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Berwick-upon-Tweed, Duke of (E, 1686/7 - 1695)


Creation: let.pat. 19 Mar 1686/7


Attainted: c. 1695 (see editor's note below)


Family name: FitzJames




Arms of the 1st Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed when Marshal of France



 The Royal Arms of King James II within a Bordure compony Gules and Azure the gules charged with the Lions of England and the azure with the Fleurs-de-lis of France


 On a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine a Dragon passant Argent gorged with a Collar Azure charged with three Fleurs-de-lis Or


Dexter:  an Unicorn Argent attired Or collared and chained Azure the collar charged with three Fleurs-de-lis Or;  Sinister:  a Dragon Gules collared Azure and chained Or the collar charged with three Fleurs-de-lis Or



James [FitzJames], 1st Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed

1st son of King James II & VII by his mistress Arabella Churchill, sister of John [Churchill], 1st Duke of Marlborough, and dau. of Sir Winston Churchill, Comptroller of the Board of Green Cloth, by his wife Elizabeth Drake, sister of Sir John Drake, 1st Bt., of Ashe, co. Devon, and 3rd dau. of Sir John Drake, of Ashe, co. Devon


21 Aug 1670

mar. (1)

26 Mar 1695 Lady Honora Sarsfield, outlawed for her adherence to King James II 1690 (b. 1674; widow of Brig Gen Patrick Sarsfield, titular 1st Earl of Lucan; d. 16 Jan 1697/8; bur. in the English convent at Pontoise, France), 2nd dau. of William [Bourke], 7th Earl of Clanricarde, by his second wife Lady Helen Fitzgerald, widow of Sir John Fitzgerald, of Dromana, co. Waterford, and 1st dau. of Donough [McCarthy], 1st Earl of Clancarty

only child by first wife

1. Lord James Francis Fitz-James Stuart, 2nd Duke of Liria and Xérica, 2nd Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), and self styled 2nd Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., Knight of the Golden Fleece 1714, Knight of the Orders of St Andrew and St Alexander Nevski 1726, Field Marshal commanding the allied French and Spanish Armies 1733, Spanish Ambassador to the Court of Naples 1733-38 (b. 21 Oct 1696; d. 2 Jun 1738), mar. 31 Dec 1716 as her second husband Doña Catalina Ventura Colón de Portugal y Ayala-Toledo, suo jure 9th Duchess of Veragua (cr. 1537), 9th Duchess of La Vega (cr. 1557), 9th Marchioness of Jamaica (cr. 1537), 3rd Marchioness of San Leonardo (cr. 1649), 3rd Marchioness of La Mota (cr. 1575), 4th Marchioness of Tarazona (cr. 1642), 11th Countess of Gelves (cr. 1529), 6th Countess of Ayala (cr. 1602), 10th Countess of Mounterrey (cr. 1474), 11th Viscountess of Mounterrey (cr. 1470) and 12th Lady of Mounterrey (cr. 1432), Hereditary Admiral of the Indies and a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 14 Jul 1690; d. 3 Oct 1739), sister and hrss. of Don Pedro Nuño Colón de Portugal y Ayala-Toledo, 8th Duke of Veragua, etc., and only dau. of Don Pedro Manuel Nuño Colón de Portugal y de la Cueva, 7th Duke of Veragua, etc., by his wife Doña Teresa Mariana de Toledo, dau. of Don Fernando de Toledo, 3rd Count of Ayala, and had issue:

1a. Don Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Colón de Portugal (b. 1717; dvp. ???)

2a. Don Jacobo Francisco Eduardo Fitz-James Stuart y Colón de Portugal, 3rd Duke of Liria and Xérica, 3rd Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 3rd Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., suc. to his father's honours in 1738 and to those of his mother the following year but resigned or lost the titles of Duke of Veragua, Marquis of Jamaica and Admiral of the Indies, suc. his mother's distant kinsman the 6th and last Duke of Tauresano as 11th Marquis of Sarria (cr. 1543), 14th Count of Lemos (cr. 1457), 12th Count of Andrade (cr. 1543) and Villalba (cr. 1486), and 20th Lord of Lemos and Sarria, a Knight of the Order of St Januarius, Col of the Regiment of Asturias 1741, Brig Gen 1743 and Lt Gen 1747 in the Spanish Army (b. 28 Dec 1718; d. 30 Sep 1785), mar. 26 Jul 1738 Doña Maria Teresa de Silva y Alvarez de Toledo, a Lady of Honour to the Princess of the Asturias (b. 6 Jan 1716; d. 5 May 1790), 2nd dau. but hrss. in her issue of Don Manuel Maria de Silva y Mendoza, 9th Count of Galve, by his wife Doña Maria Teresa Alvarez de Toledo, suo jure 11th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, 8th Duchess of Huescar, 4th Duchess of Montoro, 6th Countess-Duchess of Olivares, 7th Duchess of Galisteo, etc., dau. of Don Francisco Alvarez de Toledo, and had issue:

1b. Don Carlos Bernardino Pascal Januario Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 4th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 4th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 4th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Charles III of Spain (b. 25 Mar 1752; d. 7 Sep 1787), mar. 9 Oct 1771 Princess Carolina Augusta of Stolberg-Gedern, sister of Princess Louisa of Stolberg-Gedern, wife of his cousin Prince Charles Edward Louis John Philip Casimir Sylvester Maria, "the Young Pretender" and "Bonnie Prince Charlie", titular Prince of Wales 1720-66 and titular King Charles III 1766-88, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Gustavus Adolphus, Prince of Stolberg-Gedern, by his wife Princess Elizabeth Philippine Claudine of Hornes, yst. dau. and cohrss. of Maximilian Emmanuel, 1st Prince of Hornes, by his wife Lady Marie Therese Charlotte Bruce, only child by his second wife of Thomas [Bruce], 3rd Earl of Elgin (b. 10 Feb 1755; d. 15 Apr 1828), and had issue:

1c. Don Jacobo Felipe Carlos Pascual Cayetano Vincente Ferre Fitz-James Stuart y Stolberg-Gedern, 5th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 5th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 5th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc. (b. 25 Feb 1773; d. 3 Apr 1794), mar. 24 Jan 1790 Doña María Teresa Fernández de Silva y de Palafóx (b. 10 Mar 1772; d. 29 Apr 1818), dau. of Don Pedro Alcantara Fadrique Fernández de Silva y Portugal, 9th Duke of Híjar, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., by his wife Doña Rafaela de Palafóx, dau. of Don Joaquin Antonio de Palafóx, 7th Marquis of Ariza, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and had issue:

1d. Don Jacobo José Maria Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 6th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 6th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 6th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc. (b. 3 Jan 1792; d. 5 Jan 1795)

2d. Don Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 7th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 7th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 7th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., in 1802 as heir to his great-grandmother, the wife of the 3rd Duke of Liria and Xerica, he became 14th Duke (cr. 1472) and 15th Count of Alba de Tormes (cr. 1439), 15th Marquis of Coria (cr. 1482) and Count of Salvatierra (cr. 1472), 11th Count of Galve (cr. 1573), 12th Duke of Huescar (cr. 1573), 11th Count of Lerina (cr. 1583), 11th Marquis of Villanueva (cr. 1530), 16th Duke of Galisteo (cr. 1461) and Count of Ossorno (cr. 1445), 11th Marquis (cr. 1559) and 21st Lord of the Carpio (cr. 1335), 10th Count-Duke of Olivarez (cr. 1635), 9th Marquis of Eliche (cr. 1625), and six times a Grandee of Spain (1st Class), Knight of the Golden Fleece (b. 19 May 1794; d. 7 Oct 1835), mar. 15 Feb 1817 Doña Rosalia Ventimiglia di Grammonte y Moncada, Lady of Honour to the Queen of Spain (b. 1798; d. 1868), dau. of Luigi de Ventimiglia, 2nd Prince of Grammonte, and had issue:

1e. Don Jacobo Luis Francisco Paolo Raphaelo Fitz-James Stuart y Ventimiglia, 15th Duke of Alba de Tormes, 8th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 8th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 8th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc. (b. 3 Jun 1821; d. 10 Jul 1881), mar. 14 Feb 1844 Doña María Francisca de Sales "Paca" Portocarrero-Palafox y KirkPatrick, suo jure 9th Countess (cr. 1599) and 10th Lady of Montijo, 11th Marchioness and 15th Lady of Villanueva del Fresno, 11th Marchioness of Barcarrota (cr. 1516), 7th Marchioness of Valderabano (cr. 1614), 8th Countess (cr. 1602) and 11th Lady of Fuentiduena (cr. 1423), 9th Marchioness of Algava (cr. 1568), 12th Duchess (cr. 1608) and 20th Lady of Peñaranda de Bracamonte, 14th Marchioness (cr. 1559) and 16th Lady of the Baneza, 17th Countess of Miranda del Castanor (cr. 1437), 15th Viscountess de Palacios de la Valduerna, Countess of Casar Ubios, Marchioness of Valdunquilla and Mirallo, and four times a Grandee of Spain (1st Class), a Lady of Honour to Queen Isabella II of Spain (b. 29 Jan 1825; d. 16 Sep 1860), sister of the Empress Eugenie and 1st dau. and cohrss. of Don Cypriano de Palafox y Portocarrero, 8th Count of Montijo, etc., by his wife Doña Maria Manuela Enriquetta Kirkpatrick de Grivegnee, dau. and cohrss. of William Kirkpatrick, American Consul at Malaga, and had issue:

1f. Don Carlos María Isabel Fitz-James Stuart y Portocarrero-Palafox, 16th Duke of Alba de Tormes, 9th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 9th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 9th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., Senator of the Kingdom, Chamberlain to the Queen Regent Christina, Spanish Ambassador to the USA, and a Knight of the Golden Fleece (b. 4 Dec 1849; d. 15 Oct 1901), mar. 10 Dec 1877 Doña María del Rosario Falcó y Osorio, suo jure 22nd Countess of Siruela (cr. 1470), Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., Lady of the Palace to the Queen Regent of Spain (b. 3 Oct 1854; d. 27 Mar 1904), dau. of Don Manuel Pascuel Luis Carlos Felix Fortunato Falcó y d'Adda, 11th Marquis of Almonazir, by his wife Doña Maria del Pilar Loreto Osorio y Gutiérrez de los Ríos, suo jure 3rd Duchess of Fernán-Núñez, dau. of Don Felipe Osorio, 7th Count of Cervellon, by his wife Doña Francisca de Asis Gutiérrez de los Ríos, suo jure 2nd Duchess of Fernán-Núñez, dau. of Don Carlos Gutiérrez de los Ríos, 1st Duke of Fernán-Núñez, and had issue:

1g. Don Jacobo María del Pilar Carlos Manuel Fitz-James Stuart y Falcó, 17th Duke of Alba de Tormes, 10th Duke of Liria and Xérica, 10th Duke of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc., and self styled 10th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., a Lord of the Bedchamber to King Alfonso XIII, GCVO 1902, Spanish Foreign Minister 1930-31, Spanish Ambassador to London, on his death any claim to the English Dukedom of Berwick-upon-Tweed and its subsidiary titles passed to his nephew, Don Fernando Alfonso Fitz-James Stuart y Saavedra, 15th Duke of Peñaranda de Duero, etc., while the Spanish Dukedom of Berwick passed with his other titles to his only child and heiress (b. 17 Oct 1878; d. 24 Sep 1953), mar. 7 Oct 1920 Doña María del Rosario de Silva y Gurtubay, suo jure 10th Marchioness of San Vicente del Barco, dau. of Don Alfonso de Silva y Fernández de Córdoba, 14th Duke of Aliaga, by his wife Doña María del Rosario de Gurtubay y González de Castlejón, dau. of Don Juan Cruz de Gurtubay y Meaza (b. 4 Apr 1900; d. 11 Jan 1934), and had issue:

1h. Doña María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, suo jure 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, 11th Duchess of Berwick, Grandee of Spain (1st Class), etc. (b. 28 Mar 1926; d. 20 Nov 2014), mar. (1) 12 Oct 1947 Don Pedro Luis Martínez de Irujo y Artácoz (b. 17 Nov 1919; d. 6 Sep 1972), 4th son of Don Pedro Martínez de Irujo y Caro, 9th Duke of Sotomayor, by his wife Doña Ana María de Artácoz y Labayen, dau. of Don Francisco Javier de Artácoz y Urdinola, and had issue:

1i. Don Carlos Juan Fitz-James Stuart y Martínez de Irujo, 19th Duke of Alba de Tormes, 14th Duke of Huescar, 12th Duke of Berwick, 12th Duke of Liria and Xerica, 13th Count-Duke of Olivares, 18th Marquis of the Carpio, 17th Marquis of La Algaba, 19th Marquis of Barcarrota, 11th Marquis of Castaneda, 24th Marquis of Coria, 15th Marquis of Eliche, 17th Marquis of Mirallo, 21st Marquis of la Mota, 21st Marquis of Moya, 13th Marquis of Osera, 15th Marquis of San Leonardo, 20th Marquis of Sarria, 13th Marquis of Tarazona, 16th Marquis of Valdunquillo, 19th Marquis of Villanueva del Fresno, 18th Marquis of Villanueva del Rio, 23rd Count of Lemos, 21st Count of Lerin and Constable of Navarre, 21st Count of Miranda del Castanar, 17th Count of Monterrey, 21st Count of Osorno, 20th Count of Andrade, 15th Count of Ayala, 17th Count of Casarrubios del Monte, 17th Count of Fuentes de Valdepero, 12th Count of Fuentiduena, 18th Count of Galve, 19th Count of Gelves, 22nd Count of Modica, 26th Count of San Esteban de Gormaz, 13th Count of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 21st Count of Villalba, 13th Viscount of la Calzada, 30th Lord of Moguer, eleven times a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) , Knight Grand Cross of Justice of the Constantinian Order, Knight of the Order of St Januarius (b. 2 Oct 1948), mar. 18 Jun 1988 (div. 2004) Doña Matilde Solís y Martínez de Campos (b. 13 Jun 1963), dau. of Don Fernando Solís y Atienza, 10th Marquis of la Motilla, by his wife Doña Isabel Martínez de Campos y Rodríquez, dau. of the Duke of Seo de Urgel, and has issue:

1j. Don Fernando Juan Fitz-James Stuart y Solís , 15th Duke of Huescar (b. 14 Sep 1990)

2j. Don Carlos Arturo José María Fitz-James Stuart y Solís (b. 29 Nov 1991)

2i. Don Alfonso Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart, 16th Duke of Aliaga, 18th Duke of Hijar, 17th Marquis of Almenara, 18th Marquis of Orani, 28th Count of Aranda, 19th Count of Palma del Rio, 17th Count of Guimera, 25th Count of Ribadeo, four times a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 22 Oct 1950), mar. 4 Jul 1977 (div.) Doña María de la Santisima Trinidad of Hohenlohe y de la Cuadra (b. 8 Apr 1957), dau. of Don Christián Kraft Ferdinand Viktor de Hohenlohe y Iturbe, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, by his wife Doña María del Carmen de la Cuadra y de Medina, and has issue

3i. Don Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Martínez de Irujo, 23rd Count of Siruela and a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 15 Jul 1954), mar. (1) 1 Nov 1980 (div. 1998) Doña María Eugenia Fernández de Castro y Fernández-Shaw (b. 15 Oct 1954), and (2) 13 Mar 2004 Doña Inka Martí y Kiemann (b. 6 Jan 1964), and has issue by his first wife

4i. Don Fernando Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart, 11th Marquis of San Vicente del Barco and a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 11 Jul 1959)

5i. Don Cayetano Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart, 5th Duke of Arjona, 13th Count of Salvatierra, and twice a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 4 Apr 1963), mar. 15 Oct 2005 (sep. 2007) Doña Genoveva Casanova y González (b. 30 Nov 1976), dau. of Don Kenneth Lawrence Casanova by his first wife Doña Mariana González y Reimann, and has issue

1i. Doña María Eujenia Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart, 12th Duchess of Montoro and a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 26 Nov 1968), mar. 23 Oct 1998 (div. 2002) Don Francisco Rivera y Ordoñez, the bullfighter (b. 3 Jan 1974), son of Don Francisco Rivera y Pérez by his wife Doña Carmina Ordoñez y Dominguin, and has issue

The Duchess of Alba de Tormes mar. (2) 16 Mar 1978 Don Jesús Aguirre y Ortiz de Zárate, a former Jesuit priest (b. 9 Jun 1934; d. 11 May 2001), and (3) 5 Oct 2011 Don Alfonso Diez Carabantes, a civil servant (b. 1950)

2g. Don Hernando Carlos Maria Teresa Fitz-James Stuart y Falcó, 14th Duke of Peñaranda de Duero, 11th Count of Montijo, 13th Marquis of Valderrábano, and twice a Grandee of Spain (b. 3 Nov 1882; d. 7 or 8 Nov 1936), mar. 20 Dec 1920 Doña Maria del Carmen Saavedra y de Collado, suo jure 12th Marquise of Villaviciosa (b. 21 Jul 1897 or 1899; d. 23 Apr 1967), dau. of Don José Saavedra y Salamanca, 2nd Marquis of Viana, by his wife Doña María de la Visitación de Collado y del Alcázar, and had issue:

1h. Don Fernando Alfonso Fitz-James Stuart y Saavedra, 15th Duke of Peñaranda de Duero, 12th Count of Montijo, 14th Marquis of Valderrabano, and twice a Grandee of Spain, following the death of his uncle on 24 Sep 1953 he became the claimant to the English Dukedom of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Earldom of Tynemouth and Barony of Bosworth as the self-styled 11th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc. (b. 24 Jan 1922; d. 20 Jul 1970), mar. 1944 Doña Isabel Gómez y Ruíz (b. 5 Nov 1923; d. 14 Jan 1994), and had issue:

1i. Don Jacobo Hernando Fitz-James Stuart y Gómez, 13th Marquis of Villaviciosa, self styled 12th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, etc., 16th Duke of Peñaranda de Duero and 13th Count of Montijo, 1st Marquis of La Laguna (cr. 1982), 1st Marquis of Viana (cr. 1982), 1st Marquis of Coquilla (cr. 1982), and Count of Urbasa (cr. 1982), 1st Duke of La Roca (cr. 1983), 1st Marquis of Sofraga (cr. 1985), and five times a Grandee of Spain (1st Class) (b. 5 Nov 1947)

2i. Don Luis Esteban Fitz-James Stuart y Gómez, 15th Marquis of Valderrábano and 1st Viscount of Jarafe (cr. 1983) (b. 11 Dec 1950), mar. (1) 1962 Doña Gertrudis Berlanga y Pérez de Andujar (b. 1953), dau. of Don Manuel Berlanga and his wife Doña Gertrudis Pérez de Andujar, and had issue:

1j. Doña María Iraida Fitz-James Stuart y Berlanga (b. 15 Dec 1989), mar. (1) 1989 Don Ludovic Simon, and had issue:

1k. Doña Sofia Simon y Fitz-James Stuart

Doña María Iraida Simon mar. (2) Don Adam Komorowski, and had further issue:

1k. Don Diego Komorowski y Fitz-James Stuart

The 15th Marquis of Valderrábano mar. (2) Doña María Calleja y Cervantes (b. 1951), dau. of Don Julio Calleja y González-Camino by his wife Doña Natalia Cervantes, and (3) 23 Jun 2012 Doña María Teresa Campilongo y Metral (b. 7 Jun 1954), dau. of Don Emilio Campilongo and his wife Doña Susana Metral, and had further issue by his second wife:

2j. Doña María Fitz-James Stuart y Calleja (b. 1974)

3j. Doña Dafne "Clea" Fitz-James Stuart y Calleja (b. 1977)

1i. Doña María del Carmen Eugenia Fitz-James Stuart y Gómez, 11th Marquise del Valle de la Paloma and 1st Countess of Requena (b. 28 Feb 1945), mar. 1964 Don Javier de Soto y López-Dóriga (b. 1936), and has issue

2i. Doña María Eugenia Fitz-James Stuart y Gómez, suo jure 1st Countess of Castroponce and 1st Marquise of Tenorio (b. 1 Mar 1946), mar. 3 Jul 1967 Don Juan Carlos de las Bárcenas y Von Franz (b. 24 Jul 1942), son of Don Juan de las Bárcenas y de la Huerta by his wife Doña Elisabeth Charlotte von Franz y Voight, and has issue

1g. Doña Eugenia Sol Maria del Pilar Fitz-James y Falcó, Countess of Tera, Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria Eugenia (b. 8 Jan 1880; d. 4 Mar 1962), mar. 2 Jul 1906 Don Juan Manuel Mitjans y Mancanedo, 2nd Duke of Santona (b. 8 Aug 1865; d. 10 Sep 1929), and had issue

1f. Doña Maria de la Asuncion Rosalia Joaquina Fitz-James Stuart y Portocarrero-Palafox, 18th Duchess of Galisteo (b. 17 Aug 1851; d. 14 Sep 1927), mar. 20 Oct 1873 Don José Mesia y Cayesa de los Cabos, 4th Duke of Tamames (b. 16 May 1853; d. 25 May 1917), and had issue

2f. Doña Maria Luisa Fitz-James Stuart y Portocarrero-Palafox, 19th Duchess of Montoroso (b. 19 Oct 1853; dsp. 9 Feb 1876), mar. 2 Oct 1875 Don Luis Fernandez de Cordoba y Perez de Barrados, Duke of Medinaceli (b. 1851; d. 14 May 1879)

2e. Don Enrique Fitz-James Stuart y Ventimiglia, 12th Count of Galve (b. 5 Oct 1826; dsp. 28 Apr 1882), mar. 4 Nov 1871 Adelaide Ivanovna Basilevskaya (b. 18 Nov 1842; d. ???)

3e. Don Luis Fernando Fitz-James Stuart y Ventimiglia (b. 4 Oct 1833; d. 3 May 1836)

1c. Doña Maria Francisca Ferdinanda Teresa Anna Fitz-James Stuart y Stolberg-Gedern (b. 22 Mar 1775; d. 22 Sep 1852), mar. 1790 Augustine Pedro de Silva-Fernández de Hijar y Palafox, Duke and Count of Aliaga (d. 1852), and had issue

2a. Don Pedro Fitz-James Stuart y Colón de Portugal, 4th Marquis of San Leonardo (b. 6 Nov 1720; d. 23 Jul 1791), mar. Maria Benita de Rozaz y Drummond, dau. of José de Rozaz y Meléndez, Count of Castelblano and Duke of St Andrew

3a. Don Ventura Fitz-James Stuart y Colón de Portugal (b. 21 Apr 1724; d. ????), mar. Doña Maria Josefa Gagigal Monserrat, and had issue:

1b. Don Mariano Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Gagigal (b. 8 Sep 1765; d. ????)

