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Airlie, Earl of (S, 1639)


Creation: let. pat. 2 Apr 1639


Family name: Ogilvy




Argent a Lion passant guardant Gules crowned with an Imperial Crown and collared with an open one proper


A Lady from the waist upwards, affrontée Azure holding a Portcullis Gules


On either side a Bull Sable, armed and unguled Vert, and gorged with a Garland of Flowers proper


A Fin (To the end)



James [Ogilvy], 7th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie later 1st Earl of Airlie

1st son and heir of James [Ogilvy], 6th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, by his first wife Lady Jean Ruthven, 4th dau. of William [Ruthven], 1st Earl of Gowrie




after 22 Nov 1610 Lady Isabel Hamilton (b. 18 Feb 1595/6; d. after 1664/5), 2nd dau. of Thomas [Hamilton], 1st Earl of Haddington, by his first wife Margaret Borthwick, dau. of James Borthwick of Newbyres


1. Hon James Ogilvy, later 2nd Earl of Airlie

2. Hon Sir Thomas Ogilvy, killed on the Royalist side at the Battle of Inverlochie (d. 2 Feb 1645), mar. after 28 Oct 1640 Lady Patricia Ker (widow of Col Thomas Ker of Fernilee), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Patrick [Ruthven], 1st Earl of Forth, and had issue

3. Hon Sir David Ogilvy of Clova, Member of Parliament for Forfarshire 1669-72 and 1681-82, mar. 1667 Hon Margaret Kennedy (widow of John Kennedy of Culzean), 1st dau. of John [Hamilton], 1st Lord Bargeny, by his wife Lady Jean Douglas, 2nd dau. by his first wife of William [Douglas], 1st Marquess of Douglas, and had issue

1. Lady Helen Ogilvy, mar. after 23 Nov 1642 Sir John Carnegy of Balnamoon

2. Lady Margaret Ogilvy, mar. after 18 Feb 1631 Patrick Urquhart of Meldrum

3. Lady Isabel Ogilvy (b. 5 Apr 1618; d. after 1650)




2 Apr 1639 Lord Ogilvy of Alyth and Lintrathen and Earl of Airlie

suc. by



suc. his father between Aug 1616 and Apr 1618 as 7th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie


James [Ogilvy], 2nd Earl of Airlie, PC


c. 1615

mar. (1)

after 20 Mar 1628/9 Hon Helen Ogilvy (d. after Feb 1663/4), only dau. of George [Ogilvy], 1st Lord Banff, by his first wife Margaret Irvine, dau. of Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum

children by first wife

1. Hon James Ogilvy (bapt. 6 Aug 1633 ; d. young)

2. Hon David Ogilvy, later 3rd Earl of Airlie

1. Lady Anne Ogilvy, mar. after 10-13 Feb 1660 Sir John Wood of Bonnytoun

2. Lady Margaret Ogilvy, mar. (1) Alexander [Falconer], 2nd Lord Falconer of Halkerton, and (2) Patrick Lyall, and had issue by her first husband

3. Lady Marion Ogilvy (d. bef. Sep 1695), mar. (1) after 11 Oct 1666 James [Elphinstone], 1st Lord Coupar, and (2) 31 Jul 1669 as his first wife John [Leslie], 3rd Lord Lindores, and had issue by her second husband

4. Lady Helen Ogilvy, mar. after 3 Mar 1686 Sir John Gordon of Park

5. Lady Elizabeth Ogilvy (bapt. Mar 1650)

mar. (2)

31 Oct 1668 Mary Gordon (widow of Lewis [Gordon], 3rd Marquess of Huntly;  d. after 25 Dec 1707), dau. of Sir John Grant of Frenchie, by his wife Hon Mary Ogilvy, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Walter [Ogilvy], 1st Lord Ogilvy of Deskford



suc. by

son by first wife




David [Ogilvy], 3rd Earl of Airlie




8 May 1696 Lady Grizel Lyon, 1st dau. of Patrick [Lyon], 3rd Earl of Kinghorne later Strathmore and Kinghorne, by his wife Lady Helen Middleton, 2nd dau. of John [Middleton], 1st Earl of Middleton


