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Southesk, Earl of (S, 1633)


Creation: let. pat. 22 Jun 1633


Family name: Carnegie




See Duke of Fife



David [Carnegie], 1st Lord Carnegie of Kinnaird later 1st Earl of Southesk, PC

1st son and heir of David Carnegie of Kinnaird, a Privy Councillor and a Commissioner of the Treasury, by his second wife Eupheme Wemyss, dau. of Sir John Wemyss of that Ilk




8 Oct 1595 Margaret Lindsay (d. 9 Jul 1614), only dau. of Hon Sir David Lindsay of Edzell, a Lord of Session as Lord Edzell (by his first wife and cousin Lady Helen Lindsay, only dau. of David [Lindsay], 10th Earl of Crawford), 1st son and heir by his second wife of David [Lindsay], 9th Earl of Crawford


1. Hon David Carnegie, styled Lord Carnegie (b. c. 1596; dvp. 25 Oct 1633), mar. 28 Sep 1613 Lady Margaret Hamilton (mar. (2) 31 Jan 1646/7 as his 3rd wife James [Johnstone], 1st Earl of Hartfell;  d. 1652), 1st dau. of Thomas [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Haddington, by his second wife Margaret Foulis, dau. of James Foulis of Colinton, co. Edinburgh, and had issue:

1a. Hon Margaret Carnegie (d. after 4 Jul 1648), mar. after 21 Jul 1637 as his first wife Gavin [Dalzell], 2nd Earl of Carnwath, and had issue

2a. Hon Magdalen Carnegie, mar. (1) after 17 Feb 1636 Sir Gideon Baillie of Lochend, 1st Bt., and (2) Sir John Crawfurd of Kilbirnie, and had issue by both husbands

2. Hon James Carnegie, later 2nd Earl of Southesk

3. Hon Sir John Carnegie of Craig (d. 22 Nov 1654), mar. after 27 Oct 1632 Hon Jane Scrymgeour, 4th dau. of John [Scrymgeour], 1st Viscount of Dudhope, by his wife Margaret Seton, dau. of Sir David Seton of Parbroath, and had issue:

1a. David Carnegie of Craig (dsp. 1663), mar. 28 Dec 1654 Lady Catherine Wemyss (mar. (2) 16 Aug 1664 Sir Andrew Ker of Greenland; dsp. 24 Feb 1668), 5th dau. of John [Wemyss], 1st Earl of Wemyss, by his wife Hon Janet Grey, 1st dau. by his second wife of Patrick [Gray], 6th Lord Gray

1a. Margaret Carnegie, mar. 1661 George Dunbar of Inchbrayock and Aslisk

4. Hon Sir Alexander Carnegie of Pitarrow (d. Mar 1682), mar. Margaret Arbuthnott (d. 1701), sister of Robert [Arbuthnott], 1st Viscount of Arbuthnott, and 2nd dau. of Sir Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott by his second wife Hon Margaret Fraser, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Simon [Fraser], 6th Lord Lovat, and had issue:

1a. Sir David Carnegie of Pitarrow, 1st Bt., cr. vp. 20 Feb 1663, with remainder to heirs male (d. Nov 1708), mar. (1) after 29 Oct 1663 Catherine Primrose (d. 1677), half-sister of Archibald [Primrose], 1st Earl of Rosebery, and 2nd dau. of Sir Archibald Primrose of Carrington, 1st Bt., Lord Justice-General of Scotland 1676-78, by his first wife Elizabeth Keith, only child of Sir James Keith of Benholme, and had issue:

1b. James Carnegie (bapt. 5 Jul 1667; bur. vp. 31 Mar 1675)

2b. Archibald Carnegie (bapt. 17 Jun 1668; dvp. 24 Sep 1692)

3b. Robert Carnegie (bapt. 10 May 1671; bur. vp. 9 Aug 1672)

