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Pelham, of Laughton, co. Sussex (E Baronet, 1611)


Creation: let.pat. 22 May 1611


Family name: Pelham




Azure three Pelicans Argent vulning themselves in the breast Gules


A Peacock in his pride Argent


Vicit Amor Patria



Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bt.

2nd son of Sir Thomas Pelham, of Halland in Laughton, co. Ssusex, by his wife Anne Sackville, dau. of John Sackville, of Chiddingleigh, co. Sussex


c. 1540


in or before 1590 Mary Walsingham (bur. 7 Mar 1634 at Laughton, co. Sussex), niece of Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary of State, and dau. of Sir Thomas Walsingham, of Scadbury in Chislehurst, co. Kent, by his wife Dorothy Guildford, dau. of Sir John Guildford, of Hemsted, co. Kent


1. Sir Thomas Pelham, 2nd Bt.

1. Judith Pelham (bapt. 21 Jun 1590; bur. 1 Nov 1629), mar. before 1608 Henry [Carey], 1st Earl of Dover, and had issue


2 Dec 1624 (bur. at Laughton, co. Sussex)


22 May 1611 a Baronet of England, styled "of Laughton, co. Sussex"

suc. by



suc. his nephew, Oliver Pelham, in the family estates 1584; Member of Parliament for Lewes 1584-85 and for Sussex 1586-90; Sheriff of Sussex 1589


Sir Thomas Pelham, 2nd Bt.


22 Sep 1597

mar. (1)

in or before 1623 Mary Wilbraham (bur. 7 Mar 1634 at Laughton, co. Sussex), dau. and cohrss. of Sir Roger Wilbraham, Master of Requests, by his wife Mary Barber, dau. of Edward Barber, of Tew, co. Somerset, Serjeant-of-Law

children by first wife

1. Sir John Pelham, 3rd Bt.

2. Thomas Pelham (bur. vp. 13 Sep 1638)

1. Judith Pelham, mar. Sir John Monson KB (dvp. 1674), 1st son and heir ap. of Sir John Monson, 2nd Bt., of Carlton, co. Lincoln, by his wife Ursula Oxenbridge, dau. of Sir Robert Oxenbridge, of Hushborne, co. Hampshire, and had issue

2. Elizabeth Pelham, mar. Henry Pelham, of co. Lincoln

3. Anne Pelham (bur. vp. 22 Jan 1644)

4. Jane Pelham (bur. vp. 9 Nov 1635)

mar. (2)

1637 Judith Shurley (b. 5 Jul 1602; widow of John Shurley, of Lewes, co. Sussex; bur. 21 Nov 1638 at Laughton, co. Sussex), 1st dau. of Sir Robert Honywood, of Pett in Charing, co. Kent, by his wife Alice Barnham, dau. of Sir Robert Barnham

mar. (3)

Margaret Vane (d. after Jan 1652/3), dau. of Sir Henry Vane, of Fairlawn, co. Kent, and Raby Castle, co. Durham, Treasurer of the Household, by his wife Frances Darcy, 4th dau. and cohrss. dau. of Thomas Darcy, of Tolleshunt Darcy, co. Essex

children by third wife

3. Sir Nicholas Pelham, of Cottesfield Place, co. Sussex (b. 1649; d. 1739), mar. Jane Huxley, dau. of James Huxley, of Downford, co. Sussex, and had issue

5. Philadelphia Pelham (d. 13 Aug 1685), mar. as his first wife Francis [Howard], 5th Baron Howard of Effingham, and had issue


28 Aug 1654 at Laughton, co. Sussex

suc. by

son by first wife


Member of Parliament for East Grinstead 1621-22 and for Sussex 1624-25, 1625, 1640, 1640-48 and 1654


Sir John Pelham, 3rd Bt.


c. 1623


20 Jan 1647 Lady Lucy Sydney (bur. 19 Oct 1685 at Laughton, co. Sussex), 2nd dau. of Robert [Sydney], 2nd Earl of Leicester, by his wife Lady Dorothy Percy, 1st dau. of Henry [Percy], 3rd Earl of Northumberland