1. Hon James Ogilvy, styled Lord Ogilvy, took part in the Earl of Mar's Rising in 1715 and was attainted v.p. by Act of Parliament 1716, pardoned by the Crown in 1725 (dsp. and vp. 12 Jan 1730/1), mar. 6 Dec 1730 Anne Erskine (b. c. 1708; mar. (2) 3 Apr 1733 as his first wife Sir Alexander Macdonald, 14th of Sleat, 7th Bt.;  d. 27 Nov 1735), dau. of David Erskine of Dun, co. Forfar, a Lord of Session

2. Hon John Ogilvy, self-styled 4th Earl of Airlie (b. 1699; d. 24 Jul 1761), mar. 5 Dec 1722 Margaret Ogilvy (d. 1767), only dau. and cohrss. of David Ogilvy of Cluny, and had issue:

1a. David Airlie, self-styled 5th Earl of Airlie, took part in the 1745 Rising and was attainted by Act of Parliament, on 30 Mar 1778 he obtained a pardon from the Crown and in 1783 a Parliamentary removal of disabilities but not a restoration of his honours (b. 16 Feb 1725 ; d. 3 Mar 1803), mar. (1) Margaret Johnstone (b. 30 Oct 1724; d. 1757), dau. of Sir James Johnstone of Westerhall, 3rd Bt., MP, by his wife Hon Barbara Murray, 1st dau. of Alexander [Murray], 4th Lord Elibank, and (2) 1770 Anne Stewart (dsp. 27 Dec 1798), 3rd dau. of James Stewart of Blairhall, co. Perth, and had issue by his first wife:

1b. David Ogilvy (b. 4 Dec 1751; d. insane 6 Apr 1812)

1b. Margaret Ogilvy (b. 23 Jun 1748; d. 23 Mar 1775), mar. 25 Nov 1769 as his first wife John Wedderburn (b. 21 Feb 1729 ; d. 13 Jun 1803), 2nd but 1st surv. son and heir of Sir John Wedderburn of Ballindean, 5th Bt., and had issue

2b. Joanna Ogilvy (d. c. 1755; d. 1826)

2a. Walter Ogilvy of Clova, claimed the Earldom but died before any decision was reached (b. 1733 ; d. 10 Apr 1819), mar. (1) Margaret Fullarton (dsp. 3 Jun 1780), dau. of William Fullarton of Spynie, titular Lord Spynie, and (2) 12 Nov 1780 Jane Ogilvy (b. c. 1762; d. 11 Jun 1818), dau. of Dr John Ogilvy of Balfour and Murkle, co. Forfar, by his wife Margaret Ogilvy, dau. of John Ogilvy of Innshewan, and had issue by his second wife:

1b. Capt John Ogilvy (dvp. 1809)

2b. David Ogilvy, later 4th Earl of Airlie

3b. Col Donald Ogilvy of Clova MP (bapt. 10 May 1780; d. 9 Apr 1843), mar. Feb 1815 Maria Morley (d. 9 Apr 1843), 4th dau. of James Morley, and had issue

4b. Charles Ogilvy (d. 28 Mar 1791)

5b. Cmdr William Ogilvy of Loyal MP (d. 10 Apr 1871)

1b. Margaret Ogilvy (d. 12 Dec 1870), mar. 5 Jun 1805 John [Arbuthnott], 8th Viscount Arbuthnott, and had issue

2b. Susan Ogilvy (d. 2 May 1787)

3b. Anne Ogilvy (d. 1848)

4b. Jean Ogilvy (b. c. 1786; d. 25 Nov 1807)

5b. Mary Ogilvy (d. 1 Oct 1868)

6b. Helen Ogilvy (b. 12 Feb 1798; d. 27 Apr 1868), mar. 30 Apr 1823 John Wedderburn, of The Prospect, Jamaica (b. 8 Jan 1798; d. 2 Apr 1839), and had issue

