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Dudley, Baron (E, 1439/40)


Creation: writ sum. 15 Feb 1439/40


Family name: Sutton later Ward later Smith later Wallace later Hamilton later Wallace




Image kindly supplied by Martin Goldstraw Esq



Quarterly of six:1st: Gules semy of Fleurs-de-lis Or a Lion rampant argent within a Bordure company Azure and Argent (Wallace); 2nd: Azure two Bars nebuly Argent each charged with as many Crescents Sable a Chief Or issuant therefrom a Demi-Lion Sable (Dudley); 3rd: Azure two Bars wavy Ermine a Chief Or issuant therefrom a Demi-Lion Sable (Smith); 4th: Argent on a Pale between two Leopards' Faces Sable three Crescents Or (Lea); 5th: Chequy Or and Azure a Bend Ermine (Ward); 6th: Or a Lion rampant double queued Vert (Sutton)


(On a wreath Argent and Gules) issuing from her nest a Pelican in her piety wings inverted proper all within a Laurel Wreath Vert


On either side a Lion double-queued Vert armed and langued Gules ducally gorged and lined Or


Dieu Donne (God gives)



The great-great-grandfather of the 1st Baron Dudley, John Sutton, of Dudley Castle, co. Warwick, was sum. to Parliament by a writ on 25 Feb 1341/2, directed to "Johanni de Sutton de Dudeley".  However, despite the fact that he lived for a further 17 years, the writ to him was never repeated, nor to his son, grandson, or great-grandson.  Whether the original writ created an hereditary dignity is a moot point and the origin of the present Barony of Dudley is generally taken to be the writ of 15 Feb 1439/40.


John [Sutton], 1st Baron Dudley, KG

son and heir of Sir John Sutton, of Dudley Castle, co .Warwick, by his wife Constance Hastings, widow of Sir Hugh Hastings, of Elsing, co. Norfolk, de jure 7th Baron Hastings, and 2nd dau. of Sir Walter Blount KG, of Barton Blount, Alkmanton and Sapperton, co. Derby, by his wife Sancha de Toledo, dau. of Don Diego Gomez de Toledo, Alcalde of Toledo


25 Dec 1400


Elizabeth Cherleton (widow of Edward [Cherleton], 5th Baron Cherleton;  d. shortly bef. 8 Dec 1478; bur. in St James's Priory, Dudley), dau. of Sir John Berkeley, of Beverstone, co. Gloucester, by his first wife Elizabeth Betteshorne, dau. of Sir John Betteshorne


1. Sir Edmund Sutton (dvp. after 6 Jul 1483), mar. (1) Joyce Tiptoft (d. 1485), aunt and cohrss. in her issue of Edward [Tiptoft], 2nd Earl of Worcester, and 3rd dau. of John [Tiptoft], 1st Baron Tiptoft, by his second wife Joyce Cherleton, 2nd dau. and cohrss. by his first wife of Edward [Cherleton], 5th Baron Cherleton, and had issue:

1a. Sir Edward Sutton, later 2nd Baron Dudley

2a. Sir John Sutton, of Aston le Walls, co. Northampton, mar. Margaret Clarell, and had issue:

1b. Margaret Sutton (d. 1563), mar. John Butler, of Aston le Walls, co. Northampton (d. 1558), and had issue

1a. Joyce Sutton, mar. Sir Edward Benstead

Sir Edmund Sutton mar. (2) Maude Harington (widow of Sir John Harington), 2nd dau. of Thomas [de Clifford], 8th Baron de Clifford, by his wife Joan Dacre, 1st dau. of Thomas [Dacre], 8th Baron Dacre, and had further issue:

3a. Thomas Sutton, of Yeanwith, mar. Grace Threkeld, dau. and cohrss. of Lancelot Threkeld, of Yeanwith, and had issue

4a. Rev Richard Sutton

5a. Robert Sutton (dsp.)