1. Sir Thomas Pelham, 4th Bt., later 1st Baron Pelham

2. John Pelham (d. unm.)

3. Henry Pelham, of Stanmer, co. Sussex, Clerk of the Pells to the Exchequer (d. 1 Apr 1721), mar. Frances Bine, dau. and cohrss. of John Bine, of Rowdell, co. Sussex, and had issue:

1a. Henry Pelham MP, of Stanmer, co. Sussex (d. 1 Jun 1725)

2a. John Pelham (d. 1721)

3a. Thomas Pelham, of Stanmer, co. Sussex, Member of Parliament for Lewes 1727-37 (d. 1737), mar. Annetta Bridges (d. 9 Oct 1733), dau. of Thomas Bridges, of Constantinople, and had issue:

1b. Thomas Pelham, later 2nd Baron Pelham (of Stanmer) later 1st Earl of Chichester

1b. Harriet Pelham (b. 1 Aug 1730; d. 31 Aug 1768), mar. (1) 18 May 1748 Hon Richard Temple MP, of Romsey, co. Hampshire (d. 8 Aug 1749), 2nd son of Henry [Temple], 1st Viscount Palmerston, by his first wife Anne Houblon, sister and hrss. of Sir Richard Houblon, and dau. of Abraham Houblon, Governor of the Bank of England, and (2) 5 Feb 1753 George [Nevill], 1st Earl of Abergavenny, and had issue by both husbands

1a. Elizabeth Pelham, mar. her first cousin once removed Thomas Pelham MP, of Cottesfield Place , co .Sussex, only son of Sir Nicholas Pelham, of Cottesfield Place, co. Sussex (by his wife Jane Huxley, dau. of James Huxley, of Downford, co. Sussex), 1st son by his third wife of Sir Thomas Pelham, 2nd Bt., of Laughton, co. Sussex, and had issue

2a. Grace Pelham (dsp.), mar. as his first wife William Poole, Receiver General of the Stamp Office, nephew of Sir James Poole, 1st Bt., of Poole co. Chester

3a. Frances Pelham (d. 30 Apr 1760), mar. Sir Francis Poole, 2nd Bt. MP, of Poole, co. Chester, and had issue

4a. Lucy Pelham (b. 15 Jan 1695/6; d. 25 May 1730), mar. bef. 1 Nov 1726 Talbot [Yelverton], 1st Earl of Sussex, and had issue

1. Dorothy Pelham (b. 15 Dec 1648; dvp. an infant)

2. Elizabeth Pelham (d. 13 Jul 1723), mar. (1) 30 May 1678 Edward Montagu, brother of Charles [Montagu], 1st Earl of Halifax, and 1st son of Hon George Montagu (by his wife Elizabeth Irby, dau. of Sir Anthony Irby), 1st son of Henry [Montagu], 1st Earl of Manchester, by his third wife Margaret Crouch, dau. of John Crouch, of Cornbury, co. Hertford, and (2) Thomas Woodcock (dsp. 3 Jul 1732), and had issue by her first husband

3. Lucy Pelham (bur. sp. 8 Jul 1721), mar. 14 Oct 1679 Gervase [Pierrepont], 1st Baron Pierrepont


20 Jan 1702/3 at Laughton, co. Sussex

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Hastings 1645-46, and for Sussex 1654-55, 1656-58 and 1660-98


Sir Thomas Pelham, 4th Bt., later 1st Baron Pelham


16 Dec 1706 Baron Pelham, of Laughton in the County of Sussex


The Baronetcy was held by the 1st Baron Pelham from 16 Dec 1706 and by his son, the 2nd Baron Pelham, who was created Earl of Clare on 19 Oct 1714, Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 11 Aug 1715 and Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne on 17 Nov 1756. He was also created Baron Pelham, of Stanmer in the County of Sussex, on 4 May 1762. On his death without issue on 17 Nov 1768 the Barony of Pelham of Laughton, the Earldom of Clare and the Dukedom of Newcastle-upon-Tyne became extinct, the Dukedom of Newcastle-under-Lyne passed to the Clinton family, and the Barony of Pelham of Stanmer and the Baronetcy passed to his first cousin once removed, Thomas [Pelham], 2nd Baron Pelham of Stanmer. He was created Earl of Chichester on 22 Jun 1801 and the Baronetcy has been held by the Earls of Chichester since that date.


First written 6 May 2012




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