1. Lady Helen Ogilvy (d. 1721)




because of the attainder of his son and heir, Hon James Ogilvy, styled Lord Ogilvy, on the death of the 3rd Earl of Airlie the Earldom of Airlie became forfeited and remained so until 1826, when the attainder was reversed by Act of Parliament


Editor's Note: The numbering of the Earls from the 3rd onwards needs revision in the light of current interpretation of the Act of 26 May 1826 reversing the Act of Attainder of 13 Nov 1715 against James, Lord Ogilvy. It is now thought that the purpose of the reversal was to restore the Earldom and two subsidiary Scottish Lordships of Parliament held with it retroactively, such interpretation resting as it does on the rider 'as if it had never been' ('it' referring to the Attainder). If so, the James, Lord Ogilvy, already mentioned above, who dsp 12 Jan 1730/1, should be regarded as 4th Earl but for the attainder; his younger brother John (self-styled 4th Earl) should be regarded as 5th Earl but for the attainder; David, self-styled 5th Earl, should be regarded as 6th Earl but for the attainder; the mad David Ogilvy, who died 1812, should be regarded as 7th Earl but for the attainder' the latter's uncle Walter Ogilvy (d. 1819) should be regarded as 8th Earl but for the attainder, and David, immediate beneficiary of the 1826 reversal, should be regarded as 9th Earl but for the attainder; for '5th Earl etc' as regards subsequent Earls of Airlie, read '10th Earl etc.' and so on.


David [Ogilvy], 4th Earl of Airlie


16 Dec 1785

mar. (1)

7 Oct 1812 Clementina Drummond (d. 1 Sep 1835), only child and hrss. of Gavin Drummond of Keltie, co. Perth, by his wife Clementina Graham, sister and cohrss. of Alexander Graham, of Duntroon

children by first wife

1. Hon David Graham Drummond Ogilvy, later 5th Earl of Airlie

1. Lady Jean Graham Drummond Ogilvy (b. 27 Feb 1818; d. 4 Mar 1902), mar. 5 Jun 1817 her first cousin John [Arbuthnott], 9th Viscount Arbuthnott, and had issue

2. Lady Clementina Drummond Ogilvy (d. 16 Oct 1848), mar. 17 Jul 1838 James Rait of Anniston, and had issue

3. Lady Maria Anne Drummond Ogilvy (b. 1827)

4. Lady Helen Susanna Catherine Gertrude Ogilvy (b. 1838; dsp. 26 Apr 1862), mar. 31 May 1859 George Augustus Pepper-Stavely

mar. (2)

15 Nov 1838 Margaret Bruce (d. 17 Jun 1845), only child of William Bruce of Cowden, by his wife Margaret Oliver, dau. of Robert Oliver, surgeon of North Berwick

children by second wife

2. Capt Hon William Henry Bruce Ogilvy (b. 26 Feb 1840), mar. 4 Apr 1866 Sarah Boyder (dsp. 19 Dec 1889) ,1st dau. of Henry Boyder

3. Lieut Hon James Bruce Ogilvy (b. 1 Dec 1841; d. 15 May 1888)

4. Hon John Bruce Ogilvy (b. 17 Jun 1845)

5. Hon Donald Bruce Ogilvy (b. 17 Jun 1845; d. 16 Dec 1890)


20 Aug 1849

suc. by

son by first wife


confirmed in the Earldom by Act of Parliament 26 May 1826; Lord Lieutenant of Forfarshire ; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1833-49


David Graham Drummond [Ogilvy], 5th Earl of Airlie, KT


4 May 1826


23 Sep 1851 Hon Henrietta Blanche Stanley (b. 3 Jul 1830; d. 5 Jan 1921), 2nd dau. of Edward John [Stanley], 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley, by his wife Hon Henrietta Maria Dillon, 1st dau. of Henry Augustus [Dillon], 13th Viscount Dillon