6a. Rev George Sutton LLD, Rector of Aston, co. Warwick (bur. 6 Jan 1563)

2a. Jane Sutton (d. 1500), mar. as his first wife Sir William Middleton, of Stockeld, co. York, and had issue

3a. Alice Sutton, mar. Sir John Ratcliff, of Ordsal, co. Lancaster (d. 2 Feb 1527)

4a. Dorothy Sutton, mar. (1) Sir John Musgrove, and (2) Richard Wrottesley, of Wrottesley, co. Stafford, Sheriff of Staffordshire 1492, 1502 and 1516 (d. 1521), 1st son and heir of Sir Walter Wrottesley, of Wrottesley, co. Stafford, by his wife Jane Baron, dau. and hrss. of William Baron, of Reading, co. Berkshire, and had issue by her second husband

2. John Sutton later Dudley, of Atherington in Climping, co. Sussex, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex 1484-85 (bur. 1501 in Arundel Church, co. Surrey), mar. Elizabeth Bramshot, dau. and cohrss. of John Bramshot, of Gatcombe, Calbourne and Whitwell in the Isle of Wight, and had issue:

1a. Edmund Dudley, Speaker of the House of Commons and Minister of King Henry VIII (beh. 28 Aug 1510), mar. (1) Anne Windsor, sister of Andrews [Windsor], 1st Baron Windsor, and dau. of Thomas Windsor, of Stanwell, co. Middlesex, Constable of Windsor Castle, by his wife Elizabeth Andrews, 1st dau. and cohrss. of John Andrews, of Baylham, co. Suffolk, and had issue:

1b. Elizabeth Dudley (d. betw. 13 Nov 1558 and 19 Aug 1560), mar. (1) William [Stourton], 7th Baron Stourton, and (2) bef. 4 Jul 1550 Edward Ludlow, and had issue by her first husband

Edmund Dudley mar. (2) Elizabeth Grey, dau. of Edward [Grey], 1st Viscount Lisle, by his wife Elizabeth Talbot, suo jure Baroness Lisle, sister and eventual sole hrss. of Thomas [Talbot], 2nd Viscount Lisle, and 2nd dau. of John [Talbot], 1st Viscount Lisle, and had further issue:

1b. Sir John Dudley, later 1st Viscount Lisle later 1st Earl of Warwick later 1st Duke of Northumberland

2b. Sir Andrew Dudley, a supporter of Lady Jane Grey (beh. 1553)

3b. Jerome Dudley

3. Rt Rev William Sutton, Bishop of Durham 1476-83

4. Oliver Sutton (d. betw. 22 Jul 1469 and 29 Nov 1469), mar. Katherine Nevill, 2nd dau. of George [Nevill], 1st Lord Latymer, by his wife Lady Elizabeth de Beauchamp, 3rd dau. by his first wife of Richard [de Beauchamp], 13th Earl of Warwick, and had issue

1. Margaret Sutton, mar. George Longueville

2. Jane Sutton, mar. Thomas Mainwaring, of Ightfield

3. Eleanor Sutton, mar. (1) Sir Henry Beaumont, of Wednesbury, co. Stafford, and (2) George Stanley, of West Bromwich, co. Stafford


30 Sep 1487 (bur. in St James's Priory, Dudley)


by writ of summons 15 Feb 1439/40 Baron Dudley

suc. by



carried the Standard at the funeral of King Henry V 1422; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1428-30; Constable of Clun Castle 1435; in the wars with France; taken prisoner with King Henry VI at the Battle of St Albans 1455; Knight of the Garter 1459; Steward of the Lordship of Montgomery 1459/60; Constable of Wigmore Castle 1460; Constable of the Tower of London 1470-83; Joint Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth Wydville


Edward [Sutton], 2nd Baron Dudley, KG


c. 1459


Cicely Willoughby, dau. of Sir William Willoughby, of Boston, co. Lincoln, by his wife Joan Strangways, dau. and cohrss. of Sir Thomas Strangways, by his wife Lady Catherine Nevill, 2nd dau. of Ralph [de Nevill], 1st Earl of Westmorland, by his second wife Lady Joan Ferrers, widow of Robert [Ferrers], 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wemme, and legitimated dau. of John [Plantagenet], 1st Duke of Lancaster (by his mistress and later third wife Katharine Swynford, widow of Sir Hugh Swynford, of Kettlethorpe, co. Lincoln, and 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Payne de Roet, Guienne King of Arms), 4th son of King Edward III