4b. Sir John Carnegie of Pitarrow, 2nd Bt. (bapt. 27 Jan 1673; d. 3 Apr 1729), mar. 2 Oct 1712 his second cousin once removed Mary Burnett (d. 5 Jun 1754), 2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys, 3rd Bt., by his wife Hon Margaret Arbuthnott, 1st dau. by his first wife of Robert [Arbuthnott], 2nd Viscount of Arbuthnott, and had issue:

1c. Capt Sir James Carnegie of Pitarrow, 3rd Bt., Member of Parliament for Kincardineshire 1741-65, took part in the Battles of Fontenoy 1745 and Culloden 1746, purchased the Kinnaird estate in 1746 (b. c. 1715; d. 30 Apr 1765), mar. 5 Jul 1752 Christian Doig (d. 4 Nov 1820), 1st dau. of David Doig of Cookston, by his wife Magdalen Symmer of Cookston and Balyordie, and had issue:

1d. Sir David Carnegie of Pitarrow later of Kinnaird, 4th Bt., in 1767 his trustees sold the Pitarrow estate to his uncle, Member of Parliament for Montrose Burghs 1784 and for Forfarshire 1796-1805 (b. 22 Nov 1753; d. 25 May 1805), mar. after 29 Apr 1783 Agnes Murray Elliot (b. c. 1764; d. 9 Jun 1860), 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Andrew Elliot of Greenwells, Lieutenant-Governor of New York (by his wife Elizabeth Plumstead), 2nd son of Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto, 2nd Bt. MP, and had issue:

1e. Sir James Carnegie of Kinnaird, 5th Bt. (b. 28 Sep 1799; d. 30 Jan 1849), mar. 14 Nov 1825 Charlotte Lysons (d. 10 Apr 1848), dau. of Rev Daniel Lysons, of Hempsted Court, co. Gloucester, and had issue:

1f. Sir James Carnegie of Kinnaird, 6th Bt., later 6th Earl of Southesk

2f. Capt Hon John Carnegie RN, served on board HMS Calliope in the New Zealand Rebellion 1846-47, served on HMS Sidon during the Crimean War, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1855 (b. 14 Oct 1829; d. 5 Jul 1883)

3f. Hon Charles Carnegie DL, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1855, Member of Parliament for Forfarshire 1860-72, Inspector of Scottish Constabulary 1872-84 (b. 14 May 1822; d. 12 Sep 1906)

1f. Lady Charlotte Carnegie, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1855 (b. 22 Jul 1839; d. 15 Jan 1880), mar. (1) 16 Jun 1860 Thomas Frederick Scrymgeoure Fothringham of Fothringham and Powrie (d. 7 Mar 1864), and (2) 8 Dec 1868 Frederick Boileau Elliot (b. 23 Oct 1826; d. 23 Dec 1880), 5th son of Admiral Hon Sir George Elliot KCB (by his wife Eliza Cecilia Ness, yst. dau. of James Ness, of Osgodby, co. York), 2nd son of Gilbert [Elliot later Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound], 1st Earl of Minto, and had issue by both husbands

2f. Agnes Carnegie (b. 11 May 1843; dvp. 13 Jan 1852)

2e. Capt John Carnegie later Rennie-Strachan-Carnegie of Turrie (b. 9 Jun 1802; d. 22 Feb 1879), mar. 7 Sep 1848 Elizabeth Susan Grey (d. 15 Jun 1878), dau. of Col John Grey of Backworth, and had issue

1e. Christina Mary Carnegie (b. 25 May 1784; d. 27 Aug 1860)

2e. Elizabeth Carnegie (b. 25 May 1784; d. 3 Jul 1884)

3e. Jane Carnegie (b. 6 Oct 1785; d. 24 Apr 1859)

4e. Anne Carnegie (b. 17 Jan 1787; d. 23 Apr 1879), mar. 17 Apr 1822 Admiral Robert Wauchope (d. Jun 1852), and had issue