1. Hon David William Stanley Ogilvy, later 6th Earl of Airlie

2. Capt Hon Lyulph Gilchrist Ogilvy DSO (b. 25 Jun 1861; d. Apt 1947), mar. 27 Aug 1902 Edith Gertrude Boothroyd (d. Apr 1908), dau. of Philip Henry Boothroyd, of Waterdale Stock Ranch, Loveland, Colorado, USA, and had issue

1. Lady Henrietta Blanche Ogilvy (b. 8 Nov 1852; d. 23 Mar 1925), mar. 28 Sep 1873 Col Sir Henry Montague Hozier KCB (d. 28 Feb 1907), brother of William Wallace [Hozier], 1st Baron Newlands, and son of James Hozier, of Newlands, Glasgow, and Mauldslie Castle, co. Lanark, and had issue

2. Lady Clementina Gertrude Helen Ogilvy (b. 19 Jun 1854; d. 30 Apr 1932), mar. 31 Dec 1874 Algernon Bernard [Mitford later Freeman-Mitford], 1st Baron Redesdale, and had issue

3. Lady Maude Josepha Ogilvy (b. 16 Nov 1859; d. 3 Apr 1933), mar. 12 Oct 1886 Theodore George William Whyte, of Estes Park, USA (d. 29 Mar 1903), 2nd son of John James Whyte, of Newton Manor, and had issue

4. Lady Griselda Johanna Helen Ogilvy (b. 20 Dec 1865; d. 12 Feb 1934), mar. 22 Dec 1897 James Cheape, of Strathtyrum, co. Fife (d. 21 Jul 1943), and had issue


25 Sep 1881

suc. by



a Representative Peer for Scotland 1850-81; Knight of the Thistle 1862; High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1872-73


David William Stanley [Ogilvy], 6th Earl of Airlie


20 Jan 1856


19 Jan 1886 Lady Mabell Frances Elizabeth Gore GCVO GBE (b. 10 Mar 1866; d. 5 Jan 1920), 1st dau. of Arthur Saunders William Charles Fox [Gore], 5th Earl of Arran, by his first wife Lady Edith Jocelyn, sister of Robert [Jocelyn], 4th Earl of Roden, and 2nd dau. of Hon Robert Jocelyn, styled Viscount Jocelyn (by his wife Lady Frances Elizabeth Cowper VA, 2nd dau. of Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau [Cowper], 5th Earl Cowper), 1st son and heir ap. by his first wife of Robert [Jocelyn], 3rd Earl of Roden


1. Hon David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, later 7th Earl of Airlie

2. Capt Hon Bruce Arthur Ashley Ogilvy MVO MC, Equerry to HRH the Prince of Wales 1921-30 (b. 15 Mar 1895; dsp. 29 Sep 1976), mar. 28 Apr 1931 Primrose Eleanor O'Brien (d. 9 Dec 1961), 1st dau. of Robert William O'Brien, of Bank of Ireland House, Drogheda, co. Louth

3. Capt Hon Patrick Julian Harry Stanley Ogilvy MC (b. 26 Jun 1896; d. 9 Oct 1917)

1. Lady Kitty Edith Blanche Ogilvy (b. 5 Feb 1887; d. 17 Oct 1969), mar. (1) 18 Sep 1906 (div. 1925) Brig Gen Sir Berkeley Vincent KBE CB CMG (d. 29 Jan 1963), son of Col Arthur Hare Vincent, of Summerhill, co. Clare, and (2) 1 Jun 1926 Lt Col Ralph Gerald Ritson (d. 25 Oct 1926), 4th son of Ulrick Alexander Ritson, of Claf Hall, Muggleswick, co. Durham, and had issue by both husbands

2. Lady Helen Alice Wylington Ogilvy (b. 21 Nov 1890; d. Dec 1973), mar. (1) 25 Nov 1909 her cousin Maj Hon Clement Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford DSO (b. 14 Dec 1876; dspm. and vp. 13 May 1915), 1st son and heir ap. of Algernon Bernard [Mitford later Freeman-Mitford], 1st Baron Redesdale, by his wife Lady Clementina Gertrude Helen Ogilvy, 2nd dau. of David Graham Drummond [Ogilvy], 5th Earl of Airlie, (2) 11 Jul 1918 (div. 1931) Lt Col Henry Courtney Brocklehurst (d. 1942), 2nd son of Sir Philip Lancaster Brocklehurst, 1st Bt., and (3) 21 Feb 1933 Lt Col Harold Bligh Nutting (d. 7 Jul 1954), son of Philip Nutting, of Hazeley Hall, Warwick, and had issue by her first and second husbands