1. Hon Sir John Sutton, later 3rd Baron Dudley

2. Rev Hon Arthur Sutton, Prebendary of Worcester

3. Hon Geoffrey Sutton, mar. Eleanor Talbot, dau. of Sir Gilbert Talbot, and had issue (see Dudley of Russell's Hall)

4. Hon Thomas Sutton, possibly ancestor of the Dudleys of Massachusetts

5. Hon George Sutton

1. Hon Elizabeth Sutton

2. Hon Alice Sutton

3. Hon Eleanor Sutton (dsp. bef. 1549), mar. (1) as his third wife Charles [Somerset], 1st Earl of Worcester, and (2) as his second wife Leonard [Grey], 1st Viscount Grane

4. Hon Joyce Sutton (d. 1586), mar. as his second wife John Leighton MP, of Wattlesborough Castle, co. Shropshire, Esquire of the Body to King Henry VIII (d. 1532), 1st son of Sir Thomas Leighton MP, of Wattlesborough Castle, co. Shropshire, by his wife Elizabeth Ferrers, dau. of Walter [Devereux], 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley, by his wife Anne Ferrers, suo jure Baroness Ferrers of Chartley, and had issue

5. Hon Joan Sutton (d. Aug 1539), mar. 1514 Sir Thomas Fiennes (dvp. 26 Oct 1528), 1st son and heir ap. of Thomas [Fiennes], 8th Baron Dacre, by his wife Anne Bourchier, dau. of Sir Humphrey Bourchier, and had issue

6. Hon Margaret Sutton (d. bef. 11 May 1525), mar. (1) John [Grey], 3rd Baron Grey of Powis, and (2) Robert Sutton, of Burton-by-Lincoln, co. Lincoln (d. 16 or 25 Nov 1545; bur. in Burton Church), and had issue by both husbands

7. Hon Catharine Sutton, mar. Sir George Gresley, of Drakelow, co. Derby


31 Jan 1531/2

suc. by



Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 1487; Knight of the Garter 1509


John [Sutton], 3rd Baron Dudley




after 30 Oct 1501 Lady Cecily Grey (bur. 28 Apr 1554; bur. in St Margaret's Church, Westminster), 1st dau. of Thomas [Grey], 1st Marquess of Dorset, by his wife Cecilia Bonville, suo jure Baroness Harington and Bonville, only child of William [Bonville], 6th Baron Harington and 2nd Baron Bonville


1. Hon Sir Edward Sutton, later 4th Baron Dudley

2. Hon Henry Sutton (d. c. 1570), mar. Anne Ashton, dau. of Sir Christopher Ashton

3. Hon George Sutton, a soldier at Calais

4. Hon Thomas Sutton (b.1539; d. 1574), mar., and had issue

1. Hon Maud Sutton, mar. Ralph Josceline

2. Hon Margaret Sutton, mar. William Guibon


18 Sep 1553 (bur. in St Margaret's Church, Westminster)

suc. by



knighted 1513; sold Dudley Castle to his cousin Sir John Dudley, later Duke of Northumberland, 1537; having sold or given away his estates, he was often referred to as "the Lord Quondam" and in 1538 his wife wrote that she was dependent for meat and drink on the charity of the Prioress of Nuneaton


Edward [Sutton], 4th Baron Dudley



mar. (1)

1556 Hon Katharine Brydges , Gentlewoman to Queen Mary (bur.spm. 23 Apr 1566 in St Edmund's Church, Dudley), 1st dau. of John [Brydges], 1st Baron Chandos, by his wife Hon Elizabeth de Grey, only dau. of Edmund [de Grey], 9th Baron Grey of Wilton

only child by first wife

1. Hon Agnes Sutton, mar. (1) Francis Throckmorton, and (2) Thomas Wylmer, barrister-at-law

mar. (2)

1566 or 1567 Lady Jane Stanley (bur. 4 Sep 1569 in St Edmund's Church, Dudley), dau. of Edward [Stanley], 3rd Earl of Derby, by his first wife Lady Dorothy Howard, dau. by his second wife of Thomas [Howard], 2nd Duke of Norfolk

children by second wife

1. Hon Edward Sutton, later 5th Baron Dudley

2. Hon John Sutton MP, of Compton Hallows, co. Stafford (bapt. 30 Nov 1569; d. 1645), mar. Elizabeth Whorwood, dau. of Thomas Whorwood, of Compton Hallows, co. Stafford, and had issue

mar. (3)

