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Nevill, Baron (E, 1295 - 1571)


Creation: writ of summons 24 Jun 1295


Forfeited: 15 May 1571


Family name: Nevill




See Earl of Westmorland



Ralph [de Nevill], 1st Baron Nevill

only son and heir of Robert de Nevill (by his wife Mary FitzRandolph, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Ralph FitzRandolph, Lord of Middleham, co. York), 1st son and heir ap. of Robert de Nevill, Lord of Raby, Brancepeth and Sheriff Hutton, by his wife Ida Bertram, widow of Sir Roger Bertram, of Mitford


18 Oct 1262

mar. (1)

Eupheme FitzRoger, dau. of Robert [FitzRoger], 1st Baron FitzRoger, by his wife Margery de la Zouche

children by first wife

1. Robert de Nevill, called "the Peacock of the North", captured at the Battle of Bannockburn 1314 (dvp. and sp. Jun 1319), mar. c. 1315/6 Ellen .....

2. Ralph de Nevill, later 2nd Baron Nevill

3. Alexander de Nevill, of Raskelf (d. 13 Mar 1366/7)

4. John de Nevill (d. 19 Jul 1333)

5. Thomas de Nevill, Archdeacon of Durham 1340 (d. bef. 7 Sep 1362)

1. Anastasia de Nevill (d. after 1315), mar. Sir Walter de Fauconberg (dsp. 24 Jun 1314), 2nd son and heir ap. of Walter [de Fauconberg], 2nd Baron Fauconberg

2. Mary de Nevill

3. Ida de Nevill

4. Eupheme de Nevill

mar. (2)

Margery de Thweng, dau. of John de Thweng, son of Marmaduke de Thweng


after 18 Apr 1331


by writ of summons 24 Jun 1295 Baron Nevill

suc. by

son by first wife



Ralph [de Nevill], 2nd Baron Nevill


c. 1291


after 14 Jan 1326/7 Alice de Greystock (widow of Ralph [de Greystock], 1st Baron Greystock; d. 12 Jan 1374/5), sister of Hugh [de Audley], 1st Earl of Gloucester, and dau. of Hugh [de Audley], 1st Baron Audley of Stratton Audley, by his wife Isolt de Balun, widow of Sir Walter de Balun, of Much Marcle, co. Hereford, and only dau. of Edmund [de Mortimer], 1st Baron Mortimer


1. Sir John de Nevill, later 3rd Baron Nevill

2. Sir Robert de Nevill (dsp. after 1345), mar. Margaret Grey, widow of Sir Thomas Grey

3. Ralph de Nevill, of Cundall, co. York, mar., and had issue

4. Alexander de Nevill, Archbishop of York 1373-88 (d. 16 May 1392)

5. Thomas de Nevill, Bishop of Ely (d. bef. 21 Nov 1361)

6. Sir William de Nevill, of Fencotes, Admiral of the Fleet north of Thames 1372, Constable of Nottingham Castle 1383 (d. c. 1389), mar. Elizabeth .....

1. Margaret de Nevill (d. c. 12 May 1372), mar. (1) bef. 8 May 1341 William [de Ros], 3rd Baron Ros, and (2) 12 Jul 1352 as his first wife Henry [Percy], 1st Earl of Northumberland, and had issue by her second husband

2. Catherine de Nevill (dsp. bef. 1 Sep 1361), mar. William [de Dacre], 2nd Baron Dacre

3. Eleanor de Nevill, later Abbess of Bermondsey, mar. Sir Geoffrey le Scrope (dvp. and sp. 1362), 1st son and heir ap. of Henry [le Scrope], 1st Baron Scrope of Masham, by his wife Joan .....

4. Euphemia de Nevill (d. Oct/Nov 1393), mar. (1) betw. 1 and 20 Apr 1343 Robert [de Clifford], 4th Baron Clifford, (2) 1347 Reynold Lucy, 2nd son of Thomas [Lucy], 2nd Baron Lucy, by his wife Margaret de Multon, and (3) Sir Walter de Heslarton

5. Isabel de Nevill, mar. Hugh FitzHenry (dvp. and sp. bef. 21 Sep 1349), elder brother of Henry [FitzHugh], 2nd Baron FitzHugh, and 1st son and heir ap. of Sir Henry FitzHenry (by his wife Joan de Fourneux, 2nd dau. of Sir Richard de Fourneux, of Carlton in Lindrick, co. Nottingham), 2nd but 1st surv. son and heir ap. by his first wife of Henry [FitzHugh], 1st Baron FitzHugh