5e. Mary Anne Carnegie (b. 9 May 1768; d. 2 Oct 1834)

6e. Eleanor Carnegie (b. 23 Jun 1789; dsp. 27 Sep 1855), mar. after 9 Jun 1828 James Evans, of Norwood, co. Middlesex

7e. Agnes Carnegie (b. 18 Sep 1790; d. 8 Mar 1875)

8e. Mary Carnegie (b. 5 May 1793; dsp. 22 Nov 1877), mar. 6 Mar 1829 Thomas Henry Graham, of Edmond Castle, co. Cumberland

9e. Emma Carnegie (b. 29 May 1794; d. 25 Sep 1882), mar. after 6 Sep 1820 James Douglas of Cavers (d. 1861), and had issue

10e. Madeline Carnegie (b. 8 Jan 1796; d. 21 Jan 1858), mar. 11 Jun 1816 Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw, 7th Bt., and had issue

2d. James Carnegie (b. 5 Mar 1756 ; d. 1766)

3d. John Carnegie, Officer 12th Dragoons (b. 12 Aug 1757; d. 1823), mar. Oct 1791 Catherine Tireman, only dau. of Rev ..... Tireman, Sub-Dean of Chichester, and had issue

4d. George Carnegie, advocate (b. 2 Jan 1759; d. 19 May 1786)

1d. Mary Carnegie (b. 21 Aug 1760; d. 8 Feb 1828)

2d. Elizabeth Carnegie (b. 1763; d. 25 Jul 1836)

2c. John Carnegie (bapt. 1716; d. 1733)

3c. David Carnegie (bapt. 23 Dec 1717; d. bef. 20 Apr 1747)

4c. Alexander Carnegie (bapt. 26 Apr 1722; d. bef. 3 Feb 1748)

5c. Henry Carnegie, a midshipman with the HEIC, drowned at sea whilst onboard the Prince of Orange (bapt. 31 Aug 1725; d. 1747)

6c. George Carnegie, a Jacobite, a member of Prince Charles Edward's Body Guard, escaped to Sweden after the Battle of Culloden 1746 and became a merchant at Gothenburg, on his return to Scotland purchased the Pitarrow estate from the trustees of his nephew in 1767 (b. 18 Nov 1726; d. 12 Apr 1799), mar. 1 Mar 1769 Susan Scott (d. 14 Apr 1821), dau. of David Scott of Benholm, and had issue

1c. Margaret Carnegie (bapt. 30 Jul 1713; d. bef. 20 Apr 1747)

2c. Mary Carnegie (bapt. 12 Aug 1714), mar. (1) 1748 Col John Scott of Comistoun, and (2) ..... Forbes

3c. Helen Carnegie (bapt. 17 Apr 1716), mar. Alexander Aberdein of Cairnbulg (d. 1758)

4c. Jean Carnegie (bapt. 13 Sep 1720), mar. Robert Taylor of Kirktonhill, and had issue

5c. Elizabeth Carnegie (bapt. 30 Nov 1724; d. 1798)

5b. William Carnegie (bapt. 2 Aug 1675; dvp. after 11 Apr 1694)

1b. Margaret Carnegie (d. 27 May 1745), mar. after Apr 1688 Henry Fletcher of Saltoun (d. 1733), 2nd son of Sir Robert Fletcher of Saltoun, and had issue

2b. Elizabeth Carnegie (bapt. 4 Aug 1665; bur. vp. 8 Mar 1674)

3b. Catherine Carnegie (bapt. 28 Oct 1669), mar. David Watson, writer, of Edinburgh, and had issue

4b. Christian Carnegie (b. 7 Mar 1674; dvp. 8 Aug 1676)

5b. Grizel Carnegie (bapt. 2 Oct 1677; bur. vp. 25 May 1706)

Sir David Carnegie of Pitarrow mar. (2) after 29 Oct 1684 Catherine Arbuthnott (widow of Robert [Arbuthnott], 2nd Viscount of Arbuthnott; bur. 4 Nov 1692), dau. of Robert Gordon of Pitlurg, and had issue:

6b. Robert Carnegie (bapt. 6 Jun 1686; bur. vp. 24 Mar 1695)

Sir David Carnegie of Pitarrow mar. (3) c. 1696 Jean Burnett (bur. 15 May 1740), dau. of James Burnett of Monboddo, and had further issue:

7b. David Carnegie, a merchant in the West Indies (bapt. 24 Jan 1697; dsp.)