Hon Mary Howard (mar. (2) as his first wife Richard Mompesson, of Wiltshire;  d. 21 Aug 1600; bur. in St Margaret's Church, Westminster), 1st dau. of Charles [Howard], 1st Baron Howard of Effingham, by his second wife Margaret Gamage, 2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Gamage, of Colty, co. Glamorgan


12 Aug 1586 (bur. in St Margaret's Church, Westminster)

suc. by

son by second wife


served in the Scottish Wars 1547 under the Lord Protector, the Duke of Somerset; Governor of Hume Castle; knighted at the coronation of Queen Mary 1553; his ancestral estates were restored to him in 1554 following the attainder of the Duke of Northumberland, and Dudley Castle in 1555; Lieutenant of Hammes Castle, Picardy 1556-58; visited at Dudley Castle by Queen Elizabeth I 1575


Edward [Sutton], 5th Baron Dudley


17 Sep 1567


12 Jun 1581 Theodosia Harington (bur. 12 Jan 1649/50 in St Margaret's Church, Westminster), sister of John [Harington], 1st Baron Harington of Exton, and 2nd dau. of Sir James Harington, of Exton, co. Rutland, by his wife Lucy Sydney, 3rd dau. of Sir William Sydney, of Penshurst, co. Kent


1. Hon Sir Ferdinando Sutton KB (b. 1588; dvp. and spm. 22 Nov 1621; bur. in St Margaret's Church, Westminster), mar. 9 Jul 1610 Hon Honora Seymour (bur. 23 Mar 1620 in St Edmund's Church, Dudley), only dau. of Hon Edward Seymour, styled Lord Beauchamp (by his wife Honora Rogers, dau. of Sir Richard Rogers, of Bryanston, co. Devon), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of Edward [Seymour], 1st Earl of Hertford, and had issue:

1a. Hon Frances Sutton, later suo jure Baroness Dudley

1. Hon Mary Sutton (b. 2 Oct 1586; d. 24 May 1645), mar. bef. 28 Jun 1607 as his second wife Alexander [Home], 1st Earl of Home, and had issue

2. Hon Anne Sutton (d. 31 Dec 1615), mar. Apr 1615 Count Hans Meinhard von Schönberg, Court Marshal of the Elector Palatine and his Ambassador to England (d. Aug 1616), and had issue

3. Hon Margaret Sutton, mar. Sir Miles Hobart MP, of Halford, co. Buckingham (dsp. 29 Jun 1632)

4. Hon Theodosia Sutton


s.p.m.s. 23 Jun 1643 (bur. in St Edmund's Church, Dudley)

suc. by



High Steward of Norwich Cathedral 1631-35


Hon Frances Sutton later Ward, suo jure Baroness Dudley


23 Jul 1611


17 Feb 1628 Humble [Ward], 1st Baron Ward


1. Hon Edward Ward, later 2nd Baron Ward later 7th Baron Dudley

2. Hon William Ward, of Willingsworth, co. Stafford (d. 1713), mar. Anne Parker, dau. of William Parker, of Willingsworth, co. Stafford, and had issue:

1a. William Ward MP, of Willingsworth and Sedgeley Park, co. Stafford (d. 25 Oct 1720), mar. Mary Grey, only dau. of Hon John Grey, of Enville Hall, co. Stafford (by his first wife Mary Wollryche, dau. of Sir Francis Wollryche, of Dudmaston, co. Shropshire), 3rd son of Henry [Grey], 1st Earl of Stamford, and had issue:

1b. John Ward, later 6th Baron Ward later 1st Viscount Dudley and Ward

2b. Rev William Ward, Rector of Himley and Kingswinford, co. Stafford (d. 21 Jul 1758), mar. Elizabeth Hawkes, dau. of John Hawkes, and had issue:

1c. Humble Ward (d. 1785), mar. Susanna Beecroft, and had issue:

1d. William Humble Ward, later 10th Baron Ward

1c. Frances Ward (d. 4 Mar 1812; bur. at Staunton Harold, co. Leicester), mar. 24 Jul 1781 as his first wife Washington [Shirley], 8th Earl Ferrers, and had issue

