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Cardross, Lord (S, 1606 or 1610)


Creation: let.pat. 9 Jul 1610 or 10 Jun 1610


Family name: Erskine




Quarterly:  1st and 4th grandquarters, Gules an Eagle Displayed Or armed and membered Azure looking towards the Sun in his splendour placed in the dexter chief (Coat of Augmentation);  2nd grandquarter, counter-quartered, 1st and 4th, Azure a Bend between six Cross Crosslets fitchée Or (Mar);  2nd and 3rd, Argent a Pale Sable (Erskine);  3rd grandquarter, counter-quartered, 1st and 4th, Or a Fess chequy Azure and Argent (Stewart), 2nd and 3rd, Azure three Garbs Or (Cumming)


A Hand bearing up a Boar's Head erased on the point of a Skene thrust through the same Proper


Dexter: A Horse Argent furnished Gules;  Sinister: A Griffin parted per fess Argent and Sable armed and membered Gules





John [Erskine], 18th and de jure 2nd Earl of Mar and 1st Lord Cardross, KG

only son and heir of John [Erskine], 6th Lord Erskine later 17th and de jure 1st Earl of Mar, by his wife Annabella Murray, only dau. of Sir William Murray of Tullibardine


c. 1558

mar. (1)

betw. 29 Oct and 1 Nov 1580 Hon Anne Drummond (d. 23 Dec 1587), 2nd dau. of David [Drummond], 2nd Lord Drummond, by his second wife Hon Lilias Ruthven, 2nd dau. of William [Ruthven], 2nd Lord Ruthven

only child by first wife

1. Hon John Erskine, later 19th and de jure 3rd Earl of Mar

mar. (2)

7 Dec 1592 Lady Mary Stuart (d. 11 May 1644), 2nd dau. of Esmé [Stuart], 1st Duke of Lennox, by his wife Katharine de Balsac, 9th dau. of Guillaume de Balsac, Seigneur d'Entragues

children by second wife

2. Hon James Erskine, jure uxoris Earl of Buchan (d. Jan 1639/40), mar. (1) Lady Mary Douglas, suo jure Countess of Buchan, and (2) Dorothy Knyvett (bur. 4 Feb 1639/40), dau. of Sir Philip Knyvett, 1st Bt., of Buckenham, co. Norfolk, by his wife Katherine Ford, dau. and hrss. of Charles Ford, of Butley Abbey, co. Suffolk, and had issue by his first wife

3. Hon Henry Erskine, styled Master of Cardross (dvp. 1628), mar. soon after 14 Dec 1625 Margaret Bellenden (d. after Jan 1639/40), sister of William [Bellenden], 1st Lord Bellenden of Broughton, and dau. of Sir James Bellenden of Broughton by his wife Elizabeth Ker, sister of Robert [Ker], 1st Earl of Roxburghe, and 2nd dau. of Sir William Ker of Cessford, and had issue:

1a. David Erskine, later 2nd Lord Cardross

4. Col Hon Alexander Erskine (d. 30 Aug 1640)

5. Hon Sir Arthur Erskine (d. 3 Sep 1651), mar. 25 Jun 1628 Margaret Buchanan, 1st dau. of Sir John Buchanan of Scotscraig, and had issue

6. Hon Sir John Erskine (d. bef. 1668), mar. c. 1640 Margaret Inglis, 1st dau. and cohrss. of William Inglis of Otterstoun, and had issue

7. Hon Sir Charles Erskine (d. 8 Jul 1663), mar. (1) after 10 Jan 1639 Mary Hope, 3rd dau. of Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, and (2) Helen Bruce (widow of Sir Robert Bruce of Broomhall; mar. (3) 1666 Sir James Dundas of Arniston), dau. of Sir James Skene of Curriehill, and had issue

8. Hon William Erskine, Cupbearer to King Charles I and Mater of the Charterhouse

1. Lady Mary Erskine (d. after 25 Jan 1666/7), mar. (1) 12 Oct 1609 William [Keith], 5th Earl Marischal, and (2) 15 Jul 1639 as his third wife Patrick [Maule], 1st Earl of Panmure, and had issue by her first husband

2. Lady Anna Erskine (d. 2 May 1640), mar. after 28 Dec 1614 John [Leslie], 6th Earl of Rothes, and had issue

3. Lady Margaret Erskine (dsps. 7 Nov 1640), mar. 19 Jun 1618 as his first wife John [Lyon], 2nd Earl of Kinghorne

4. Lady Annabella Erskine (d. young)

5. Lady Catherine Erskine (d. 5 Feb 1634/5), mar. after 27 Feb 1621/2 as his first wife Thomas [Hamilton], 2nd Earl of Haddington, and had issue


14 Dec 1634


9 Jul 1606 or 10 Jun 1610 Lord of Cardross, with power of nomination

suc. by

only child by first wife


suc. his father 29 Oct 1572; on 27 Mar 1604 obtained a charter from the Crown creating him Lord of Cardross together with a grant of the lands of the Priory of Inchmahome and of the Abbeys of Dryburgh and Cambuskenneth; the grant was confirmed by Act of Parliament 9 Jul 1606, the lands being erected into the Barony of Cardross, and the Earl, his heirs and successors therein, being granted the dignity of a Lord of Parliament to be called Lord of Cardross; a new charter of the lands and title was therein ordered to be made, which was done on 10 Jun 1610, and by it the Barony of Cardross was granted to the Earl and his heirs male and assignees whatsoever, with the rights, etc., of a Lord of Parliament; the Earl nominated his third son, Henry Erskine, as his successor in the Lordship of Cardross (reserving his life-rent therein) by charter dated 31 Jan 1617. This was ratified by a Royal charter 13 Mar 1617.