8b. James Carnegie, a merchant in Montrose (b. 1703; d. after 15 Mar 1729)

9b. Alexander Carnegie (b. 29 Apr 1705; dvp. bef. 25 May 1706)

6b. Elizabeth Carnegie (bapt. 8 Aug 1695 ; d. 18 May 1767), mar. Alexander Strachan of Tarrie, and had issue

7b. Jean Carnegie (bur. 2 May 1715)

8b. Janet Carnegie (d. after 1 Jan 1700)

2a. James Carnegie of Odmeston, Sheriff-Depute of Forfarshire bef. 1673 (d. bef. 30 Jun 1677)

3a. Alexander Carnegie (b. c. 1643 ; d. c. 1731), mar., but no issue

4a. Robert Carnegie (d. bef. 28 Jun 1671)

5a. Very Rev Charles Carnegie, Dean of Brechin (d. Jul 1694), mar. 21 Feb 1685 Barbara Martin, dau. of Rev George Martin, Minister of Dundee, and had issue

6a. Mungo Carnegie of Birkhill, Sheriff-clerk of Haddington 1690, called to the Scottish Bar 1691 (d. Jan 1705), mar. Janet Dick, 2nd dau. of William Dick of Grange, and had issue

7a. Andrew Carnegie (d. after 1731)

1a. Margaret Carnegie, mar. her second cousin James Carnegie, 3rd of Balnamoon, and had issue

2a. Catherine Carnegie (d. after 16 Nov 1680), mar. Thomas Allan

3a. Janet Carnegie, mar. Capt Walter Keith of Montrose, son of ..... Keith of Jackston in the Mearns

1. Lady Margaret Carnegie (d. Apr 1661), mar. after 3 Oct 1617 as his first wife William [Ramsay], 1st Earl of Dalhousie, and had issue

2. Lady Agnes Carnegie (d. Jul 1637), mar. after 8 Aug 1620 Sir James Sandilands, Yr. of Petlair (dvp. 1644 or 1645), and had issue

3. Lady Catherine Carnegie (d. after 1 Nov 1655), mar. after 14 Sep 1620 John [Stewart], 1st Earl of Traquair, and had issue

4. Lady Marjory Carnegie (d. 22 Dec 1651), mar. (1) after 31 Oct 1622 William Haliburton of Pitcur, and (2) 1639 as his first wife Robert [Arbuthnott], 1st Viscount of Arbuthnott, and had issue by her second husband

5. Lady Elizabeth Carnegie, mar. 1628 Andrew [Murray], 1st Lord Balvaird, and had issue

6. Lady Magdalen Carnegie (d. aft. 21 Feb 1647/8), mar. 10 Nov 1629 James [Graham], 1st Marquess of Montrose, and had issue


Feb 1657/8


14 Apr 1616 Lord Carnegie of Kinnaird, to him and his heirs male bearing the name and arms of Carnegie

22 Jun 1633 Lord Carnegie of Kinnaird and Leuchars, and Earl of Southesk, with remainder to his heirs male for ever

suc. by



knighted 1603;  a Lord of Session 1615-25/6 and an Extraordinary Lord of Session 1625/6-28;  a Privy Councillor [S] 1616/7;  President of the Council [S] 1625;  Sheriff of co. Forfar 1648