1a. Frances Ward, mar. after 15 May 1695 Robert Pigott, of Chetwynd, co. Shropshire, Sheriff of Shropshire 1697, and had issue

2a. Jane Ward, mar. Daniel Jevon

3a. Rebecca Ward

1. Hon Honora Ward (b. 1636; d. 18 Jul 1699), mar. William Dilke, of Maxstoke Castle, co. Warwick (d. 31 Aug 1669), and had issue

2. Hon Frances Ward, mar. 9 Jul 1672 as his second wife Sir William Noel, 2nd Bt., of Kirkby Mallory, co. Leicester, and had issue

3. Hon Theodosia Sutton (bapt. 15 May 1642; bur. 18 Jan 1678/9), mar. (1) bef. 1664 Sir Thomas Brereton, 2nd Bt., of Honford, co. Chester, and (2) bef. Feb 1677 Charles Brereton, and had issue by her second husband


11 Aug 1697 (bur. at Himley, co. Stafford)

suc. by



raised to the rank of a Baron's dau. 24 Jun 1635


Edward [Ward], 2nd Baron Ward later 7th Baron Dudley




Frances Brereton (bur. 21 Nov 1676 at Himley, co. Stafford), sister and hrss. of Sir Thomas Brereton, 2nd Bt., of Honford, co. Chester, and 1st dau. of Gen Sir William Brereton, 1st Bt., of Honford, co. Chester, by his first wife Susan Booth, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Sir George Booth, 1st Bt., of Dunham Massey, co. Chester


1. Hon John Ward (dvp. 1675)

2. Hon William Ward (b. 1660; bur. vp. 16 May 1692), mar. Frances Dilke, dau. of William Dilke, of Maxstone Castle, co. Warwick, and had issue:

1a. Edward Ward, later 8th Baron Dudley and 3rd Baron Ward

2a. John Ward (bur. 29 Jul 1696)

3a. William Ward, later 10th Baron Dudley and 5th Baron Ward

1a. Frances Ward (b. 5 Dec 1688; d. 24 Jan 1737)), mar. 12 Nov 1709 William Lea, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester (b. c. 1677; d. 31 Jan 1741), only son of John Lea, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester, by his wife Mary Deely, dau. of William Deely, of Warley-Wigorn, and had issue:

1b. Ferdinando Dudley Lea, later 11th Baron Dudley

2b. William Lea (bapt. 15 May 1722; bur. 29 May 1743)

1b. Anne Lea, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester, assumed the title of Baroness Dudley on her brother's death (bapt. 24 Mar 1714; d. 29 Apr 1762; bur. in Halesowen Church, co. Shropshire), mar. after 18 May 1737 her second cousin William Smith, of Stoke Prior and Ridgeware, co. Worcester (b. c. 1713; d. 19 May 1784; bur. in Halesowen Church, co. Shropshire), only son of Jacob Smith, of Stoke Prior and Ridgacre, co. Worcester, by his wife Elizabeth Lowe, dau. of Humphrey Lowe, of Warley, co. Shropshire, by his wife Joice Lea, 1st dau. of John Lea, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester, and had issue:

1c. Harry Grey Smith (dvp. 21 Mar 1760)

2c. Ferdinando Smith, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester (bapt. 23 Jan 1747; bur. 13 Jan 1794/5), mar. 27 Dec 1774 Elizabeth Lyttelton (bur. 21 Sep 1805), dau. of Humphrey Lyttelton, and had issue:

1d. Lt Col Ferdinando Smith JP DL, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester (b. 26 Mar 1779; d. 20 Jul 1841), mar. (1) 1 Jul 1802 Eloisa Knudson (dsp. 14 Feb 1805), dau .and cohrss. of Maj Gen St George Knudson HEICS, and (2) 5 Oct 1830 Elizabeth Grazebrook (d. 23 Jan 1875), 4th dau. of Michael Grazebrook, of Audnam, co. Stafford, and had issue by his second wife:

1e. Capt Ferdinando Dudley Lea Smith JP DL, of Halesowen Grange, co. Worcester, High Sheriff of Staffordshire 1860 (bapt. 15 Jun 1834; d. 8 Feb 1905), mar. 23 Feb 1865 Amy Sophia Leigh (d. 10 Jun 1884), 2nd dau. of James Heath Leigh, of Belmont Hall, co. Chester, by his wife Frances Mosley, 3rd dau. of Sir Oswald Mosley, 2nd Bt., of Rolleston Hall, co. Stafford, and had issue:

1f. Ferdinando Dudley William Lea Smith, later 12th Baron Dudley

2f. Charles Edward Lea Smith (b. 23 Nov 1874; dvp. 6 Dec 1874)

1f. Lilian Amy Lea Smith

2e. Lieut William Lea Smith (b. 27 Feb 1836; d. 5 Feb 1880)

2d. Capt William Smith (b. 24 Jun 1785; d. in India 4 May 1824)

3d. Lieut Henry Lyttelton Smith (b. 1787; d. unm. in India)

1d. Elizabeth Smith (dsp. 1806), mar. Joseph Carruthers, of Halesowen, co. Worcester

2d. Amelia Smith (d. unm.)

3d. Frances Maria Smith (d. after 1839)

4d. Harriet Smith (d. unm.)

5d. Frances Caroline Smith (b. 1783; d. 8 Jul 1852), mar. Dec 1803 Capt Marcus John Annesley, of Oakley Park, co. Down (b. 1782; d. 15 Oct 1858), and had issue

6d. Matilda Smith (d. after 1839)

7d. Louisa Smith (d. unm.)

8d. Selina Smith (d. unm.)

1c. Frances Smith, mar. her cousin Walter Woodcock (bur. sp. 1 Mar 1821), 1st son of Walter Woodcock JP, of Albrighton, co. Shropshire, by his wife Frances Lea, sister of Ferdinando Dudley [Lea], 11th Baron Dudley

2c. Anne Smith, mar. 1766 Edward Baker, of Hill Court and Grafton Flyford, co. Worcester

3c. Mary Smith (bur. 19 Feb 1826)

2b. Frances Lea (bapt. 12 Apr 1717; d. 9 Mar 1800), mar. 8 Dec 1740 Walter Woodcock JP, of Albrighton, co. Shropshire, and had issue

3b. Mary Lea (bapt. 19 Jun 1723; bur. s.p. 14 Apr 1742), mar. 2 Aug 1741 Dr Joseph Harvey, of Stourbridge, co. Worcester, and had issue

4b. Catherine Lea (bapt. 8 Feb 1726/7), mar. (1) 16 Nov 1744 Thomas Jordan, gunsmith, of Birmingham, co. Warwick, and (2) Henry Turner, of Stowell, Birmingham, co. Warwick, and had issue by both husbands

5b. Elizabeth Lea (bapt. 23 Feb 1728/9; bur. 29 Jul 1765), mar. 14 Jul 1759 Rev Benjamin Briscoe, Rector of Staunton, co. Worcester, and had issue

3. Hon Ferdinando Ward (d. 1717)

1. Hon Catherine Ward, mar. 21 Nov 1683 Hon John Grey, of Enville Hall, co. Stafford, and had issue

2. Lettice Ward (dvp. an infant)

3. Hon Humbletta Ward, mar. Thomas Porter


3 Aug 1701 (bur. at Himley, co. Stafford)

suc. by



suc. his father 14 Oct 1670 as 2nd Baron Ward


Edward [Ward], 8th Baron Dudley amd 3rd Baron Ward


20 Dec 1683


9 Apr 1703 Diana Howard (d. 17 Mar 1709; bur. at Ashtead, co. Surrey), only dau .and hrss. of Thomas Howard, Teller of the Exchequer, of Ashtead, co. Surrey (by his wife Lady Diana Newport, 3rd dau. of Francis [Newport], 1st Earl of Bradford), only son of Hon Sir Robert Howard, of Vasterne, co. Wiltshire, Auditor of the Exchequer, 6th son of Thomas [Howard], 1st Earl of Berkshire

only child

1. Hon Edward Ward, later 9th Baron Dudley and 4th Baron Ward


28 Mar 1704 (bur. at Himley, co. Stafford)

suc. by



Edward [Ward], 9th Baron Dudley and 4th Baron Ward


16 Jun 1704


6 Sep 1731 (bur. at Ashtead, co. Surrey)

suc. by



William [Ward], 10th Baron Dudley and 5th Baron Ward


16 Oct 1685


21 May 1740 (bur. at Himley, co. Stafford)

suc. by

nephew in the Barony of Dudley only


on his death the Barony of Ward together with the Castle and lands of Dudley devolved on his cousin and heir male John [Ward], 6th Baron Ward later 1st Viscount Dudley and Ward