1a. Doña Catalina Fitz-James Stuart y Colón de Portugal (b. 21 Apr 1723; dvp. 1724)

2a. Doña Maria Guadalupe Fitz-James Stuart y Colón de Portugal (b. 3 May 1725; dsp. 11 Dec 1750), mar. 11 Oct 1740 Don Francesco Maria Pico, Duke of Mirandola (b. 1688; d. 1747)

mar. (2)

18 Apr 1700 Anne Bulkeley (d. 12 Jun 1751), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Hon Henry Bulkeley, Master of the Household to King Charles II and to King James II (by his wife Hon Sophia Stewart, a Maid of Honour to Queen Mary of Modena, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Hon Walter Stewart, a doctor of medicine, 3rd son of Walter [Stewart], 1st Lord Blantyre), 4th son of Thomas [Bulkeley], 1st Viscount Bulkeley

children by second wife

2. Lord Henry James FitzJames, 2nd Duke of FitzJames (b. 15 Nov 1702; dvp. and sp. 13 Oct 1721), mar. 10 Feb 1720 Victoire Félicité de Durfort (b. 1706; d. 17 Oct 1753), dau. of John Baptiste de Durfort, 3rd Duke of Duras, Marshal of France

3. Lord Francis FitzJames, 3rd Duke of FitzJames, Bishop of Soissons (b. 9 Jun 1709; dsp. 19 Jul 1764)

4. Lord Henry FitzJames, a monk, styled Abbé de Berwick, Governor of Limousin (b. 8 Sep 1711; d. 1731)

5. Lord Charles FitzJames, 4th Duke of FitzJames, Marshal of France (b. 4 Nov 1712; d. 22 Mar 1787), mar. 1 Feb 1741 Victoire Louise Josèphe Gouyen de Matignon de Gace (b. 9 Aug 1722; d. 2 Aug 1777), dau. of Marie Thomas Auguste de Goyen de Matignon, Marquis of Matignon, and had issue:

1a. Jacques Charles FitzJames, 5th Duke of FitzJames (b. 26 Nov 1743; d. 11 Aug 1805), mar. 10 Jan 1769 Marie Claudine Silvie de Thiard de Bisey (b. 1752/3; d. 10 Jun 1812), dau. of Henri de Thiard de Bisey, and had issue:

1b. Charles Jean de FitzJames (b. 25 Jun 1773; dvp. ???)

2b. Edouard de FitzJames, 6th Duke of FitzJames (b. 10 Jan 1776; d. 15 Nov 1838), mar. (1) 2 May 1797 Elisabeth Alexandrine Le Vassor de la Touche de Longpré (b. 1775; d. 1816), dau. of François Le Vassor de La Touche de Longpré, and (2) 6 Dec 1819 Antoinette Françoise Sidonie de Choiseul (b. 13 Nov 1777; d. 4 Mar 1862), dau. of Gabriel de Choiseul-Daillecourt, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Jacques Marie Emanuel de FitzJames, 7th Duke of FitzJames (b. 18 Apr 1803; d. 10 Jun 1846) , mar. 18 May 1826 Marguerite de Marmier (b. 1807; d. 15 Oct 1888), dau. of Philippe Gabriel de Marmier, 1st Duke of Marmier, and had issue:

1d. Edouard Antoine Sidoine de FitzJames, 8th Duke of FitzJames (b. 20 Jun 1828; d. 24 Sep 1906), mar. 14 May 1851 Countess Augusta Marie Margueritte von Lôwenheim (b. 27 Jul 1830; d. 19 Mar 1915), dau. of Count Gustaf Fredrik von Löwenheim, and had issue:

1e. Jacques Gustave Sidoine de FitzJames, 9th Duke of FitzJames (b. 10 Feb 1852; dsp. 12 Mar 1944), mar. 15 Jan 1902 Emma Marie Gandouard de Magny (b. 8 Nov 1846; dsp. 27 Feb 1919), dau. of François Gandouard de Magny

2e. Count Henri Marie de FitzJames (b. 25 Jan 1857; dsp. 29 Aug 1924), mar. (1) 15 May 1884 (div. 1897) Adèle Marie Viane de Gontaut-Biron (b. 8 Jun 1864; d. 3 Nov 1902), and (2) 8 Oct 1907 Jeanne Carolibe Henriette Collignon (b. 11 Jun 1862; dsp. 19...), dau. of Romain Collignon

1e. Françoise de FitzJames (b. 22 Aug 1853; d. 16 Dec 1907), mar. 14 Oct 1873 Viscount Eléonor de Turenne d'Ayac (d. 10 Nov 1913), and had issue

2e. Marie Yolande de FitzJames (b. 28 May 1855; d. 16 Aug 1925), mar. (1) 23 Jun 1874 Henri de Cassaigne de Beaufort, Count of Miramon (b. 17 Nov 1851; d. 24 Jun 1887), and (2) 12 Jan 1890 Viscount Géorges de Vaulchier (b. 24 Jan 1859; d. 28 Jun 1894), and had issue by both husbands

2d. Henri de FitzJames (b. 19 Aug 1834; d. ???)

