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Holderness, Earl of (E, 1682 - 1778)


Creation: let. pat. 5 Dec 1682


Extinct: 16 May 1778


Family name: Darcy




Azure semée of Cross Crosslets and three Cinquefoils Ermine


A Spear broken in three places Or two in saltire the other in pale headed proper banded together at the middle by a Ribbon Gules


Dexter:  a Tiger argent maned and tusked Or;  Sinister:  a Bull Sable armed and maned Or


Un Dieu un Roi (One God, one King)



Conyers [Darcy], 8th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 5th Baron Conyers later 1st Earl of Holderness

only son and heir of Conyers [Darcy], 7th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 4th Baron Conyers, by his wife Dorothy Belasyse, 1st dau. of Sir Henry Belasyse, 1st Bt., of Newburgh, co. York


24 Jan 1598/9


14 Oct 1616 Grace Rokeby (bur. 4 Jan 1658), only dau. and hrss. of Thomas Rokeby, of Skiers, co. York, by his wife Mary Cartwright, dau. of William Cartwright, of Ossington, co. Nottingham


1. Hon Conyers Darcy, later 6th Baron Conyers later 2nd Earl of Holderness

1. Lady Ursula Darcy (bapt. 23 Nov 1619), mar. Sir Christopher Wyvill, 3rd Bt. MP, of Constable Burton, co. York, and had issue

2. Lady Elizabeth Darcy (bapt. 8 Dec 1624), mar. 18 Dec 1650 Sir Henry Stapleton, 1st Bt., of Myton, co. York, and had issue

3. Lady Grace Darcy (dspm. bef. 1658), mar. 18 Oct 1655 as his first wife Sir John Legard, 1st Bt., of Ganton, co. York, and had issue

4. Lady Margaret Darcy (dspm.; bur. 18 Jun 1660 at Stokesley, co. York), mar. 19 May 1658 as his first wife Sir Henry Marwood, 2nd Bt., of Little Busby, co. York, and had issue


14 Jun 1689


5 Dec 1682 Earl of Holderness

suc. by



suc. his father 3 Mar 1653/4 as 8th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 5th Baron Conyers; Constable of Middleham Castle 1660-71


Conyers [Darcy], 6th Baron Conyers later 2nd Earl of Holderness


3 Mar 1621/2

mar. (1)

14 May 1645 Lady Catherine Fane (bur. s.p. 30 Aug 1649), 7th dau. of Francis [Fane], 1st Earl of Westmorland, by his wife Mary Mildmay, only surv. dau. and hrss. of Sir Anthony Mildmay, of Apethorpe, co. Northampton

mar. (2)

8 Feb 1649/50 Lady Frances Howard (d. 9 Apr 1670), 2nd dau. of Thomas [Howard], 1st Earl of Berkshire, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Cecil, 1st dau. and cohrss. of William [Cecil], 2nd Earl of Exeter

children by second wife

1. Hon John Darcy, styled Lord Conyers, Member of Parliament for Richmond 1681-88 (bapt. 5 Nov 1659; dvp. 6 Jan 1688/9), mar. Hon Bridget Sutton (d. 18 Jul 1736), only dau. of Robert [Sutton], 1st Baron Lexinton, by his third wife Mary St Leger, dau. of Sir Anthony St Leger, and had issue:

1a. Hon Norman Darcy (b. 26 Jan 1679; bur. 18 Apr 1681)

2a. Hon Robert Darcy, later 3rd Earl of Holderness

3a. Rt Hon Sir Conyers Darcy, of Aske, co. York, Member of Parliament for Yorkshire 1707-08 and 1747-58, Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding (dsp. 1 Dec 1758), mar. (1) Aug 1714 Lady Mary Capell (widow of Algernon [Capell], 2nd Earl of Essex; d. 20 Aug 1726), 1st dau. of William Hans [Bentinck], 1st Earl of Portland, and (2) 12 Sep 1728 Elizabeth Howard (widow of (1) Sir Theophilus Napier, 5th Bt., and (2) Thomas [Howard], 6th Baron Howard of Effingham; bur. 14 Aug 1758), dau. of John Rotherham, of Much Waltham, co. Essex

4a. Hon John Darcy (b. 7 Apr 1683; d. 19 Aug 1683)

5a. Hon Francis Darcy (b. 28 Feb 1678/9; bur. 27 Jun 1679)