James [Carnegie], 2nd Earl of Southesk, PC


mar. (1)

after21 Feb 1629 Lady Isabel Haliburton (widow of Sir James Haliburton of Pitcur;  d. Apr 1650), 3rd dau. of Robert [Ker], 1st Earl of Roxburghe, by his first wife Margaret Maitland, only dau. and hrss. in her issue by his second wife of Sir William Maitland of Lethington, Secretary of State

children by first wife

1. Hon Robert Carnegie, later 3rd Earl of Southesk

1. Lady Jean Carnegie (d. Mar 1671), mar. (1) after 20 Jun 1647 James [Murray], 2nd Earl of Annandale, and (2) 9 Aug 1659 her cousin David [Murray], 4th Viscount of Stormont, and had issue by her second husband

2. Lady Katherine Carnegie, Chief Governess to Prince James Francis, titular Prince of Wales, at the Court of St Germain (dsp. 3 Oct 1693), mar. 7 Jan 1657/8 (div.) Gilbert [Hay], 11th Earl of Erroll

mar. (2)

bef. 9 Apr 1661 Janet Adamson (dsp. Jun 1683)


Jan 1668/9

suc. by

son by first wife


knighted bef. 1627/8;  Privy Councillor [S] 1660/1;  Joint Sheriff of co. Forfar 1660/1-68/9


Robert [Carnegie], 3rd Earl of Southesk, PC



c.1660 Lady Anne Hamilton (d. Oct 1695), 1st dau. and cohrss. of William [Hamilton], 2nd Duke of Hamilton, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Maxwell, 1st dau. and cohrss. of John [Maxwell], 1st Earl of Dirletoun


1. Hon Charles Carnegie, later 4th Earl of Southesk

2. Hon William Carnegie (b. c. 1662; d. 23 Nov 1681)


19 Feb 1687/8

suc. by



Joint Sheriff of co. Forfar 1660/1-68/9, sole Sheriff 68/9-82 and Joint Sheriff 1682-87/8;  Privy Councillor [S] 1681/2 and 1684/5


Charles [Carnegie], 4th Earl of Southesk, PC


7 Apr 1661


15 Jul 1691 Mary Maitland (d. Jan 1721/2), 2nd dau. of Charles [Maitland], 3rd Earl of Lauderdale


1. Hon James Carnegie, later 5th Earl of Southesk

1. Lady Anne Carnegie (b. 25 Jun 1694; dvp. 27 Oct 1696)

2. Lady Mary Carnegie (b. 29 Dec 1695; dvp. 3 Nov 1696)


9 Aug 1699

suc. by



Joint Sheriff of co. Forfar 1682; Privy Councillor [S] 1688


James [Carnegie], 5th Earl of Southesk


4 Apr 1692


11 Jun 1713 Lady Margaret Stewart (mar. (2) 16 Aug 1733 as his first wife Hon John St Clair, Master of Sinclair;  dsps. 22 Jul 1747), 1st dau. of James [Stewart], 5th Earl of Galloway, by his wife Lady Catherine Montgomerie, 1st dau. by his first wife of Alexander [Montgomerie], 9th Earl of Eglinton


1. Hon James Carnegie, styled Lord Carnegie (b. c. 1714; dvp. 7 Jan 1722)

1. Lady Clementina Carnegie (d. 26 Mar 1730)


s.p.m.s. 10 Feb 1729/30

suc. by

kinsman in 1855


attainted 1715 by Act of Parliament and his estates and honours forfeited to the Crown


James [Carnegie], 6th Earl of Southesk, KT


16 Nov 1827

mar. (1)