3d. Count Gaston Charles de FitzJames (b. 13 Apr 1840; d. 18 Nov 1894), mar. 21 Apr 1885 Fanny Marie Barron (b. 17 Jul 1862; d. 31 Jan 1896), dau. of William Barron, and had issue:

1e. Jacques de FitzJames, 10th Duke of FitzJames (b. 3 Apr 1886; dsp. 19 Jan 1967), mar. 18 Jan 1928 Charlotte Lebedel (b. 12 Feb 1881; dsp. 24 May 1971), dau. of Jean Lebedel

4d. Louis de FitzJames (d. 6 Sep 1846)

1d. Jacqueline Arabelle de FitzJames (b. 25 Feb 1827; d. 22 Jan 1903), mar. 8 May 1847 Scipione Maria Giovanni Battista Borghese, 1st Duke of Salviati (b. 23 Jun 1823; d. 15 Jun 1892), and had issue

2d. Gabrielle Lara de FitzJames (b. 20 Feb 1830; d. ???)

3d. Charlotte Marie de FitzJames (b. 5 Mar 1831; d. 3 Feb 1905), mar. 7 May 1849 Etienne Charles de Gontaut, Count of Biron (b. 5 Jul 1818; d. 9 Jan 1871), and had issue

4d. Marie Antoinette de FitzJames (b. 8 Jun 1837; d. 22 Jan 1865), mar. 17 Jul 1862 Athanase de Charette de la Contrie, 2nd Baron de Charette (b. 18 Sep 1832; d. 9 Oct 1911), and had issue

2c. Count Henri Charles François de FitzJames (b. 7 Mar 1805; d. 28 Mar 1883), mar. 12 Mar 1833 Cécile de Poilly (b. 15 Oct 1814; d. 22 Oct 1856), dau. of Charles de Poilly, and had issue:

1d. Count Jacques Charles Edouard de FitzJames (b. 3 Feb 1834; d. 30 Nov 1913), mar. 25 Apr 1866 Countess Marie Madeleine Adèle Dulong de Rosnay (b. 25 Jun 1845; d. 1 Nov 1913), dau. of Count Gabriel Dulong de Rosnay, and had issue:

1e. Etienne de FitzJames (b. 24 Dec 1878; dvp. 27 Aug 1908)

2e. Count Edouard de FitzJames (b. 8 Oct 1880; d. 26 Mar 1914), mar. 6 Jul 1904 Baroness Sylviane Finot (b. 28 Feb 1884; d. 9 May 1913), dau. of Baron Jules Finot, and had issue:

1f. Hélène Marie Madeline Arabelle de FitzJames (b. 25 Apr 1906; d. 18 May 1998), mar. 26 Apr 1927 Count Louis de Cassaigne de Beaufort de Miramon-Pesteils (b. 24 Apr 1901; d. 16 Aug 1941), and had issue

2d. Count Robert Charles Henri de FitzJames (b. 25 Jun 1835; dsp. 23 Sep 1900), mar. 15 May 1886 Rosalie von Gutmann (b. 20 Feb 1862; d. 25 Sep 1923), dau. of Wilhelm Gutmann

3d. Count David Henri de FitzJames (b. 1 Feb 1840; dsp. 20 Jun 1891), mar. 29 Dec 1886 Emmeline Doyen (b. 16 Feb 1828; d. Sep 1902), dau. of Auguste Doyen

4d. François de FitzJames (b. 2 May 1842; dvp. 28 Oct 1880)

1d. Elisabeth Marie de FitzJames (b. 1836/7; d. 6 Jun 1866), mar. 22 Jan 1859 Charles de Biéncourt (d. 2 Sep 1914), and had issue

1c. Antoinette Alexandrine Claudine de FitzJames (b. 6 Oct 1799; d. after 4 Nov 1837)

1b. Henriette Victoire de FitzJames (b. 11 Oct 1770; d. 26 Jul 1809), mar. 23 Aug 1784 Charles François Armand de Maillé de La Tour Laundry, 2nd Duke of Maillé (b. 10 Jan 1770; d. 5 Jan 1837), and had issue

The 5th Duke of FitzJames also had an illegitimate son by his mistress, Anne Bibiane Beauvaland:

3b. Jacques Charles René de FitzJames, Viscount de FitzJames (b. 1788; dsp. 1834), mar. 1819 Hélène Françoise Carmac (d. 1847)

2a. Charles Ferdinand de FitzJames (b. 7 Sep 1747; d. ???)

3a. Edouard Henri de FitzJames (b. 30 Sep 1750; d. 1 Dec 1823)

1a. Anne Marie Félicité Josèphe de FitzJames (b. Dec 1741; dvp. 21 Feb 1742)

2a. Laure Auguste de FitzJames (b. 7 Dec 1744; dsp. 26 Sep 1814), mar. 28 Sep 1762 Prince Philippe Gabriel Maurice d'Alsace de Hénin-Liétard de Chimay (b. 12 Sep 1736; d. 24 Jul 1804)

3a. Adélaïde de FitzJames (b. 27 Jan 1746; dvp. 25 Aug 1747)

4a. Emilie de FitzJames (b. 22 Dec 1753; d. ???)

