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Darcy of Darcy or of Temple Hurst, Baron (E, 1509 - 1537)


Creation: writ sum. 17 Oct 1509


Forfeited: 30 Jun 1537


Family name: Darcy




Azure semée of Cross Crosslets and three Cinquefoils Argent


A Bull passant Sable hoofed horned maned and tufted Or


Dexter:  a Tiger Argent armed Gules;  Sinister:  a Bull Sable hoofed horned maned and tufted Or


 Je loue Dieu Grace attendant



Thomas [Darcy], 1st Baron Darcy of Darcy or of Temple Hurst, KG

only son and heir of Sir William Darcy (by his wife Eupheme Langton, dau. of John Langton, of Farnley, co. York), only son and heir of Richard Darcy (by his wife Eleanor le Scrope, 2nd dau. of John [le Scrope], 4th Baron Scrope of Masham), only son and heir ap. of Sir John Darcy (by his wife Joan de Greystock, 2nd dau. of John [de Greystock], 4th Baron Greystock), 2nd son of John [Darcy], 5th Baron Darcy de Knayth


c. 1467

mar. (1)

Dowsabella Tempest (d. after 1503), dau. and hrss. of Sir Richard Tempest, of Giggleswick, co. York, by his wife Mabel Strickland, dau. of Walter Strickland, of Sizergh Castle, co. Westmorland

children by first wife

1. Hon Sir George Darcy, later 1st Baron Darcy of Aston

2. Hon Richard Darcy (dsp.)

3. Hon Sir Arthur Darcy, of Brimham, co. York, Lieutenant of the Tower of London (b. c. 1505; d. 3 Apr 1561), mar. Mary Carew, dau. of Sir Nicholas Carew KG, of Beddington, co. Surrey, by his wife Elizabeth Bryan, dau. of Sir Thomas Bryan by his wife Margaret Bourchier, dau. of Sir Humphrey Bourchier (by his wife Elizabeth Tilney, de jure suo jure Baroness Thorpe, dau .and sole hrss. of Sir Frederick Tilney, of Ashwellthorpe, co. Norfolk), 1st son and heir ap. of John [Bourchier], 1st Baron Berners, and had issue:

1a. Sir Henry Darcy, of Brimham, co. York, and Leighton Bromswold, co. Huntingdon, Member of Parliament for Knaresborough 1558 and for Huntingdonshire 1571 and 1576-83, mar. (1) Catherine Tyrwhit, dau. of Sir Robert Tyrwhit, of Leighton Bromswold, co. Huntingdon, and (2) Catherine Pulteney (widow of Michael Pulteney), dau. of Sir John Fermor, and had issue by his second wife:

1b. Catherine Darcy, mar. after 25 Jun 1591 Gervase [Clifton], 1st Baron Clifton of Leighton Bromswold, and had issue

2a. Thomas Darcy, of Hornby Castle, co. York, Lieutenant of the Tower of London (d. 6 Nov 1605), mar. (1) Hon Elizabeth Conyers, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of John [Conyers], 3rd Baron Conyers, (2) Collubia ..... (bur. 29 Feb 1593), and (3) Elizabeth ...., and had issue by his first wife:

1b. Sir Conyers Darcy, later 7th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 4th Baron Conyers

1b. ..... Darcy (bapt. 23 Feb 1570/1)

3a. Sir Edward Darcy, of Dartford Place, co. Kent, Member of Parliament for Truro 1584-85 (d. 28 Oct 1612; bur. in St Botolph, Aldgate), mar. Elizabeth Astley, dau. of Thomas Astley, and had issue:

1b. Sir Robert Darcy, of Newhall, co. Derby (d. bef. 1632), mar. Grace Reddish ,and had issue:

1c. Edward Darcy, of Newhall, co. Derby, mar. his seventh cousin Lady Elizabeth Stanhope, 2nd dau .of Philip [Stanhope], 1st Earl of Chesterfield, by his first wife Hon Catherine Hastings, 1st dau. of Hon Francis Hastings, styled Lord Hastings (by his wife Sarah Harington, sister of John [Harington], 1st Baron Harington of Exton, and dau. of Sir James Harington, of Exton, co. Rutland), son and heir ap. of George [Hastings], 4th Earl of Huntingdon, and had issue:

1d. Catharine Darcy (b. c. 1641; d. 1713), mar. after 1 Sep 1660 as his second wife Sir Erasmus Phillips, 3rd Bt., of Picton Castle, co. Pembroke, and had issue

2b. Christopher Darcy, admitted Gray's Inn 18 May 1604

3b. Carew Darcy, admitted Gray's Inn 13 Mar 1611/2

1b. Catherine Darcy (b. 1561; d. 24 May 1646), mar. William West, of Firbeck, co .York (b. 1575; d. 1605), and had issue:

1c. John West, of Firbeck, co. York

1c. Elizabeth West (b. 160; d. 24 Jul 1669), mar. (1) as his fourth wife her third cousin John [Darcy], 3rd Baron Darcy of Aston, and (2) Hon Sir Francis Fane, of Fulbeck, co. Lincoln, and Aston, co. York, Governor of Doncaster and Lincoln Castles (b. c. 1611; d. 1680), 3rd son of Francis [Fane], 1st Earl of Westmorland, and had issue by her second husband

2b. Isabel Darcy (b. c. 1600; d. c. 1669), mar. John Launce, and had issue

4a. Arthur Darcy, of Addington Magna, co. Northampton, mar. Martha Billingsby, sister of Sir Henry Billingsby and dau. of William Billingsby, of London, and had issue:

1b. Philip Darcy (dvp.)

2b. Arthur Darcy (dvp)

3b. Henry Darcy, of Addington Magna, co. Northampton, mar. Frances Monins, dau. of Sir William Monins, 1st Bt., of Waldershare, co. Kent, by his second wife Jane Twisden, sister of Sir William Twisden, 1st Bt., and 1st dau. of Roger Twisden, of East Peckham, co. Kent, and had issue:

1c. Philip Darcy

2c. Francis Darcy

3c. Arthur Darcy (b. c. 1605)

4c. Henry Darcy

5c. William Darcy

6c. Edmund Darcy

1c. Katherine Darcy

2c. Ursula Darcy

3c. Dorothy Darcy

4c. Frances Darcy

1b. Elizabeth Darcy, mar. Richard Cholmeley, of Lichfield, co. Stafford

2b. Katherine Darcy, mar. James Cooke, of co. Suffolk

5a. Nicholas Darcy, of Langcliffe and Nappey

6a. John Darcy, of Potter Newton, Member of Parliament for Gloucestershire 1584-85

7a. Sir Francis Darcy, of Gisburn, co. York, Member of Parliament for Lymington 1601 (bur. 29 Nov 1641), mar. Catherine Leigh (bur. 29 May 1625), dau. of Sir Peter Leigh, of Stoneleigh, co. Stafford, and had issue

8a. Charles Darcy (d. young)

9a. William Darcy (d. young)

10a. Philip Darcy (d. young)

1a. Mary Darcy (d. young)

2a. Ursula Darcy (d. young)

3a. Elizabeth Darcy (bur. 9 Sep 1590), mar. Lewis [Mordaunt], 3rd Baron Mordaunt, and had issue

4a. Anne Darcy (living 1561)

1. Hon Mabel Darcy (dvp.)

mar. (2)

bef. 1520 Edith Nevill (widow of Hon Ralph Nevill, styled Lord Nevill (dvp. 1498), only son and heir ap. of Ralph [Nevill], 3rd Earl of Westmorland; d. 22 Aug 1529), sister of William [Sandys]. 1st Baron Sandys of the Vine, and dau. of Sir William Sandys, of the Vyne, in Sherborne St John, co. Hampshire, by his wife Margaret Cheney, dau. of Sir John Cheney, of Shurland in the Isle of Sheppey, co. Kent

only child by second wife

2. Hon Elizabeth Darcy, mar. after 26 Apr 1514 as his first wife Sir Marmaduke Constable, of Flamborough, co. York, and had issue


30 Jun 1537


by writ of summons 17 Oct 1509 Baron Darcy of Darcy


knighted 1489; Knight Banneret 1497; Constable of Bamburgh Castle 1498; Captain of Berwick 1498-1515; Treasurer of Berwick 1501; Warden of the East Marches 1505 and of the East and Middle Marches 1511; Knight of the Garter 1509; Warden of the Royal Forests, North of Trent 1509 ; Privy Councillor; opposed the dissolution of the monasteries and joined in the Pilgrimage of Grace; convicted of high treason for delivering up Pontefract Castle to the rebels, attainted and executed on Tower Hill


Following the attainder of the 1st Baron Darcy in 1537 the Barony of Darcy of Darcy or of Temple Hurst was forfeited. His eldest son was restored in blood by Act of Parliament 1548 to the dignity of Baron Darcy, to him and the heirs male of his body. It is unclear whether this Act of restoration was the restoration of the former Barony by writ (if so, then the limitation to heirs male would be invalid) or the creation of a new Barony. Certainly the new Baron Darcy took his place in the House of Lords as the junior baron and not in the 1509 precedence of the former Barony. However, matters are confused by his son taking his seat in the House of Lords in the precedence of the former Barony, which assumption seems to have been condoned by the House. We are following the precedent set by The Complete Peerage and treating the Act of restoration as the creation of a new Barony.


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