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Panmure, Earl of (S, 1646 - forfeited 1716)


Creation: let.pat. 3 Aug 1646


Forfeited: 30 Jun 1716


Family name: Maule




Per pale Argent and Gules a Bordure charged with eight Escallops all counterchanged


A Dragon Sable from the mouth and tail Fire issuing proper


On either side a Greyhound Argent gorged with a Collar Gules charged with three Escallops also Argent


 Clementia Et Animis



Patrick [Maule], 1st Earl of Panmure

son and heir of Patrick Maule of Panmure, by his wife Margaret Erskine, dau. of Sir John Erskine of Dun


29 May 1585

mar. (1)

c. 1616 Frances Stanhope (d. Jan 1623/4), dau. of Sir Edward Stanhope, of Grimston, co. York

children by first wife

1. Hon George Maule, later 2nd Earl of Panmure

2. Col Hon Harry Maule of Balmakellie, present at the Battles of Preston, Dunbar 1650 and Worcester 1651 (d. 1667). mar. (1) after 9 Aug 1649 Lady Jean Towers (widow of Sir Alexander Towers of Garmilton and Inverleith ; d. betw. 1 Aug 1655 and 10 May 1662), 3rd dau. of John [Wemyss], 1st Earl of Wemyss, by his wife Hon Jean Gray, 1st dau. by his second wife of Patrick [Gray], 6th Lord Gray, and (2) Margaret Douglas, dau. of Patrick Douglas of Spot, and had issue by both wives

1. Lady Jean Maule (d. Nov 1685), mar. after 12 Jan 1637/8 David [Carnegie], 2nd Earl of Northesk, and had issue

2. Lady Elizabeth Maule (d. Oct 1659), mar. (1) 20 Aug 1641 as his second wife John [Lyon], 2nd Earl of Kinghorne, and 30 Jul 1650 as his first wife George [Livingston], 3rd Earl of Linlithgow, and has issue by both husbands

mar. (2)

Mary Waldrum (d. May 1636/7), a Maid of Honour to Queen Henrietta Maria

mar. (3)

15 Jul 1639 Lady Mary Keith (widow of William [Keith], 5th Earl Marischal; d. after 25 Jan 1666/7), dau. of John [Erskine], 18th and de jure 2nd Earl of Mar, by his second wife Lady Mary Stuart, 2nd dau. of Esmé [Stuart], 1st Duke of Lennox


22 Dec 1661


3 Aug 1646 Lord Brechin and Navar, and Earl of Panmure, with remainder to the heirs male of his body

suc. by

son by first wife


a Page to King James VI; a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King James I and King Charles I; granted the lands and barony of Panmure 1609/10 and 1621/2; granted the Manor of Collyweston, co. Northampton 1625; Keeper of Eltham Park for life 1628; granted the baronies of Downie, Balmakellie, Brechin and Navar (with the offices of Constable and Justiciar) 1634; Sheriff-Principal of Forfarshire 1632; Deputy Admiral between Southwater and Bruchtie 1635; joint Justiciar of the fishings of the North and South Esk 1641; joined King Charles at York 1642 and was with him at Oxford 1642-43; granted the Abbacy of Arbroath 1642; Col of a regiment in the Scottish army in England 1646; granted the lands and teins of the Bishopric of Brechin 1647; a member of the Committee of Estates 1649 and 1651


George [Maule], 2nd Earl of Panmure, PC




after 7 Mar 1645 Lady Jean Campbell (b. c. 1625; d. 30 Jul 1703), 1st dau. of John [Campbell], 1st Earl of Loudoun, by his wife Margaret Campbell, suo jure Lady Campbell of Loudoun, 1st dau. and hrss. of Hon George Campbell, Master of Loudoun (by his wife Lady Jean Fleming, 1st dau. of John [Fleming], 1st Earl of Wigtown), 1st son and heir app. of Hugh [Campbell], 1st Lord Campbell of Loudoun


1. Hon Patrick Maule (bapt. 29 Sep 1646; dvp. an infant)

2. Hon John Maule (dvp. an infant)

3. Hon George Maule, later 3rd Earl of Panmure


5. Hon James Maule of Ballumbie, later 4th Earl of Panmure

6. Hon Harry Maule of Kellie (b. c. 1659; d. 23 Jun 1734), mar. (1) 30 Mar 1695 his third cousin Lady Mary Fleming (d. Mar 1702), 1st dau. of William [Fleming], 5th Earl of Wigtown, by his wife Lady Henrietta Seton, 1st dau. of Charles [Seton], 2nd Earl of Dunfermline, and had issue:

1b. George Maule (dvp. an infant)

2b. James Maule (b. c. 1699; d. 16 Apr 1729)

3b. William Maule, later 1st Earl of Panmure

1b. Jean Maule (d. 22 Apr 1769), mar. (1) after 16 Nov 1726) Hon George Ramsay, styled Lord Ramsay (b. c. 1700; dvp. 25 May 1753), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife and cousin of William [Ramsay], 6th Earl of Dalhousie, and (2) John Strother Ker, of Littledean, co. Roxburgh, and had issue by her first husband

Hon Harry Maule mar. (2) after 27 Jan 1704 Anne Crawford (d. 23 Jun 1734), sister of John [Crawford later Lindsay-Crawford], 1st Viscount of Garnock, and 2nd dau. of Hon Patrick Lindsay later Crawford (by his wife Margaret Crawford, yst. dau. and cohrss. of Sir John Crawford of Kilbirnie), 2nd son of John [Lindsay], 17th Earl of Crawford, and had further issue:

4b. John Maule of Inverkeilour, a Baron of the Exchequer (d. 2 Jul 1781)

1. Lady Mary Maule (d. after 16 Mar 1707/8), mar. (1) after 2 Apr 1674 Charles [Erskine], 21st and de jure 5th Earl of Mar, and (2) 29 Apr 1697 Col John Erskine, 2nd son of Hon Sir Charles Erskine of Alva, and had issue by her first husband


24 Mar 1671

suc. by



a Commissioner for War for Forfarshire 1648 and for Forfarshire and Kincardineshire 1648/9; Privy Councillor [S] 1648/9; a Member of the Committee of Estates 1649, 1650 and 1651; fought for King Charles at the Battle of Dunbar 1650 and the Battle of Inverkeithing 1651; attended the Coronation at Scone 1650/1; made his peace with the de facto Government and carried various public duties both before and after the Restoration; joint Justiciar of the fishings of the North and South Esk 1661; granted the baronies of Innerpeffer 1664/5 and Balhelvies 1666/7


George [Maule], 3rd Earl of Panmure, PC


c. 1650


23 Dec 1677 his third cousin Lady Jean Fleming (dsps. Apr 1683), only dau. and hrss. of John [Fleming], 4th Earl of Wigtown, by his wife and half-cousin once-removed Hon Anne Ker, 2nd dau. of Hon Harry Ker, styled Lord Ker (by his wife Lady Margaret Hay, only dau. of William [Hay], 10th Earl of Erroll), 1st son and heir ap. of Robert [Ker], 1st Earl of Roxburghe, by his second wife Hon Jean Drummond, 3rd dau. by his first wife of Patrick [Drummond], 3rd Lord Drummond

only child

1. Hon George Maule, styled Lord Maule (dvp. before 9 May 1685)


s.p.s. 1 Feb 1686

suc. by



a Commissioner for Forfarshire of Excise and Militia 1671, of Supply 1678 and 1685, of Valuation 1682, and of Excise 1677 ; Privy Councillor [S] 1683/4 and 1685


James [Maule], 4th Earl of Panmure


c. 1658


5 Feb 1687 Lady Margaret Hamilton (dsp. 6 Dec 1731), 4th dau. of William [Douglas later Douglas-Hamilton], Duke of Hamilton for life, by his wife Lady Anne Hamilton, suo jure Duchess of Hamilton, 1st dau. of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Hamilton


s.p. 22 Apr 1723


a Commissioner for Forfarshire of excise 1680 and of supply 1685, 1689-94 and 1704; a Commissioner for Aberdeenshire of supply 1389-94 and 1704; Privy Councillor [S] 1686-86/7; refused to sign the Declaration of Indulgence 1686/7 ; refused to take the oath to King William III; proclaimed the titular King James III at Brechin 1715; commanded a regiment at the Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715 where he was wounded and taken prisoner but escaped to France 1716; attainted as from 30 Jun 1716 when all his honours were forfeited; made Knight of the Thistle by the titular King James III 1716


The Earldom of Panmure remains forfeit under the attainder of 1716. The 4th Earl of Panmure's nephew was created Earl of Panmure in the Peerage of Ireland on 6 Apr 1743. This title became extinct on 4 Jan 1782.


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