Ferdinando Dudley [Lea], 11th Baron Dudley


14 Sep 1710


21 Oct 1757 (bur. in Halesowen Church, co. Shropshire)


On the death of the 11th Baron Dudley the Barony of Dudley fell into abeyance between his four surviving sisters and coheiresses:  Hon Anne Smith, Hon Frances Woodcock, Hon Catherine Jordan, and Hon Elizabeth Lea.  The abeyance was terminated on 9 May 1916 after almost 159 years in favour of the senior co-heir:


Ferdinando Dudley William Lea [Smith], 12th Baron Dudley


4 Apr 1872


3 Feb 1904 Sybil Augusta Coventry (d. 5 Nov 1958), 2nd dau. of Rev Canon Henry William Coventry, Rector of Severn Stoke, co. Worcester (by his wife Leila Louisa Colquitt-Craven, 2nd dau. of G C Colquitt-Craven, of Brockhampton Park, co. Gloucester), 2nd son of Hon William James Coventry (by his wife Mary Laing, dau. of James Laing), 2nd son by his second wife of George William [Coventry], 7th Earl of Coventry


1. Hon Ferdinando Dudley Henry Lea Smith, later 13th Baron Dudley

1. Hon Barbara Amy Felicity Smith, later suo jure Baroness Dudley


5 Dec 1936

suc. by



Ferdinando Dudley Henry Lea [Smith], 13th Baron Dudley


18 Jun 1910


Jul 1941 (div. 1965) Kirsten Laura Hedvig Albrechtsen, dau. of Lars Anton Albrechtsen, of Vibsig, Denmark


s.p. 19 Apr 1972



Hon Barbara Amy Felicity Smith later Wallace later Hamilton, suo jure Baroness Dudley


23 Apr 1907

mar. (1)

22 Aug 1929 Guy Raymond Hill Wallace (d. 16 Mar 1967), yst. son of Gen Hill Wallace CB, of The Pool House, Astley, co. Worcester

children by first husband

1. Hon Jim Anthony Hill Wallace, later 15th Baron Dudley

2. Hon Robin Guy Hill Wallace, of Pond House, Powick, co. Worcester (b. 19 Mar 1936), mar. 2 Jan 1959 Jill Alexandra Williams, dau. of Herbert Williams, of High Tree House, Leintwardine, co. Hereford, and has issue

3. Hon William John Sutton Wallace, of Beachmount House, Shoulton, co. Worcester (b. 9 Jan 1938), mar. 27 Apr 1962 Jean Carol Ann Shipton, dau. of Albert Edward Shipton, and has issue

1. Hon Felicity Lilla Wallace (b. 14 Feb 1944), mar. 29 Jul 1967 Philip Neil Faram, of Heath Hill, Upton-on-Severn, co. Hereford, and has issue

mar. (2)

22 Feb 1980 Charles Anthony Crosse Hamilton


27 May 2002

suc. by

son by first husband


Jim Anthony Hill [Wallace], 15th Baron Dudley


9 Nov 1930


16 Jun 1962 Nicola Jane Dunsterville, dau. of Lt Col Philip William Edward Leslie Dunsterville


1. Hon Jeremy William Guilford Wallace (b. 12 Sep 1964)

2. Hon Nicholas John Hill Wallace (b. 31 Jan 1967), mar. 1999 Rebecca Helen L Turney (b. 1974), dau. of Rowland M H V Turney, of Brighton, co. East Sussex, by his wife Pamela A Shirley, and has issue


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15th Baron Dudley

(England, writ sum. 15 Feb 1439/40)



Little Grange, Napleton, Kempsey, Worcestershire WR5 3PY



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