3. Lady Mabell Griselda Esther Sudley Ogilvy (b. 22 Jan 1892; d. 4 Nov 1918)


11 Jun 1900

suc. by



a Representative Peer for Scotland 1885-1900


David Lyulph Gore Wolseley [Ogilvy], 7th Earl of Airlie, KT GCVO MC


18 Jul 1893


17 Jul 1917 Lady Alexandra Marie Bridget Coke (d. 1984), 2nd dau. of Thomas William [Coke], 3rd Earl of Leicester, by his wife Hon Alice Emily White, 2nd dau. of Luke [White], 2nd Baron Annaly


1. Hon David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy, later 8th Earl of Airlie

2. Rt Hon Sir Angus James Bruce Ogilvy KCVO, of Thatched House Lodge, Richmond, Surrey (b. 14 Sep 1928; d. 26 Dec 2004), mar. 24 Apr 1963 *HRH Princess Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel GCVO (b. 25 Dec 1936), only dau. of HRH Prince George Edward Alexander Edmund, 1st Duke of Kent, by his wife HRH Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark CI GCVO GBE, 3rd dau. of HRH Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, and has issue:

1a. *James Robert Bruce Ogilvy (b. 29 Feb 1964), mar. 30 Jul 1988 Julia Rawlinson, 1st dau. of Charles Frederick Melville Rawlinson, of Arkesden, co. Essex, and has issue:

1b. *Alexander Charles Ogilvy (b. 12 Nov 1996)

1b. *Flora Alexandra Ogilvy (b. 15 Dec 1994)

1a. *Marina Victoria Alexandrina Ogilvy (b. 31 Jul 1966), mar. 2 Feb 1990 (div. 1997) Paul Julian Mowatt, and has issue:

1b. *Christian Alexander Mowatt (b. 4 Jun 1993)

1b. *Zenouska May Mowatt (b. 26 May 1990)

3. Hon James Donald Diarmid Ogilvy, of Sedgebrook Manor, co. Lincoln, Page of Honour to King George VI 1947-51 (b. 28 Jun 1934), mar. (1) 2 Jul 1959 (div.) Magdalen June Ruth Ducas, only dau. of Robert Ducas, of Pawling, New York, USA, by his first wife Magdalen Mary Charlotte Stourton, 1st dau. of Maj Herbert Marmaduke Joseph Stourton OBE (by his wife Hon Frances Mary Winifred Southwell, only dau. of Thomas Arthur George [Southwell], 4th Viscount Southwell), 2nd son of Hon Albert Joseph Stourton (by his wife Elizabeth Laura Caroline Throckmorton, yst, dau. of Sir Robert George Throckmorton, 8th Bt.), 3rd son of Charles [Stourton], 19th Baron Stourton, and (2) 1980 Lady Caroline Stuart (b. 9 Apr 1934; former wife of (1) Gilbert Edward George Lariston [Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound], 6th Earl of Minto, and (2) Hon John Douglas Stuart, 2nd son of James Gray [Stuart], 1st Viscount Stuart of Findhorn), only dau. by his first wife of George Francis [Child-Villiers], 9th Earl of Jersey, and has issue by his first wife

1. Lady (Victoria) Jean Marjorie Mabell Ogilvy (b. 21 Sep 1918; d. 23 Sep 2004), mar. 24 Jan 1942 Alexander David Frederick [Lloyd], 2nd Baron Lloyd, and had issue

