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Northumberland, Earl of (E, 1557 - 1670)


Creation: let.pat. 1 May 1557


Extinct: 31 May 1670


Family name: Percy
















Blessed Thomas [Percy], 1st Baron Percy later 1st Earl of Northumberland, KG

1st son and heir of Sir Thomas Percy (by his wife Eleanor Harbottle, sister and cohrss. of George Harbottle, of Beamish, co. Durham, and dau. of Sir Guiscard Harbottle, of Horton, co. Northumberland), younger brother of Henry [Percy], 5th Earl of Northumberland, and 2nd son of Henry Algernon [Percy], 4th Earl of Northumberland




12 Jun 1558 Lady Anne Somerset (d. c. 8 Sep 1591), 3rd dau. of Henry [Somerset], 2nd Earl of Worcester, by his second wife Elizabeth Browne, 1st dau. of Sir Anthony Browne, of Beechworth Castle, co. Surrey, Standard Bearer to King Henry VII


1. Hon Thomas Percy, styled Lord Percy (d. young; bur. v.p. 1560)

1. Lady Elizabeth Percy, mar. Richard Woodroffe, of Wolley, co. York, and had issue

2. Lady Lucy Percy, mar. Sir Edward Stanley, of Tong Castle, co. Shropshire, only son of Hon Sir Thomas Stanley, of Winwick, co. Lancaster (by his wife Margaret Vernon, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir George Vernon, of Haddon Hall, co. Derby), 2nd son by his first wife of Edward [Stanley], 3rd Earl of Derby, and had issue

3. Lady Jane Percy (dsp.), mar. Lord Henry Seymour (dsp.), 2nd son by his second wife of Edward [Seymour], 1st Duke of Somerset

4. Lady Mary Percy (dsp.), Prioress of the English Nunnery at Brussels


s.p.m.s. 22 Aug 1572


30 Apr 1557 Baron Percy, with remainder, failing heirs male of his body, to his brother, Henry Percy, in like manner

1 May 1557 Earl of Northumberland, with a like a special reminder and "with the place and precedence of his ancestors, former Earls of Northumberland"

suc. by



restored in blood 1549; Keeper of Prudhoe Castle 1556; knighted 1557; Constable of the Castles of Richmond and Middleham 1557; High Marshal of the army in the North 1557; Warden of the East March 1557 and 1558/9; Knight of the Garter 1563, degraded 1569; along with the Earl of Westmorland attempted to release Mary, Queen of Scots from captivity and re-establish Catholocism; captured Barnard Castle and Hartlepool but fled to Scotland at the approach of a force led by the Earl of Sussex; betrayed to the Regent of Scotland Dec 1571 and handed over to the English authorities May 1572; attainted 1571 and executed at York the next year; he is regarded as a Catholic martyr and in 1895 he was beatified by Pope Leo XIII and given a local feast day of 14 Nov; because of his attainder the Barony of Poynings (cr. 1337), the Barony of Bryan (cr. 1350), and the Earldom of Northumberland (cr. 1416), each of which under modern peerage law he was entitled to, were all forfeited. It was accepted at the time that the titles created in 1557 were protected from forfeiture by the special remainders. Any rights to the forfeited Barony of Percy (cr. 1299), which was subject to the attainder of 1406, or to the forfeited Baronies of Poynings (cr. 1337) and Bryan (cr. 1350), which were subject to the attainder of 1571, passed to his four daughters and coheirs and their descendants.


Henry [Percy], 2nd Earl of Northumberland


c. 1532


bef. 25 Jan 1561/2 Hon Catherine Neville (mar. (2) aft. 5 Dec 1587 Francis Fitton, of Binfield, co. Berkshire; d. 28 Oct 1596), 1st dau. and cohrss. of John [Neville], 4th Baron Latymer, by his wife Lady Lucy Somerset, only dau. by his first wife of Henry [Somerset], 2nd Earl of Worcester