1a. Lady Elizabeth Darcy (b. 17 Oct 1686; dspm. Oct 1720), mar. May 1708 as his first wife Sir Ralph Milbanke, 4th Bt., of Halnaby, co. York, and had issue

2a. Lady Charlotte Darcy (d. 1760), mar. Wardel George Westby, of Ravenfield

2. Hon Philip Darcy, Member of Parliament for Richmond 1688-90 (bapt. 1 May 1661; d. unm.)

3. Hon Charles Darcy (bapt. 29 May 1666; d. unm.)

1. Lady Grace Darcy (bapt. 20 may 1655; bur. 20 Apr 1656)

2. Lady Frances Darcy (bapt. 23 Apr 1657; bur. 18 Oct 1658)

3. Lady Elizabeth Darcy

mar. (3)

c. 1676 Lady Frances Wriothesley (widow of (1) Richard [Molyneux], 2nd Viscount Molyneux, and (2) Thomas [Wriothesley], 4th Earl of Southampton; bur. sp. 5 Jan 1680/1), 1st dau. of William [Seymour], 2nd Duke of Somerset, by his second wife Lady Frances Devereux, 1st dau. of Robert [Devereux], 2nd Earl of Essex

mar. (4)

8 Jan 1684/5 Hon Elizabeth Warwick (b. 1 Jan 1634/5; widow of Philip Warwick; bur. sp. 9 Mar 1689/90), 2nd dau. and cohrss. of John [Frescheville], 1st Baron Frescheville, by his second wife Sarah Harington, dau. of Sir John Harington, of Bagworth


13 Dec 1692

suc. by



Member of Parliament for Boroughbridge 1660-61 and for Yorkshire 1661-79; Constable of Middleham Castle 1671; sum. to Parliament v.p. 1 Nov 1680 in his father's Barony of Conyers


Robert [Darcy], 3rd Earl of Holderness


24 Nov 1681


26 May 1715 Lady Frederica Schomberg, suo jure Countess of Mertola and Grandee of Portugal (b. c.1688; mar. (2) 18 Jun 1724 Benjamin [Mildmay], 1st Earl FitzWalter; d. 7 Aug 1751), 1st surv. dau. and cohrss. of Meinhardt [Schomberg], 3rd Duke of Schomberg, by his second wife Raugräfin Caroline Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Louis, Elector Palatine of the Rhine (by his morganatic second wife Maria Susanne Louise, Raugräfin von Degenfeld, dau. of Christoph Martin, Freiherr von Degenfeld, by his wife Anna Maria Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden), 1st son of Frederick Henry, Elector Palatine of the Rhine (briefly Frederick V, King of Bohemia), by his wife Princess Elizabeth of England and Scotland, 1st dau. of James I & VI, King of England and Scotland


1. Hon George Schomberg Darcy (b. 14 Apr 1716; d. young)

2. Hon Robert Darcy, later 4th Earl of Holderness

1. Lady Caroline Darcy, mar. 1735 William Henry [Kerr], 4th Marquis of Lothian


20 Jan 1721

suc. by



Constable of Middleham Castle 1702; Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding 1714-22; Privy Councillor 1717/8; First Lord of Trade 1718-19; a Lord of the Bedchamber 1719-22


Robert [Darcy], 4th Earl of Holderness, PC


17 May 1718


29 Oct 1743 Mary Doublet (d. 13 Oct 1801), dau. of Francis Doublet, of Groeneveldt, Member of the States of Holland, by his wife Constance Van Der Beek


1. Hon George Darcy, styled Lord Darcy and Conyers (b. Sep 1745; dvp. 27 Sep 1747)

2. Hon Thomas Darcy (d. 27 Jul 1750)

1. Lady Amelia Darcy, suo jure Baroness Darcy de Knayth and Conyers


s.p.m. 16 May 1778


Constable of Middleham Castle 1739; Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding 1740-77; a Lord of the Bedchamber 1741-51; Ambassador to Venice 1744-46; Minister to The Hague 1749-51; Privy Councillor 1751; Secretary of State for the South 1751-54 and for the North 1754-61; a Lord Justice of the Realm 1752 and 1755; Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports 1765-78; Governor to the Prince of Wales 1771-76


On the death of the 4th Earl of Holderness the Earldom of Holderness became extinct but the Baronies of Darcy de Knayth and Conyers and the right to the Countship of Mertola passed to his only daughter and sole heiress, Lady Amelia Osborne, Marchioness of Carmarthen




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