6. Elizabeth de Nevill, a nun


5 Aug 1367

suc. by



Constable of Warkworth Castle 1322; Steward of the King's Household bef. 1331; Keeper of the Forest north of Trent 1332; present at the surrender of Berwick Castle 1333 and with King Edward III in Scotland 1334 and 1335; Warden of the Scottish Marches 1334; Chief Justice in Eyre 1334; Keeper of Bamburgh Castle for life 1335; a knight banneret 1337; on the Council of Prince Edward 1338 and 1340; a commander at the Battle of Nevill's Cross 1346; took part in the naval engagement against the Spanish off Winchilsea 1350


John [de Nevill], 3rd Baron Nevill, KG


mar. (1)

Maud de Percy (d. bef. 18 Feb 1378/9), 1st dau. of Henry [de Percy], 2nd Baron Percy, by his wife Idoine de Clifford, only dau. of Robert [de Clifford], 1st Baron Clifford

children by first wife

1. Sir Ralph de Nevill, later 4th Baron Nevill later 1st Earl of Westmorland

2. Sir Thomas de Nevill, jure uxoris 5th and 4th Baron Furnivall, Keeper of Annandale and Constable of Lochmaben Castle 1399, Keeper of Alnwick, Berwick and Warkworth Castles 1403, Lord High Treasurer of England 1406 (dspm. 14 Mar 1406/7), mar. (1) bef. 1 Jul 1379 Joan de Furnivall, suo jure Baroness Furnivall, only child of William [de Furnivall], 4th and 3rd Baron Furnivall, by his wife Thomasine de Dagworth, widow of Sir John de Dagworth, of Dagworth, co. Suffolk, and had issue:

1a. Maude de Nevill, suo jure Baroness Furnivall

Lord Furnival mar. (2) betw. 8 Mar and 4 Jul 1401 Ankaret Talbot, suo jure Baroness Strange of Blackmere (widow of Richard [Talbot], 4th Baron Talbot), only dau. and eventual hrss. of John [Lestrange], 4th Baron Strange of Blackmere, by his wife Lady Mary FitzAlan, 2nd dau. by his first wife of Richard [FitzAlan], 10th or 3rd Earl of Arundel, and had further issue

1. Alice de Nevill (d. 20 Jun 1433), mar. bef. 24 Jun 1380 William [Deincourt], 3rd Baron Deincourt, and had issue

2. Matilda de Nevill, mar. Sir William le Scrope (dsp. 1367), brother of Henry [le Scrope], 1st Baron Scrope of Masham, and 2nd son of Sir Geoffrey le Scrope, of Masham, co. York, by his wife Ivetta Roos, dau. of Sir William Roos, of Ingmanthorpe, co. York

3. Eleanor de Nevill (d. after 1441), mar. Ralph [de Lumley], 1st Baron Lumley, and had issue

4. Idoine de Nevill

5. Elizabeth de Nevill, a nun

mar. (2)

bef. 9 Oct 1381 Elizabeth le Latimer, suo jure Baroness Latimer (mar. (2) as his third wife Robert [de Willoughby], 4th Baron Willoughby de Eresby; d. 5 Nov 1395), only child of William [le Latimer], 4th Baron Latimer, by his wife Elizabeth .....

children by second wife

3. John de Nevill, later 6th Baron Latimer

6. Elizabeth de Nevill, mar. Sir Thomas Willoughby, 2nd son of Robert [de Willoughby], 4th Baron Willoughby de Eresby, by his second wife Margery la Zouche, dau. of William [la Zouche], 2nd Baron Zouche of Haryngworth, and had issue


17 Oct 1388

suc. by

son by first wife


fought at the Battle of Nevill's Cross 1346; knighted 1360; Ambassador to France 1368; Knight of the Garter 1369; Admiral of the North 1370; Keeper of Bamburgh Castle for life 1377; licence to crenellate his properties at Raby and Sheriff Hutton 1382; Keeper of Fronsac Castle and Seneschal of Gascony 1378 ; Warden of the Scottish Marches 1380; in Scotland with the King 1385


Ralph [de Nevill], 4th Baron Nevill later 1st Earl of Westmorland, KG


29 Sep 1397 Earl of Westmorland


The Barony of Nevill was held by the Earls of Westmorland from 29 Sep 1397 until 15 May 1571, when on the attainder of Charles [Nevill], 6th Earl of Westmorland, all his titles and estates were forfeited to the Crown.


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