1. Hon Henry Percy, later 3rd Earl of Northumberland

2. Hon Thomas Percy (dvp. 1587)

3. Hon William Percy (b. 1575; bur. sp. 28 May 1648)

4. Hon Sir Charles Percy (dsp. Jun 1628), mar. Dorothy Cox, dau. of Richard Cox, of Dumbleton

5. Hon Sir Richard Percy (dsp. 1647)

6. Hon Sir Alan Percy, Knight of the Bath (dsp. bef. 13 Jun 1613). mar. Mary Fitz (mar. (2) Hon Thomas Darcy, (3) Sir Charles Howard, and (4) Sir Richard Grenville), dau. and hrss. of Sir John Fitz, of Fitzford, co. Devon

7. Hon Sir Josceline Percy (d. bef. 24 May 1631)

8. Hon George Percy (b. 4 Sep 1580; d. 1632)

1. Lady Anne Percy (d. young)

2. Lady Lucy Percy. mar. (1) Sir John Wotton, and (2) Sir Hugh Owen

3. Lady Eleanor Percy (d. 24 Dec 1650), mar. bef. 1600 William [Herbert], 1st Baron Powis, and had issue


21 Jun 1585

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Morpeth 1554 and for Northumberland 1571; knighted 1557; Captain of Tynemouth and of Norham Castle 1560/1-71; Sheriff of Northumberland 1562; remained loyal to Queen Elizabeth during his brother's rebellion but was himself suspected of plotting in favour of Mary, Queen of Scots and was imprisoned in the Tower 1571-73; imprisoned in the Tower again 1583/4-85, when he was found dead in bed from a pistol shot


Henry [Percy], 3rd Earl of Northumberland, KG PC


bef. 27 Apr 1564


1594 Lady Dorothy Perrott (widow of Sir Thomas Perrott; d. 3 Aug 1619), 2nd dau. of Walter [Devereux], 1st Earl of Essex, by his wife Lettice Knollys, 1st dau. of Sir Francis Knollys KG by his wife Mary Carey, sister of Henry [Carey], 1st Baron Hunsdon, and only dau. of William Carey, Esquire of the Body to King Henry VIII (by his wife Lady Mary Boleyn, mistress of King Henry VIII and elder sister of Lady Anne Boleyn, suo jure Marchioness of Pembroke, herself second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, 1st dau. and cohrss. in her issue of Thomas [Boleyn], 1st Earl of Wiltshire and 1st Earl of Ormonde), 2nd son of Sir Thomas Carey, of Chilton Foliat, co. Wiltshire, by his wife Margaret Spencer, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Robert Spencer, of Spencercombe, co. Devon, by his wife Lady Eleanor Butler, widow of James [Butler], 5th Earl of Ormonde, and 1st dau. and cohrss. of Edmund [Beaufort], 1st Duke of Somerset


1. Hon Henry Percy, styled Lord Percy (dvp. May 1596)

2. Hon Henry Percy, styled Lord Percy (bapt. 8 Jul 1596; dvp. May 1597)

3. Hon Algernon Percy, later 4th Earl of Northumberland

4. Hon Henry Percy, later 1st Baron Percy of Alnwick

1. Lady Dorothy Percy (bapt. 20 Aug 1598; d. 20 Aug 1659), mar. Jan 1615 Robert [Sydney], 2nd Earl of Leicester, and had issue

2. Lady Lucy Percy (b. c. 1600; dsp. 5 Nov 1660), mar. 6 Nov 1617 as his second wife James [Hay], 1st Earl of Carlisle


5 Nov 1632

suc. by



Knight of the Garter 1593; served in the Low Countries 1600-01; Privy Councillor 1603; Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners 1603-05; Joint Lord Lieutenant of Sussex 1604-05; arrested on suspicion of being involved in the "Gunpowder Plot" and imprisoned in the Tower 1605-21


Algernon [Percy], 4th Baron Percy later 4th Earl of Northumberland, KG PC


29 Sep 1602

mar. (1)

bef. 1630 Lady Anne Cecil (bapt. 23 Feb 1612; dspm. 6 Dec 1637), 1st dau. of William [Cecil], 2nd Earl of Salisbury, by his wife Lady Catherine Howard, 3rd dau. by his second wife of Thomas [Howard], 1st Earl of Suffolk

children by first wife

1. Lady Catherine Percy (d. young)

2. Lady Dorothy Percy (d. young)

3. Lady Anne Percy (b. 19 Dec 1633; dsps. 29 Nov 1654), mar. 21 Jun 1652 as his first wife Philip [Stanhope], 2nd Earl of Chesterfield, and had issue

