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Worcester, Earl of (E, 1513/4)


Creation: let.pat. 1 Feb 1613/4


Family name: Somerset




The arms of Henry [Somerset], 2nd Earl of Worcester, from his tomb in St Mary's Priory Church,

Chepstow, co. Monmouth. Note the placing of the Beaufort arms on a fess to show the illegitimacy

of his father, the 1st Earl of Worcester. The second and third quarterings (Herbert and Wydville)

are inherited from the 2nd Earl's mother, Lady Elizabeth Herbert.



See Duke of Beaufort



Charles [Somerset], jure uxoris Baron Herbert later 1st Earl of Worcester, KG PC

illegitimate son of Henry [Beaufort], 2nd Duke of Somerset, by his mistress, Joan Hill


c. 1460

mar. (1)

2 Jun 1472 Lady Elizabeth Herbert, suo jure Baroness Herbert (d. between 29 Jan 1508/9 and 21 Mar 1512/3; bur. in St George's Chapel, Windsor), only dau. and hrss. of William [Herbert], 2nd Earl of Pembroke later 1st Earl of Huntingdon, by his first wife Lady Mary Wydville, sister and cohrss. of Richard [Wydville], 3rd Earl Rivers, and 5th dau. of Richard [Wydville], 1st Earl Rivers

children by first wife

1. Henry Somerset, later 4th Baron Herbert later 2nd Earl of Worcester

1. Lady Elizabeth Somerset, mar. (1) Sir John Savage, of Rocksavage, co. Chester, and had issue, and (2) William Brereton

mar. (2)

Elizabeth West, dau. of Thomas [West], 8th Baron de la Warr, by his first wife Elizabeth Mortimer, dau. of Hugh Mortimer, of Mortimer's Hall, co. Hampshire

children by second wife

2. Sir Charles Somerset

3. Sir George Somerset

1. Lady Mary Somerset, mar. (1) William [Grey], 13th Baron Grey of Wilton, and (2) as his first wife Robert Carre, 3rd son of Robert Carre, of Sleaford, co. Lincoln, and had issue by her first husband

mar. (3)

Eleanor Sutton (mar. (2) as his second wife Leonard [Grey], 1st Viscount Grane; dsp. bef. 1549), 3rd dau. of Edward [Sutton], 2nd Baron Dudley, by his wife Cecily Willoughby, dau. of Sir William Willoughby


15 Apr 1526 (bur. in St George's Chapel, Windsor)


1 Feb 1513/4 Earl of Worcester

suc. by

son by first wife


knighted 1485; Capt of the Yeomen of the Guard 1485/6; Constable of Helmsley Castle 1487; fought in the Battle of Stoke 1487; Captain and Admiral of the Fleet 1488; ; at the Siege of Boulogne 1492; Knight Banneret 1497; Knight of the Garter 1498; Privy Councillor and Vice Chamberlain of the Household 1498; Steward of Ewyas Lacy and of Monmouth 1503; Constable of Pains Castle and of Montgomery Castle 1504; Ambassador to France 1505; generally stated to have been created by letters patent dated 26 Nov 1506 "Baron Herbert of Raglan, Chepstow and Gower" but "no enrolment of this patent....has been found bearing on this creation"; sum. to Parliament in his wife's barony 17 Oct 1509 and 28 Nov 1511;  Lord Chamberlain of the Household to Henry VII 1508-09 and to Henry VIII 1509-26; Constable of Ruthin Castle. of Monmouth Castle and of the Three Castles 1509; Sheriff of Glamorganshire and Constable of Cardiff Castle 1509; Joint Steward of the Liberties of the Archbishop of Canterbury 1509; Chief Steward of the Lordship of Abergavenny and Constable of Abergavenny Castle 1510; Joint Steward of Woking 1511; took part in the French campaign 1513; joint Steward and Constable of Usk Castle and of Dynas Castle 1514; Chancellor and Chief Forester of Glamorgan 1515


Henry [Somerset], 4th Baron Herbert later 2nd Earl of Worcester



mar. (1)