19 Jun 1849 Lady Catherine Hamilton Noel (d. 9 Mar 1855), 2nd dau. of Charles Noel [Edwardes later Noel], 1st Earl of Gainsborough, by his third wife Annabella Hamlyn-Williams, 2nd dau. of Sir James Hamlyn later Hamlyn-Williams, 2nd Bt., of Clovelly Court, co. Devon

children by first wife

1. Hon Charles Noel Carnegie, later 7th Earl of Southesk

1. Lady Arabella Charlotte Carnegie (b. 23 Oct 1850; d. 14 Feb 1907), mar. 7 Feb 1878 Samuel Henry Romilly, of Huntington Park, co. Hereford (b. 4 Sep 1849; d. 14 Mar 1940), 1st son ands heir of Lt Col Frederick Romilly MP, of Barry, co. Glamorgan, and Eccleston Square, London, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Amelia Jane Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 3rd dau. of Gilbert [Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound], 2nd Earl of Minto, and had issue

2. Lady Constance Mary Carnegie CI (b. 17 Nov 1851; d. 24 Sep 1909), mar. 9 Nov 1876 as his first wife Victor Alexander [Bruce], 9th Earl of Elgin, and had issue

3. Lady Beatrice Diana Cecilia Carnegie (b. 16 Dec 1852; d. 11 Nov 1934), mar. 28 Jul 1874 Rev Henry Holmes Stewart, Rector of Michaelston-le-Pit (d. 20 Mar 1937), son of James Stewart of Cairnsmore, and had issue

mar. (2)

29 Nov 1860 Lady Susan Catherine Mary Murray (d. 27 Apr 1915), 1st dau. of Alexander Edward [Murray], 6th Earl of Dunmore, by his wife Lady Catherine Herbert, 3rd dau. by his second wife of George Augustus [Herbert], 11th Earl of Pembroke

children by second wife

2. Rt Hon Sir Lancelot Douglas Carnegie GCVO KCMG, Minister Plenipotentiary at Paris 1911-13, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Lisbon 1924-28 (b. 26 Dec 1861; d. 15 Oct 1933), mar. 2 Jan 1890 Marion Alice de Gournay Barclay (b. c. 1868 ; d. 23 Aug 1961), yst. dau. of Henry Ford Barclay DL, of Monkhams, co. Essex, and had issue

3. Maj Hon Robert Francis Carnegie, served with the Gordon Highlanders in the Boer War 1890-1901 and with British East Africa Protectorate Forces 1914-15 (b. 6 May 1869; d. 13 May 1947), mar. 26 Nov 1913 Violet Mabel Fraser, 2nd dau. of Philip Affleck Fraser, 18th of Reelig, by his wife Augusta Zella Webb, 1st dau. and ultimate hrss. of William Frederick Webb, of Newstead Abbey, co. Nottingham, and Cowton, co. York, and had issue

4. Hon David Wynford Carnegie, Assistant Resident in Northern Nigeria, explorer in Australian desert (b. 23 Mar 1871; d. 27 Nov 1900)

4. Lady Dora Susan Carnegie (b. 29 Apr 1863; d. 29 May 1852), mar. 27 Jun 1894 Maj Ernest de Rodakowski later de Rodakowski-Rivers (d. 9 Jan 1944), son of General Josef de Rodakowski by his wife Ottilia, Countess Wrangel, and had issue

5. Lady Elizabeth Erica Carnegie (b. 29 Jun 1864; dvp. 23 Jun 1897)

6. Lady Helena Mariota Carnegie (b. 13 Oct 1865 ; d. 24 Jun 1943)

7. Lady Katharine Agnes Blanche Carnegie (b. 12 Jun 1867; d. 4 Oct 1949), mar. 5 Aug 1890 Courtenay Charles Evan [Morgan], 1st Viscount Tredegar, and had issue


21 Feb 1905


7 Dec 1869 Baron Balinhard, of Farnell in the County of Forfar

suc. by

son by first wife


suc. his father 30 Jan 1849 as 6th Baronet of Kinnaird; Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire 1849-56;  Deputy Lieutenant of Forfarshire;  restored to the family titles, with the original precedence, by reversal of the 1715 Act of Attainder in 1855;  Knight of the Thistle 1869