2. Lady Margaret Helen Isla Marion Ogilvy (b. 23 Jul 1920; d. 22 Jan 2014), mar. 11 Jul 1946 Capt Sir Iain Mark Tennant KT, of Lochnabo House, Elgin, co. Moray (b. 11 Mar 1919; d. 25 Sep 2006), 1st son of G/Capt John Edward Tennant DSO MC RAF, and had issue

3. Lady Griselda Davina Roberta Ogilvy (b. 12 Jun 1924; d. 8 Jun 1977), mar. 6 Nov 1948 (div. 1968) Maj Peter Edward Gerald Balfour (b. 8 Jul 1921;  d. 19 Jul 2013), 2nd son of Brig Edward William Sturgis Balfour CVO DSO OBE MC JP DL, of Balbirnie, Markinch, co. Fife, by his wife Lady Ruth Balfour, 1st dau. of Gerald William [Balfour], 2nd Earl of Balfour, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Edith Bulwer-Lytton, 1st dau. of Edward Robert Lytton [Bulwer-Lytton], 1st Earl of Lytton, and had issue


28 Dec 1968

suc. by



a Representative Peer for Scotland 1922-63; a Lord-in-Waiting to King George V 1926-29; KCVO 1929; Lord Lieutenant of Angus 1936-67; Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 1937-65; GCVO 1938; Knight of the Thistle 1942; Chancellor of the Order of the Thistle 1956-66


David George Coke Patrick [Ogilvy], 8th Earl of Airlie, KT GCVO PC


17 May 1926


23 Oct 1952 Virginia Fortune Ryan DCVO, Lady of the Bedchamber to HM the Queen since 1973, dau. of John Barry Ryan, of Moorland Farm, Newport, Rhode Island, USA, by his wife Margaret Kahn, dau. of Otto Kahn


1. Hon David John Ogilvy, styled Lord Ogilvy (b. 9 Mar 1958), mar. (1) 1981 (div. 1990) Hon Geraldine Theodora Mary Gabriel Harmsworth (b. 25 Jul 1957; mar. (2) 28 Jun 1997 Glyn Maxwell, author and poet, son of Dr James Maxwell), 1st dau. of Harold Sidney [Harmsworth], 1st Viscount Rothermere, by his wife Mary Lilian Share, dau. of George Wade Share, of Forest Hill, co. Surrey, and has issue:

1a. Hon Augusta Amadeus Caroline Ogilvy (b. 3 Dec 1981)

Lord Ogilvy mar. (2) 1991 Taka Kings, dau. of John Kings, of Austin, Texas, USA, and has further issue:

1a. Hon David Huxley Ogilvy, Master of Ogilvy (b. 11 Dec 1991)

2a. Hon Joseph Skene Ogilvy (b. 21 Mar 1995)

3a. Hon Michael Moir Ogilvy (b. 20 Jan 1997)

2. Hon Bruce Patrick Mark Ogilvy (b. 7 Apr 1959)

3. Hon Patrick Alexander Ogilvy (b. 24 Mar 1971)

1. Lady Doune Mabell Ogilvy (b. 13 Aug 1953), mar. 16 Apr 1977 (div. 1995) (Hereward) Charles Wake, only son of Maj Sir Hereward Wake, 14th Bt., and has issue

2. Lady Jane Fortune Margaret Ogilvy (b. 24 Jun 1955), mar. 30 Aug 1980 Francois Nairac, son of Paul Nairac, of Vacoas, Mauritius, and has issue

3. Lady Elizabeth Clementina Ogilvy (b. 4 Jun 1965)


GCVO 1984; Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order 1984-87; Privy Councillor 1984; Lord Chamberlain of the Household 1984-87; Knight of the Thistle 1985; Lord Lieutenant of Angus since 1989; Royal Victorian Chain 1997


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8th Earl of Airlie

(Scotland, let. pat. 2 Apr 1639)

11th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie

(Scotland, let. pat. 28 Apr 1491)

8th Lord Ogilvy of Alyth and Lintrathen

(Scotland, let. pat. 2 Apr 1639)

Chief of the Name and Arms of Ogilvy



Cortachy Castle, Kirriemuir, Angus DD8 4LX

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