4. Lady Elizabeth Percy (b. 1 Dec 1636; d. 6 Feb 1717/8), mar. 19 May 1653 Arthur [Capell], 1st Earl of Essex, and had issue

5. Lady Lucy Percy (d. young)

mar. (2)

1 Oct 1642 Lady Elizabeth Howard (b. c. 1622; d. 11 Mar 1704/5), 2nd dau. of Theophilus [Howard], 2nd Earl of Suffolk, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Home, 2nd dau. and cohrss. of George [Home], 1st Earl of Dunbar

children by second wife

1. Hon Josceline Percy, later 5th Earl of Northumberland

6. Lady Elizabeth Percy (d. young)


13 Oct 1668

suc. by

son by second wife


Knight of the Bath 1616; Member of Parliament for Sussex 1624-25 and for Chichester 1626; Master of the Horse to the Queen 1626; Joint Lord Lieutenant of Cumberland, Northumberland and Westmorland 1626 and Sussex 1636 ; sum. to Parliament v.p. 28 Mar 1626 in his father's Barony of Percy; a Councillor of the North 1632/3; Knight of the Garter 1635; Privy Councillor 1636; Admiral, Captain General and Governor of the Fleet 1635/6 and 1637/8; Lord High Admiral of England 1638-42; General of the forces South of Trent 1639; Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland 1639; President of the Council of War and General of the Army 1639/40; Lord High Admiral of England (for Parliament) 1642/3; opposed the execution of King Charles I in 1649 and supported the Restoration of king Charles II in 1660; Privy Councillor 1660; Lord Lieutenant for Sussex and Northumberland 1660; Lord High Constable of England for the Coronation of King Charles II 1661 and joint Earl Marshal of England 1662


Josceline [Percy], 5th Earl of Northumberland


4 Jul 1644


23 Dec 1662 Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley (mar. (2) 24 Aug 1673 as his first wife Ralph [Montagu], 1st Duke of Montagu; d. 19 Sep 1690), 4th dau. and cohrss. of Thomas [Wriothesley], 4th Earl of Southampton, by his second wife Lady Elizabeth Leigh, 1st dau. and cohrss. by his second wife of Francis [Leigh], 1st Earl of Chichester


1. Hon Henry Percy, styled Lord Percy (b. 2 Feb 1668/9; dvp. 18 Dec 1669)

1. Lady Elizabeth Percy, styled Baroness Percy (b. 26 Jan 1667/8; d. 22 Nov 1722), mar (1) 27 May 1679 Lord Henry Cavendish later Percy, styled Earl of Ogle, only son and heir ap. of Henry [Cavendish], 2nd Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; mar. (2) Jul 1681 Thomas Thynne, of Longleat, co. Wiltshire, and (3) 30 May 1682 as his first wife Charles [Seymour], 6th Duke of Somerset, and had issue by her third husband


s.p.m.s. 31 May 1670


Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland 1660 and of Sussex 1668


On the death of the 5th Earl of Northumberland both the Barony of Percy and the Earldom of Northumberland (both cr. 1557) became extinct. It was generally thought at the time that his daughter had inherited the ancient Barony of Percy (cr. 1299), but this had been forfeited by the attainder of 1406. On her death in 1722 the Percy estates passed to her only surviving son by the Duke of Somerset, Lord Algernon Seymour. On 21 Jan 1722/3 he was summoned to Parliament by writ as Baron Percy, following the assumption that his late mother had been suo jure Baroness Percy. As this assumption was incorrect the issuing of the writ created a new barony by writ. Lord Percy succeeded his father as 7th Duke of Somerset in 1748 and the next year he was created Baron Warkworth and Earl of Northumberland, with special remainder in default of male issue to his son-in-law Sir Hugh Smithson, 4th Bt. and the heirs male of his body by his wife Lady Elizabeth Seymour, only child of the duke. On the duke's death in 1750 the Barony of Percy passed to his only child, Lady Elizabeth Smithson, and the Earldom of Northumberland (cr. 1749) passed to his son-in-law. The 2nd Earl of Northumberland took the name of Percy in lieu of that of Smithson by Act of Parliament and in 1766 was created Earl Percy and Duke of Northumberland.


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