Jul 1520 his second cousin Lady Margaret Courtenay (d. bef. 15 Apr 1526), dau. of William [Courtenay], 1st Earl of Devon (cr. 1511), by his wife Lady Katherine Plantagenet, 6th dau. of King Edward IV, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Grey, widow of John [Grey], 2nd Baron Grey of Groby, and 1st dau. of Richard [Wydville], 1st Earl Rivers

only child by first wife

1. Lady Lucy Somerset (b. c.1522;  d. 23 Feb 1582/3), mar. c. 1545 John [Nevill], 4th Baron Latymer, and had issue

mar. (2)

bef. 1527 Elizabeth Browne (d. between 20 Apr and 30 Oct 1565; bur. with her husband in St Mary's Priory Church, Chepstow), half-sister of William [FitzWilliam], 1st Earl of Southampton, and 1st dau. of Sir Anthony Browne, of Cowdray, co. Sussex, Standard Bearer to King Henry VII, by his wife Lady Lucy FitzWilliam, widow of Sir Thomas FitzWilliam, of Aldwarke, co. York, sister and cohrss. of George [Neville], 1st Duke of Bedford later 2nd Marquess of Montagu, and 4th dau. of John [Neville], 1st Marquess of Montagu

children by second wife

1. Hon William Somerset, later 3rd Earl of Worcester

2. Hon Francis Somerset

3. Hon Charles Somerset

4. Hon Thomas Somerset (b. c. 1530; d. in the Tower of London 27 May 1587)

2. Lady Anne Somerset (d. 8 Sep 1591), mar. 12 Jun 1558 Blessed Thomas [Percy], 1st Earl of Northumberland, and had issue

3. Lady Eleanor Somerset, mar. (1) Sir Roger Vaughan, and (2) Henry Jones

4. Lady Jane Somerset (d. 16 Oct 1597), mar. Sir Edward Mansel, of Margam, co. Glamorgan, Chamberlain of the County Palatine of Chester (d. 5 Aug 1595), and had issue

5. Lady Mary Somerset (bur. in St Mary's Priory Church, Chepstow, co. Monmouth)


26 Nov 1549 (bur. in St Mary's Priory Church, Chepstow, co. Monmouth)

suc. by

son by second wife


Joint Constable of Ruthin Castle, Cardiff Castle, Pains Castle and Montgomery Castle, Joint Sheriff of Glamorganshire, Joint Chief Steward of the Lordship of Abergavenny and Joint Steward of Ewyas Lacy 1510; Joint Steward of Monmouth and Joint Constable of Monmouth Castle and the Three Castles 1510; suc. his mother c. 1514 as 4th Baron Herbert; Joint Steward and Constable of Usk Castle and of Dynas Castle 1514; Steward and Constable of Brecknock Castle 1523; knighted 1523; Joint Coroner of Usk and Constable of Caerleon Castle 1525; Justice in Eyre of Newport 1534; granted the dissolved Abbey of Tintern 1536/7


William [Somerset], 3rd Earl of Worcester, KG


c. 1526

mar. (1)

bef. 29 Jan 1549/50 Hon Christian North (d. aft. 20 Mar 1563/4), 1st dau. of Edward [North], 1st Baron North, by his first wife Alice Brigadine, widow of (1) Edward Mirfyn, of London, and (2) of John Brigadine, of Hampshire, and dau. of Oliver Squire, of Southby, nr. Portsmouth

children by first wife

1. Hon Edward Somerset, later 4th Earl of Worcester

1. Lady Elizabeth Somerset, mar. Hon William Windsor, son of William [Windsor], 2nd Baron Windsor, by his first wife Margaret Sambourne, dau. and hrss. of William Sambourne, of Fernham in Shrivenham, co. Berkshire

2. Lady Lucy Somerset, mar. Henry Herbert

mar. (2)

Theophila Newton (mar. (2) William Paratt, of Pantglas), dau. of Sir John Newton, of East Harptree, co. Somerset, and Barr's Court, co. Gloucester, by his wife Margaret Poyntz, dau. of Sir Anthony Poyntz, of Iron Acton, co. Gloucester


21 Feb 1588/9 (bur. at Raglan, co. Monmouth)

suc. by

son by first wife


served in the Boulogne campaign 1544-46; a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber 1546; Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of King Edward VI 1546/7; a member of the Council in the Marches of Wales 1553; Knight of the Garter 1570; Deputy Earl Marshal 1571; Lieutenant of the Order of the Garter 1579; a judge in the trial of Mary, Queen of Scots 1586