Charles Noel [Carnegie], 7th Earl of Southesk


20 Mar 1854


1 Aug 1891 Ethel Mary Elizabeth Bannerman (d. 10 Dec 1947), only child of Sir Alexander Bannerman, 9th Bt., by his first wife Lady Arabella Diana Sackville-West, 3rd dau. of George John [West later Sackville-West], 5th Earl De La Warr


1. Hon Charles Alexander Carnegie, later 8th Earl of Southesk

2. Cdr Hon Alexander Bannerman Carnegie RN (b. 22 Dec 1894; d. 19...), mar. (1) 23 May 1919 his cousin Susan Ottilia de Rodakowski-Rivers (d. 18 Jan 1968), dau. of Maj Ernest de Rodakowski-Rivers by his wife Lady Dora Susan Carnegie, 1st dau. by his second wife of James [Carnegie], 6th Earl of Southesk, and (2) 5 Aug 1969 Cynthia Averil Gurney (former wife of Capt Alexander Hugh Gurney TD), 1st dau. of Brig Harold Vincent Spencer Charrington DSO MC, of Winchfield House, co. Hampshire, and had issue by his first wife

3. Maj Hon (James) Duthac Carnegie TD (b. 26 Sep 1910 ; d. 14 Jan 1996), mar. 26 Feb 1935 Claudia Katharine Angela Blackburn (d. 8 Feb 2001), yst. dau. of Robert Francis Leslie Blackburn, a Lord of Session under the style of Lord Blackburn, by his wife Lady Constance Frances Bowes-Lyon, 1st dau. of Claude [Lyon-Bowes later Bowes-Lyon], 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and had issue

1. Lady Katherine Ethel Carnegie (b. 12 Jun 1892; d. 19...), mar. 18 Jun 1917 (div. 1940) Maj Arthur Rivers Bosanquet MC (b. 12 Jul 1890; d. 30 Sep 1971), 1st son and heir of Richard Arthur Bosanquet by his wife Ruth Rivers Thompson, 1st dau. of Sir Augustus Rivers Thompson, Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal 1862-67, and had issue

2. Lady Mary Elizabeth Carnegie (b. 4 Mar 1899; d. 23 Jun 1996), mar. 28 Dec 1932 Vice-Admiral Sir (Edward Michael) Connolly Abel Smith GCVO CB RN (d. 3 Dec 1985), 2nd son of Eustace Abel Smith, of Longhills, co. Lincoln, by his wife Ailleen Geta Catherine Connolly, 1st dau. of Col John Augustus Connolly VC, and had issue


10 Nov 1941

suc. by



Charles Alexander [Carnegie], 8th Earl of Southesk, KCVO


23 Sep 1893

mar. (1)

12 Nov 1923 HH Princess Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Bertha of Fife (b. 3 Apr 1893; d. 14 Dec 1945), 2nd dau. of Alexander William George [Duff], 1st Duke of Fife, by his wife HRH The Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar of Great Britain (HRH The Princess Royal), 1st dau. of King Edward VII

only child by first wife

1. Hon James George Alexander Bannerman Carnegie, later 3rd Duke of Fife later 9th Earl of Southesk

mar. (2)

16 May 1952 Evelyn Julia Campbell (widow of Maj Ion Edward FitzGerald Campbell;  d. 30 Aug 1992), 1st dau. of Lt Col Arthur Peere Williams-Freeman DSO OBE, by his wife Hilda Gwladys Saunders, only dau. of Lt Col Robert Erasmus Saunders, of Alton-Pancras, co. Dorset


16 Feb 1992

suc. by

son by first wife


ADC to the Viceroy of India 1917-19:  KCVO 1926; Deputy lieutenant of Kincardineshire 1930 and Angus 1947


James George Alexander Bannerman [Carnegie], 3rd Duke of Fife and 9th Earl of Southesk


suc. his maternal aunt 26 Feb 1959 as 3rd Duke of Fife


The Earldom of Southesk has been held by the 3rd Duke of Fife since 16 Feb 1992


Last updated 13 May 2023



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