland


1 Jun 1953


Sep 1979 Judith Ann Emerson (b. 10 Oct 1952), dau. of John Robert Emerson, of Cheadle, co. Stafford, by his wife Mary Elizabeth Graham


1. Hon William Jack Henry Bentinck, styled Viscount Woodstock (b. 19 May 1984)

2. Hon Jasper James Mellowes Bentinck (b. 12 Jun 1988)


actor as "Tim Bentinck"; Count of the Holy Roman Empire (cr. 1732)


 Last updated 6 Jul 2020




12th Earl of Portland

(England, let. pat. 9 Apr 1689)

12th Viscount Woodstock

(England, let. pat. 9 Apr 1689)

12th Baron Cirencester

(England, let. pat. 9 Apr 1689)

Mediatised Count of the Holy Roman Empire

(by Emperor Charles VI, 1732)



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