6. Field Marshal Lord Edward FitzJames (b. 17 Oct 1716; d. 5 May 1748)

1. Lady Henrietta FitzJames, Lady -in-Waiting to Queen Marie Lecszinska 1728-1737 (b. 16 Sep 1705; d. 3 Jul 1739), mar. 7 Nov 1722 Jean Baptiste Louis de Clermont d'Amboise, Marquis de Reynel et de Montglas (b. 1702; d. 18 Sep 1761), and had issue

2. Lady Laura Anne FitzJames, Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Marie Leczinska 1737-1763 (b. 7 Aug 1710; d. 5 Dec 1766), mar. 11 Mar 1732 Timoléon Joachim Louis de Montagu Beaune, Marquis de Bouzols (d. 29 Apr 1747), and had issue

3. Lady Maria Emilia FitzJames, Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Marie Leczinska 1758-1768 (b. 9 Oct 1715; d. 3 Jan 1770), mar.4 Sep 1736 François Marie de Perusse, Count des Cars (b. 1709; d. 1759), and had issue

4. Lady Anne Sophia FitzJames, a nun (b. 1718; d. 25 Apr 1763)

5. Lady Anne FitzJames (b. 1720; dvp. 23 May 1721)


12 Jun 1734, being decapitated by a cannonball


19 Mar 1686/7 Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Earl of Tynemouth and Baron Bosworth, of Bosworth in the County of Leicester

Feb 1704 Duke of Berwick and Grandee of Spain (1st Class)

1707 Duke of Liria and Xérica (by King Philip V of Spain)

May 1710 Duke of FitzJames, with remainder to his issue by his second wife (Peerage of France)


at the siege of Buda 1686; Maj General in the Imperial Army 1687; Col 8th Regiment of Foot 1687-88; Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire 1687-88; Governor of Portsmouth 1687-89; Col Royal Horse Guards 1688; nom. Knight of the Garter 1688 but never installed and nom. declared void 1690; went into exile in France with his father 1689; fought for his father at the Siege of Londonderry and the Battle of the Boyne; attainted 1695 and all his English peerages forfeited; naturalised in France 1703; Capt General and Grandee of Spain 1704; Marshal of France 1706; Knight of the Golden Fleece 1707; Councillor of Regency of France 1719; Knight of the Holy Spirit 1724; Governor of Strasbourg 1730; died at the Siege of Philippsburg


Editor's Note

The attainder of the 1st Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed is problematic. In an article in "Genealogist's Magazine", Vol 20, No 5, pp. 147-151 (March 1981), Godfreys and Iredell consider the attainder in some detail. They state that Berwick was never attainted by Act of Parliament but was judicially attainted by being found guilty of high treason at the Old Bailey about October 1689 for being in arms with King James and subsequently pronounced an outlaw sometime about February 1690 (N.S.). The court records have 1 August 1689 as the date of attainder, this earlier date arising from the fact that forfeiture was retrospective to the time of the treason laid in the indictment, though it was the actual attainder which brought corruption in blood. They go on to discuss whether there had been another attainder sometime between 23 February and 24 March 1695/6. They cite a lot of circumstantial evidence. For example, there is a newsletter report in November 1697 that Berwick and others "who are attainted of high treason" had come over from France and, on the day following, that the lords justices had published the proclamation against "the Duke of Berwick who is outlawed for high treason". Thus the fact of Berwick's attainder seems clear beyond doubt, with the amplification that rather than one outlawry there were two. This has corroboration from the commission on the Irish forfeitures which reported to the House of Commons on 15 December 1699. The Book of Outlawries exhibited had three parts: the 57 English outlawries (which included "Jacob, Dux Berwick"), the considerable number of outlawries made in the Irish King's Bench, and, thirdly, outlawries for treason "committed in parts beyond the seas" since Their Majesties' accession where "James, Duke of Berwick" further appears.


Berwick himself provides a last word: writing from St Germain on 28 March 1714, shortly before Queen Anne's death, concerning leave to go to England, he told the titular James III, his half-brother, that he was "afear'd, if Harley is a knave at the bottom, he will hinder me from reversing my outlawry."


Despite the forfeiture, the descendants of the 1st Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed have continued to list the 1686/7 English titles amongst there very many Spanish titles., which include, somewhat confusingly, a Spanish Dukedom of Berwick created in 1707. With the death of the 17th Duke of Alba de Tormes and self styled 10th Duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1953, any claim to this English title passed to his nephew, Don Fernando Alfonso Fitz-James Stuart y Saavedra, 15th Duke of Peñaranda de Duero, etc., whilst the Spanish Dukedom of Berwick passed to his only child and heiress, Doña Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva.


The French Dukedom of FitzJames became extinct in 1967.


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