Edward [Somerset], 4th Earl of Worcester, KG PC


c. 1550


Dec 1571 Lady Elizabeth Hastings (d. 24 Aug 1621; bur. at Raglan, co. Monmouth), 4th dau. of Francis [Hastings], 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, by his wife Hon Catharine Pole, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Hon Sir Henry Pole, styled Lord Montagu (by his wife Hon Jane Nevill, 1st dau. by his first wife of George [Nevill], 2nd and 4th Baron Bergavenny), 1st son and heir of Sir Richard Pole KG, Constable of Harlech Castle, by his wife Lady Margaret Plantagenet, styled Countess of Salisbury and de jure Countess of Warwick, only dau. of George [Plantagenet], 1st Duke of Clarence, younger brother of King Edward IV


1. Hon Sir William Somerset, styled Lord Herbert, knighted 1596 (b. c. 1575; dvp. bef. 21 Jan 1597/8)

2. Hon Henry Somerset, later 5th Earl of Worcester later 1st Marquess of Worcester

3. Hon Thomas Somerset, later 1st Viscount Somerset

4. Hon Sir John Somerset

5. Hon Sir Edward Somerset, mar. Elizabeth Whitmore (mar. (2) Hon Thomas Savage, 2nd son of Thomas [Savage], 1st Viscount Savage), dau. and cohrss. of William Whitmore, of Leighton, co. Cheshire, by his wife Margaret Beeston, sister and cohrss. of Sir George Beeston, of Beeston, co. Cheshire

6. Hon Sir Charles Somerset, mar. Elizabeth Powell, dau. of Sir William Powell, of Llanpylt, co. Monmouth, and had issue:

1. Elizabeth Somerset, mar. Ratcliffe Gerard, of Halsall, co. Lancaster, and had issue

2. Elizabeth (?sic) Somerset, mar. in or before 1657 Sir Francis Anderton, 1st Bt., of Lostock, co. Lancaster, and had issue

3. Frances Somerset, mar. before 1662 Sir Henry Browne, 1st Bt., of Kiddington, co. Oxford, and had issue

1. Lady Elizabeth Somerset, mar. Sir Henry Guildford, of Hemsted Place (d. 1646), and had issue

2. Lady Catherine Somerset (b. c.1575;  d. 30 Oct 1624), mar. 8 Nov 1596 William [Petre], 2nd Baron Petre, and had issue

3. Lady Frances Somerset, mar. William Morgan, of Llanternam. co. Monmouth, and had issue

4. Lady ..... Somerset

5. Lady ..... Somerset

6. Lady Blanche Somerset (d. 28 Oct 1649), mar. bef. 11 May 1607 Thomas [Arundell], 2nd Baron Arundell of Wardour, and had issue

7. Lady Catherine Somerset (dsp. 6 Nov 1654), mar. bef. 14 Jan 1607/8 Thomas [Windsor], 6th Baron Windsor


3 Mar 1627/8 (bur. at Raglan, co. Monmouth)

suc. by



Ambassador to Scotland 1590; a member of the Council in the Marches of Wales 1590; Knight of the Garter 1593; Deputy Master of the Horse 1597/8 and Master of the Horse 1601-15/6;  Privy Councillor 1601; Joint Commissioner for the office of Earl Marshal 1601, 1603/4, 1604/5, 1615/6, 1616, 1617 and 1617/8 and Earl Marshal of England at the Coronation of James I 1603 and also 1603/4, 1605 and 1610; Lord Lieutenant of Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire 1602-27/8; a Commissioner of the Treasury 1612-14; Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal 1616-28; Lord Great Chamberlain of England for the Coronation of King Charles I 1625/6


Henry [Somerset], 7th Baron Herbert later 5th Earl of Worcester later 1st Marquess of Worcester


2 Mar 1642/3 Marquess of Worcester


The Earldom of Worcester has been held by the Marquesses of Worcester since 2 Mar 1642/3 and by the Dukes of Beaufort since 2 Dec 1682


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