David [Erskine], 2nd Lord Cardross


6 Feb 1626/7

mar. (1)

after 9 Aug 1645 Anne Hope (bapt. 19 Apr 1625), dau. of Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, 1st Bt., by his wife Elizabeth Bennet, dau. of Robert Bennet, Town Clerk of Musselburgh

children by first wife

1. Hon Henry Erskine, later 3rd Lord Cardross

1. Hon Margaret Erskine, mar. William Cunningham of Boquhan, and had issue

mar. (2)

1655 Mary Bruce, sister of Edward [Bruce], 1st Earl of Kincardine, and 3rd dau. of George Bruce of Carnock by his wife Mary Preston, dau. of Sir John Preston of Valleyfield

children by second wife

2. Hon Alexander Erskine (dvp. young)

3. Col Hon William Erskine of Torrie, Member of Parliament for Culross 1689-97, Lieutenant-Governor of Blackness Castle (d. 5 Oct 1700), mar. his cousin Magdalen Lumsden, dau. of Sir James Lumsden of Innergelly, and had issue

4. Col Hon John Erskine of Carnock, accompanied the Prince of Orange to England 1689, Lt Col of Lord Cardross's Regiment of Dragoons 1689, Lieutenant-Governor of Stirling Castle 1701 and of Dumbarton Castle 1702, Member of Parliament for Stirling 1702-07 and for Stirling Burghs 1707-10 (b. 30 May 1662; d. 13 Jan 1743), mar. (1) 14 Mar 1690 Jane Mure (dsp. May 1690), dau. and hrss. of William Mure of Caldwell, (2) 5 Jan 1691 Anna Dundas, 1st dau. and cohrss. of William Dundas of Kincavil, advocate, (3) 28 Apr 1725 Lilias Murray (b. 12 Jan 1681; widow of John Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise; dsp. 27 Mar 1729), 1st dau. of Sir John Stirling of Keir, and (4) 25 Nov 1729 Mary Stuart (d. 12 Sep 1772), dau. of Charles Stuart of Dunearn, and had issue by his second and fourth wives

5. Capt Hon Charles Erskine, Capt Earl of Leven's or Edinburgh Regiment 1689 (killed at the Battle of Steinkirk 4 Jun 1692)

1. Hon Veronica Erskine, mar. 10 Sep 1703 Walter Lockhart of Kirktown, and had issue

2. Hon Magdalen Erskine (bapt. 14 Feb 1667), mar. Alexander Moneypenny of Pitmilly

3. Hon Maria Erskine (d. 1 Apr 1680)



suc. by

son by first wife


one of the few Scottish peers who protested against delivering up King Charles I to the English army at Newcastle 1646; was a promoter of "the engagement" in 1648, for which he was fined £1,000 and debarred from sitting in Parliament in 1649; obtained 1663/4 a "new charter of the Lordship and Parliamentary Peerage of Cardross", with a power of nominating his successor, which failing with remainder to the heirs male of his body, who failing to his heirs and assigns whatever


Henry [Erskine], 3rd Lord Cardross, PC




3 May 1671 Catherine Stewart (d. Jan 1725; bur. in the Abbey Church of Holyrood House), sister and cohrss. of Sir William Stewart of Kirkhill, and 2nd dau. of Sir James Stewart of Kirkhill


1. Hon David Erskine, later 4th Lord Cardross later 9th Earl of Buchan

2. Hon Charles Erskine, advocate 1704 (dsps. 25 Feb 1763), mar. Ann Scott (dsps. 19 Dec 1763), dau. and hrss. of Walter Scott of Edenshead, yst. son of Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit, and had issue

3. Hon William Erskine, Deputy Governor of Blackness Castle (d. before 10 Oct 1739), mar. his cousin Margaret Erskine, only dau. of his paternal uncle, Col Hon John Erskine of Carnock, by his second wife Anna Dundas, 1st dau. and cohrss. of William Dundas of Kincavil, advocate

4. Hon Thomas Erskine, advocate 1716 (b. 5 Jun 1691; d. 14 Jan 1731), mar. 15 Jun 1721 Rachel Libberton (d. 30 Jun 1769), dau. of John Libberton, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, and had issue

1. Hon Catherine Erskine, mar. (1) Sir William Denholm of Westshields, and (2) 4 Apr 1714 as his second wife Daniel Campbell MP, 1st of Shawfield and 1st of Islay (b. 1670; d. 8 Jun 1753), and had issue by her second husband

2. Hon Mary Erskine (b. 30 Mar 1690; d. Jun 1733), mar. James Nimmo, merchant and Cashier of Excise in Edinburgh, and had issue

3. Hon Anne Erskine (b. 9 Dec 1692; d. before 1716), mar. Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath


21 May 1693

suc. by



a zealous Protestant, he opposed the Earl of Lauderdale's administration and was imprisoned 1675-79; in 1680 he emigrated to Carolina in North America and founded a colony there; he accompanied the Prince of Orange to England 1688, raising a regiment of Dragoons, for which he was made Col 1699; Privy Councillor and Governor of the Scottish Mint


David [Erskine], 4th Lord Cardross later 9th Earl of Buchan, PC


suc. his cousin 1695 as 9th Earl of Buchan


The Lordship of Cardross has been held by the Earls of Buchan since 1695.


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